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 Welcome to my FAQ on This FAQ tells you all about the bosses 
and how to beat them on Dragon Ball Z Sagas. Also about the capsules and Z 
coins you can find. First though learn about this key...

R=Health Capsules(Red)
Y=Ki Capsules(Yellow)
PL=Power Level of boss
*=My hard rating for bosses(Up to 5)

Now for the FAQ...

The Arrival
I gave Raditz a ** rating because your health is low right now since it's the 
beggining of the game and he does a good amount of damage. First dodge his 
energy attacks(you can use your Kamehameha against it to destroy it). Then 
when he tries to teleport behind you get out of the way and start attacking 
with punches and kicks then follow up with a Kamehameha wave. Repeat this to 
beat him. Note= Near the spaceship there is a Sensu Bean if you need it. 

The Mighty Nappa
First before you go pass the Z Shop go up to it and buy the Teleport 
techinique one of the most usful upgrades in the game(It costs 10 coins,you 
should have 16). Then blast the rocks with a masenko and pick up the sensu 
bean. Nappa is waiting to crush you but it's about to be the other way around! 
First wait for him to get his Zap Ray(I don't know what it's called)and let 
him shoot it. Quickly use that new Teleport techinique(Z)to teleport behind 
him and start punching then blast him with a masenko. Keep this up to "crush" 
him. Oh watch out for his Breakstorm attack which you can't avoid unless you 
get in the air. He can also summon Sabimen to distract you as he attacks you.

Sayains Duel
You think that Vegeta is too strong for this early in the game but really he's 
not. First let me tell you that Vegeta rarely attacks with punches. He 
teleports around and blasts you with Galic Gun. Wait for him to charge his 
attack then teleport behind him and kick him then attack with Kamehameha and 
then kick him into the rocks in the background. Repeat this. You don't even 
have to beat him all the way. Goku throws a Spirit Bomb at him when he's weak. 
Note=Be sure to get the coins and capsules that's here. 
Congagulations you cleared the first Saga! The next saga we'll start up with 
upgrades more and there's a new symbol...
U= upgrades(That I recommened.You don't have to get them though.)


Journey to Namek
U=Chikara-Dageki,Turbo Ki Charge(biggie),and Flight Speed
You've probably noticed by now that your Ki charges slow but with Turbo Ki 
Charge you'll have no problem with charging Ki for attacks. Chikara-Dageki is 
the first combo that you can use(BBYYYY,YYBBBB),now use it on Recoome. First 
watch out when he disappers because he throws rapid Ki attacks at you. Dodge 
these and blast him with a Galic Gun. He also jumps in the air and falls and 
causes a quake that sends you flying. Stay away from Recoome then and when 
he's done with this he's open for a Galic Gun. Blast him then teleport near 
him and use that Chikara-Dageki move. Also you can do this when he's done with 
the first attack he does.

Captain Ginyu
Bosses=Burter and Jeice, Ginyu
U=Uppercut,Roundhouse,Quick Recovery
This level is a little tough(and a little long).First you have to fight Burter 
and Jeice at the same time. But you actually just have to beat Burter. First 
Jeice steps up to try to take you out. Just avoid his attacks and attack him. 
When you hear Burter go Haaaa stop your combo and guard so he doesn't knock 
you down. Get serious when Burter starts fighting and punch,kick,and blast him 
until he dies. You get a break but still have to beat some enimies. Then you 
have to fight Ginyu(who I think is a little tricky). First and well most of 
the battle he goes undergrond and travels to you. Get in the air quickly 
because he tries to uppercut and smash you to the ground. Just get in the air 
and you'll be fine. Also he uses a Milkey Cannon on you (but rarely)so dodge 
it. Get him distracted and attack with a Kamehameha and follow up.

Goku isn't Goku
Boss=Ginyu as Goku
What's up with Goku? You beat Ginyu with Goku and he switched bodies to be a 
powerful captain but the good part is he doesn't know how to use Goku's body. 
First Goku just well punches and kicks you and blasts you with a blue orb 
attack (not Kamehameha). Just use any resourse you have like kicking him into 
the namekian houses in the back. Just pound him until he falls and Goku's back 
in his own body. 
Nice work the Ginyu Force is down but Namek isn't safe yet. The cool Tyrant 
Freiza is ready to destroy everyone and everything,even Namek. But Freiza's 
power is about to get Goku to release his true power...


Tyranny of Freiza
Boss=Freiza's Two forms
In the adventure part you have to protect Dende from Freiza's henchmen. Then 
you have to protect Dende while he moves the dragonballs. Then Freiza appears 
and you have to fight him. You can't kill him you just have to fight him until 
Piccolo arrives. The first half of Piccolo's trip Freiza is small and he 
attacks with energy attacks. Then he gets big and his attacks get more 
vicious. He also throws a Death Ball at you which if you dodge it comes back 
and strikes you. Just hold Frieza off until Piccolo arrives. 

Super Sayain Goku
Boss=Final Form Freiza
Yep. Goku's a Super Sayain ready to destroy Freiza. First dodge his Death Ball 
attack by attacking him before he realeses it. Make sure that you stay in your 
Super Sayain form because you can't hurt Freiza unless your in it. Keep 
getting behind Freiza's defenses and blast and beat him up until he finally 
Yeah! Freiza's defeated but did Goku escape Namek in time? Find out if He did 
in my FAQ Sagas... the Ketchup Way. Part 2 coming soon.

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