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Ok, here we go. The very first gym, you see, is really the 5th gym at the very 
beginning, but to continue through the game, you must talk to your dad and 
help Wally capture his Ralts. Then your dad, Norman, will say that you need 
to earn 4 badges to go against him.
The real first gym is right after the Petalburg Forest. It's in Rustboro City. 
The gym leader (Roxanne) is easy and uses the steel type of Pokemon. I recommend a 
fire or 
grass type in the battle, but it's up to you, and she isn't hard. She uses some other
pokemon and a Nosepass. After that, when you get out and try to go up, you 
will see a/an Aqua/Magma grunt running away. Then you will have to end up 
helping the same guy you helped in the woods. The grunt is really easy. He uses a 
Zubat (I think) and a Pocheyna (sorry if I misspelled it). Then the old man will 
thank you, and you will get a Great Ball from the guy you helped earlier in 
the woods. Before leaving town, you should stock up on items, heal 
pokemon, and probaly train/capture some pokemon. Then, you should talk to 
May/Brandon (depends what gender you chose) and then you have to go through 
the woods again. Then, in the cottage, talk to the old man and you will go to 
Dewford for your second match. To be continued....
Dewford Island
As soon as you arrive, I recommend you go to the cave at the upper far left side 
of Dewford. Go inside and talk to the hiker and he'll give you Flash. 
Afterwards you can either keep on going until you meet Steven or you can go 
ahead and beat the Gym leader.
Bradly(I did this off memory, so I'm sorry if I'm mistaken)
He's pretty tough, but nothing that a Mudkip or grass type can't handle.
His pokemon are Makuhita and someother dude.
Both are at level 18.
Just try to use moves like double team or tail whip to 
get his stats down.
All-in-All, he is fairly easy.
Once you arrive, you might want to go to the Pokemon Center after those 
battles. Afterwards, head to the BikeShop next to the Center and get your 
SideQuest: Getting mail
If you talk the girl in the house by the dude w/ the glasses, she says she wants a 
Wingull mail
(I think). You have to go back to Slateport and go to the Pokemart to get it.
While you're at it, you may want to go to the Contest thingy and talk to the girl 
to get your pokeblock case.

Mauville Gym
Here is a gym like Lt. Surge's in the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow.
You will have to face at least 4 or 5 trainers before you get to Wattson.
You will want to heal you Pokemon before the gym battle.
He'll dawdle off for a bit then the action starts.
His Pokemon are electric type and are not that hard.
You will want to use a Treeko (recommended), Rock-type (Highly recommened) or a 
Mudkip, but Mudkip is not that good because it is still a water/rock type.
Afterwards, go to the house opposite of the PokeMart. Talk to the guy and 
get your Rocksmash.
Go to the Pokemon Daycare center and leave your pokemon for breeding or 
Afterwards, head left to the next city.
Here, you can visit Wally's Aunt and Uncle's house.
You'll find out that their daughter is missing.
Afterwards, go to the pokemon contest center and get your Contest Pass to get 
into contests.
You can now play the Pokemon Contest, but you must beat the normal to go to 
the other ones in the other cities. Its Normal, Super, Advance, and 
Master. (beat them all and you get a star in your Trainer ID)
Now head off to the cave in the north and enter it.
It's the same cave you entered when you had to save Peeko.
Go to the karate looking guy and use Rocksmash.
After a little blah-talk he'll give you Strengh.
Ater you beat 5-6 gyms, go back to Mauville and Wattson will be in front 
of the Pokemon center. Talk to him, and then go south and swim to the 
cave called New Mauville. Head all the way to the end and shut the 
generator off(I believe it's the red button). Go back and talk to him and 
he'll give you a TM.

More to come! This is only part one! 

I'd like to thank my friend Davis for doing this WHOLE faq (info, putting it 
it to me.) After he sent it to me, I went back, and for 3 nights, edited it.
grammar, punctuation, capitalization.) We both worked hard on this, so we hope you 
it! Thanks!
                                     Your  FAQ People,
                                           Erica and Davis

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