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First I apologize because there is some missing info in my last walkthrough. The
missing info is.... You can also catch Tailow on the route after RUSTBORO.

When recieve the Letter (for Steven), Devon Parts (for Capt. Stern) and Pokenav, you
are asked to see Mr Briney who lives behind PETALBURG WOODS. Mr. Briney will send you
to Dewford and Slateport as a favour. So and then you reach Dewford. The gymleader
(name: Brawly) uses fighting-type Pokemon. He can be defeated by using GHOST,
PSYCHIC, GRASS and FLYING-type Pokemon. Example: Treecko, Shroomish, Sableye, Ralts,
Wingull, Tailow, Zubat and Beautifly(evolves from Wurmple). But first, catching new
Pokemon! In front of Dewford, there will be a cave, called Granite Cave, where you
can find new Pokemon; Makuhita(a fighting-type which is good against the 3rd gym),
Zubat(Poison/Flying), Aron(steel/rock), Geodude (rock/ground and good against the 3rd
and 4th gym), Sableye(Ghost/dark)(rare) and Nosepass(Rock (need HM06 Rock Smash) and
get HM05 Flash. Flash is needed to reach Steven who is at the furthest past of the
cave. In front of the cave, there are some rocks. Check all of them; one of them has
a Stardust. So after you beat the gym and  deliver the letter to Steven, Mr. Briney
will take you to SLATEPORT

Just a note: Mr. Briney will take you to Petalburg, Dewford and Slateport until you
get HM03 Surf. So to Slateport, Now to deliver the Devon Parts. Apparently there are
a lot of AQUA members in the city . Talk to the man in the Slateport Harbor and he'll
tell you where is Capt. Stern(the Museum). When you go to the Museum, you'll have to
pay 50 Pokeyen. You can get a TM Theif and learn a lot about the ocean there.
upstairs will be Capt. Stern talk to him and you'll give him the Devon Parts, then 
you'll be forced to battle two AQUA grunts.After you beat them you can go on to
Mauville. But in Slateport, go to the Pokemon Contest Hall and talk to a little kid,
he'll give you a Pokeblock case, and a lady in the far corner, she'll give you TM

On the way to Mauville there are new Pokemon to catch; Plusle and Minun(both electric
types(Minun is rarer than Plusle)(they are good in 2-on-2 matches), Numel (a
fire-type(good against the 3rd gym), and Electrike(Electric-type) and a nice place to
visit to make you more stressed...The Trick House! You can earn prizes for completing
the Trick Master's challenges and one more thing, you will fight your rival. Two of 
his/her Pokemon weakness is your 1st Pokemon. After you beat him/her, you will get an
itemfinder. So when you reach Mauville, enter the first few houses, one of the house
you can obtain HM06 Rock Smash. Have you guessed it? If you haven't, the gym leader
uses electric-type Pokemon. Heres why I told you to get fighting-type and fire-type
Pokemon: The gym leader uses Magnemite and magneton (both steel/electric-types).  But
before you can enter his gym, you must fight Wally; the guy whom you "helped" catch
his Ralts. After you beat the gym leader, you can go on to Vanderturf or forward.

On the way to Vanderturf, you can catch new Pokemon like Roselia (Grass/Poison),
Volbeat(Bug/ something) and Illumise (Bug/ something)(mega-rare). In Vanderturf , you
can get HM04 Strength by Rock Smashing the rocks in the Rustturf tunnel. In the
contest hall, you can get a Contest Pass which will allow you to enter contests.
That's about it!

I will go up till the 5th gym in Sapphire walkthrough part III. Signing off now.        

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