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FAQ Title:Save the Homeland
GAME:Brand New Hasn't been issued out yet!

                             Save the Homeland


                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

                         * The Story

                         * The Girls

                         * The Characters


               The Girls

Not much information is known about the girls yet, but I have their pictures and 
names and hopefully when it comes closer to October, we will have tons of more 
information! None of these names are final, they are from a japanese site and will 
most likely be changed (well possibly) for the North American release! So please 
don't think any of these are final! And remember, I translated a japanese site so 
some things may seem a little weird but I tried to get information that made sense.

 Name: Katie
Age: 16

Ok! Kate lives and works at a lakeside coffee shop. She is full of curiosity and is 
very bright. She is very interested in making confectionary things. 
 Name: Gina
Age: 17

Gina works as a maid in a cottage. She is bashful and gentle. She can become very 
intimate and is anxious about many things. She is shy but determined. 
 Name: Gwen
Age: 18

Gwen is the daughter of the craftsman in the woods. She likes animals. 
Age: 17

Dia lives in a cottage.
Age: 22

Lyla is the florist. She is always smiling and is gentle. She likes making 
confectionary(?) and may appear quiet. 


Here is a list of characters with images that are known so far! There aren't many, 
and the names AREN'T final! But there is an image, name and a brief description or 
what/who they are!


Jack is the main character (aka: the guy you play as) 

Katie works at Wall's teahouse by the lake, she is his young grand-daughter. She is 
very curious and energetic, and hates being constrained or treated differently by 
her age. She has good cake-making skills.  

Gina is a maid at one of the homes in the village. She's the shy, bespectacled type 
and doesn't make friends easily. Her withdrawn nature masks a bit of a determined 
streak, though.   

Gwen is the daughter of the woodsman in the forest. She is strong and tomboyish. She 
frequently travels to the village and to farms nearby, and she gets along well with 
all animals. She has an outspoken nature which occasionally clouds her reputation 
but it can also be a positive quality. 

Lyla is the cute, bubbly one. She manages the flower shop in the village, and she'll 
fall for you if you like junk food, she's great at making sweets. 

Dia is a daughter of one of the more prominent families in the village, and is 
somewhat hard to approach. She respects those who aren't too focused on themselves 
though. Her situation, being strict has inspired a secret desire for independence in 

Rune keeps to himself around the village, quietly doing a brisk business in 
secondhand widgets and his own inventions. You can occasionally get important items 
from him. 

Basil is a wandering outdoorsey type who travels around the world in search of rare 
plants and herbs. He enjoys the locals around the village because they're 
particularly rich in interesting flora. He has a romantic nature and is very 
knowledgeable in botanical matters, making him good company while walking through 
the forest. 

Kazan is a nicer guy than he looks. He is the proprietor of a neighboring ranch and 
he can be irritable at times, but it is very good with animals, especially horses. 
People say he was engaged to Gwen when they were children. 

Tim is a local boy, he is Kazan's younger brother who dreams of becoming a treasure 
hunter. He looks a bit outlandish, but he's a pretty steady sort and he doesn't get 
depressed even after repeated failures of his mad schemes. 

Shin is anther of the village scamps, but is pretty friendly in comparison to his 
younger brother. Shin is a tradesman's apprentice, but his fave. pasttime is 
fishing. He has a fishing rod which was given to him by a good friend, and he's fond 
of giving out advice concerning proper techniques. 

Hayato is Shin's younger brother with a much more reserved personality. He's an 
apprentice in the same trade. He is shy and sometimes a bit prickly. He's very 
nimble-fingered though and good at detailed work. 

Ronald is a character you'll see a lot of. He is the village storekeeper. He runs 
the general store where you'll buy tools, seed, feed and other items you need. He 
keeps chickens on the side, celebrates song, dance and good food in spare time. 

Masa is the chief housekeeper around Dia's place and Gina's grandmother. She's very 
protective of Dia and a big suspicious of fellows who try to court her, so the 
ambitious will have to find a way around her. 

Wood is one of the village's elder, a veteran woodsman and Gwen's grandfather. He's 
outspoken but very honest, and he's getting a bit forgetful in old age but has a 
strong love for land around him. 

Wall is Katie's grandfather, the proprietor of the village tavern. He's a very good 
listener. And off the job he dotes on his granddaughter unfailingly. 
 Name:The Goddess

I don't really know anything about the goddess, but she's a character so I put her 
 Name:Harvest Sprite

I know nothing about this sprite, just know it's in the game and it's a character! 
 Name:Harvest Sprite

I know nothing about this sprite, just know it's in the game and it's a character! 
 Name:Harvest Sprite

I know nothing about this sprite, just know it's in the game and it's a character! 

Sorry there isn't much but as soon as I start playing the game i'll tell you more!

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