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PLEASE NOTE: I did not perform this secret because legendary and great journey 
don't mix I am not eligible for any frustration or fits down the line

1.introduction statements
2.why it only works on legendary
3.the process
4.the facts about the scarab gun
5frequently asked questions answered (please send any questions or comments to 
[email protected])
6.another scarab glitch

1. intro statements

I did not do this because I couldn't even get past the wraiths to the door with 
my friend.I am happy to take hell yeah!'s from anyone who actually did this 
congradulations you beat a 15 year old kid with an IQ of over 120 you have my 
props. anyway let us begin

2."why does this only work on legendary?" you ask.well because as many of you 
awesome ownage dealers may notice on easy through hard the scarab has a sealed 
door on it in the top platform.well on legendary it is open.

3.the process.
okay first you have to find your way to the scarb and the part where you must 
protect it. after doing this grab your banshee and land on top of the flat 
platform on the scarab.after getting out of the banshee find the ramp to the 
lower deck walkdown it and go to the center of the platform turn around and the 
door should be open wlak down into the doorway and turn the corner.walk forward 
until you appear to be swapping for a normal plasma rifle it's actually the 
scarab gun.

4.the facts
can dual wield (if you can find another one)
a damage rate of 300 out of 10
and a super accurate tageting system make this a powerful gun
no over heat
unlimited ammo
fast melee attack and a powerful one

slow rate of fire
slow reload speed
with no scope

5.answered questions

6.if you stand in any mode (easy normal heroic or legendary) and wait for the 
scarab to go far away it will turn pure silver

glitch 2 (I personally think it's awesome)
when you go to get the scarab gun if you want to be a real smart ass to your 
friend in co-op you can drop down into the scarab turret (not controlling it 
unfortunately) and shoot off the scarab gun at him/her and make him/her think 
he/she is being shot at by the scarab and think it was a cheap-ass unfair 
betrail and don't go telling them it was me that told you about this just 
say "it was on youtube"

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