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Grandia II Script
Version 0.2

This script is owned by me, Stephanie Cotteret. If you wish to post it on your 
site, even partially, please ask me by mailing me at 
[email protected]


Added the Prologue and Characters sections. Script goes up to the first night 
in the St. Heim Moutains, after the events about the Eye of Valmar.

The script goes until the team cross the Granacliffs thanks to the Skyway.


First of all, I must apologize to you guys for not writing down the script of 
some scenes... To be precise those scenes are the ones in which the characters 
are talking (I mean you hear their voices). The problem is that their talking 
is as fast as my typing is slow. Moreover, english is not my first language 
(I'm french) so you can understand I sometimes have a hard time for those 
scenes. Sorry but even though many of those scenes are important I just can't 
write them down for now (unless they're real short –like the intro scene- but 
it's not the case most of the time). By the way, I must say that if someone 
would like to help me by writing those scenes down and sending them to me, he 
would be more than welcomed! Help is always much appreciated and credit always 
given of course. :) All your comments, criticisms, questions or whatever can 
be sent at [email protected] I'll be pleased to read and answer as 
soon as possible.


Name: text
Kinda obvious I guess... The name of the person speaking and what s/he's 

Small description of what's happening.

Hope all those stuff will disappear as soon as possible! Indeed those mean 
that I did not write down what was said because the characters were talking 
(you hear their voices) so it was too fast for me to type it all. Really truly 

Means in the game you see a little heart drawn.


Long, long ago, Granas gave the Light of Hope to the people, bringing them 
prosperity. But Valmar, the Devil of Darkness, tried to steal it. Granas had 
to fight to protect the people, and it was the beginning of a never-ending 
war. The sword of Granas eventually hit Valmar, tearing him to pieces but 
deeply wounding the surface of the earth. The Granacliffs, scars on the 
surface of the earth, are still proof of the violence of the battle. This is 
why this place is called the Cursed Land.

Ryudo, the hero, is a Geohound traveling with his friend Skye.

The adventure begins when the Church of Granas of Carbo Village wants to hire 
Ryudo. The sight of a new job, though ordered by God, doesn't make this lazy 
Ryudo too happy but Skye is there to scold him. The two companions thus head 
toward the Church of Granas to see what is going on. A beautiful song comes 
from the church. Puzzled, Ryudo enters the church. It is Elena, a Songstress 
of Granas, who is practicing her singing. Ryudo's mission is to escort Elena 
to Garmia Tower, in order for her to assit to a ceremony, and then to bring 
her back safely to the village. Though he is having a hard time bearing any 
company, Ryudo makes an effort. After all, he's got a reputation to defend. He 
accepts his new mission and so embarks for a long and hard journey.


Age: 17
Ryudo, the hero, is a Geohound. Very professional, he does his job without 
judging what's good and what's bad. Since he was a kid, he has been seriously 
training his swordmanship. His loyal partner, Skye, is the first one to 
recognize he's a good fighter. But that does not prevent Skye from always 
scolding Ryudo for his lazy character. Strongly believing you can't live like 
you were in a dream, Ryudo's a realistic person who hates the idealistic and 
authoritative people.

"You better practice if you wanna beat me!"
"These guys were no real challenge!"

Special Moves
- Tenseiken Slash		24
Upward slash from below  Cancel effect
"Tenseiken Slash!"
- Flying Tenseiken	40
Uppercut slash with Skye's help
"Skye! Take flight! Here goes Flying Tenseiken!"
- Purple Lightning	32
Deadly slash with a lightning-lit sword
"Purple Lightning! Take that! And that! Ya! Ha!"
- Sky Dragon Slash	99
The ultimate esoteric deadly slash
"Sword enemies, you shall be defeated! Take that! Sky Dragon Slash!"


Age: around 40
Skye is Ryudo's loyal partner, in work and in life. It's a talking eagle who 
understands what is said to him. When he met Ryudo two years ago, he was moved 
by his introverted side. Eventually, they decided to stay together. Skye is 
Ryudo's only confidant. Skye is about 40 years-old if you're talking in man's 
years but he seems more when he is scolding Ryudo. Indeed, the bird can't 
stand the indefference our hero often shows off.


Age: 17
Elena is a Songstress of Granas, or rather a Sister of Granas who  knows how 
to sing well. She's full of good will to help the others but tends to take 
part in what she doesn't have to. Elena chose to follow the teachings of the 
Church of Granas to help the suffering ones and take care as a mother of the 
other sisters of the church. She has enjoyed singing since she was little and 
wishes singing to bring back the joy of living in the men's hearts.

"Gotta work even harder!"

Special Moves
- Impact Bomb		25
Ball of light pounds enemy Cancel effect
"Here goes my Impact Bomb!"
- Nightmare Ball		18
Bubbles from staff put enemy to sleep
"Staff of Nightmare!"
- Droplets of Life	90
Water of life restores all
"O holy ones, send your rain of life"
- White apocalypse	80
Intense light reduces enemy to dust
"O tainted ones! Return to the world of Darkness!"


Age: unknown
Millenia is a mysterious girl who appeared suddenly. She has beautiful long 
hair strangely dressed. She admits not liking have them cut and hating above 
everything to let them loose. Whimsical, impatient, she can't stand slow or 
hesitating people. She sulks easily when she is thwarted and does what she 
wants without caring about the consequences. But she also has a weak point for 
all that is little and cute. Millenia is impulsive and doesn't have any 
complexes but she is really...

"It was beautiful you guys!"

Special Moves
- Arrow Shot		25
A single surefire shot  Cancel effect
"This may still work"
- Heel Crush		20
Deadly heel attack saps enemy spirit
"Bet you'd like this, pig!"
- Fallen Wings		75
Attack with wing power
"This is my way of thanking you"
- Starving Tongue		55
Absorb HP with tongue power
"Do you want this baby?"
- Spellbinding Eye	60
Block enemy movement
"You're scared, aren't ya?"
- Grudging Claws		42
Split enemy with claw power
"Hmmm... fresh ground hamburger!"


Age: 13
Roan is a young boy always searching for something. His soft blond hair give 
him much charm. Aware of his beauty, he's often flattered by the adults and 
often strangely uses a grown-up way of talking. He seems to have received a 
good education: he has good table manners and dress up with taste without ever 
getting dirty, even during travels. Nothing is unpleasant in his behaviour, he 
gets along with everybody. He has a happy temper and makes the people with him 
feel at ease.

"We won"

Special Moves
- Golden Hammer		22
Attack with a hammer Cancel effect
"Golden Hammer... crush!"
- Dragon Rise		38
Legendray esoteric attack
"Go! Dragon Rise! Ya!"
- True Dragon Rise	42
True legendary esoteric attack
"The ultimate secret... True Dragon Rise"
- Snowball Fight!		40
Attack by throwing a huge snowball
"Expect an early winter! With lots of snow!"
- Ice Prison		30
Deadly slash with cold
"Ice Prison! Here goes!"
- Vitality March 		20
Cures status disorders
"Let my music cure you all!"


Age: about 30
Mareg is a beast-man who searches the one who is to blame for his village 
destruction. He's a hunter always searching for a quarry. He has no theory nor 
logic and trusts his nature man instinct. According to him, you've got to live 
your life to the fullest. His great apetite always surprises the people he 
meets for the first time. In spite of his severe look, he's a joyful man.

"Nothing will stand my blade"

Special Moves
- Beast-Fang Cut		26
Spririted axe attack Cancel effet
"Beast-Fang Cut!"
- Beast-King Smash	44
Killer blow with all mind and body
"Beast-King Smash!"
- Beast-King Blast	52
Blast enemy with beast-soul power
"Muarh! Beast-King Blast!"
- Lion's Roar		18
Heartening roar ups attack power
"Hear now the Lion's Roar!"


Age: unknown (looks like a teen)
Tio is an automata created long ago during the Battle of Good and Evil. 
Physically, she looks exactly like a human being, but she feels no emotions at 
all and just does what she is ordered. When she's treated like a human and 
asked her opinion, she gets really embarassed. She often tries to imitate 
things useless to her, like eating, probably to understand what it means to be 

Special Moves
- Lotus Flower		28
A splendid attack Cancel effect
"Lotus Flower, bloom"
- Fast Dance-Whirl	38
A legendary attack dance
"Here goes"
- Tornado			48
A dance move that stops wind and currents
"Release wind"
- Whisper to Stars	36
Power of stars raise all variable status
"O stars above, please listen to my words"


Age: 22
The excentric Melfice is quite handsome. His look inspires coldness and his 
smile madness. He always act with ingenuity but not fears being cruel and 
inhuman. He handles his sword with dexterity and style and attacks his enemies 
mercilessly. Nicknamed the "Demon-man of Ruination", he brings ruin and 
sadness wherever he goes.



[View of a forest and close-up on a few people. Half of them go across a 
bridge. Suddenly an eagle flies fast passed under the bridge, carrying some 
bombs, and heads toward a forest. Then we see the hero, Ryudo. He's clinging 
to a rope and there is a treasure chest surrounded by monsters below him.]

Ryudo: Don't let me down... Skye.

[There's an explosion somewhere in the forest and all the monsters but one go 
to see what's going on. Ryudo jumps down and slays themonster before taking 
the treasure. The monsters that were gone come back. Ryudo whistles.]

Ryudo: Skye! Over here!

[He jumps in the air and Skye dives behind him. Ryudo clings to Skye and they 
fly away.] 

Skye: Ryudo! I cannot take much more of this!

Ryudo: Quit your bellyachin' and fly, dammit! WHOAAAAHHH!!

[Ryudo falls down. Later in the forest, Ryudo meets up with his client and his 

Ryudo: I finished the job, didn't I?

Client: Yes, in your own crude fashion. Here... Take your money!


[They split up. There's a message in a tree.]


[Ryudo takes the message and reads it.]


[You have to go through a forest and then arrive at Carbo village. The group 
of sisters you saw in the intro are here, talking.]

Tessa: Bye, Elena. See you later.

Elena: I am sorry, Tessa. I would join you if I could. I wonder why I'm not 
permitted to leave with you...

Tessa: I guess your role is more important than ours. Don't worry, we'll do 
all the preparations for the ceremony.

Ismene: Tessa! We have to get going!

Tessa: Oh, all right! See you later, Elena! [She moves toward the other 
sisters] Let's go.

Ismene: Elena, it's time for the service. You ought to return now.

Elena: Yes, you are right.

Ismene: Don't worry. We've hired a bodyguard you'll catch up with us safely.

Elena: Please, take care of yourselves... And Tessa, I will see you later!

[All the sisters except Elena leave the village]

Carius' Wife: Now, Elena, let's go back.

[They leave]

Man: Thank you for all your hard work.

[The man comes nearer from Ryudo]

Skye: Probably none of our concern.

Ryudo: Are they collecting tithes? There's enough... what do they do - storm 
through your door and beat charity out of you?

Man: I understand they're off to a tower outside the village to drive away 
evil spirits. We're very fortunate to have the sisters.

Ryudo: Evil spirits?

Man: Yes. Things are fine around here during the day... but when the sun goes 
down, all kinds of terrible monsters are about.

Ryudo: What about the girl who stayed behind?

Man: Oh, Miss Elena? She's a Songstress of Granas. She sings such pretty songs 
for us. Maybe she will join after the service.

Ryudo: Hmm...

Man: You don't look like you're from around here. Word of advice: don't 
venture about at night.

Ryudo: Huh? They needed a bodyguard... What's this about driving out evil 

[You regain control of Ryudo and go to the church. In front of the door, Ryudo 
stops and you can hear someone singing inside the church]

Ryudo: A song?

Skye: Maybe it's that "Songstress..."

Ryudo: Shhh! [Ryudo pauses] Strange... it's... calming.

Skye: Sounds like it's coming from inside.

Ryudo: Let's take a look!

[They enter the church and start listening to Elena's song for a few minutes. 
She finally stops singing]


[Father Carius enters]


[Elena leaves]


[At Carius' request, Ryudo goes to the inn]

Ryudo: The priest told me to wait here...

Inn Master: Oh yes, he'll be along shortly. Why don't you take a seat over 

Ryudo: Tell him to make it quick.

[Ryudo is not yet sit that Carius enters]

Carius: I believe there is a Geohound waiting for me...

Inn Master: A... Geohound...? [He pauses] There is a man over there. A 
Geohound... Father, what need have we with his kind?

Carius: Ah, he has come. Peace, my son. It is not appointed to us to judge our 
fellow man. Granas alone reserves that power.

[Carius walks to Ryudo]

Carius: I apologize for our rudeness earlier. You must be Ryudo the Geohound, 
correct? I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

[Ryudo sits at the table]

Ryudo: So, what business does a noble Priest of the Church of Granas have with 
a lowly Geohound like me?

[Carius comes closer to Ryudo]

Carius: I believe that was stated in my letter... You can... did read the 
letter, did you not?

Ryudo: Come now, Father. For a priest, your lack of faith is most disturbing.

Skye: Easy, now...

Ryudo: Enough, Skye. So, Father, you need a bodyguard. Talk.

Carius: There is a tower outside of town - Garmia Tower. We will hold a 
ceremony there tonight, under the light of the full moon. I want you to take 
one of our Sisters there. And once the ceremony is over, I want you to bring 
her back here.

Ryudo: I don't buy it. The church has never sought help from outside before, 
and this is a job for a choirboy, not a "murderous Geohound".

Carius: Not all are against you, lad. You need not always walk in anger and 
pain. All troubles can be resolved with prayer and...

[Ryudo stands up]

Ryudo: Then I suggest you start praying your sister over to your tower.

Carius: I am sorry... I did not mean to offend... Please...

[Carius puts a bag full of money onto the table]

Ryudo: ... Fine, fine. I'll do the job. But save your sermons. Gold has a 
finer voice.

[He takes the money]

Carius: The Sister whom you will be protecting is waiting in the church. 
Please ready yourself and come along.

Ryudo: Don't worry about the girl. I've never botched a job. And I don't plan 
to start.

[Carius leaves. Later, you meet up with him and Elena in font of the curch]

Ryudo: So, Father, you want me to escort Her Fussiness here? Fine. Then come 
along, princess.

Elena (to Carius): Father. Am I the only one with a Geohound?

Carius: Yes. Your role is very important...

Elena: Oh, why can I not just go alone? Please, Father!

Ryudo: Hey hey! What are you trying to do? He already paid me in advance!

[Elena turns away from Carius and Ryudo]

Elena: I do NOT want to go along with that boor!

Ryudo: Hey, now... Who're you calling a boar?

Carius: Elena, your role is very important. Were something to happen to you, 
we couldn't hold the ceremony. Thus, the bodyguard.

[Elena faces Carius]

Elena: It's not fair that I'm the only one who has to go with a Geohound...

Ryudo: I don't care one way or the other. Look, are you coming or not?

Carius: Elena, please do not forget your role. We are depending on you, I beg 

Elena: Yes... Father, you are right. I ought not to make Tessa and the others 
wait. I shall perform my part.

Carius: Well then, Mr Ryudo, please take Elena to Garmia Tower.

Ryudo: Fine. Let's go, princess.

[Elena comes turns towards Ryudo]

Elena: My NAME is Elena.

Ryudo: Princess Elena, then, move it.

[Elena joins Ryudo and they leave for Garmia Tower. On their way they have to 
pass through the Black Forest. Ryudo suddenly stops]

Ryudo: Hey!

Elena: Wha-!? What is it?

Ryudo: This your first time walking in the woods?

Elena: N-No, not at all. It's just that... at night...

Ryudo: Keep your head down and watch your step. LOOK! OVER THERE!

[Ryudo points the trees along the road and Elena looks at them, surprised and 
afraid. There's nothing]

Ryudo: Nice reflexes, princess. Unfortunately, we're not out here to pick 
berries or nurse hurt shrews. Newt time, you might want to duck and cover. 
Most bad guys won't stop killing you if you're trying to kiss their ouchies. 
... Hey. You frozen there or something?

[We see an enemy bird at the top of the screen]

Elena: Ryu- Mr. Ryudo! There's something ahead!

[Ryudo smiles, drawing out his sword]

Ryudo: Yeah. Back off!

[Ryudo runs to the bird and kill it after a short fight. Then he walks back to 

Ryudo: You okay, princess?

Elena: Yes, Mister Ryudo. How are you? ... Are you all right?

Ryudo: I'm fine, as long as I'm getting paid. But... One thing.

Elena: Yes?

Ryudo: Drop the "mister" stuff, I'm not your teacher, your baby sitter, or 
your damn butcher. Just "Ryudo".

Elena: All right...

Ryudo: Bah. At this rate, we won't make it 'til dawn. Step on it!

[They keep going and finally reach the Garmia Tower. The Sisters are waiting 
in front of the entrance]

Ryudo: So, I take it you're the ones who've been waiting for the princess 

Ismene: We are. You must be the Geohound. I thank you.

Eurydice: So that's a Geohound... He gives me the creeps.

Velda: The rumors speak truly...

Isolde: Yuck... He's looking this way.


Ryudo: Come on, get to it.

Elena: My sisters... I am ready. I have Mister Ryudo to thank for bringing me 
here safely.

Ryudo: Not even a ding or a scratch on her. Now, I don't suppose you'll tell 
me what this is all about...

Ismene: Please, wait outside until we have finished the ceremony, when it is 
concluded, you will escort Elena back to the Church.

Ryudo: How long you ladies going to take?

Ismene: It will take some time. This is all I may say. One more thing. Do not 
enter the Tower under any circumstances. The ceremony must not be disturbed by 
your kind... er, you.

Ryudo: "My kind." Right. I'll just sit over here and think filthy, unclean 
thoughts, then.

Ismene: ... Please, do not come inside.

[The sisters enter the Tower, except Tessa, Elena and Ismene]

Tessa: Elena, did he do anything to you?

Elena: TESSA! Ryudo kept his hands to himself! Though he did see fit to share 
his foul mouth.

Ismene: Come, we must begin the ceremony!

[The three of them enter the Tower. Ryudo is now sitting alone with Skye near 
a fire]

Ryudo: Man, how long is this gonna take? We've been waiting for like, hours!

Skye: Oh, stop your whining. This is part of the job.

Ryudo: Man, what're they doing in there?! This is why I hate church - 
everything takes foreeeever.

Skye: What's eating you, Ryudo? Thinking about that singing schoolgirl?

Ryudo: I just got a bad feeling about this...

[He stands up and walk to the Tower]

Ryudo: And this tower too... Don't you think it looks like a strange place for 
a holy ceremony? [He stares the mural] Check out the mural. What's the deal 
with these weird wings?

Skye: It's an ancient ruin... I figure it dates from the Silvery White Light 

[Ryudo turns toward Skye]

Ryudo: You mean the Battle of Good and Evil? Why would they do their exorcisms 
or whatever in a place like this?

[Someone screams. There's a blue flash of light and Ryudo runs toward the 
Tower entrance]

Skye: Hey, where are you going?

Ryudo: Something funny's going on! Best check it out!

Skye: But didn't they say not to go in?

Ryudo: Look, if anything happens to that Elena chick, it's my rep on the line, 
I'm not gonna blow this job.

Skye: True enough. And this IS out of the ordinary...

Ryudo: Quit stalling! Let's go!

[They enter the Tower]

Ryudo: ... Huh?

[The tower is full of monsters]

Ryudo: Great... just great... Where did all these damn monsters come from?

Skye: Careful, Ryudo!

[They make their way in the tower. At the top floor they find Tessa, who seems 
to be seriously injured, and two Gargoyles. After they defeat the Gargoyles, 
Ryudo crouches at Tessa's side]

Ryudo: What happenened?

Tessa: The ceremony... failed... sa... save Elena...

Ryudo: Hang on. We'll get you out of here. [He pauses] Dammit! She's dead...

Skye: Ryudo! No time for sentiment! Search for the others!

[Ryudo stands up]

Ryudo: Yeah. We're in waist deep here...

[He runs to the door and try pushing it]

Ryudo: This stupid door! It doesn't budge!

[Skye takes flight]

Skye: I'll look for another way in!

[He flies away]

Ryudo: Dammit!

Skye: Ryudo, this window!

[Ryudo runs to the window near the door and breaks through]

Ryudo: Holy...!

[Ryudo sees the dead bodies of the sisters]

Elena: EEK!

[Elena is surrounded by a strange black fog]

Ryudo: What IS that!?

[We see black wings behind Elena and Ryudo has a few flashbacks]

Ryudo: That Darkness!? ... I know that Darkness!

Elena: There is... no Darkness inside me. You cannot... I forbid you... 

Skye: Ryudo! You there? Snap out of it!

Ryudo: ... Dammit! I'm gonna save her.

[He dives unto Elena]

Ryudo: YAAAaahh!!!

[The ground begins rumbling and shaking, as if the Tower was about to be 
destroyed. Ryudo is holding Elena, the black fog has disappeared]

Skye: Ryudo, we've got trouble!

Ryudo: Let's ride!

[They escape as much black fog spread in the tower. Later, in the nearby 

Skye: Anyway, she looks alright. Let's head back to town as soon as possible. 
Say, are you feeling okay? You were acting a little strange back there in the 

Ryudo: ... Yeah. Just some bad memories...

Skye: Oh... Hey, she's waking up.

Ryudo: Hey, wake up!

Elena: ... Ooohhh. Stop it...! STOP IT!

[She wakes up]

Ryudo: Hey. It's alright now. Hey!

Elena: Where am I?

Ryudo: In the woods, near that Tower.

Elena: Huh? Why am I in such a place...?

Ryudo: Look over there.

[He points his finger the Tower, which is shrouded in black smoke]

Elena: That is... the power of Darkness... ...! Where is everyone? Wh-Where is 

Ryudo: You were the only survivor. Sorry. Come on, we've got to get moving.

Elena: NO! I'm... is... is everyone... ... everyone... [she pauses] I am going 
back! They must have...

Ryudo: Hey! HEY! Princess! The power of Darkness isn't coming this way to tell 
us about the neighborhood bake sale. We need to leave!

Elena: Are they really... gone...?

Ryudo: Yeah, they're dead. You nearly didn't make it yourself; you weren't 
looking so hot, never mind those wings you sprouted...

Elena: ... We lost to the power of Darkness. To the power of Valmar...

Ryudo: You still with us, Songstress? Hey, time to snap out of it! The dead 
won't be joining us anytime soon...

[Elena falls to the ground]

Elena: The ceremony has failed. All have perished. Why shoul I alone have 
lived? Why should I alone keep living...

Ryudo: Because I've got a job to do. Now get up and get your butt in gear!

[Elena stands up angrily]

Elena: You... you... monster! You cold, unfeeling BRUTE!

Ryudo: Geohound. Cold, unfeeling Geohound.

[They leave and return safely to Carbo village]

Ryudo: Looks like we escaped. I don't think they'll follow us this far. [he 
pauses] Well? You calmed down a bit?

Elena: ...

Ryudo: Anyway, I'll bring you back to the priest. That's what I was hired for, 
after all...

Elena: Ryudo, how can you kill so indiscriminately? [she pauses and lowers her 
head] I'm sorry... You are doing it to protect me...

Ryudo: ... Don't worry. Part of the job.

[They go to the curch. In front of it, Carius is waiting for them]

Elena: Father Carius... I... I...

Carius: Elena... Are you the only one to make it back? Where are the others? 
What has happened?

Elena: During the... ceremony... Oh, Father...

[Carius come closer to her]

Carius: Oh, child... you have said enough for now. Rest, and speak on these 
things a later time.

Ryudo: Well, anyway, my job here is done. You've paid me enough - I wasn't 
exactly the most successful bodyguard. [he pauses] But what the hell was that 
ceremony about?

Carius: Mr. Ryudo... You must be tired. We shall prepare some warm food for 
you. Come, please. Come inside... Elena, you as well...

[Inside the church]

Ryudo: ... I can't tell you much about the ceremony. But the last I saw - and 
this sounds odd - Elena had grown these black wings. Anyway... we cut out of 
there pretty damn fast.

Elena: Father, I... I had "wings"...

Carius: Hush now, Elena. You are tired. Go to your room and get some rest. 

Elena: ... Yes, Father.

[She leaves]

Carius: So the ceremony was a failure... And Elena possessed... by the 

Ryudo: You mind filling me in, chief? Try finishing your sentences.

Carius: I knew it would be dangerous. Yet... even so, we had to do it. The 
Wings had to be sealed. The Wings of Valmar, Ryudo. The Wings of Darkness.

Ryudo: WHAT?

Carius: As Gransa is the God of Light, so Valmar is the Devil of Darkness. 
Long ago, the two met in battle, as was ordained.

Ryudo: The Battle between Good and Evil, right? Everyone knows the fairy tale.

Carius: Valmar was defeated, yes. But not destroyed. Even now, the foul one 
prepares for the coming of eternal night.

Ryudo: This is new...

Carius: Valmar grows in power with each passing day, seeking to break the 
seals which, for a time, have kept the Darkness bound. As is foretold in 
scripture, the Day of Darkness is at hand. The world groans with the heaviness 
of Valmar's rebirth. The Devils seeks again to blot out the light of Granas. 
Valmar will return our world to Darkness. Then, destroy it. Sadly, even the 
power of our Pope, Zera Innocentius, is not enough to ward the Seals against 
the very Darkness itself. Yet, it is the work of myself and my brethren to 
prevent the advent of that day, when all light shall fade away. [Carius pauses 
and walks away] Were it not so... I would not have sent my daughter to that 
doomed ceremony...

Ryudo: Your daughter...? Tessa...

Carius: The Sealing Ceremony failed. And if what you say is true, not only did 
it fail, but Elena has become possessed by Valmar's accursed wings as well.

Ryudo: What happens next?

Carius: The Pieces of Valmar devour the soul of those they possess... our dear 
Elena. Once she is... emptied... the Wings will move on. On to another host. 
This is how Valmar feeds, gathering strength to   re-enter our world. The 
fetters will be loosed... [He turns toward Ryudo and make a step in his 
direction] Ryudo. Will you lend us your services again? Will you help Elena - 
be her bodyguard?

Ryudo: ...?

Carius: These sad events may yet be made to work in our favor. I wish to send 
Elena to Granas Cathedral immediately. It is rumored that his Holiness, Zera, 
knows of ancient sacrament which has the power to cleanse the soul of 
Darkness. The rite would free Elena and shield others from the taint of evil. 
We may again be able to seal the Wings away. Such an act would delay Valmar's 
return. However, those that follow Darkness will not sit idly as our plans 
come to fruition.

Ryudo: ... I'm sorry, were you waiting for me to give a damn?

Carius: No, Ryudo, I wait for you to recognize an opportunity. For your 
services, you shall receive... say... a statue of gold? It belonged to the 
church, but needs outweight vanity. I believe it would make a pretty enough 

Ryudo: ... Let me think about it. I can't stand God or women...

[There's a big explosion outside]

Ryudo: What was that!?

Carius: Something outside?

[They run outside and see a woman with dark wings: Millenia]


[Millenia start destroying the church.]


[Millenia and Ryudo fight, Ryudo is defeated]


[Millenia flies away]


[The next morning, in the inn]

Skye: Ryudo, are you fine with this? Didn't you say that you don't like 
getting involved in matters of religion?

Ryudo: He said I'll get to meet that Pope Zera at the Cathedral. Think about 
it, Skye! The Pope! If we can get in good with him, we could get our hands on 
some ungodly amounts of loot.

Skye: Im' not a newly-hatched "chick", Ryudo. I suspect you have other reasons 
for your "broad" change of heart...

[Carius and Elena arrive]

Carius: Mr. Ryudo, sorry to keep you waiting. Here is your money.

[He gives a Gold Statue to Ryudo]

Carius: ... Please take good care of Elena.

Elena: Thank you for your help. Shall we go?

Ryudo: Granas Cathedral is a bit of a hike, princess. Better leave your silk 
slippers behind. Sure you're up to this?

Elena: I must go. I do not want the others to have died in vain... [to Carius] 
Farewell, Father. Please take care...

Carius: Elena, be careful during your travels. I shall pray for your safety...

Ryudo: And I'll pray for the patience I'm going to need...

Elena: I will not be a burden. I am quite able to fend for myself!

Ryudo: So the Songstress has spunk... Good. Let's move.

Elena: I must get to Granas Cathedral... no matter the cost.

[Ryudo and Elena decide to spend the night at the inn before going. At dinner]

Ryudo: We're staying here tonight. C'mon, let's eat, Elena.

Elena: Um... When will we get to Granas Cathedral!? Tomorrow!? The day after 

Ryudo: Ha! Even if we both rode on Skye, we'd never make it THAT quick! 
Besides, Skye's only good at DROPPING people in mid-flight.

Skye: YOU WERE HANGING FROM MY FEET! You try carrying someone 6 times your 
size and 50 times your weight... See how YOU do. Anyway, it is difficult to 
estimate when we will arrive.

Elena: You do not know when we will get there...? So the time we are spending 
eating here might be a waste?

Ryudo: No. It's not a waste of time. When you get the chance to eat right, you 
take the chance to eat right. Pipe down and eat, will you?

Elena: Huh? ... You mean you do not always eat a regular meal?

Ryudo: Princess, there aren't exactly a TON of restaurants in the middle of 
the wastelands or the untracked forest...

Elena: So... this could be my last chance to eat regular meals like this...?

Ryudo: Hey now! Don't go jinxing the rest of our meals! You're going to eat 
just fine during this trip... We'll surely visit some other towns along the 
way, but we can't be sure as to WHEN we'll sit at a table and have a meal.

Elena: Traveling is quite the hardship, I see. I hope I can make it to Granas 

Ryudo: Uh, that's what we're hired for, remember? Your precious Granas knows 
you can't do it on your own... Come on... Eat up.

Elena: ... Fine then. [she pauses] Lord Granas... Please watch over me...

Skye: So Ryudo. What do you say we finish this meal?

Ryudo: Hmm... Yeah, I think I'm almost full. Whew! Ok then. Tomorrow I start 
my babysitting job with the Princess. I'd better get my rest!

Elena: WELL! I NEVER...!

[The next morning, the team leave for the Inor Mountains. After walking for 
quite a while, Ryudo stops]

Ryudo: Skye, mind looking around a bit?

Skye: No problem.

[He flies away]

Ryudo: Getting tired? We can rest for a little while.

Elena: No, I am still... All right.

Ryudo: Don't get too comfortable. The night has many eyes... ... teeth...

Elena: Your children's tales are neither frightening nor amusing.

[Skye comes back, stratling Elena]

Elena: EEEK!

[She falls down on her knees]

Ryudo: Don't overdo it. We're staying here tonight. Can you stand?

Elena: Yes...

[Later, night has fallen and they're sitting next to the fire, in front of a 

Ryudo: You calmed down a bit? Pay attention next time.

Elena: All right...

Ryudo: Anyway, what happened back at the tower? Ready to talk about it yet?

Elena: ... I do not remember much. It was... I believe it was a ceremony of 
sealing. I was to sing... I began my songs. My Sisters moved to restore the 
seal... and then...

Ryudo: What about the wings?

Elena: Forgive me, I do not wish to remember.

Ryudo: Uh-huh. [he pauses] We're missing something here. You must be able to 
remember - or did the clouds of incense fog your memory?

Elena: ... Do you assume...?

Ryudo: Hey, I'm not presuming to know what goes on behind closed doors, 
sister. I'm just saying you were there... Bah. Hopeless.

Elena: You do not understand.

Ryudo: Because I'm not sophisticated enough? Because I don't fall over myself 
to be the first in line at the temple doors?

Elena: Now you mock me.

Ryudo: No, I've been mocking you for the last half hour. A little slow to 
notice, aren't we?

Elena: Why do you persist in vexing me? Do you bait me to watch me suffer? Do 
you take pleasure in my pain? Please, I do not need your grief, as I have much 
of my own.

Ryudo: ... I'm s... surprised that you've managed to remain so naive and 
survive as long as you have.

Elena: Is that... what you think?

Ryudo: Forget it. Get to sleep. We've got a ways ahead of us in the morning.

[Elena walks to the tent]

Ryudo: Hey! Leave some space for me!

Elena: I hope you're joking.

[She walks away]

Elena: Never mind. I will sleep outside the tent!

Ryudo: ... i didn't mean it that way... uh... ... Hope you like sleeping on 

Elena: !

[She goes behind the tent]

Ryudo: Suit yourself... 

[Later, Ryudo is alone by the fire]

Ryudo: So, she's finally asleep...

[Elena's sleeping behind the tent and Skye comes back]

Skye: What about you, lover boy? You going to sleep?

Ryudo: I can't... I keep seeing Elena surrounded by Darkness in the tower... 
Nightmares, man. 

Skye: Don't think about it. Nothing you can do now.

Ryudo: And, I pissed her off, man. She's so... perky and happy... Now she 
hates me. You saw her.

Skye: It can't be helped. You know how the church feels about us working 

Ryudo: But I guess she HAS been sheltered her whole life. She's never seen the 
world outside her window. And then to have her friends die on her like that... 
And I couldn't save them...

Skye: Compassion, Ryudo? A little late for that. Your words would sound far 
better had they been spoken sooner.

Ryudo: Sometimes... all I can... I didn't want... She was to be kept from 
harm, yet even now she suffers. And I cannot bear to see it. It is my duty to 
protect her...

Skye: You're mincing your words again, Ryudo. Badly. You know as well as I 
that what you feel has less to do with duty than with...

Ryudo: With WHAT, Skye? With concern? With sentiment? That's... not me... 
Still, I've never felt... Bah, good night, Skye.

Skye: ... Sweet dreams, Ryudo.

[Ryudo lay on the ground to sleep. We see the back of the tent and Elena is 
not asleep at all]

Elena: ... Why did he not tell me...

[The next morning]

Elena: ... Ryudo, it's morning already. [she pauses as Ryudo wakes up] Good 
morning, Ryudo. Are you awake?

Ryudo: Cut it out. It's too early...

[Ryudo gets up]

Elena: Up until now...

Ryudo: Wha-what is it...?

Elena: ... I'm sorry. I misjudged you, Ryudo. I took you for just another 
detestable Geohound. [she looks at Skye] Skye, I misjudged you as well. Please 
forgive me.

Ryudo: What snuck into your sleeping bag? I AM a detestable Geohound.

[Skye lands on Ryudo's shoulder]

Skye: I agree.

Elena: Anyway... Ryudo, please help me get to Granas Cathedral. And you too, 

[They leave the Inor Moutains and arrive at the devastated Agear Town]

Elena: Ryudo, is this a... town... or something...?

Ryudo: Not the kind you'd want to raise your kids in. Didn't used to be like 

Elena: Today, I thought... we could sleep in a regular room...

Ryudo: Well, we're gonna have to make do. Anyway, let's find a place to bunk 

[They enter the inn and greet the innkeeper]

Ryudo: Long time, no see. Looks like you had trouble...

Vyx: Ryudo. Still breathing, I see. Good. Monsters, kiddo. Monsters have taken 
up residence on the other side of town. As you can see, they haven't been too 
kind to us poor louts.

[They have a drink at the bar]

Ryudo: Nice place you got here, Vyx. I heard they tried to run you out of 
town. Stubborn as ever, I see.

Vyx: Aye, don't think the wretches that came crawling in here for shelter 
appreciates it. I tell you, if I had a few more men with blades, we wouldn't 
have to keep huddling in here like hens on omelet day.

Ryudo: You retired for a reason, Vyx. You can't win your battles with your 
reputation alone.

Vyx: I can still... Say, Ryudo, who's the girlie? You've gone soft on me, lad.

Elena: Huh!?

Ryudo: And you've gone senile on me, old man. It's work. Don't ask.

[There's a noise]

Ryudo: Huh? What's that?

[We see four people and a young kid]

Roan: That medal was a memento of my mother. Please do something!

Gonzola: No can do. We had our hands full just getting through there. There's 
no way we're going back to that place!

Ryudo: What's the deal with those clowns?

Vyx: Funny you call them that. They ducked in here to slip away from some 
monsters that apparently took a liking to their finery. Along the way, the 
monsters seem to have lifted some precious bauble from the lad. I figure him 
to be a runaway, and a wealthy one at that. Might look into it, Ryudo. 
Accidents do happen...


Elena: Ryudo, can not we do something for that little boy?

Ryudo: Gee, let me think about it. Yeah, I think we have time to find his lost 
jewelry. Hell, we could find him some matching earrings. Look, if we stop for 
every weepy brat - no offense - we might as well set up shop with Vyx here. 
Now eat these and relax.

Elena: "Eat these and relax?" What are you giving me?

Ryudo: Kuko Berries. The locals chew on them. They make the corners round. 
Take it easy the first time, though.

[Elena starts eating the berries while Ryudo is speaking]


[Elena falls asleep suddenly because of the berries and Ryudo leaves her in 
her room]

Ryudo: I can't believe that girl. She ate enought Kuko Berries to kill the 

Skye: Strange way to put it. At keast it's finally quiet. She'll sleep well. 
Not bad for her first time, actually.

Ryudo: Whatever. Hopefully, she won't keep trying to outdo me after this. I'm 
getting tired of this high-maintenance stuff, man.

[Ryudo walks to his room]

Skye: What are you thinking?

Ryudo: Thought I'd take care of business while I can.

Skye: Going out alone?

Ryudo: I've got you, don't I?

[He enters his room]

Skye: What made you decide to get to work right now? Have a soft spot for the 

Ryudo: The circus brat? Hardly. We won't get anywhere unless we cut through 
those monsters first. And if an entire nest of them is involved... Well, you 
know. I work best alone.

Tee-hee-hee hee-hee-hee...

[Ryudo stands up hearing a laugh]

Ryudo: What in blazes...?

Found you.

Ryudo: Who are you? Show yourself!

Skye: Ryudo!

[Millenia magically appears in the room]

Ryudo: It - It's... you!?

Millenia: Awww... how sweet! You remember me! You remember my promise too? 
[she pauses] I won't let you get away this time...

[She casts a spell upon Ryudo]

Ryudo: I can't... move...

Skye: You! What are you doing to Ryudo!?

[She casts the same spell upon Skye]

Millenia: Same thing I'm doing to you, BIRD.

Ryudo: Ugh!

[Millenia comes closer to Ryudo and he fall on the bed]

Millenia: Now, Ryudo! Don't move, dear /heart/

Ryudo: G-get away!!

[Millenia comes closer when someone knocks at the door]

Risotto: Uh, hey, Roan's gone off somewhere. You guys seen him!?

Millenia: Oh, my. What do we have here?

Ryudo: Let me free first!

[Millenia cancels the spells of Ryudo and Skye. Ryudo walks toward the door]

Ryudo: What's happening? I'll be right there!

[Ryudo, Skye and Millenia go down to the bar]

Gonzola: Didn't think the kid had that much moxie. Running a one-man act's no 
good. Almost enough to make a man's sleep wicked.

Paella: Two can't walk a tightrope. If the boy wants to make his own bed, then 
let him eat it too.

Carpaccio: His own bed, mmm... He is not our problem. But still, he is young, 
very young... Too young to toe the line, perhaps.

Millenia: Ryudo, what's with these losers?

Ryudo: These carnies? They're all mopey 'cause the runt ran off to feed some 
monsters. A scrub like him won't make half a meal.

Millenia: And you didn't do anything? What's wrong with you? Go find him!

Carpaccio: We know where he goes, yes we do. But there are monsters... many 

Risotto: Let's go! It's not right to leave the boy alone in a lion cage!

Gonzola: I reckon we could worry 'til the bearded lady sings, or we could find 
the little nipper and be done with it.

Ryudo: Hey, hang on. [everybody looks at him] I was gonna waste the monsters 
anyway, so if we find him, we'll bring him back here.

Gonzola: Now hang on there, feller. We'd better come with you. We're only 
circus folk, but you'll be needing some company anywise.

Ryudo: Keep your cream pies and seltzer water to yourselves. Your assistance 
isn't needed.

Millenia: Aww... you're a sweetheart, aren't ya? This should be fun!

Ryudo: If your idea of fun is wading through rivers of blood, gobbets of flesh 
and gut fresh upon your lips, then yes, it will be fun.

Millenia: Then what're we waiting for, tiger!? I'm getting antsy. 'Course, I 
COULD just have some fun right here, if you want...

Skye: This woman is a couple eggs shy of a basket.

Millenia: Hey, BIRD! Just how badly do you want to be turned into charcoal!?

Ryudo: Fine, fine. Come along then. But stay out of my way.

Millenia: See? That wasn't too hard, now as it? Confident, yet willing to 
listen to reason. Just what I want in a M-A-N. /heart/

[They leave the inn and enter the Durham Cave. After a while they finally find 
Roan, who is surrounded by Troglodytes]

Ryudo: He got all the way in here... He did good to get here alone...

Millenia: Say, is that the monster over there?

Ryudo: Noooo... He's the one we rescue!

[Ryudo and Millenia fight and kill the Troglodytes, thus saving Roan]

Roan: Thank you very much for saving me!

Ryudo: You're making me regret it already. You shouldn't be here, kid. Go 

Roan: What about YOU two? What are you doing!?

Millenia: We're ridding the land of pests.

Roan: Really?! Then please take me along too!!

Ryudo: Gimme a break! We're not runnning a daycare, kid. Go HOME!!

Roan: I will not go... I am not playing around!! I cannot lose that medal. It 
is the last thing my late mother left to me...

Ryudo: Well, when you run into her, tell her that she should have left you 
some common sens instead.

Roan: It's precious! I cannot lose it... NO MATTER WHAT!

[Roan runs to Ryudo and start punching his chest]

Roan: I will absolutely, positively... get it back...

[Millenia suddenly hug Roan]

Millenia: Mmmmm. You're sooo cute! I've decided. I'll take you along! [She 
stops hugging Roan and he looks at her, as does Ryudo] My name is Millenia. 
What's yours?

Roan: I am Roan... Th-thank you very much, Miss Millenia. 

Ryudo: Hey, hey. I don't want any part of this. There's a rough road ahead. 
He'll only be a burden on you.

Millenia: I'm sooo happy! Ryudo, are you really worried about me? You are a 
good man, after all. As weak and frail as I am, I will show you I can protect 
this child. We'll be fine! Right?

Roan: Yes! I shall not give you any trouble!

[Millenia hugs Roan again as Ryudo turns around]

Ryudo: "Weak and frail"? Uh-huh. Just don't forget to feed him and change his 
litter twice a day. Hey! Turn off the waterworks, kid. There IS a tooth fairy, 
all right?

Roan: So, you'll take me along!?

Ryudo: For now. But, if you slow us down or just piss me off, your butt will 
be skipping down Lollipop Lane on its own.

Roan: Understood!

[They all keep going to the deepest part of the cave, where they encounter and 
fight the Durham Minotaur. But once defeated, the Minotaur stands again, as 
strong as ever]

Ryudo: Well, that did a lot of good. Might as well camp out here. We can wait 
until he dies of old age.

Roan: What do we do? At this rate...

[Suddenly, burning flames engulf the Minotaur, sending him to hell]

Millenia: Hah. Serves you right to be toying with the "Wings of Valmar"!

Ryudo: What was that? Who... or what... ARE you!?

Millenia: Oops! I said that out loud, didn't I? Never mind me.

Roan: We were sure in trouble there. What would have come of us if you had 

Millenia: Forget about it. Now go get your medal!

Roan: Oh! That's right!

[Roan gets his medal back from the Minotaur's burnt dead body]

Roan: It's here! All because of you. Thank you very much!

Ryudo; Hang on a second... did she or did she not just refer to herself as the 
"Wings of Valmar"?

Roan: Huh? I do not know what you are talking about? Come on, let us hurry 
back. I feel so bad about making everyone worry...

Ryudo: ... Lollipop Lane, kid... Lollipop Lane...

[They go all the way back and exit the cave]

Millenia: Anyway, I don't want to overstay my welcome. And... Aaaa! The 
accursed light of the sun! It burns! It burns! Ha! Believe me, didn't ya? See 
you, Ryudo. Give my regards to Elena... [yawn] I'm a bit tired.

Ryudo: What do you mean by that? H-hey!

[Millenia is surrounded by light. When the light disappear, instead of 
Millenia, we see Elena, asleep on her knees]

Ryudo: Elena?

Roan: Mr. Ryudo, what just happened...? Miss Millenia is not really the Wings 
of Valmar, right!? Please tell me!

Ryudo: According to her, yeah.

Roan: No... But Valmar is the Devil... But Miss Millenia is so pretty and 

Ryudo: Hey, Elena. Wake up! Elena!

Elena: Oh. Good morning, Ryudo. Mmm... Huh? Where am I?

Ryudo: You all right?

Elena: How did I get to this place?

[Later in the inn]

Elena: Do you speak the truth? Or is this yet another of your amusements?

Ryudo: If it were, you'd fail to notice, remember? She calls herself Millenia, 
but she also said that she is the "Wings of Valmar."

Elena: This cannot be...

Roan: Miss Elena, I saw her too.

Skye: Ditto.

Elena: So, the Wings of Valmar are... inside of me...

Gonzola: Well, well. Sonny, you're back!

[Gonzola and Paella enter]

Gonzola: Right done, friend. You've made good on your fancy talk... And I see 
you have yourself a few women. Heh, I envy you, feller. Though, the other 
filly you was with got my blood a stirrin'.

Paella: Really, DEAR? Id' like to see this... maybe after my next knife act...

Elena: It cannot be... last night...! That woman is evil incarnate! She brings 
nothing but sorrow and misfortune!

Gonzola: That so? Then I reckon she ain't too much different from any other 

Paella: I can tell you about ONE woman who's going to be briging you sorrow, 

Roan: Now, now... [he turns toward Ryudo] I am uncertain... I do not think 
Miss Millenia is evil or anything...

Ryudo: Anyway, we can leave through the rear gate now. Unless you have some 
more missing jewelry, Roan...

Roan: If you are going across the Baked Plains, would you mind if I came 
along? Just me by myself is kind of... lonely...

Ryudo: ... Yeah, well... Elena, you probably don't want him around...

Elena: Oh non, not at all. I do not mind, but we need to move quickly. I must 
reach Granas Cathedral before long.

[Before going, they decide to spend a night at the inn and so have dinner 

Ryudo: Well, now that everything's calmed down, let's grab a bite to eat.

Elena: Roan, you have such wonderful table manners. Who did you learn them 
from? Your mother?

Roan: My mother? Oh... She passed away a long time ago... She was very ill her 
whole life.

Elena: Oh... Oh my... I-I am so very sorry, Roan. I did not know. I never 
would have asked...

Roan: Do not worry, Miss Elena. I can hardly remember my mother, it was a very 
long time ago. I wish I could have known her better.

Elena: I am so sorry for asking about your mother, Roan.

Roan: It is not your fault, Elena. I never shared any of this with you all 
before. None of you could have known. [he pauses] I do not remember my mother 
too well. I don't know what it is about you that reminds me of her...

Elena: Me? W-What do you mean?

Roan: You are so... kind, yet strong. You are always putting others ahead of 
yourself. And you are so forgiving all the time. You are just so close to the 
way I have always imagined my mother... Of course, my image of her is of my 
own creation...

Elena: I do not ever want to upset you, Roan. I think of you as... as my 
little borther.

Ryudo: Ha! That's perfect! They say that little brothers are more dependable 
than bigger sisters!

Elena: Hey! Just what is THAT supposed to mean?! [she pauses] Roan, what did 
you mean when you said I remind you of your mother?

Roan: I do not know. But, when I look at you... Something reminds me of her. I 
cannot pinpoint it, but something...

Elena: Do not try too hard to figure it out, Roan. What remains most important 
is that you remember her.

Roan: When you hugged me tightly, I felt so secure. Maybe that is what 
reminded me of my mother after so long.

Elena: Hold on a second, Roan. "Hugged"? I have never hugged you before.

Ryudo: No, that was Millenia. She squeezed him REAL tight.

Elena: What?! [she pauses] The Wings of Valmar... We must hurry and see His 
Holiness Zera to have him exorcise the Darkness. Or else...

Ryudo: Hey! Whoa now. Milenia didn't do anything... bad... did she?

Elena: Do not say that name any more! If you knew the horror of Valmar, you 
would realize the seriousness of the situation!

Roan: Oh. I forgot. You have never met Miss Millenia. I apologize for bringing 
the whole situation up...

Elena: ... It... It is OK, Roan. But just what exactly is going on between you 

Ryudo: You get jealous because she HUGGED him? Sheesh, Elena. Ease up on the 
kid a little.

Elena: Ryudo. That's not funny...

Ryudo: Well, I think we've talked and eaten enough. Are you ready to call it a 
night? Let's get some sleep. Man, Vyx sure can cook. Everytime I see him, I 
end up eating too much. I really have to be careful about how I eat...

Skye: Ah, a very admirable outlook, Ryudo.

Ryudo: Well, a certain soemone does constantly nag me about it... Besides, I 
should stay in shape if I want to stay a Geohound.

[The next morning the team leaves for the Baked Plains. After walking a while 
through the plains, they eventually arrive at the Granacliffs]

Roan: Look, I can see it! Miss Elena!

[He runs forward and, as not Ryudo nor Elena follow him, comes back]

Roan: Please, come quickly! 

[He runs forward]

Elena: He is a spirited one...

Ryudo: That wasn't the word I had in mind. I suppose we should take a look.

[They run to Roan]

Roan: These are the Granacliffs.

[FMV: View of the Granacliffs. END OF FMV]

Elena: So these are the Granacliffs...

Ryudo: A scar splitting the face of the Silesian Continent. I take it you 
haven't seen it before.

Elena: Scripture speaks of it, yet the size... The land still aches, its wound 
yet felt... The Battle of Good and Evil still so close.

Ryudo: And still... after all these years... No one has come up with a better 
name than "the Battle of Good and Evil."

Elena: How will we make our crossing?

Roan [pointing at something]: Look over there.

[FMV: We see the Skyway. END OF FMV]

Roan: ... That's called the Skyway. We ride on that across the Granacliffs. 
The ship lands in a town not far ahead. Once we cross here, it is only a 
stone's throw to the St. Heim Papal State.

Skye: Or, you could all grow wings and I wouldn't have to wait for you.

Elena: Incredible... This is just so exciting!

Ryudo: Don't overdo it. We're camping here tonight.

Roan: Good idea...

Ryudo: Hey, Elena. Sleeping on your feet again? Let's move!

Elena: Hmm? Oh, no, not at all!

[At night, near the fire]

Ryudo: Dinner with a view, kids. Watch your step when you go to the little 
girls room. [he pauses] Check it out. We're closing in on Liligue. And from 
there, the St. Heim Papal State.

Elena: The Granacliffs are incredible...! You must see them to believe them. 
The world is really in a pitiful state. [she pauses] These Granacliffs... they 
really are just like... they were in the legends...

Ryudo: The Skyway won't get us across the 'Cliffs at some points, and Skye 
doesn't haul folks around too well. Work on your vertical leap.

Roan: It sure is a hassle that the world is split in half by these 
Granacliffs... Now I remember! It was the Battle of Good and Evil that made 
these Granacliffs, right? Miss Elena, will you tell me about the Battle of 
Good and Evil?

Ryudo: Now that you mention it, I haven't heard the full story of the Battle 
of Good and Evil...

Elena: I don't really know very much myself, but... they say long ago the 
people lived happily, bathed in the light of Lord Granas. Then Valmar came and 
tried to take the light from the people. And so began the Battle of Good and 
Evil. At the battle's end, Lord Granas' sword which he raised to cut down 
Valmar, went right through Valmar into the earth, creating a huge fissure 
across the land... And that is how the Granacliffs came to be. 

Ryudo: You'd think that if Granas had a sword big enough to carve out the 
continent, he'd be a bit more careful about where he'd drop it.

Elena: It cannot be helped! Just think what the world would be like without 
Lord Granas!

Ryudo: Granas has a painful shortage of slack.

Roan: Now that you mention Valmar, the Devil of Darkness, can you feel Miss 
Millenia? Miss Elena?

Ryudo: Millenia, huh...

Elena: I cannot believe it! That Valmar is inside me... People must not be 
caught by Darkness. They will be able to live only in Darkness. They will no 
longer feel for other people. Darkness warps a person's soul... If someone is 
truly caught by Darkness, that person will have no future...

Ryudo: Hmm, then I guess I've... no future either. [he pauses] This is getting 
shadier by the moment. For some reason, I don't see sunshine and puppy dogs in 
the near future.

Elena: No, no. Ryudo you cannot be... one of the Dark Ones! Darkness is much 
more, um, wicked...

Roan: Mister Ryudo... you are neither wicked nor a Dark One... Darkness is 
something completely different.

Ryudo: You say "Darkness", I say "whirling black vortex of doom". What's the 

Elena: I do not really understand it myself, but - Darkness makes people sad 
and lonely... I hate it.

Roan: Wicked Dark Ones, huh... I do not think there is anyone anywhere who 
would say they love Darkness...

Ryudo: We gotta get going early tomorrow. Let's hit the sack.

[Later, they're all sleeping in the tent]

Stop, stop it... Stay away from me... My body is... melting! Stay AWAY from 

[Elena and Ryudo wake up]

Ryudo: What's wrong, Elena? You were screaming in your sleep...

Elena: A huge tongue-like thing... was coiled around me... And it was... 
devouring me...

[Ryudo stands up and walk to the entrance of the tent]

Ryudo: ... Shhh! That's strange... It's too quiet. Hey! Roan, WAKE UP!


Ryudo: Shh. Something's here.

Elena & Roan: !

[They exit the tent and see a giant beast-like man]


[They fight the Beast-Man and defeat him]

Mareg: Are you... not him?

Ryudo: WHAT? What's the meaning of this? Why did you attack me?


[Mareg leaves]

Elena: Ryudo?

Ryudo: Demon-man? Bringer of Ruination? He's just a common murderer!


[They depart and arrive at Liligue City]

Man: Dammit, this would otherwise be such a nice town...

Woman: You mean, "if this town weren't cursed by Darkness... it would be a 
nice town."

Elena: Oh my, what is the matter?

Woman: I can't live here any more! We're leaving.

Ryudo: Leave them alone, Elena.

Man: You planning on staying in town? I advise against it. Besides, the gates 
won't open until tomorrow.

Ryudo: Isn't the Skyway running?

Man: Not until tomorrow, but don't get your hopes up. They don't let people on 

Ryudo: Come again?

Roan: Huh!? But people were on it just now...

Woman: For the private use of that miserable Gadan. Maybe it's for the best, 
since anyone who visits this town wants to leave as soon as possible.

Man: Hey, just forget about it.

Elena: Um, if there is anything I can do...

Man: Thank you for your kind offer. But we can't stay in this town. There's 
nothing left for us here.

[The family leaves]

Ryudo: Cheerful folk. But, if I listened to every piece of good advice I 
heard, I'd have killed all of you already and run off with your gold.

Elena: I am exhausted. Shall we find an inn?

Roan: Don't worry, Miss Elena. I heard this place has, what was it...? It is a 
delicacy around here... If I could remember the name, we could try it.

[They enter the inn]

Inn Master: Ah, some customers... how unusual. Here to stay the night?

Ryudo: Spend the night.

Inn Master: The only thing we got to eat is arum root. Still want to stay?

Ryudo: Whatever. Just serve it up quickly. I'm hungry.

Roan: That's it! The delicacy I forgot to try last time! Boy, are we lucky!

Inn Master: Ahem. Yes, the... delicacy. Anyway, that's all we got, take it or 
leave it...

Ryudo: Quite a sales pitch. How about it?

[At dinner time]

Ryudo: C'mon, let's try that stuff Roan calls a delicacy! [he pauses] Huh...? 
Hey, Roan... What's this? AGH! This is AWFUL! I'd rather eat dirt!

Elena: This food... it has no flavor... The texture is really weird. Do people 
really eat this? It has the oddest texture...

Roan: ... Yyyyyyyeecchhh!!! How can this be a famous local delicacy?! This 
must be an acquired taste... How can anyone call this a delicacy?! That is 
ridiculous! It is not appealing, it is appalling!

Ryudo: Agh! This CAN'T be edible! It's like eating sand!

Elena: I have never eaten anything like this before... It has the most 
disgusting texture...

Roan: It feels so rough in my mouth... Are you sure this is even edible? Ugh! 
How can anyone be expected to enjoy this!?

Ryudo: People actually eat this stuff?!

Elena: I have never had such mushy food... How can people even eat this 
stuff!? Hmm... This sure is weird... It has absolutely NO flavor...

Roan: Is this all they have to eat here? I think I will abstain from meals 
from here on out. Can we get on the Skyway soon? Please?! We should get on our 
way as soon as humanly possible...

Elena: I cannot imagine how ANYONE here can stomach this stuff...

Ryudo: I've been thinking we ought to go see this Gadan guy tomorrow... Let's 
go shake him up a bit...

[The next morning they enter the city. A small boy is sitting near the gate of 
the city, holding his knees]

Elena: Oh, my goodness! Are you all right?

Son: ...

Elena: What is the matter? Where does it hurt?

Son: ... I'm hungry...

Elena: Ahh... this is a problem easily remedied. I am sure we have something 
to eat. Please... a moment. [she takes an apple out of her jacket and crouches 
in order to give it to the child]

Son: Ooooh...

[Without taking the fruit, the child runs away]

Elena: Is... is the boy sick?

[A man approaches the team]

Man: Young miss, please do not give him any food. It is too much of a... 

Elena: ... What do you mean?

Man: The people of this town cannot eat normal food even if they wanted to. 
They can only bear that disgusting arum root.

Elena: I do not understand... What do you mean, they cannot eat...?

[The man leaves]

Ryudo: Elena, don't talk to strangers. Besides, they could be diseased.

Elena: ... If so, we must help them!

[She runs into the house of the child, followed by Ryudo]

Son: I'm... hungry...

Wife: ... I can't stand it any more. If we have to keep eating only arum root, 
we're going to die!

Engineer: SHUT UP! You ask for too much. Here, eat THIS! Ooooh... Blecch! It's 
no use. I can't eat it either...

Wife: Dear, let's... leave this town. We can try starting a farm somewhere...

Engineer: But we don't know if we will be able to eat even IF we leave this 
town! ... I'm sorry. We will manage... somehow...

[Elena comes closer to them]

Elena: What exactly is going on in this town?

Engineer: You must be travelers... You ought to leave this town, quickly!

Elena: What is your difficulty? I serve Lord Granas, and I may be of some 
small help.

Wife: ... The people in this town have lost their sense of taste.

Elena: Their sense of taste?

Wife: Thanks to the Skyway, this town was once a bustling trade center. My 
husband had been working on the Skyway. The work was hard, but the pay was 
good so we were never at want for anything...

Engineer: But just ten days ago, all food began to lose its taste. It was like 
eating sand or rocks... Soon we lost all interest in eating almost any kind of 
food... We thought that only we were sick, but before we knew it, everyone in 
town was suffering.

Wife: The only thing we could eat was the arum root, which was tasteless to 
begin with... But now no matter how much we eat, we never even begin to get 

Roan: I've never heard of a disease that makes you lose your sense of taste. 
How about you, Ryudo?

Ryudo: Ask Elena. She doesn't seem to have much taste in anything. Bonnets 

Wife: ... Maybe this town is somehow cursed. I don't remember anyone doing 
anything against the will of Lord Granas...

Elena: You must be miserable. I wish there were something I could do...

[Ryudo comes closer]

Ryudo: You worked on the Skyway, right? How do we catch a lift?

Engineer: In the center of town, you will find the mansion of Mr. Gadan, 
manager of the Skyway. You can ask him, but I doubt he'll help you.

[They leave the house and go to Gadan's. When they enter, Gadan is devouring a 
HUGE meal. During all the conversation Gadan is eating]

Gadan: Shlurp. Delicious! DEE-licious! Well, well, I haven't seen you around 
here. Something I can do for you?

Ryudo: I heard you aren't leting anyone on the Skyway. I'm here to change your 

Gadan: Yes, we are not letting anyone on right now. This is a vital time for 
business. Carrying people drops our efficiency.

Ryudo: I'll make it worth your while.

Gadan: Ahh... I didn't notice you had a Sister with you. She must be headed to 
Granas Cathedral, hmm? Well. More business.

Ryudo: How much you want?

Gadan: 10,000 gold pieces should cover my costs.

Ryudo: Deal. Let's go.

Gadan: Ah, not so quickly, my friend. The last tram has already left. But do 
not fret - another will be available come the morrow.

Ryudo: Can't leave today, huh? Then...

Elena: Obviously, YOU can still stuff yourself with food! Why do you not share 
your secret with the townsfolk?

Ryudo: Elena, hush!

Gadan: A strange thing to say, my Sister. Do you imply that my health is 
something less than virtuous? That I should suffer as well?

Elena: Well, no...

Gadan: Ah, but I too am troubled by this cause. My employees all are stricken, 
which is hardly good for business. And with no cure...

Elena: Is that so...?

Roan: Even then, I am amazed you can eat so much...

Gadan: Perhaps the other have sinned before Granas. Perhaps I alone remain 
blessed. Who can fathom the mind of God? Ah, Delicious! [he pauses] [sniff]? 
[sniff]! Shlurp! Dear Sister, you smell quite nice. Were you aware that smell 
and taste are interrelated?

Elena: WHA-WHAT!?

Ryudo: He seems healthy enough, although I do question his taste in women.

Elena: ! How can you remain so smug and impertinent while others starve about 

Gadan: I would watch my words, were I you. I pay my workers generously. This 
problem is none of my doing. The townfolk would do well to thank me for seeing 
to bring prosperity to this town.

Elena: How could such a thing have happened...?

Gadan: Indeed, this town was known by many to have been touched by the hand of 
Granas. Perhaps he does not wish to soil his hand any further. But I am no 
expert; you should inquire within the church outside of town. ... Oh, but my, 
you do smell fine, my dear Sister. A sweet delicious peach... SHLURP!

Ryudo: Tomorrow, then.

[They exit Gadan's house]

Elena: What a disgusting man!

Ryudo: I wouldn't know...

Roan: That Gadan's appetite is incredible! It is almost unnatural. But I am 
more worried about the money we have to pay tomorrow.

Ryudo: He's working us. We'd better start digging in our couches for change.

Skye: Why don't we just waste him?

Ryudo: That's why I like you, Skye. Always thinking.

Roan: Uh, Ryudo... Like it or not, we do have a Sister in our party.

Elena: But... Ryudo. We have to do something for these townspeople. If they 
are really blessed by Lord Granas, how could this happen to them? Like that... 
man said just now, we should ask the Father at the church.

Ryudo: Are we in a hurry to get you to the Cathedral or not? We don't have 
time for your church girl routine.

Elena: This town... everything... it is terrible. I just cannot ignore those 
in need.

Ryudo: Look, princess, we don't need any more trouble than we already have.

Roan: Please, Mister Ryudo. We cannot leave until tomorrow anyway. What's 
wrong with just going to the church?

Ryudo: Shut your damn yap, kid. This is not a stroll to the altar, and we're 
not in the bloody church choir! I'm sick of all this!

Elena: ... I-I am sorry, but still...

Ryudo: ... Don't be so quick to apologize... Come on. Let's find the church.

[They go to the church]

Father: May I help you, my dear travelers?

Elena: Father, we have come with a question.

Father: Ah, I see that you too are one who serves Lord Granas...

Elena: Father, what has happened to this town? To these people?

Father: Ah, this is a question that troubles me as well. I do not know what 
has befallen us. Some say that the face of Lord Granas has turned from us, but 
still... I do not believe it.

Elena: Yes, I have heard this tale. There are those in town who say they have 
lost the blessing of Granas.

Ryudo: Pretty unreliable for a deity. If you want to keep your job as supreme 
overlord, you should keep your naughty/nice list straight.

Elena: Ryudo!

Ryudo: And I don't quite get this "blessing" stuff. That one     lard-butt 
looked pretty damn blessed to me. About two hundred pounds more blessed than 
anyone else around here.

Father: Ah, you must mean Mr. Gadan. He too has changed. He was once a good 
man, loved by all. But then he began to change. He began to become obsessed 
with wealth and riches... and with, uh, nutrition as well. And as I recall, 
this occured roughly around the same time that our current misfortunes befell 

Ryudo: People deal with depression differently. Some sleep. Others write. 
Others suck food down their throats like garbage chutes.

Roan: But what would that have to do with the townspeople not being able to 

Elena: Father, forgive my companion's lack of tact, but I too wonder why this 
town is known to be blessed by Granas.

Father: Of course. Please, go upstairs... You will see the truth for 
yourselves from above.

[The Father goes upstaires and the party follows]

Father: Please, look. You can see the whole town from here.

[The party looks by the window and sees a traveling of the town. Then the 
camera stops on a pillar]

Elena: Those pillars... They look to be part of a single ruin...

Father: They are said to be the ruins of a temple. They were severely damaged 
when the town was rebuilt, but Mister Gadan says that they're still not 
sufficiently destroyed...

[Back to the church's room]

Roan: I see. So this town was built on the ruins of an old temple of Granas. 
That is why this town is blessed... But, those pillars have a strange shape. 
As if there was something in the center...

Ryudo: As if something were buried.
: Now that you mention it, I've heard of an excavation at the base of the 
pillars. The pillars run deep - too deep to be removed.

Ryudo: I'm not liking what I'm hearing. What do you think, Elena? Sound 
familiar? Ruined temple, burial mound? Unholy pieces of Valmar sealed up 

Elena: Like Garmia Tower... It cannot be... Valmar...

Father: I-I have not heard of such a thing...

Ryudo: Terrific. Then we can be on our way.

Elena: Hold, Ryudo. The suffering of the townspeople may be a result of the 
breaking of a seal. We must investigate.

Ryudo: Whoa there, gumshoe! I don't recall "hunting down reawakening God of 
Evil" as being part of my job description.

Elena: Saving those in need is the duty of those who follow Granas. I will not 
ignore my duty, Ryudo, and I most certainly will not ignore these people. We 
must aid them!

Ryudo: Now you're just being stubborn. Let's try to be rational here. One: I'm 
not being paid. I repeat that - I AM NOT BEING PAID. Two: Granas should be 
more than able to take care of Valmar without us. Three: you need to get to 
the Cathedral as soon as possible.

Elena: Ryudo, please... I cannot ignore their suffering. If I do, I might as 
well never take another step toward the Cathedral!

Ryudo: ...

Elena: ... So you will not be moved, then. Very well, I will help them by 

Ryudo: ... I'll have to protect you, of course. [he makes a step toward Elena 
and grabs her cheeks with his hands, trying to force a smile out of her] Stop 
it with the self-righteous expression. C'mon, make a nice face for me.

Elena: Bwhad awe dou booing? Cut that out!

[Ryudo walks away]

Ryudo: We'll check out the ruins. But tomorrow... Tomorrow we take the Skyway, 
no matter how many kittens are stuck in trees.

Elena: Oh, Ryudo!


Elena: Father, you spoke of an excavation...

Father: Yes, but take caution; no one has been permitted to explore the ruins. 
There is much danger.

Elena: Thank you, Father. Ryudo, let us depart!

[They start walking to the exit when Elena turns back toward the Father]

Elena: Oh Father, I have had terrible dreams of late. In them, I am haunted by 
Darkness. Does it mean that my soul is weak...?

Father: Do not allow Darkness to have a doorway to your heart. A strong soul 
resists Darkness. Carry yourself accordingly.

Elena: Thank you very much. Father, may you be blessed by Lord Granas.

Father: The same to you, O Songstress of Granas...

Ryudo: Let's get this over with. We don't have room for any more of these 
roadside attractions in our itinerary.

Roan: Oh, Mister Ryudo...

[They leave the church. Outside, they see Mareg waiting]

Ryudo: Well I'll be...

Mareg: ... 

[The party comes closer to Mareg]

Ryudo: Mareg, what brings you here?

Mareg: The SMELL of this place... It offends the earth.

Ryudo: Wait! Tell me... is my brother here? What of Melfice? Where is he? What 
has he done?

Mareg: I sense the foul work of that demon here. Do not ask of what came by 
his hand, for I wish not to bear the remembrance of it.

Ryudo: But is he here? Or do you only suspect...

Elena: Mister Mareg, this town is now deeply troubled. Please, will you aid us 
in our search for the root of this evil? Will you help us put an end to it?

Mareg: To protect the power of which you speak from ever being used again, I 
shall join you.

Elena: Thank you very much!

[Mareg joins and they all go to the entrance of the ruins]

Ryudo: This must be the hole they dug.

Mareg: The SMELL of decay comes from below. The foul stench lof that 

Ryudo: ... Melfice... Heads up, Mareg!

[Ryudo draws out his sword and hit the panel on the ground]

Ryudo: YAAA!!

[The panel opens up]

Ryudo: All right. Let's go!

[They enter the Liligue Cave and make their way to a seal]

Mareg: Its stench... The smell of ruin... of decay.

Ryudo: What the devil is this?

Elena: This is a Seal of Lord Granas! It is used to seal in a piece of 

Roan: But... this seal is broken! Could whatever was sealed have left here?!

Elena: ... Ryudo. The culprit in this crime is not your brother...

[A monster comes up and swallows Elena]

Elena: EEEEK!

Ryudo: ELENA!

[He looks at the monster]

Ryudo: Right. We're dealing with a piece of Valmar here.

[A bright light comes from the monster and Millenia comes out]

Millenia: How dare you, you miserable...! I won't stand being EATEN!

Ryudo: Great. She's back.

Mareg: What? What just happened?

Roan: Oh! Is that you Miss Millenia? We meet again! [he start running to her 
but soon stops] Miss... Millenia?

Millenia: He-he... Eh-he-he-he... [to the monster] So now you get to meet my 
friends. Come over here. I'll make you mine...

[She starts to concentrate to cast a spell but the monster runs away]

Millenia: C'MON! Chase after him! That thing's the cause of all of it!

Ryudo: "It" is so vague... What're you referring to?

Millenia: Forget it, just GO!

[Millenia joins the team again and they chase after the monster and finnaly 
catch up with him]

Ryudo: Unless Melfice has put on some weight, this isn't him.

Mareg: This beast is the source of the village's troubles. Caution! Its SMELL 
augurs danger.

Monster: You look delicious! You little ones... I shall strip your bones of 
your fine flesh, yes? So tender... So succulent... Come, let me taste you! And 
the Wings of Valmar shall make a fine main course, yes?

Ryudo: That voice is familiar... ahh... Gadan, Gadan. Let me guess... new 

Millenia: Ah, ha, ha, ha, hah!! So the Tongue of Valmar wants a taste of me? 
Here's something to chew on!

[They fight and defeat the Tongue of Valmar]

Millenia: He appears to be a bit tongue-tied. Or is that too    tongue-in-

[She absorbs the Tongue of Valmar, leaving only Gadan's body on the ground]

Millenia: Aah... finally we got one... I feel full of power. Mmm, feels so 

Roan: Miss Millenia! What just happened!?

Ryudo: Wha- what exactly did you just do!?

Millenia: Hee-hee, that's a S-E-C-R-E-T /heart/ See you later, Ryudo.

[She crouches]

Ryudo: Uh, hey! Millenia!

[Bright light around her, she vanishes and Elena appears]

Roan: I- I can't believe Miss Millenia is really Valmar...

Mareg: The SMELL... is gone... So it was not Melfice...

Elena: ... Ryudo? Where am I? It happened... again!

[Back at Gadan's house, with Gadan still unconscious]

Elena: Ryudo, just what happened to him?

Ryudo: You remember anything after being swallowed by the Tongue of Valmar?

Elena: No...

Ryudo: Well, Millenia appeared again. And, according to her, Gadan was 
possessed by the Tongue of Valmar. I won't comment on THAT, but apparently, 
this was the source of the town's troubles.

Elena: ... Our holy book contains a passage that speaks of this... First 
Valmar possesses one's soul... and then devours it. Maybe this is what 
happened to Gadan. The poor man. Valmar took advantage of the weakness of his 

Ryudo: After we beat Gadan... the Tongue of Valmar, Millenia did something to 
him... it. This is the result.

Elena: Each Piece of Valmar can feed off of another to increase their own 
power... How revolting... This man must have had his soul devoured...

Ryudo: I can't beleive she'd... do such a thing.

Roan: Me too. Didn't we manage to fiw the town's problems... only thanks to 
Miss Millenia?

Elena: I can't believe it either... I think it's just a coincidence.

Mareg: Millenia and the Tongue of Valmar... Lo, the Tongue of Valmar stank of 
ruin, as does Melfice.

Ryudo: Are you saying that Melfice is... possessed?

Mareg: I know not. No matter, he is dangerous, possessed or otherwise. But I 
WILL have my vengeance.

Ryudo: Mareg, when I'm finished with Elena... ih, this job, let me go along 
with you.

Mareg: I know not where to begin my search, and this land is unfamiliar to me. 
You would not be unwelcome should you choose to come.

Ryudo: Right. What about you, Elena?

Elena: ... I am sure that the Wings of Valmar are within me. Every night, I 
can feel the Drakness drawing across my soul like a shroud... The cold... ... 
I must see His Holiness Zera soon.

Roan: The townspeople seem to be all better!

Ryudo: Okay, so we go straight to Granas Cathedral.

[They spend the night at the inn first. At dinner]

Ryudo: As insane as it sounds, they have their sens of taste back. Now we may 

Elena: So, we are about to cross the Granacliffs! I can't believe we are 
really going to cross over that big chasm? It makes me nervous.

Roan: Yes. We shall cross the Granacliffs soon! Elena, is this the first time 
you have ever seen the Granacliffs?

Ryudo: Yeah. It's her first time. But remember, Roan, most things ARE new to 
country girls like Elena...

Elena: All right, that is about enough of that, Ryudo. So, tell me everyone, 
were you this nervous the first time you crossed the Granacliffs? Oooh, I am 
sooo nervous. I still cannot believe that we will be crossing over that chasm.

Roan: Actually, I do not recall the first time I crossed the Granacliffs... I 
guess my mind was on other things...

Elena: Eh...? Something was more attention grabbing than the Granacliffs? What 
could that have been?

Roan: I was riding with Gonzola and some others... At one point, Risotto 
started to panic, running and yelling, "I'm getting off!"

Skye: Risotto? You mean that big fool Risotto? I could see how his running 
about would distract passengers...

Roan: All I can remember is his face... Flinging forth tears and snot as he 
cried and shouted.

Mareg: The legends of my people say that the Granacliffs are where lost, 
wandering spirits are consumed. The first time I crossed the Granacliffs, I 
too, felt rather uneasy.

Ryudo: Hey! That reminds me of a legend I've heard! That you can HEAR the 
cries of all the people who've fallen into the Granacliffs!

Elena: ... Come on, now. You are kidding, right!?

Mareg: Ryudo, maybe the cries heard are from all the lost souls who gather at 
the Granacliffs...

Elena: Really, now... Ryudo, did you really hear of such a legend? That was a 
joke, right? About the voice of someone who fell in the Granacliffs...

Ryudo: No, it's true. It's a spooky, tortured voice - a shrill cry from the 
bottom of the 'Cliffs. Why, are you afraid, Elena?

Elena: There are many wandering spirits like that. Lord Granas, please grant 
eternal peace to those poor lost souls...

Ryudo: ... So, why aren't you afraid?

Roan: The wind blows through the Granacliffs, it starts swirling around in 
there, and the noise it makes sounds like human cries.

Elena: Oh, I get it... So, there are not any wandering spirits after all.

Ryudo: Kid, there's going to be ONE wandering spirit here real soon if you 
don't learn how to keep your mouth shut.

Elena: Anyway, I am happy to know that you were only joking about the 
wandering spirits! It would be so terrible if it were true. Even if some poor, 
lost souls really were wandering around, Granas is still with them...

Ryudo: Which begs the question: Why are there poor lost souls at all?! Is 
supreme-being Granas too busy to help them?!

Roan: You know, each region has its own stories about the Granacliffs. It 
would take forever and a day to tell them all.

Mareg: Ha! Elena, you should not allow yourself to be tricked by Ryudo. He is 
as sly as any fox I have ever seen.

Skye: Do not even get me started Mareg... It is unfortunate for Elena to be 
his victim.

Ryudo: So, has everyone had enough? Well, I guess we'd better get going now, 
before I forget to thank the innkeeper for the AMAZING food.

Skye: You really have a way with words...

[The next morning they go to Skyway Station, where they find the family they 
had met before]

Ryudo: Feeling better? 

Engineer: Yes, thanks to the Sister and your party. Thank you very much.

Wife: I'm so glad that we are back to normal. I just cannot thank you 

Son: Thank you, Miss!

Engineer: I have something important to do, so...

[The family leaves]

Elena: So... measure for measure, all's well that ends well. The townsfolk 
have been saved, and all is as it should be. Mr. Gadan... well... He took care 
of his body, but not his soul. Perhaps this was his error.

Ryudo: He was right, to a certain extent...

Elena: What do you mean?

Ryudo: The people of this town... They sacrificed their well-being for 
promises of wealth. Gadan didn't have to do anything, really; the people 
decided what they wanted. A subtle trap.

Elena: But still... the trap has been sprung. All has been put right. If 
everyone works together, happiness will retunr to even this broken world. Lord 
Granas yet watches over us...

Ryudo: You've missed the point entirely, princess. The story doesn't end here. 
We don't all hold hands and skip home.

Elena: Huh?

Ryudo: The world is not so black and white. The answers aren't as pat as you'd 
like to believe.

Elena: Wha- what do you mean?

Ryudo: You'll find out eventually. Come on, we've yet to cross the 
Granacliffs. Just a little farther to the Cathedral!

[They take the Skyway. Later, onboard...]

Ryudo: Elena, you look pretty pale... Are you okay? Don't you remember 
anything at all?

Roan: The Tongue of Valmar and Miss Millenia... Just what was that all about? 
Miss Elena? I cannot understand it.

Mareg: Elena, are you well? Do you not remember fighting with the Tongue? And 
just who is this Millenia...?

Elena: What was I doing while it all happened? Just what hapenned? Roan? What 
happened to me? Ryudo? Just what happened? Mareg? What happened?! Tell me, you 
guys! I cannot remeber anything at all. Just what did I do?

Ryudo: Don't you remember going to the Seal? Or being attacked? That monster 
was the Tongue of Valmar. Elena, when you were attacked by the Tongue, 
Millenia appeared again. And then she helped us kick the hell out of that 
Tongue. Finally, Millenia did something to Gadan and he ended up like that... 
I've got NO idea what Millenia did to Gadan...

Roan: The Tongue of Valmar... One of the pieces of Valmar left after he was 
defeated by Granas...

Mareg: So there was not only one evil SMELL...

Elena: She destroyed the man's soul, right? How can you be so insensitive? We 
must go to Granas Cathedral and appeal to His Holiness Zera... maybe he cand 
do something about Valmar?

Mareg: I know little of Valmar and religion. I am here only to purge the evil 
SMELL... Melfice... even his name reeks of evil. I have traveled far. I shall 
find Melfice!

Ryudo: Elena! Calm down! The Cathedral is just across the Granacliffs...


Elena: Valmar is inside me...!

[A noise is heard]

Roan: Wh- What is happening?

[They all stand up and the Skyway start shaking]

Ryudo: YOW!

Elena: It's Darkness... Darkness is coming! It's calling me... the Darkness is 
calling me! 

Ryudo: Elena! 

Roan: Waah!

[FMV: The Skyway is falling]

Ryudo: Dammit! Everybody, hang on to something!


[The Skyway has crash landed in a snowy forest. Ryudo, Roan and Mareg are safe 
near it]

Ryudo: ... Mmph. We've got problems. What the hell is going on?

Roan: Valmar's Moon seemed to be shining...

Mareg: Check yourselves for injury.

Ryudo [looking around]: Hey! Dammit, where's Elena?

[They all look around]

Mareg: Perhaps she had fallen earlier...

Ryudo: Can't be. [turns around] Elena! ELENA! [he pauses] She's got to be 
around here somewhere!

Mareg: I am picking up her scent. Come, this way! This way!

[They start running and we see Elena]

Elena, Elena! WAKE UP!

Elena: Wh- who are you? Where are we?


[Millenia appears in the shiny plate]


[Millenia leaves. Elena falls down on her knees and Ryudo and co arrive]

Roan: HEY! Miss ELENA!
Mareg: Elena! Are you well?

Ryudo: Elena! Thank the blade... You don't look hurt... What is it? You look 
like you've seen a ghost.

Elena: Perhaps it was an apparition... for it was not a dream. The Day of 
Darkness draws near. Valmar's Moon swells with wrath. The Dark One gathers 
strength yet again. The time of Valmar's awakening is at hand.

Ryudo: Hey, hey. It's okay, Elena. ELENA!

[Elena stands up]

Elena: Forgive me. I am all right, Ryudo. I have just had a... strange 

Ryudo: Least we avoided taking a dive into the Granacliffs. I wonder how far 
off course we were blown... to come to this strange place.

Roan: Looks like we were blown along the Granacliffs toward the north.

Ryudo: Looks like we're walking from here. We'll head for the St. Heim 
Mountains - pretty damn hard to miss. And then, the Cathedral.

Elena: Yes... We must hurry.

[They start walking through the Lumir Forest and eventually arrive in the 
Garden of Dreams, which is a field of flowers overwhelmed by fog]

Ryudo: Looks like we got ourselves pretty lost...

Elena: The fog is so thick...

Roan: Is this really the right road?

Ryudo: Does it really matter?

Roan: Wait a second!

Mareg: Odd. There is no SMELL of life in this place.

[The fog then disappears. Elena takes a few steps forward]

Elena: ... Why do flowers bloom in such a cold and barren place?

[We see fairies flying around]

Who are you? This is my garden.

[Elena turns around and there's a little green-haired girl with a scar above 
the eye in front of her]

Elena: I am sorry. We are travelers, lost on the road.

Green-haired girl: This is the Garden of Happiness. My precious, secret place. 
Everyone who comes here forgets their bad memories and gets happy. If you come 
here, it means that your heart wants to be saved. Look. Aren't all the flowers 
so pretty?

Elena: Um... um... but... Your eyes... are they perhaps...

Green-haired girl: Yes. My eyes were bad ever since I was born. But I'm fine 
now! Thanks to Granas, I can see everything now. So I'm not lonely any longer.

Ryudo: ...? These flowers are... nice enough, I guess. If you're into that 
stuff. Not my style.

Green-haired girl: That's 'cause you're not trying to see. You're trying to be 
someone you're not. Warm your heart. Like theses ones...

[Fairies come around her]

Green-haired girl: Miss, I thought you would understand how good this place 

[The girl steps back. Elena walks to her]

Elena: What do you mean?

Green-haired girl: Don't you understand? Then you should ask the girl with the 
black wings!

Elena: Black... wings...?

Green-haired girl: Anyway, keep this place a secret. Promise?

[She runs away, Elena follows her]

Green-haired girl: Miss, don't eat me!!

[The girl disappears behind a tree]

Ryudo: What's with that girl?

Elena: ...

Ryudo: Oh well. Let's go on.

[They return to the Lumir Forest]

Elena: Huh! Now where are we?

Ryudo: Hey, that little girl and her garden... Where did they go?

Roan: ... Could it have been a dream?

[They leave the forest and arrive at Mirumu Village]

Elena: There is a certain... sadness about this village. I wonder as to its 

Villager: Oh! The Sister has arrived! I'm so glad... Now the village is 
saved!! Chief! Chief! The Sister has arrived! She's here!

Elena: Are they... speaking of me?

Ryudo: Huh? What's going on here?

[The Village Chief arrives]

Village Chief: So you've finally come! Our village... please... I beg of 
you... save us...

Ryudo: You've lost me, chief. I don't think any of us put in weekend 
reservations here.

Village Chief: Huh? Wait... So you haven't come to save this village?

Elena: Our journey is to Granas Cathedral. We are merely passing through, 

Villager: So you haven't come to save this village... I thought for sure 
they'd be here by now. What does this mean for us?

Ryudo: Good question. What's going on here?

Village Chief: These things shouldn't be spoken of in this place... Please, 
come to my home.

[They all go to the Village Chief's house]

Village Chief: You see, strange things have been happening here in this 
village... Villagers have been suddenly falling asleep... At first we thought 
it was just fatigue, but they keep sleeping... Days and days at a time.

Mareg: And you do not believe that they are merely unwell?

Village Chief: I wish it were so, but...

Ryudo: They're not?

Village Chief: ... To be blunt, I believe it is some kind of curse.

Elena: A curse!? What leads you to believe this?

Village Chief: The dreams. Ever since falling asleep, all of the villagers 
kept having the same dream. A... presence. Watching. Waiting. Its eyes... 
great and terrible... Terrifying!

Ryudo: Curse. Right.

Village Chief: We have no solid proof. Yet, we could not bear the dread of it; 
we sent to the Cathedral for aid.

Roan: So that is why you thought Sister Elena was here to save you.

Village Chief: Tes, that's exactly so.

Ryudo: Well, it's a damn shame, but like we said, we're just passing through.

Village Chief: But, but... May I ask one thing of you...?

Ryudo: What is it?

Village Chief: Um, will you please stay here for just one day? The Priestess 
from the Cathedral should be here soon. I don't expect you to take her 
place... but if your Sister stays here, the curse may be somewhat allayed.

... Another one fell asleep today... We are all uneasy.

Elena: Ryudo...

Ryudo: Well, it is dark out...

Elena: We shall do as you ask. It is not much, but we would be happy to stay 
in the village.

[They leave the Chief's house and go to the inn. There is a woman in the inn, 

Irina: Could you be the Sister!? Oh, we've been waiting for you!

[She runs to Elena]

Irina: My son Nicolas does not wake up! Please do what you can to save him!

Elena: Um, unfortunately... we are simple travelers. We are not the ones you 
are expecting...

Irina: Oh... I am so sorry... I've made a terrible mistake.

Elena: If you have contacted the Cathedral, I am certain that someone will 
arrive soon. Please, wait yet a little longer.

Irina: Yes... I suppose you are right...

Elena: But... But... you say that your son has fallen ill?

Irina: Sister, perhaps if you look at him, you might be able to learn 
something. Would you mind coming this way? Please?

[She walks upstairs]

Ryudo: Is this the curse they were talking about?

Elena: It appears to be so...

[They follow Irina upstairs. There's a little boy laying on a bed]

Irina: ... This is Nicolas. He seems to be sleeping peacefully, but he never 
wakes up.

Nicolas: It is so... much fun... here...

Ryudo: He doesn't sound sick. Maybe he's just easily entertained. Whee.

Roan: Is this not just like Gadan!

Ryudo: You saying Valmar devoured his soul?

Mareg: Yet, there is no foul SMELL about this place...

Elena (to Irina): Unfortunately, I cannot... help you at all.

Irina [looking at Nicolas]: That innocent face... maybe he's playing with the 
fairies in the Garden of Dreams...

Elena: "Garden of Dreams"? The place we passed through... Irina, before 
arriving here, we came upon a garden, filled with fairies...

Irina: You can't be serious. It's a tale told to children, full of song and 
fancy, meaning nothing. It's a fantasy.

Ryudo: No, it was definitely real... Flowers everywhere and fairies flitting 
about. I couldn't dream this up. Believe me.

Elena: There was a little girl. A strange girl... who could see everything. 
She had a scar above her right eye.

Irina: That's Aira, Sandra's daughter. Oh, how eerie... so this curse was the 
work of Sandra after all!

Elena: Please, do not be so quick to jump to conclusions. Is Sandra from this 

Irina: She lives in back of the village. How could that hateful wretch do this 
to my poor, sweet Nicolas...

[Irina gets out of the room]

Elena: Ryudo... If that girl were indeed Aira, I would like to speak with her 

Ryudo: Huh?

Elena: I keep thinking about what she said...

Ryudo: "Don't eat me?" Well, you HAVE been putting on a few pounds. You have 
to see it from her point of view.

Roan: Oh, stop. She was an odd little girl... And I wonder... was that garden 

Mareg: As real as the dreams of a wise man: neither fantasy nor substance. A 
mist rising in the morning, melting into air by noon.

Ryudo: If we find Aira, we can ask her.

Elena: Yes... We shall see...

[They go to Sandra's house]

Ryudo: That girl... it IS Aira!

[Aira, the green-haired girl, is playing near to the house]

Elena: So it was not our imagination... She IS real.

[They run to Aira]

Elena: Aira... dear?

Aira: Hi again, Miss.

Elena: Aira dear... When you said "don't eat me" before, what did you mean?

Aira: Hm? I meant just what I said. I know YOU are okay, Miss, but...

Ryudo: Excuse the interruption here, but this has been bugging me - what WAS 
that garden?

Aira: It's a safe place for people when they're sad. It's not like everyplace 
else - all hurting. I just want everyone to be happy.

Sandra: Aira, where have you gone? AIRA!

[Sandra arrives]

Sandra: AIRA! I told you not to go outside! YOU! Get away from Aira! What are 
you trying to do to her!?

Aira: Mother, she is all right. She is not bothering me.

Roan: Now, now. We are travelers and we were just talking to little Aira. We 
would never do anything to her.

Mareg: I am terribly sorry if my... appearance has startled you.

Sandra: No, no... there is no need... I had assumed the worst... but... that 

Elena: Me? What have I done?[looking around]: I'm sorry. Please come inside. I 
cannot talk out here.

[Sandra and Aira enter their house, the team follows]

Ryudo: So, what's the secrecy? There a reason you want to avoid notice?

Sandra: There are those who do not wish Aira well. The innkeeper's son, 
Nicolas, fell ill, you see, while Aira was with him. They were just playing... 
and then... There is a children's story, a fairy tale. In the tale there is a 

Aira: That's right. I promised to take Nicolas to the garden!

Sandra: Aira! Don't say such things!

Aira [coming closer to Roan]: But... Say... Let me see that medal.

Roan: Um, but this is...

Aira: Your mother gave it to you, right?

Roan: ...? Well, yes. But...

[Roan lends his medal to Aira]

Sandra: I'm so sorry... Anyway, the villagers here look at me strangely. And 
to think, my prayers to Granas had finally been answered, and Aira's blindness 

Elena: Her sight was restored through prayer? This is a miracle!

Ryudo: For once, Elena's right. It's a damn miracle that your prayers actually 
worked. No wonder the villagers think you're a witch...

Elena: Ryudo!

Sandra: Aira is my treasure. Her eyesight was poor since she was born, and I 
have had such a hard time... I looked for medicinal herbs, and prayed for her 
sight, but the others called my mixtures "witch's brews" and my prayers 
"summonings". And just when Aira is finally healed by prayer, and I am blessed 
with a little happiness, they blame me for this curse...

Elena: I am sorry...

Ryudo: Don't get ideas, Elena. There's nothing we can do. By now, the Church 
has probably sent some people to look into it, anyway. Let them deal with it. 
We're not the experts here. Come on, there's still a lot of ground to cover 
before we reach the Cathedral.

Elena: You are right...

Ryudo: C'mon, let's head back to the inn. Okay, Roan?

[Aira gives his medal back to Roan]

Aira: Thank you. Your mother was very pretty.

[Aira runs to the other side of the room]

Aira: !

Sandra: What's wrong, Aira?

Aira: Scary people have come, mother. Really scary people...

[The team leaves the house]

Hey, hurry up! We musn't make them wait!

[A villager runs toward the entrance of the town. Another comes up]

Wait up!

Ryudo: Hey, what's all the commotion?

Villager: I heard that the Priestess and her party from the Cathedral have 
finally arrived!

[The villager runs in the same direction as the previous one. The party 
follows. At the entrance of the town...]

Elena: I- it can't be... the Cathedral Knights!
[The High Priestess Selene and several Cathedral Knights have arrived. The 
village chief greets them]


[Ryudo and the party come closer]


Selene: Is this so...? Indeed, you must desire to make haste if your intent is 
to report to His Holiness. How awkward for you.

Elena: No, in fact... the ceremony failed...

Ryudo: Watch your words, Elena.

Selene [looking at Ryudo]: Well, who might you be...?

Ryudo: Name's Ryudo. The Sister is under my protection.

Selene: I see. For your trouble, I thank you.

Ryudo: You can thank me by letting us through this village. Oh, and these two 
as well. They're with us.

Selene: This is not possible.

Ryudo: Hey, cut me some slack here! We're no threat to you or your cause.

Selene: I cannot. Did you not hear what I just said? The village is now 
sealed. Leave, and be purified.

[She turns to the Cathedral Knights and they come closer. She tunrs back to 
the party]

Selene: Until this matter surrounding this village is resolved, no one may 
leave. Not Elena, not you, not anyone.

Ryudo: Look, we need to report to YOUR boss. Get word to him about us, and I'm 
sure he'll permit us to "make haste" to the Cathedral.

Selene: Regardless of your schedule, it is my duty to ensure that the Darkness 
in this village is exterminated. Without exception.

Ryudo: By the blood! Even if your aim is to expunge the Darkness, what will 
you do when you find it? No one can stand against a god!

Selene: Worry not. We are the Cathedral Knights, blessed by Lord Granas. 
Discovering the allies of Valmar is a simple task. As is purifying the 

Ryudo: What is it with you and this "purify" thing? For some reason, I doubt 
your knights are packing soap and bubble bath in that armor.

Roan: ... She means to kill them. I remember one village somewhere that was 
burned to the ground by Cathedral Knights...

Ryudo: That's some strong bubble bath.

Selene: No, that is not correct. Lord Granas does not approve of mindless 
slaughter. The Holy Fire of Lord Granas merely purifies those who have sold 
their soul to Valmar... We have purged Darkness from this world, leaving none 
of its taint unpurified. Thanks be to Granas.

Ryudo: There's that word again. I fail to see the difference between your... 
method, and murder.

Elena: If you, um... were to find a person possessed by Valmar, what would you 
do to her... or him?

Selene: Should that be the case, this entire village shall be purified by the 
Holy Fire of Lord Granas. Such a sacrifice is necessary in order to rid the 
world of Valmar's presence.

Village Chief: Wh- what!? You - you can't do that!

Selene: Do not be afraid, for the Holy Fire cleanses only the sinner. Those 
who are pure of heart need not worry. ... of course, this is assuming there 
are persons without sin before Granas...

Village Chief: ...... Ah!

Selene: Well then, please tell me the details. Only then shall we seek out the 
apostles of Valmar.

Village Chief: A- alright then.

[Selene, the Cathedral Knights and the village chief leave. Only two Cathedral 
Knights remain behind to guard the gate of the town]

Roan: So what should we do now, Mister Ryudo?

Ryudo: Security's too tight. We have no choice but to camp here tonight. We'll 
be left alone for now; Elena's company protects us from suspicion. Though for 
how long, I can't say.

[They enter the inn and decide to spend the night]

Irina: Sweet dreams to all of you...

[Later, at dinner]

Ryudo: They sure do get excited easily here. They have a few bad harvests and 
they stop thinking, eh? I guess they feel they need to blame someone...

Elena: Irina, Sandra... little Aira. These people are simply struggling... 
That doesn't make them evil or anything...

Roan: If you are suffering, you can be blinded to the needs of others...

Mareg: There is no malicious scent, but something does SMELL awry... There is 
something strange in this villages. There is no one with an evil SMELL here, 

Ryudo: Just who do they think is "bad", anyway? I'd say these knights who run 
around and scare people are the real problem.

Elena: I hope nothing terrible happens...

Roan: Those Cathedral Knights are merciless... At this rate, the entire 
village will be burned to the ground. The Cathedral Knights have no mercy to 
the Dark Ones. What will become of this lovely village? I cannot believe that 
nothing will happen. I am sure there will be trouble...

Ryudo: I don't think Valmar can be defeated by anyone, not even those "holy" 
knights out there. Well, we DO have Elena with us. I can't imagine those 
overly-holy knights will kill one of their own... What can we do...?

Elena: If these villagers are suffering it is because of Valmar... wihtout a 

Roan: We do not know that for certain! Even now they are trying to kill 
innocent people!

Elena: Yes... but what... What should... we do? Valmar... is so terrifying...

Mareg: Something does SMELL awry... But I cannot confirm it is related to the 
current situation. Hmmm... what could the source of this SMELL be?

Ryudo: I think the best course of action is to get out of here before that 
Selene woman causes more trouble. First thing tomorrow, we go.

[End of dinner. After, Elena's watching the moon through the window when Ryudo 

Ryudo: What's wrong, Elena?

Elena: It's Valmar's Moon. It's so eerie... I wonder if it always stares down 
on us like that.

Ryudo: No use getting worked up about something you can't do anything about. 
Besides, we're pretty damn far enough away from it.

[Elena turns toward Ryudo]

Elena: ... I suppose... but what of the presence of Valmar... inside of me?

Ryudo: ... Oh, Millenia...

Elena: ......

Ryudo: C'mon, lighten up. Millenia's not all that bad...

Elena: Ryudo! How can you be so... cavalier about such thing? We speak of the 
power of Darkness itself! Who knows when... Millenia will do something like 
Gadan did - or worse? What if her purpose is to restore Valmar to life?

Ryudo: Again, we can't do anything about it. Right now, at least. But isn't 
this why we're going to the Cathedral?

Elena: "Valmar prepares a dwelling place within the souls of the wicked..." I 
am sure that Millenia is the evil inside of me; she is the blackness in my 

Ryudo: Hey, don't let it get you down. What happened to your happy face? 
C'mon, we'll knock on the doors of the Cathedral, Zera will get off his 
porcelain throne, and he'll make everything okay.

Elena: Stop it, Ryudo! This is serious! Must you always be so... flippant?!

Ryudo: I- I was just trying to cheer you up... Blazes! Fine, fine. I GET IT... 
As expected of the Wings of Valmar, it is difficult to visit injury upon 
Millenia. You, on the other hand...

[Ryudo draws out his sword and points it toward Elena]

Elena: Ryu- Ryudo!?

Ryudo: Look, you're not giving me a choice here. You can keep crying about 
Valmar this and Valmar that, or we can settle this now.

[He puts his sword back in its holdster]

Ryudo: You calmed down yet? Hey, what's gotten into you? What happened to the 
almost-stereotypical determination and pluck that I know so well? What's 
wrong, Elena?

Elena [kneeling]: ... All right, Ryudo. Kill me! If that will destroy 

Ryudo: What!?

Elena: What's wrong, Ryudo? Do it quickly! I'm a little... scared... so 
please, make it as painless as you are able.

Ryudo: Do- don't be STUPID! That's Selene talking, not you!

Elena: ...?

[Ryudo turns around and make a step forward]

Ryudo: My job is to get you to the Cathedral. If you want any extras, hire 
someone else. ... Just stop your brooding and get to bed!

Elena: ...

[She stands up and walks away in her room]

Ryudo: Dammit! NOT the right approach, Ryudo. NOT the right approach! ... What 
the hell is wrong with her? ... Argh, guess I ought to get to bed myself...

[He gets to bed]

Ooooh... Ooooh... Oooh...

[We see Ryudo on a blue background]

Ryudo: Where am I...?

[Four eyeballs surround him]

Ryudo: ...... Huh! ... What're you looking at? Stop staring at me!

[Ryudo runs through eyeballs. When there's no more eyeballs around, he stops, 
looks around and a giant eyeball appears behind him. He turns around and look 
at it]

Ryudo: Don't... This is MY soul, dammit! Stay the HELL out of it!

[Fast flashbacks. Ryudo holds his head in his hands]

Ryudo: Stop it! Please, just stop... Don't make me remember... please... I 
want to forget... let me forget... 

[Then we see Ryudo laying on his bed in the inn]

Ohhh... Dammit! Stop making me remember!

[Ryudo awakes]

Ryudo: !

Skye: Ryudo, what's wrong? You were moaning...

Ryudo: Damn! Why do they keep haunting me? I was almost able to forget...

[He gets up and Skye comes on his shoulder]

Skye: Doesn't sound like a very sweet dream.

Ryudo: I know! That was the... dream they saw!

[He goes to the window and opens it. A flying eyeball appears in front of him]

Ryudo: It was... that THING!

[The eyeball flies away]

Ryudo: The cause of the nightmares...? If so, this village's curse... Dammit!

[Roan and Mareg burst in the room]

Ryudo: Roan! Mareg! You alright?

Roan: Yes, Ryudo. Are you okay?

Mareg: Grr... That cursed dream... What was its purpose?

Ryudo: Ask that... thing! It's been causing these damn nightmares!

Roan: What do you mean by "that thing"...?

[Elena enters]

Elena: Ryudo! What is happening?

Ryudo: Elena! You alright!? Listen, the source of the nightmares was right 

Skye: Eyeball. Big flapping eyeball... Just staring at us. I've never seen the 

Ryudo: If that was the cause, then the others...

Elena: It cannot be... Miss Irina...

Ryudo: Oh, blazes! Let's check on her! Hurry!

[They go upstairs to the manager's room. An eyeball is flying over Irina, who 
is asleep]

Roan: Look!!

[The eyeball runs away by the window. The party comes closer to Irina's bed]

Ryudo: Damn, we're too late! It already got her...

[Skye takes flight and exits through the window]

Skye: Ryudo, I'll follow it! Try to keep up!

Ryudo: Dammit, it's those things! They're behind this! We must follow!

[They exit the inn. Outside, two eyeballs fly away]

Mareg: Ah, I see now the source of our trouble.

[The two eyeballs fly over Sandra's house]

Roan: So THOSE things are causing all the nightmares? Mister Ryudo!

[Several eyeballs enter a cave at the back of the village]

Elena: There are so many of them!

Ryudo: We have to follow them. Quickly!

[They rush to the cave, in front of which they find Skye]

Ryudo: Skye! Where'd they go?

Skye: Into that fissure!

Ryudo: And we all know what comes next. Let's be quick about it. I want to 
find out what the hell is going on here!

[They enter the Mysterious Fissure. In its depths they find a Seal of Granas]

Ryudo: Isn't this a Seal of Granas!?

Elena: As I had suspected, it has been broken...

[There's a flower on the Seal]

Elena: I have seen this flower before... Ah!

[Several eyeballs arrive]

Ryudo: It's those things again! They're coming!

[They fight and defeat four Eyeball Bats]

Elena: So, now the villagers may be...

Ryudo: No. These things are small change. Nothing like Gadan. The real money's 
somewhere else.

Roan: So they were like marionettes?

Mareg: Perhaps... Their powers may be peculiar, but our true enemy would not 
meet defeat so easily.

Elena: It cannot be...

Ryudo: Dammit! Valmar must be somewhere! If we're not killing the source, 
we're just killing time.

[Later, at the inn Ryudo and Mareg are talking]

Mareg: ... Is this too the work of Valmar?

Ryudo: As the Seal of Granas is broken, I am afraid that it is so.

[Elena enters]

Ryudo: Elena, how's Irina doing?

Elena: Not well... She will not wake at all. Just like Nicolas.

[Roan enters]

Ryudo: Roan! How are the villagers?

Roan: A few more people fell ill last night. And everyone who did not fall 
ill, they had nightmares again.

Ryudo: They're not the only ones. I've been having nightmares of my... the 
past. It's... not too cool, man. Not at all.

Roan: I had one too. I saw my mother... die...

Mareg: I dreamt of my village, of the demon-man who came in blood and fire... 
I dreamt of ruin...

Elena: I slept soundly. Last night, I dreamt not at all...

Ryudo: There must be someone possessed by Valmar. The one controlling the 
flying eyeballs. Do you think it's... Aira?

Elena: That cannot be! She is such an innocent girl. Right? Only the hearts of 
the wicked are open to Valmar! That girl has done nothing wrong!

[A villager enters]

Villager: The High Priestess Selene is conducting an investigation, so she has 
ordered everyone to meet in the Town Hall...

[The villagers exits]

Elena: We ought to inform the High Priestess of the events of yesterday! The 
villain is not of this village - not even a person! Let's go, Ryudo!

Ryudo: Yeah, before Selene decides to frame someone.

[They leave the inn and enter the Town Hall. Nobody's there yet, except the 
unconscious villagers who have fallen asleep]

Ryudo: Didn't take them long to round up the town.

Elena: How awful...

[Selene enters]

Selene: Such a pitiful sight. We must attend to the purification immediately. 
We will find the bedeviled one without delay.

Ryudo: You're sniffing up the wrong leg, Priestess! We saw the Darkness last 
night! Flying eyeballs! They should be dealt with first!

Selene: Flying eyeballs, you say? How droll. Yet, the things you saw may 
indeed have been servants of Valmar.

Elena: Yes! And we must search them out!

Selene: ... However, they are merely servants. I doubt Valmar would appear in 
such a form or fashion, hmm? Chasing after such... whimsical beasts would not 
solve our problem. Valmar seizes upon the Darkness in the heart, not the... 

Ryudo: Are you even listening to a thing we say? Or are you too eager to 
"purify" the entire town?! What the hell is wrong with you?!

Elena: I beg of you, High Priestess! Save these villagers!

Selene: Oh yes, they shall be saved. You see, there is one with a corrupt soul 
who has brought disaster to this village. What would happen if we were to 
permit Valmar to roam freely about the land? Could you imagine this, Elena?

Elena: Yes...

Selene: Well then, I shall have the cooperation of everyone in the village. I 
shall discover the identity of the treacherous one. Then we need not purify 
the entire village.

[Selene gets out]

Elena: Ryudo! We cannot let her proceed! You know how this will end!

Ryudo: I know. I know. But we have to find out who - or what - is controlling 
those eyeballs. I mean, that's just sick... To make people relive their worst 

Roan: But where do you think those eyeballs come from?

Mareg: I advise a deeper hunt into the fissure. It could be our quarry waits 

Ryudo: Then there is where we resume our pursuit.

[They get out of the Town Hall and head for the fissure when...]

Aira: ... Miss!

[Aira runs to the party]

Elena: H- hello, little Aira...

Aira: Did you come to see me? Did you want to play?

Elena: What do you mean?

Aira: Let's go to a fun place. To a place where there's no suffering and no 
pain... no bad memories.

[She runs away]

Elena: Aira, should you be out? Will your mother not worry?

[Aira stop running and turns around]

Aira: Oh, it's fine. We're going to a happy place, after all!

[She runs and enters the shed behind her house]

Roan: That Aira... There is something a little odd about her.

Elena: I wonder what it was she meant?

Ryudo: One way to find out. Let's follow her.

[They enter the shed Aira went in]

Aira: My mother had a hard time because of me. She would buy medicine and look 
for herbs, working from dawn until dusk... It's all my fault... But my 
mother's praying healed me!

[She jumps into a hole in the floor]

Elena: Aira!!

[The party jumps after her]

Ryudo: Where are we!?

Elena: I cannot believe this...

[We see a Seal of Granas, Aira standing on it. They all run to her]

Aira: I don't think people should fight. Everyone just suffers. We can learn 
to like each other. Why do they always blame other people? Nobody wants to be 
hated... I'll make it so everybody can get along! I wanna help everyone!

Elena [kneeling]: So - so Aira, you...

Aira: It is a really nice place. I'm gonna have everyone come to the Garden of 
Dreams. No one will fight. Everyone will live together peacefully. They'll 
forget all the bad things. C'mon! Let's all go into the dream!

[A bright light surrounds them and they arrive in the Garden of Dreams]

Aira: When I was cured, I was so happy... But I was also sad 'cause I could 
see things I couldn't before. My Mother also wanted to get along with the 
villagers, but everyone lies and hates each other. They keep blaming others 
for bad things. Everyone suffers in their heart... I want everyone to come 
here and get along. [she pauses] This is the Garden of Happiness. Everyone who 
comes here is happy. They forget the bad memories and suffering. The people 
all become fairies. And they live happily here. Look, see how many fairies 
there are now... Isn't everyone happy?

Elena [kneeling]: Stop it!

Aira: Why?

Elena: You are not doing anything wrong, but... but...

[An eye appears on Aira's face, out of her scar]

Aira: I just want to make everyone happy...

Elena [gets up]: ... That eye...

Aira: This is the eye that Granas gave me. It's how I can see everything.

Elena: NO! Stop it! Do not make them suffer any more!

Aira: Suffer? I don't make anyone suffer. Everyone here is happy. There's no 
sadness here. Outside, everyone lies, so they suffer. They pretend to be nice 
but they act mean. The only one I trust... is Mother. [she pauses] !! [walks 
back] Huh? Why're you doing this? ... Why're all of you coming after me? Isn't 
this the eye of Granas? Well, isn't it? Aren't you the same as me? Miss Elena?

[Elena comes closer and gives Aira a hug]

Elena: ... No, NO!

[Aira pushes Elena back]

Elena: Aira...?

Aira: ......! Mother!!

[She runs away]

Elena: Ah. Wait...

[Aira disappears]

Ryudo: Something might be going down at the village. We've got to go back.

[They come back to Mirumu Village where everyone is gathering around Sandra's 
house. Sandra is outside her house and Selene is in front of her along with 
the Cathedral Knights]

Sandra: ... I don't know anything! My daughter was miraculously cured by the 
power of Granas! I prayed and prayed for her. Leave her out of this!

Selene: The blessings of Granas are not to be bestowed on the likes of you. 
Where is your daughter? Speak truly, for the both of you are surely minions of 

Sandra: No, no that cannot be...

Selene: Well, well... What shall we do with a mother and child who conspire 
with the power of Darkness? [she walks to face the villagers] Will you people 
side with Darkness? Know that if you heed the words of the witch, you must be 
prepared for the... consequences.

[The villagers come closer] 

Villager: Y- you Devil! No! You evil Witch! Just what are you trying to do!? 
Release the curse on this village, quickly! What is the grudge you bear!?

Sandra [kneeling at Selene's feet]: What is it we have done!? My daughter and 
I have done nothing!

Selene: Release me!

[She slaps Sandra who falls to the ground]

Sandra: Ah!

Aira: Mother!

[Aira arrives, running]

Aira: Leave my mother alone!! Why can't we all be happy!? If you do mean 
things, everyone suffers!

Selene: ... That evil eye! I see we HAVE discovered the power of Valmar!

[The party arrives only to find Sandra alone, laying on the ground]

Ryudo: Who's that!?

[They come closer]

Ryudo: What the hell is happening here?

Selene: You can no longer escape...

[They turn around]

Elena: Aira!

Ryudo [to Mareg and Roan]: You, take care of her!

[Mareg and Roan nod. Ryudo and Elena run to Aira. Selene, the Cathedral 
Knights and some villagers are there]

Ryudo: What the hell are you doing? How many of you does it take to handle a 
single girl? Leave her be!

Selene: Do not interfere with my task. Or are you too in collusion with 

Ryudo: This girl doesn't even know what's happening. Look at her! A servant of 
Light should be extending a hand of redemption, not raising an iron fist!

Selene: Don't be a fool, boy!! We merely follow the will of Granas - to 
cleanse the world of Darkness... Elena! Come, bring the girl to me.

Elena: Please, High Priestess Selene. There must be some other way we can save 
her! There must be...

Selene: Impossible. There is no salvation for one possessed by Valmar. I 
cannot believe a Sister of the Church would try to protect one who has 
rejected the Light and embraced the Darkness!

Elena: I- I...

Ryudo: Don't listen to her! Dammit, Elena, you're better than that! There's no 
wrong in protecting the helpless! And if Granas has a problem with that, you 
can tell heaven that your god will find no protection from me!

Elena: Ryudo...

Ryudo: And what about you people? Is this child a sinner? Both mother and 
child have lived among you! Do you truly wish to damn them both?

[The villagers lower their heads]

Aira: Mother!

[Sandra has regained consciousness and is standing before her house. Aira runs 
to her, followed by Elena]

Sandra: Ah, Aira! But... that eye!? [she walks back] [gasp] You are a...

Aira: ... A monster... You called me... a monster! Even my own Mother!!

[Elena hugs Aira]

Elena: Aira! Please! Be calm! Your mother is just a little... shocked!

Aira: Am I... am I a monster? NOOOOoooo! Let go of me!! Leave me alone, all of 
you! Leave me ALONE!

[She pushes back Elena. There's a flash of light, Aira disappears and Elena 
falls to the ground. Ryudo runs to her and kneel by her side]

Selene: ... What has happened?

[Selene and her Knights approach. Ryudo gets up and faces them]

Selene: You! If you had not interfered, Darkness would not still plague the 
land. This is on YOUR heads! [to the Cathedral Knights] Separate and search 
the area. Do not let the demon-child escape!

[The Cathedral Knights leave]

Selene: ... Ryudo, I believe. I shall not forget what you have done here 

[She leaves. Ryudo kneels besides Elena]

Ryudo: Hey, Elena, snap out of it... HEY!

[Flash of light. Ryudo stands up and Millenia appears]

Millenia: Oh drat! Ouch, ouch, ouch. That eyeball really let me have it.

[She stands up]

Sandra: What... what have I done to Aira?

Millenia: Huh?

[Sandra is kneeled a little farther]

Sandra: It is my fault... Everything is my fault. 

Millenia: What's the matter?

[They come closer]

Sandra: I thought something was wrong when she said she took Nicolas to the 
Garden of Dreams... It was there she discovered the ability to know what 
others were thinking and feeling. But not only is she able to do this, she can 
also see what others are doing and where they are. Even I grew afraid... ... I 
pitied Aira!... I wanted to do something for her! But how could I have 
known... Valmar was listening to my prayers... Oh, where did I go wrong?

Roan: You have done no wrong... Any parent would have done the same.

Mareg: There is no fault in caring for your own. It is Valmar who bears the 
onus of these events.

Sandra: Please... kill her.

Ryudo: ... Are you nuts?

Sandra: She is beyond hope already... So please, kill her... before she causes 
anyone more grief...

Ryudo: Don't be a FOOL! We weren't protecting her before just so we could kill 
her now. Do what you will, but I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon. 
I'll find a way to save her - with you, or without.

Millenia: I know. How about we rip that Eye right out of her? Sound good?

Ryudo: ... Millenia. Are you sure you can remove the Eye of Valmar from her?

Millenia: Sure. I can! Of course, Aira's soul will shatter and fade. So it 

Ryudo: Millenia! [he pauses] Dammit! There must be another way...

Sandra: I am completely to blame for her suffering. If there is no way to save 
her, then please, put her out of her misery...

Millenia: Yeah, yeah, that sounds lovely. You heard the lady - let's just 
finish this up and move on.

Ryudo: You. I don't want to hear it. Of course, what should I expect from 
Valmar? Obviously not a concern for human life.

Millenia: What!? But this doesn't concern us, Ryudo. The one who should do 
something is the girl's mother, right? And she's given up! End of story!

Ryudo: ...

Millenia: Look, I don't blame you, Ryudo. It's perfectly natural for people to 
want to run from reality. They just can't face life. But we don't have the 
time to run along after you. Stop chasing after your silly nonsense. There's 
no other way to do this.

Ryudo: SHUT THE HELL UP! That little girl is suffering right now - scared and 
alone! You ever suffered alone, Millenia? All she ever wanted was to bring a 
little happiness into the world. Is THIS what she deserves? [to Sandra] You're 
her mother, but you want me to "put her out of her misery"? Ma'am, we do that 
to our pets, not our children! [he pauses] She wanted everyone to be happy. 
What the hell is wrong with that?!

[Flying eyeballs appear]

Millenia: Look, it's started. She's suffering...

Sandra: ...

Ryudo: Dammit!! We've wasted enough time! We've got to find her before Selene 
does. Let's try that Garden!

[They leave for the Garden of Dreams. Nobody's there]

Ryudo: If she's not here, then... where else do we look?

Millenia: Uh-uh, she's here. Just wait a little.

[Millenia opens a vortex]

Millenia: C'mon, she's in there. Let's go, Ryudo.

[They all enter the vortex which leads to the Seal of Granas where a portal 
has appeared]

Millenia: Look, here it is.

Ryudo: Here...? What is this place? Where's Aira?

Millenia: This is the entrance... into her soul.

Ryudo: When did this get so metaphysical?

Millenia: She's escaped within herself. Probably hugging her knees right 
now... [she pauses] Once we enter the world within her soul, we won't be able 
to get out until we... settle this. You ready?

Ryudo: Let's rock.

Millenia: Right on! Time for a little soul-searching of our own!

[They enter Aira's space. They walk through and eventually enter the Room of 
Solitude where Aira is hiding]

Aira: Why don't you just leave me alone? I didn't do anything wrong... Why 
does everyone hate me?

Ryudo: I know... Believe me, kid, I know... Come, we'll take you to your 

Aira: You're lying, I know it. You're afraid of me too. The girl with wings... 
just wants to eat me! It must be a lie... even my mother asked you to kill me, 

Ryudo: ... You're wrong, kid. See...

Aira: Argh... All of you, just go away!!!

[The room lightens up, revealing the floor is a giant eyeball. A monster comes 
from it. The team fights and defeats the Eye of Valmar. Back to the Garden of 
Dreams, Millenia comes closer to Aira]

Ryudo: Millenia! What are you doing!?

Millenia: Don't you know by now? I won. She's mine now!

Ryudo: Stop! Where else do we look? There's a way to save the girl! We just 
have to find it!

Millenia: I said there ISN'T one. Either I devour her, or she devours me. And 
I'm no one's dinner.

Ryudo: Dammit!

Millenia: Didn't we already go through this, Ryudo? She's only going to 
suffer. Nothing else we can do.

Sandra: ... So this is the Garden of Dreams?

[Sandra arrives and sees Aira unconscious]

Sandra: Aaah!

[Sandra kneels and hugs her daughter]

Sandra: I'm so sorry! I love you more than anyone.

Aira: ... Mother?

Sandra: I never thought you were a monster, even for a moment...

Aira: Oh, I'm so glad. So you don't hate... me... right? Look... this is the 
Garden of Dreams you told me about, mother. Isn't it pretty?

[Sandra stops hugging Aira who turns toward Millenia]

Aira: ... You, the girl with wings, please... take out this eye... Mother 
smiled, so I don't need this eye anymore... I understand everything now.

[Millenia sprouts her wings]

Mareg: Millenia, do you know what to do?

Roan: Miss Millenia...

Sandra: Please! Leave her alone... Please! She... she!!

Aira: Mother, don't worry... I have to get rid of this or I... might make more 
trouble for everyone. Mother, I love you so...

[Millenia devours Aira and all the flowers of the Garden disappear]

Roan: The fairies are... going back into the bodies of the villagers.

Ryudo: If I was as able to save her as I was to shoot my mouth off... I'm 

Sandra: I wish to thank you. It was because of your words that I had the 
courage to come here. In the end, you saved her. Look, she's smiling, right?

Ryudo: ...

Sandra: ... She was the light of my life. Now tell me, how can I make my life 
worth living again...?

Millenia: Ha ha ha! Die. End it. Then everyone else's lives will be worth 
living. It's all your fault, anyway. 'Sides, why should we care?

Ryudo: Millenia!? You bloody wretched little...!

Sandra: ...

Millenia: Hmmm... I see. Look! Over there!

[There's a beautiful flower blooming alone in the field]

Millenia: That flower is Aira's heart. It grows there 'cause it couldn't 
return to her body. Aira might come back if enough of those flowers bloom to 
fill this place. Though there's no way that'll happen.

Sandra: Yes it will! I'll make it happen! I'll turn this whole place into a 

[Millenia walks away]

Roan: Miss Millenia! So little Aira will come back!?

Millenia: Maybe...

[Ryudo runs to her]

Ryudo: Wait up a second, Millenia. Those things you said to Sandra... Were 
your words meant to give her streng-

Millenia: Huh? I don't know what you're talking about.

Ryudo: Don't play dumb. Then were you lying when you said that there's hope 
for Aira? You DID say that there was no way to save her. On numerous 

Millenia: Um, well... uh yeah... Oh, never mind that. I AM the Wings of 
Valmar, Ryudo. I could care less about the petty antics of these miserable 
little humans.

Ryudo: Uh-huh. Listen, girlie, just so you know: you can't con a con artist. 
And if you're going to try, you'd best be better than me.

Millenia: ...

[Back at Sandra's house, Elena has regained control over Millenia. Aira's body 
is lying on the bed]

Elena: I am so sorry, little Aira... I could do nothing for you...

Roan: She'll be okay. I know it. A kind girl like little Aira cannot end up 
like this...

Mareg: As the raven is born of its own, so does kindness beget kindness. There 
will be good even in this.

Ryudo [to Sandra]: ... Well, we should be going. Don't lose hope in Aira. We 
won't. Take care, and thank you for everything.

Nicolas: Miss Sandra!

[Nicolas enters]

Sandra: Well, Nicolas! You're awake!

Nicolas: Yes, but I'm really hungry... Hey, where's Aira?

Sandra: ... Aira's still sleeping. Sorry.

Nicolas: Aw, and I wanted to come over and play... No fun!

Elena: Nicolas...

Nicolas: Yes, Miss?

Elena: Be nice to little Aira, will you...?

Nicolas: Huh? Of course. We're friends, after all!

[He gets out]

Ryudo: Come, let's go.

Sandra: Thank you for all your help. Please take care...

[They leave. At the entrance of the village they stumble across Selene, the 
Village Chief and some villagers]

Ryudo: Well, well. Look what the slavish devotion to sanctimonious bloodshed 
dragged in. What brings you here - or did I answer myself?

Selene [walks toward Ryudo]: I shall put that mother and daughter before the 

Ryudo: Why? Haven't the people who fell ill recovered? Shouldn't you be diving 
back into your crypt and gnawing at bones by now?

Elena: Ryudo is right, High Priestess Selene. The girl cannot see, nor can she 
hear. She is harmless. Please, just leave her alone.

Selene: Hold your tongue, Songstress. Those tainted by Valmar must be dealt 
with accordingly. In the name of Granas, all that is evil and corruptible must 
be purified!

Elena: ...

Ryudo: Please STOP it with that word! Tell me, is it wrong for a mother to 
wish to heal her sick daughter? Is it "righteous" to string up a grieving 

Selene: Ryudo... you do seem to WANT to protect them. Some would find your 
words to be heretical. You have no issue with this?

Elena: High Priestess Selene, surely you would not...!?

Ryudo: Fine, fine. I'm a heretic. I hate god. I hate your ridiculous outfits. 
I hate YOU. Call me whatever, but leave these two alone.

Village Chief: Ah... High Priestess Selene, do not worry about us. Everything 
has been resolved. Let's not argue any more... Please... Please let us get 
back to our lives. We were suffering but that was no reason for our cruel 
treatment of Sandra and Aira. Please... forgive us.

Villager: Please... forgive us, Priestess...

Selene: ... I remain reluctant, yet let it not be said that Granas is without 
mercy. So be it. [walks away then turns around] However, Elena. You seem to be 
lacking in piety for a follower of Granas... for a Songstress. This I shall 
report to His Holiness Zera.

[Selene and her Cathedral Knights leave. The team enters the inn]

Irina: Welcome, all of you. I feel like I've been dreaming... I'll never 
forget what Aira said in my dream, "If we stay here forever, we won't suffer". 
She was such a kind girl... Oh, I am sorry! Will you be staying here tonight?

Ryudo: Spend the night.

Irina: Please make yourself at home. I'll cook up something extra special for 
you all!

[At dinner]

Ryudo: C'mon, let's eat! I'm starving.

Elena: The buildings in this village all have such strange shapes. I wonder 
what they are?

Ryudo: Shells, I guess. Wherever I see. Eh? Elena?

Elena: Um, they lived in the ocean, right? That is what I remember reading... 
If so, then why is this village in the forest now? Why do you think they use 
so many shells in the buildings here?

Ryudo: Now that you mention it... I wonder why that is...?

Roan: The buildings of this village... they're all built of stone since no god 
building lumber can be found here. But the stone is very old. Perhaps it is 
from long before the Granacliffs were created.

Elena: Huh? Does that have anything to do with the shells that appear on the 
buildings of this village?

Roan: This are was the bottom of the sea. There are shell fossils in the 
stones. The villagers used them to adorn buildings.

Skye: So this place rose up from the bottom of the sea when the Granacliffs 
were formed... How interesting...

Roan: Maybe those with nowhere to go after the Granacliffs formed settled 
here. The scars of a battle long past curse us all even now.

Elena: It must have been difficult to live in such a cold, rocky land.

Roan: Those driven from their homes during the Battle of Good and Evil are 
certainly spread far and wide. Wounds from the past... So there ARE people who 
are still suffering from that cursed battle. 

Mareg: I do not know much of religion, thus I do not know a great deal about 
this Battle of Good and Evil, but its curse remains.

Roan: Yes, there are many people who are still now suffering from the Battle 
of Good and Evil... That is certainly so.

Mareg: To face one's past is good, but to focus too heavily on it distracts 
you from what is most important... the present.

Skye: To keep a positive outlook on life is much more useful than to 
constantly dwell on the past.

Mareg: I do not know much about the Battle of Good and Evil as you do... It's 
no part of my culture. Sorry if I misled you, Roan. I did not mean for you to 
take what I was trying to say in the wrong light.

Roan: No! Not at all, Mr. Mareg. I shall think carefully about what you have 

Mareg: The ancestors of this village must have suffered a great deal... I just 
wish they would do something about these painful chairs...

Elena: I wonder if the people living in Mirumu Village know much about their 
past? It must have been a constant hardship.

Ryudo: At some point, they have to stop running from the past and face the 

Mareg: I agree. While facing your past may be important, it is much more 
critical to cultivate the present.

Elena: Facing your past is important... That must be terribly difficult but it 
is quite necessary. I want the villagers here to work hard. To work hard and 
discover true happiness...

Roan: Even if the Battle of Good and Evil itself is detestable, it did happen 
and we are here regardless... Certainly, there is no point in turning your 
back on the facts.

Ryudo: ... Well, you about finished with your food? Yeah, I think that's 
enough. Ugh, I'm full. The meal was terrific. Thanks, Irina.

[The next morning, they depart for the St. Heim Moutains. After walking a 

Ryudo: All right. We camp here tonight.

[By night, near the fire]

Ryudo: All right! We'll make a camp here! The whole thing leaves a bad taste 
in my mouth.

Elena: Just what happened in Mirumu Village? I wonder if our actions were 

Ryudo: No one could blame Aira for what she did... She was just doing what she 
thought was right. If it weren't for Millenia, we'd still be back there, 
sorting through the mess. Hell, Selene might've put a torch to everything. 
Millenia seems... I dunno... She doesn't seem to be entirely whacked out. In 
any case, I don't see her as a demon. How could Millenia be... Valmar? We're 
talking about the god of all misery and despair here. I don't buy it.

Elena: ... Don't you see? Millenia is Valmar, right!? Does she not steal souls 
and do evil deeds?

Roan: I still do not understand. Is she really the Wings of Valmar?

Mareg: Millenia is but a child, yet unacquainted with the world. As well, I 
know not what Millenia thinks or desires. Yet, she is not entirely evil, for 
her SMELL attests otherwise.

Ryudo: I'll give you that. She does seem sort of... dangerous somehow, I 

Elena: What do you think Millenia did? Did she not destroy Aira's soul? Was 
that the right thing to do?

Roan: Miss Millenia, still a child...? You think so? I think of her as quite 
an adult...

Mareg: I know not the nature of this Valmar. Even so, Millenia's SMELL differs 
from that of the damnable fiend, Melfice.

Ryudo: I still don't know. I figure the incarnation of pure evil would be a 
little less... giggly, I suppose.

Elena: The more I hear of Millenia, the more my disquiet grows. Who - or what 
- is she? Just thinking of her presence... inside me... makes me ill at ease.

Roan: Just who or what is Miss Millenia? I wonder...

Mareg: We must ask ourselves, what is Millenia's purpose? What motives has 
she? But I speak of riddles...

Elena: I cannot believe that the Darkness, or Millenia, or what have you... 
would intercede on people's behalf.

Ryudo: C'mon, we've yapped enough for tonight.

[The next morning they keep going through the moutains]

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