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Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker

Secret Stuff That You Should Know

Created by [email protected]

1. Past Zelda Games
2. The Do's And Donuts Of The Game
3. 49 Islands And The Great Sea
4. Day And Night Events
5. After The Game...
6. Link's Items
7. Other Cool Stuff That Just Couldn't Find A Place Anywhere Else
8. Legal Nonsense


1. Past Zelda Games

Legend Of Zelda (NES)

The first ever Zelda game.  It sold out faster than any NES game on the shelf.
SECRET! If you get out that dusted old thing, type ZELDA as a name to get a 
quest.  Or try it on the Animal Crossing version.

Zelda II: The Adventures Of Link (NES)

A bit more interesting than the last one, this had a bit more graphic stuff in 
Again, this was a great demand from the public.

Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES and GBA)

More of a prequel than a sequel, this had the best graphics when it was 
Interested?  The developers had it released for Game Boy Advance recently.

Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening (GB)

The first zelda game boy game, this had graphics similar to the last one.  Very 
interesting storyline.

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (N64 and GCB)

Of all the Zelda games, this one never sold out faster.  Intense battles, 
storyline, crazy dungeons and Link growing up, this was declared game of the 
You can also get it for gamecube.  If you do, you get the Ocarina Of Time 
Quest!  Watch Out-Navi, Link's fairy, never stops chattering.

Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask (N64)

At the start, Link gets cursed and has to find a fairy to get the form of...a 
off him!  Again, a very interesting piece.

Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker (GCB)

Used with cel-shading (it gives Wind Waker it's cartoonish apperance), the Wind 
Waker has been the most famous Legend Of Zelda game released.

Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords (GBA)

The first multiplayer Zelda game, Four Swords has Link split into four seperate 
Links.  They must work together to solve puzzles, beat bad guys and save Hyrule 

Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GCB)

The sequel to Four Swords, Ganon returns so Link must split into four Links 
Thing is, while the last one was 4-Players only, this one can be one player.

Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess (GCB and Wii)

An adult-only Link stars in this game. Link has been cursed and is trapped
as a werewolf! Helped by a shadowy being, Link must try to remove the curse
that holds Hyrule in eternal darkness!


2. The Do's and Donuts Of The Game (You Heard Me)

DO Explore and talk to people.  You may find some things you didn't expect.  
Oh, okay, you WILL find some things you didn't expect.

DON'T Try to swim to other islands.  Link is not very experienced in this game 
will sink.

DO help people out with errands.  Your efforts never go unrewarded.  Well, 

DON'T tick off people.  They have feelings too, even though they're just 
in a video game.

DO visit other islands.  Every island has some kind of secret, even the reefs.

DON'T get caught in a cyclone.  Cyclos, the creator of them will sweep you to 
another part of the sea.

DO buy stuff from Beedle's Shop Ship.  He has some good items for sale and 
even give items at a discount.

DON'T enter a dungeon until you are fully sure you have all equipment, full 
and magic.

DO open all chests. Who knows what will be inside. (and don't worry, no chests 

Found some more DO's and DONUTS?  E-mail me at [email protected] to share them.

3. 49 Islands and the Great Sea

Each square of the Great Sea has an island in it.

YOU: But doogy300!  One of them doesn't!  It's between the triangle islands!

That one DOES.  When you get all three orbs and put them at the triangle 
then-oops!  I almost let it out!

There are eye reefs, story islands, small islands and challenge islands.

The secret here is that when Link gets the bracelet that makes him super 
head over to the cliff with the big rock head on it. A secret dungeon lies 
underneath. (TIP: the further you go, the more you get)
Crawl underneath grandma's house to find a chest containing 100 rupees.
Go inside the grass-cutter's house, crawl under his bed. You'll find 20 more 
 - sent in by hockey2hot

TOWER OF GODS: Want to know more about that island-less part of the sea? It's 
really an island, per se. When you unlock it, it's a giant tower that can be 
nearly everywhere. It is known as....the Tower Of Gods.

MOTHER AND CHILD ISLES: The only way to get in the mother isle is with a song 
your wind waker. When you take out Cyclos, he gives it to you.

ICE RING ISLE: Use a flame arrow and shoot it at the mouth of the statue on the 
to stop the ice flow. Then you can get in.

VOLCANIC ISLE: Same thing, except use an ice arrow.

FLYING PLATFORM: Go east from Dragon Roost Island to find this unique mini-game 
(must have DEKU LEAF) Recommended Item/Add-On: Magic Increase

BOATING COURSE: Somewhere in the south is the Boating Course.  A cool way to 

WINDFALL ISLAND: To get the windmill going, get the wind flowing NORTH and 
the windmill. At night, shoot a fire arrow into the light and the windmill is 
complete. It is possible to get the walking guy and the woman in the orange 
together. Eventually a mission will come if you talk to the townsfolk.
 - sent in by hockey2hot

BIRDS PEAK ISLAND: Around this island is a shiny beam of light in the sea. If 
have a grappling hook, you can use it to dig up buried treasure. One particular
treasure has a 200 rupee in it.
 - sent in by Zickster

HEY EVERYBODY!  E-mail me a secret you want to share about an island!
Put the name of the island, the square it's on (e.g. A-1) and of course, the 
It'll be posted here.


4. Day and Night Events

As you know(hopefully), the game changes from day to night.  All kinds of weird 
wacky and crazy and cool stuff happen at different times of day.  HEY!  E-mail 
me to 
share a secret that happens only at certain times of the day (or night!)



Ghost Ship:  At certain islands, a ghost ship sails the seas.  It all depends 
what the moon changes.  Islands: Greatfish Isle, Needlerock Spine, Cresent Moon 
Seven Archapaelago, and a couple others.


Tingle Search: Go to Outset island with the Tingle Tuner. He talks with his 
Knuckle and wants you to help search for him.


5. After the game...

If you MUST KNOW what the game has to offer after you beat it, then stay  at 

Link's Island Clothes
Link doesn't get the green kokiri clothing from his granny.  He remains in his 
clothing throughout the adventure.

Aryll's Forsaken Fortress Clothing
Aryll stays in the purple clothes she gets at Forsaken Fortress.

Deluxe Pictograph
At the start, you have the Deluxe Pictograph in your inventory.

Hyrulian To English
Any Hyrulian language that you saw in the first time will be English.  Whew!

Nintendo Gallery
Uh oh.  You think all those trophies you got in the first try will be erased?  
In fact, you get some new ones!  As well as the old ones!


6. Link's Items

This section has all the in-depth stuff about the stuff Link carries around 
where?  Link doesn't have a pack, and having that much items would make him 
more bulky...)

Items appear in the order that Link gets them

TELESCOPE: Get it from Aryll

This nifty device lets you see far away...ugh.  That sounded like a fairy tale 

SAIL: Get it from the eskimo guy on Windfall

Without this Link's boat can't move.  Like driving a car with no tires.  Ironic.

TINGLE TUNER: Get Tingle out of jail on Windfall

Use this item to activate 2-PLAYER MODE!!! Okay, the second player uses a GBA.

PICTOGRAPH: Find it hidden in Tingle's cell

A black 'n' white camera.  C'mon...the DELUXE is better.

WIND WAKER: King Of Red Lions gives it to you

Some kinda baton with the ability to `borrow the power of the Gods`.  Yawn.

GRAPPLE HOOK: Receive it from Medli

This swings you over to ledges.("Hey look at me!  I'm Tarzan!")

BOTTLE: Receive it from Medli

Hold stuff in it.  Stuff like water and fairies and uh...other stuff.

DEKU LEAF: The Great Deku Tree gives it to you

This makes wind...without the smell.  Glide with it by jumping then hitting the 

BOOMERANG: Find it in the Forbidden Forest

Let me put it this throw it, and it comes back.

BOMBS: Get it from the pirates

KA-BOOM!  Get too close, and Link will be swept very small body bags.

BOW AND ARROWS: 2nd level in the Tower Of Gods

When the boomerang just doesn't stay there.

IRON BOOTS: Find them in Ice Ring Isle

When we said that Link was putting weight on, we didn't mean like this!

HOOKSHOT (A.K.A. LONGSHOT): It's in the Wind Temple

A spring-loaded chain what da heck we all know it yanks Link upwards.

MAGIC SHIELDING: The eskimo guy gives you it on Windfall.

Converts magic to invulnerability. Bad guys can't hurt you. Sweet.

7. Other Cool Stuff That Just Couldn't Find A Place Anywhere Else

Earn A Whole Lotta Rupees Early
When On Dragon Roost Island, get the Hyori Pear, use it and control the seagull.
Fly it up to where you find bombs on the side of the mountain and hit a 
bomb 'till 
it xplodes.  A chest will fall.  Go to the chest to earn...a SILVER RUPEE!!!

Your Own Private Island
Went to Private Oasis but couldn't get in?  Collect 20 Joy Pendants and give it 
the schoolteacher on Windfall.  Everything else will become clear...

Found some more cool secrets?  E-mail me (at [email protected])to share them.

8. Legal Nonsense

Copyright 2004 [email protected]

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