Secrets - Guide for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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Secrets have been fully tested .... I wouldn't lie to you!   2 players are needed 
for the unlocking the levels.

Unlock Goro's level : well first off you have to be in goro's lair second go to the 
part of the level that you had to use a oni to break a pathway to exit.well when 
you are in that room you and the second player step on the switches.once the door 
or path way opens up go inside then throw an oni at both bells then another door 
will open go inside and you've unlocked goro's lair for multiplayer.

Unlock another level ( i forgot which level it is! ) : in the portal world or out 
world you and the second player go all the way to the to the end where there are 
two switches activate them and go to the top. there you will find a secret that 
unlocks a level for multiplayer.

Unlock another level much different than the other two ( I think this level is the 
evil monestary one.! ) first go to the evil monestary and go up the large stair 
case then up the stair case to the right of the room.follow that path way to the 
door that leads to the other room and go go up that stair case and there 
should be two switches to the right of the room activate them and go down the once in the room go all the way to the left and break the statue the 
secret level is all yours.

Unlock Johnny Cage : go to wushi academy a caged room there is a secret in there.

Unlock Kitana : Go to the evil monestary .Now go to the part of the level where you 
got your multality ,go to the right and you should see a broken pillar or half of 
one.hop on top of that then hop on top of the roof.keep going to the left untill 
you find the secret.

Unlock Reptile : In the living forest go to the water fall with the boulders at the 
top of it.Now go in the door to the left of it.when in the door grab a clay soldier 
and throw him into the cracked pillar. make sure that it breaks , when it does go 
back to the water fall and at the bottom should be a secret.

Unlock Baraka : In the soul tombs there is a room that has a statue that is at the 
top right section of the room , break it and kill all the tarkatas a secret should 
appear on the other side of the gate next to the door that is above the door you 
entered the room.

Unlock SubZero : Beat the game with Kung Lao

Unlock Scorpion : Beat the game with Lui Kang

How to find Smoke. In the living forest where the Clay soldiers are towards the end 
of the level the wall behind them.throw a clay soldier into it and it will break.go 
in and smoke is standing there . ( beat all 5 smoke missions and unlock the old 
mkII game ).

Mileena in the living forest : ok first off you need the swinging ability. second 
go to the living forest now head down to the first living tree and head towards the 
save the game statue . jump in the air and there should be swinging bars , swing to 
the top and climb the ladder. now follow that path untill you reach her.

Ermac : ok now you might have some trouble here because i forgot how to get in but 
he is in there . how to get to it ok go to the wushi academy and go to the 
beginning of the level now where that bridge collapsed to the left of it is a path 
go and follow it to the shrine.

Play as Noob Saibot : choose subzero twice on multiplayer mode.

Fight Kano : in the foundry level where every one is caged up before the final 
battles.Go and talk to sonya blade a couple times untill the gate to the right 
opens up,avoid the enemies and go in and fight Kano.

 Santa & a Witch in back ground : out side of goros lair where all the spikes are 
look in the back ground and wait untill you see santa then wait about a minute then 
a witch will appear.

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