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Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1 & 2
For Nintendo GameCube

 - Section ID FaQ -

Created by Chase Blayden a.k.a Atax
Created on Thursday, 19th September 2002
Last updated: Tuesday, 18th March 2003


1.  The intro stuff
2.  What are Section IDs?
3.  What do they do?
4.  How many Section IDs is there and what are they?
5.  Which character classes should use them?
6.  Tips
7.  Legal stuff


1.  The intro stuff
G'day, y'all.  Keep in mind this is my first FaQ for GameFaQs,
and although I'm not a complete expert on PSO I do have enough
experience to know what I'm talking about (otherwise I wouldn't 
be writing this FaQ :P).  

So bare in mind that although I'm 99.9& sure of what I'm saying 
is correct, there is the odd freak chance that I might not be 

Any way because PSO: Episode 1&2 is out in Japan and soon to be 
out in the US and PAL regions, there will be a lot of newbies
out there who have no idea of the section IDs and the role they
play in the game.  So I have written this FaQ so that they have 
an understanding of how to use them correctly.

So on with the show! :D

2.  What are the section IDs?
Basically the section IDs are just that; they are a ID assigned
to your character when you create them, based on what characters
you use in their name's.

3.  What do they do?
Although they don't affect the enemies you encounter, section IDs do 
affect the following things:

* What items, armour, shields, and weapons you'll most likely find
* What weapons you'll get when the tekker appraises unknown weapons,
* The random level generator, meaning although they will be different
from room to roo, their general layout will say the same, but differ
from the general layout of levels from other section IDs
* How your mags will evolve.  I may write a FaQ on the mags, but for
now you can find and use mag FaQs found on the net.

So basically they affect your overall experience in the PSO word.

4.  How many Section IDs is there and what are they?
All up there are 10 section IDs to be found in the game. Some are 
best for a character class, while others aren’t.  Each one represents 
a different colour.  

Keep in mind that just because this guide says
an a certain ID will find a certain item, weapon, etc, doesn't 
mean it is exclusive to that ID.  Basically what ID you use will 
either greatly increase or decrease your chances of what you find.  

Keep in mind your best chance of finding rare stuff is by doing 
'Ruins runs', basically do the Ruins level over and over.  Oh, and 
some very rare stuff IS exclusive to certain section IDs (see the 
pinkal idea for an example), so it pays to have lots of online games 
with many different team hosts as the team they make reflects their ID.

Blue is best for finding partisan weapons.

Green is best for finding rifle weapons.

Oran is best for finding dagger weapons.

Pink is best for finding cane weapons and technique disks

Purple is best at finding mechgun weapons.

Red is a all 'rounder ID, meaning it isn't made to be more suitable with
a certain class.  Basically the chances of finding shields, items, and 
armour is even.  But the chances of finding the elusive red weapons is high.
These weapons are basically red (as the name suggests), and although they 
look simple in design and special effect, are very powerful (especially
when grinded to max).  Red is also best for finding Armor and Shields.

Sky is best at finding sword weapons.

Viridia is best at finding shotgun weapons (a.k.a. spreads)

White is best at finding slicer weapons.

Yellow is best at finding mesta. You have an even chance of finding other 
stuff like with red.  NOTE:  People tend to over estimate on the 
amount of mesta yellow finds.  Yes, you do find more mesta than any other 
ID, but not by much.

5.  Which character classes should use them?
There are 3 characters classes, Hunter, Ranger, and Force.  The section IDs
that are recommended for each class is as follows:




6.  Tips
In some cases you won't get the section ID you want with the name you want.
Previously you just had to either put up with the ID you didn't want, or
used a different name.

But today I found a little trick, the section ID calculator in the game 
actually counts spaces as a valid character.  So if you input the name you 
want but get the wrong ID, there is chance you can get the ID by manipulating
the calculator by adding spaces to the end of the name and thus changing 
the ID.

The best thing is that since they are only unseen spaces, the name remains
the way you want it to be.

Sneaky, eh? >:D

7.  Legal Stuff
Because I sat here and spent my spare time making this FaQ, you may NOT 
duplicate this FaQ online or offline, in whole nor in part without my
written permission. This FaQ may not be hosted on any server other than
GameFaQs' without obtaining written permission in advance from me.

If you wish for permission, please refer to the following contact methods:

*  Email: crow_mask at hotmail dot com (formatted to prevent spammers).

*  PM me at or IGN, I am known as 'Atax', there.

The following sites have permission to host my FaQ:





Credit goes to the vets of the now dead ODWF forum whom I played online with
and made it a safe and enjoyable experience.

Copyright September 2002 by Chase Blayden
All Rights Reserved

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