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SegaGaga walkthru v0.3 4/8/2001 by Rich Depping ([email protected])

What is Segagaga?

Segagaga is a deranged new RPG/strategy/sim title from Sega and Hitmaker.
The basic premise is in the year 2025, Sega's market share has slipped so badly
they create the 'SeGaGaGa' project - recruit 2 kids and give them free reign of
the company to bring them back to the top!

Unfortuantly, this title is D-Direct exclusive, only sold directly from Sega in 
Japan, which means procuring your own copy can be exceedingly difficult. Well
worth the expenditure however. I know of at least one import game store in the
US that has it for sale... ;)

Main menu
1st option: New game (suprise?)
2nd option: Continue (load saved game)
3rd option: Item view (load your save and view characters/items/etc)
4th option: Options

New Game
Choose your name!

Enter it in Japanese (tabs 1-3) Romanji (tab 4) or have the computer randomly
generate one (tab 5) - You do it 2x, first and last name of course

Chapter one begins

You arrive at Sega HQ and get debriefed (woo woo!) on the SegaGaga project. Hiro
rattles off why you are there, what you need to achieve, etc, and lets Alisa take
over to show you thru the building.

Meeting Room (Alisa screen)
Top   : Instructions (repeat, iie/hai? [n/y])
Left  : left (hit L) your RPG stats, center is Sega, right (hit R) R&D progress
Right : move to different area
Bottom: Save

Choose the right [ - ] option and you get to the 'overworld' outside Sega

Meeting Room (tower top)
See above

Gallery Room (middle)
a large breasted lady is there to inform you of all the items/character types/
games/videos/etc you have obtained so far

R&D A (right)
Where you will be going (and all I'll be covering in this first version =)

Shop (lower left)
If I need to explain this one...

Option menu (hit Y while in dungeon)
Top   : Item inventory
Left  : 'Employees' (aka wageslaves) "captured" (view only in option menu, no managing)
Right : Magic/Technique/whatever (healing only in option menu)
Bottom: Exit dungeon (30 days pass, iie/hai?)

Item Inventory
Top   : Item use/view
Left  : Equip (red kanji over the pic of equipped items)
Right : DeEquip all items
Bottom: Drop items

Y sorts them by type (managerial, designer, programmer)

All you can use (from my experience) is healing 'spells' from this menu

Top   : Attack
Left  : Magic
Right : Items
Bottom: RUN FOR IT!!!!

Walkthrough Chapter 1 BEGIN

I strongly advise first going to the shop and procuring the hammer. You are VERY
weak in the beginning and the hammer doubles your attack power at level 1 (well
doubles the damage from my experience)

After grabbing that, head over to R&D A and hop in.

Hit Y, go to items, and equip your hammer. Now you're ready to smash things.

**HINT** - holding down B lets you 'run', which makes you impervious to random encounters

Talk to the red F man, and he'll make a flower grow in the garden a little further up. Your
goal is to get all those flowers to sprout. Neat eh?

Feel free to talk to the other 2 guys standing around, tho nothing comes of it. Head up, turn
right at the garden, and follow the hallway up over and all the way down til you see a man
in a baseball hat. Talk to him, and he'll growl at you then attack!

Smack him until your health drops to 6 or lower. Use a healing potion then smack him some more
(about 4-5x should do the trick) After beating him down, he learns to speak in a civil tongue.
Meet your first worker drone! He then toddles off and clears the path for you.

At this point I advise levelling up to at least 5 before venturing down that hallway. You're only
level 3 if you ran right to that fight, and the guys around the corner are a bit more vicious.
Grab a few workers while you're at it (if they do not dissapear after battle, they can be recruited)
More details on shanghai'ng monsters will be at the bottom of this guide.

Once you feel you are ready for the tougher guys, head back up the just opened hallway. Step around
the corner and go to the top where you see the guy sitting at an arcade machine. Talk to him 2x, and
twice it will utter 'Seeee-Gaaaa'. I'm not quite sure why, but one of your progressive tasks is to
get a bunch of computers to say that later on. Just saving you a headache in advance.

Now head down the new hallway and hang a right when you see the cyclops. Head up past the crying
3D modeller, and talk to the creepy nerd in the vest. His gigantic head will challenge you to battle.
Once defeated, he tells you a woeful tale about the programming genius holed up behind him. 
The man wears a yellow teddy bear suit. Yeah.

Walk up the path vestman cleared and talk to bearman. He'll growl at you twice, then the screen goes
black, you look around confused, and wind up back by 3Dman talking with the girl (the other part of
Gaga, remember?) She tells you to meet her in the lounge. Easier said than done. The lounge is in 
an area towards the top you can't reach, cause of that 8-bit Lego® looking guy back at the front
by the garden is blocking the path. You cannot move him, so don't waste your efforts. Argh...
Waitaminute, wasn't there a door back in bearman's lair? Let's use it. DAMNIT vestman, outta the way!
Vestman is blocking your path again, and now rambles on about 2 kung fu heros. Now we have to figure out
how to get him to move. Walk down and over towards the chalkboard, and head into that middle area of
computers. See that Dreamcast? Click on it and it tells you to go accomplish some tasks. Not that
I nor you can read what the tasks are of course...

Backtrack slightly to the 2 rooms you past when getting to the vestman area. Go into the upper one
full of desks and what looks like 2 DC kiosks. Get in a fight. After the fight check your inventory
- you should now have a blue item, which looks like a deflated football w/ a F on it. Once you have that,
either walk out our use the menu to exit the dungeon. The 30 days will pass, and you're back with smiling
Alisa. Head to the map, and head to the shop. The girl who runs the shop will be astounded at the size
of your gourd, and give you a special bottle of spray fertilzer. Go back into the R&D dungeon, and head
for the garden. Walk up to the top left flower pot and click on it. You will plant your gourd and use the
fertilizer, and after some dialogue you will now have a golden pennant-looking plant. Woo!

Walk back to vestman, and he will now gladly let you pass after blathering on about how the 'R-720' project
cracked bearman to pieces. I guess you have to impress the ladies with your gourd to get any respect 
in the Japanese business world...

Walk up and kung fu bearman out of your life. After defeat, he opens the door for you. Walk up and over and
talk to the girl. My guess is she's complaining about all the smoke in the employee break room. Walk to 
the red dot on the table and click away. It activates a fan getting rid of all the smoke. She thanks you
and dissapears again. Grr...

Head up and to the left (you can talk to the monster & Lego® people if you like, but it's unnessicary)
and barge into the guy with the triangle ruler. Talk to him and he attacks. Just when you think you're
done for, your feminine partner in crime shows up with a .45 and an Uzi to back you up. (Lookit that
skirt flutter!) 

Erm, after beating triangle man (triangle man.) up he unlocks the door to the left and 
away you go. Head left, down, around, and up into the brown area. It's a small Sega museum, inhabited
by brokenhearted CEO's. Talk to the one blocking the doorway further in and he tells you he's lonely
(I think) Check out the Mark III and the R-720 on display, then head all the way back to the room between
the break lounge and triangle man (triangle man.) Talk to the Lego® lady towards the top of the screen
and tell her your plight ("Help help there's a fat lonely jerk in my way") and she favors you with some porn!
Well, actually, more like cheesecake.. You get a poster of a 'computer girl' Yipee. 

Walk back to the CEO guy and give him the poster. I like that video sequence.

He runs off (not to the mens' room we hope!) and you can continue to the right. You meet Red F man again,
who now asks you to walk around the graveyard (graveyard in the R&D lab? er..) and lay wreaths. You have
to cover every space, do it in 25 steps, and not backtrack as you pick them back up when stepping on them.

To save you some time..

(starting outside the graveyard)
R-D-D-R-U-U-R-U-R-R-R-D-L-D-D-L-L-D-L-D-R-R-R-U-R, ending in 6,5 (last row vertically, 2nd from bottom horiz)

Your partner shows up, marvels at your flower arraingements, then she takes off again.

Now all that's left is to head to the top right and fight the military man blocking the other side of the door.
I suggest being at LEAST level 10 before challenging him as he has alot of hit points.


Now only if this kind of puppet show was on US TV. I would never leave the house, I swear..


That covers part one. I'll be going back thru with more details before writing up part 2
When you start part 2 you start the management aspect of the game too, which is suprisingly complex

Monster Hiring
After you defeat a enemy, they either dissapear or they stay. If they stay you can try to hire them. A FEW
automatically join your merry band, but most you have to do what appears to be contract negotiations.
Your goal is to get them on as cheaply as possible, while reaching their satisfaction level (the white outline
on the left percentile chart) To be honest, all I can decypher from the questions is the one with #s is about
money. Bid them up high to have a lot of room to drop right before the timer runs out. Be picky as well - you
don't have to fill out all 30 slots in your roster right away. You have 3 areas to choose from, and the crew
get better and better as you progress...

C'mon Sega, how's about a US release?

This document is ©2001 Rich Depping
In no way may you reproduce this without explicit written permission.
Feel free to redistribute NOT FOR PROFIT, and only intact.
Save your shekels and buy the game from while supplies last

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