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                     SELL ALL THE MASKS

hi i'm the gamer boy and i am going to tell you how to get all the masks and sell 
the masks in this guide.and other cool stuff


to sell the keoton mask go up to the gaurd at death mountaine gates in kakariko 


to sell the spokey mask go to the graveyard at day time and you will see a little 
boy talk to him and sell the mask to him.


to sell the skull mask go to the lost woods where you see the skull kid talk to him 
and he will buy the skull mask off you.


to sell the bunny ears go to hyrule feild and you will see a guy running along the 
path next to lon lon ranch follow him and wait til he stops and talk to him and he 
will buy the bunny ears off you then go back to the shop and you will get the mask 
of truth and another four masks to wear.

                                 FIRE ARROW
to get the fire arrow when you have completed the water temple go across the bridge 
wait for the sun to rise shoot it with your'e bow and then it will fall down from 
the sky onto that island between the 2 logs.

                                  bottel locations
to get the first bottel go to the women in kakariko village at the chicken pen talk 
to her and she will ask you to collect her chickens so collect them they are quite 
easy to find

2nd bottel

to get the second bottel go to zora's domaine and get the silver scale then dive 
down under water through a hole and you will be in lake hylia you will see a bottel 
in the water dive down and get it.

3rd bottel

to get the third bottel go to lon lon ranch and talk to the guy that runs it but go 
when your'e a child go in the hut where the chickens are and talk to the guy and he 
will ask you to find the three chickens when you do it he will give you a bottel.

4th bottel

to get the fourth bottel collect all the big poes going around hyrule feild when you 
do go to the one eyed ghost and in hyrule market talk to him and he will give you a 

                                  how to get epona
to get epona go to lon lon ranch as an adult and talk to ingo he'll ask do you want 
to ride a horse say yes do the course and then do it againe but this time don't get 
on the same horse play epona's song get on epona talk to ingo and he will ask to 
race you say yes and an esaier way to beat him is to stay in the inside when you 
beat him he will ask to race againe this time you will get epona.

                                  biiiiiiiiig dive
go on the way to the gerouda place when you get the bridge you will see a cliff with 
water down below it jump off the cliff and dive down.

                                  cow in your'e house
to get a cow in links house when you have got epona go to lon lon ranch and talk to 
talon and she will give you a various amount of tasks to do when you do them there 
will be a cow deliverd to your'e house the next day

                                  free milk
to get free milk go and find a cow or if you have got one in links house go next to 
the cow and play epona's song and it will give you milk if it's not that song it's 
zelda's lully bye
                                  sling a window
at where you first meet zelda when your'e about to leave the castle look left and 
hit it with your'e sling shoot and a guy will fling a bomb out now you better run 
before you get blown to bit's

                                  glide with a chicken
to glide with a chicken all you need to do is pick up a chicken and go to a high 
spot or where ever you want but it has to be high jump off what ever you are on and 
you will glide

                                  attack of the killer chickens
to get attacked by a chicken or should i say every one in hyrule go to a chicken and 
keep slashing it with a sword and it will call on it's fellow mates to come and kill 
you and when it does i would get out of there before you get pecked to death.

                                  so you want to fish

to go fishing go to lake hylie go in the water and swim to the left keep going and 
you will see a hut go in it talk to the guy pay him his money and start fishing

copywrite 2004          [email protected]     the gamer boy

                             all rights reserved

look back another time and there wi9ll be more fun stuff.

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