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Nintendo Gamecube Setup Guide

So, just got a Nintendo Gamecube?  Wondering how to set your system up?  Well, this 
little guide should start you off.

To get to the configuration menu, turn on the Nintendo Gamecube without a disk or 
hold A on the controller when the Nintendo Gamecube symbol starts up.

To navigate, use the controls listed:

-Analog Stick: Menu Selection
-A: Confirm
-B: Cancel

They did the whole config. menu as a cube.  It's pretty neat.

The Menu

Main Menu

This is the start of the configuration menu.  There are 4 other labeled screens: 

-Game Play
-Memory Card

You can move from section to section using the Analog Stick. 

Game Play

Go to this section if you want to start your game.  If a disc is in the system, it 
will show the name of the game on the screen.  If there isn't a disc, it will 
display NO DISC.

If there is a disc, press A.  It will bring you to a screen where it shows what the 
game is about.  Press START to activate and start the game.  If there is no disc, 
press B to go back.


Select options and press A.

There are two option categories listed here:


-Screen Position
 - <32 / 32>

You can switch the sound to stereo or mono in the first one by selecting it with A 
and configuring it using the analog stick.

In the second one, you can choose how much the screen is moved to the left or 
right.  < 32 is the farthest to the left and 32 > is the farthest to the right.  00 
is the dead-centre setting, so you'd probably go with that.


This is the one most people go to first.  The first time you turn on your Nintendo 
Gamecube, it will tell you that the Date/Time needs to be set up.  So anyway, go to 
Calendar and press A.

There are two option categories listed here:


Select Date and configure it, using up and down to change the day/month/year, and 
left and right to switch to day/month/year.

Select Time and configure it like you did with the Date.

Memory Card

Go to Memory Card and press A.

This screen displays how much and what is in your memory cards (up to 2).  If no 
memory cards are present, nothing will appear.  If you have a memory card or memory 
cards in your Nintendo Gamecube, you will see 16 small cubes in your card(s).

In every normal memory card, there are 59 blocks.

Every time you save a game, that game file will appear on one of the little cubes.

Select a cube (one with a game file on it) and a small menu will appear with the 
following options:


When you select a game file in Slot A, select Move and say yes, that game file will 
move to the other memory card in Slot B (If there isn't a memory card in slot B, you 
won't be able to move files).  And vice versa (moving a file from slot B to Slot A).

When you select Copy on a game file and say yes (on either memory card), it will 
make a copy of the file selected and put it in the opposite slot (Slot A, Slot B).

You cannot have 2 of the same file on a memory card.

When you select Erase on a game file and say yes, that file will be deleted 
permanently.  So be careful not to make a mistake like deleting a file that you need.

At the top of each set of cubes in each memory card, it will display the following 

-The Slot Letter (A or B)
-Open (if the memory card is inserted)
-How many blocks are left in the memory card

As you highlight a game file, it will display the following information in a large 
box at the bottom of the screen:

-The Game Name
-The Game Symbol
-How many blocks the file takes up
-Other Info (possibly (Date last saved, e.t.c.))

Last Words

Well, you're all set up now, so, pop in a disc, go to Game Play, press A, press 
START and play like crazy.

Have fun!


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