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36000 HP
6300 AP

Okay, so this battle is the toughest battle in the game so far. Make sure Yuna
has Reflect, Rikku has a Musk and a Dragon Scale, and everyone has stoneproof
armor and their overdrives. When you start the battle, use everyone's overdrive
EXCEPT for Yuna's. For Rikku's overdrive, use the Musk and Dragon Scale to
poison Seymour. And yeah, SEYMOUR CAN BE POISONED! For the next part, use Auron,
Tidus, and Yuna. Have Tidus cast Haste on everyone, then use him and Auron to
attack Mortibody. DO NOT ATTACK SEYMOUR!!! Use Yuna to cure when needed. When
Seymour starts using Break, switch to stoneproof armor if you haven't already.
Otherwise, just keep attacking Mortibody and curing yourselves. Soon Mortibody
will start curing Seymour. Have Yuna cast Reflect on Seymour. That way when
Mortibody tries to cure Seymour, it will cure you instead. Just attack Mortibody
until it's Yuna's turn again. Now is the time to use her overdrive. Grand Summon
Shiva and use her overdrive on Seymour. After that, Seymour should be dead (again).
Hope this helped! :)

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