Shadow's Level-up Items - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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Flame Ring: (Radical Highway) You need Air Shoes for this. After the first pully and 
the springs, summersalt under the roller to the left. Light dash across the rings 
and go up the springs and it'll be there.

Air Shoes: (White Jungle) After you swing from a vine that eventually follows the 
third point marker, break the wooden box ahead to your right. Drop down the hole and 
you'll land right next to the Air Shoes.

Ancient Light: (Sky Rail) After destroying the first Chao box, stand where it used 
to be. You'll see an enemy appear. Use your homing attack on the enemy and another 
one will appear. Use your homing attack on the other enemy and use it again on a 
spring. Once you hit the spring you'll go up to the Ancient Light.

Mystic Melody: (Final Chase) When you reach the next vertical drum (the fifth 
series), instead of going on to the platform to your left, go all the way up to the 
top and jump on to another vertical drum, above the lasers. Go to the top of the 
drum and there will be a platform with the Mystic Melody on it.

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