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Shining Soul Guide
by: Fox White

E-mail: [email protected]

I'll list updates here.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003.
- Sorry about the mess. I'm writing this guide in the cheatcodes web form faq 
submission box. I'll organize once I have the chance to.

A. Controls
B. Hints and Information
C. Thanks

A. Controls
--On Field--
Directional Pad - Move Character
A Button - Attack/Cast Magic
B Button - Use Item
Start - Open 4-Way Menu
Select - None
L Button - Switch Weapons/Spells
R Button - Switch Items

1. Hold attack button to charge.
2. Press L or R twice to switch between equipment.

--In Inventory--
Directional Pad - Scroll through Items
A Button - Grab/Drop/Confirm
B Button - Cancel
Start - Close Menu
Select - Change Description
L Button - Move cursor to the left.
R Button - Move cursor to the right.

1. Using L and R move the cursor to the next menu.
2. You can change descroptions 3 times.

B. Information

1. Saving - You can only save when you quit the game. Press Start in the field and 
select the bottom option. Once you save, you will return to the title screen.
2. Stats - Each stat has a different "job".
  Str - Increases attack damage and allows you to equip better armor.
  Vit - Increases HP by 2 per point.
  Int - Increases MP and Magic Attack Damage and may only be used by the Wizard.
  Dex - Increases chance to hit and dodge attacks.
3. Level-Ups - When you gain a level, blue text will float to the top of the screen 
that says Level Up. Open your menu and choose the status option. Here you will be 
able to distribute 5 stat points and 1 skill point.
4. Skills - Skills play a vital role against the Dark Dragon's minions. There are 
several skills to increase.
5. Multi-player - If you find that part of the game is too hard and you know 
someone who owns the game too, link up with him/her and play.

C. Hints
I will list useful hints that I find here. Some have been posted to the Hints 
and Tips section of Shining Soul.

After defeating the Dark Dragon and watching the ending, return to the character 
select screen and select your character. You will have the option of choosing 
Normal Mode or Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode has harder enemies and better items. 
The best class for Advanced Mode is the Draonute because of his ability to lower 
enemy defense.

Use this to sell a shop it's own items. 

1. Go to one of the shops. 
2. Grab one of your items. 
3. Press R three times. 
4. Drop it into your inventory/
5. Move the cursor over any item you can afford.
6. Grab it.
7. Take it to your inventory. 
8. Then press R and drop it. 

Each class has a special bonus for naming it the following name. 

Max/Fighter/+10 Str
Hans/Archer/+10 Vit
Anri/Wizard/+10 Int
Bleu/Dragonute/+10 Dex

C. Thanks
I'd like to thank the following people:
- My mom for buying me the game.
- My brother for helping me with some of the information.

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