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 Welcome to the Guide on how to kick Eggman's (beep)! You'll face him 9 times and 
face his robots modeled after one of the characters. Here's the path to victory. 
I'll explain how to beat the machine with each character.  

       Neo Green Hill: Fight 1-Eggman's Smasher Basher  
       Reccomended character to use(r.c.2.u.):Tails 

Sonic: Use the Ball Attack on Eggman. If timed correctly, you'll get a chance to get 
2 strikes on him. Don't make huge jumps, or you'll hit his hammer. 

Tails: Do the same thing with Sonic, but don't Fly. 

Knuckles: Use the 3-hit Combo(B,B,B) or jump. 

Amy: Use the Hammer Whirl. 

       Secret Base: Fight 2-Eggman's SpringPod 
       r.c.2.u:Tails(will he ever lose?) 

Sonic: Time your jumps correctly. (This goes 4 all characters)Eggman's super/homing 
jump (happens after 6 hits)make you lose rings if you're: (a)hit or (b)on the 
Tails: Same as Sonic. Time the jump right to get 2 hits after another. 

Kunckles:Time Eggman's jumps, then use Dash Glide when there's an opening. 

Amy: Use the Jump Attack when you're horizontal and the Hammer Whirl when you're 

      Casino Paradise:Fight 3-Eggman's round ship 
      r.c.2.u:I don't know! 

Sonic:Hide and duck below the center platform. When Eggman comes out, jump and get 
ready for a Spin Attack. As Eggman takes more damage, he gets faster and unleashes 
the decoy. 

Tails:Hide like Sonic should do and peform aerial attacks when you get the 
opportunity. Don't fly. 

Knuckles: Use Sonic's Method or Dash Glide(if you're invincible). 

Amy: Stand on the center platform and use the Hammer Attack when Eggman comes. 

      Ice Mountain:Fight 4-Eggman's Drilling Device 
      r.c.2.u: Amy(in your face, Tails!) 

Sonic: Use stalacities as platforms to reach the surface of the water, and attack 
the bottom of the machine or the side(if you're not in Ball Mode). 

Tails: Use Sonic's Method, but you can doggie-paddle up. 

Knuckles: Same as Tails. Don't jump. 

Amy: Use the Hammer Jump to reach the surface and the Hammer Attack to inflict 
damage (no stalacities should be used). 

      Angel Island:Mecha Knuckles 
      r.c.2.u: Anyone(i think) 

Sonic: Use the Jump Attack. Time and learn the blue Mecha Knuckles homing missles 
and find the attack oportunity. The pink Knuckles is easy-when he stops the Spin 
Dash, attack. If he glides, duck or run. 

Tails: Same as Sonic, but us a Tail attack once they stand upright. 

Knuckles: Use the 3-hit combo. It'll not only damage and prevent aattacks from 
robots, but you'll' likely avoid the blue robot's missles. 

Amy: Try out the Hammer Attack. 

Note:Both Blue and Pink Knuckles uses Dash Glide and Spin Dashes, but the Blue one 
also throws in homing missles in the mix. 

       Cosmic Angel:Fight 5-Eggman's Spike Pod 
Tips: (1)Only attack the side. 
      (2)Eggman can flip to a non-spike side, but he can do the fakeout, which he 
flips quickly, then back. 
      (3)3 Projectile attacks go staight to you every 12 seconds. 
      (4)Jump HARD on the bridge to flip the pod and don't stay too close. Time the 
flips when there are no projectile attacks. 

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles: These guys can do a jump attack on Eggman once he flips. 
Sonic may have a hard time avoiding the projectile attacks (Amy does, too), but 
Tails can fly to avoid projectiles. Knuckles can too, but climb walls and use Dash 

Amy:Use Hammer Whirl when at the edge of the screen. 


              X-Zone:Fight 6-8:Eggman's Chain Ball, Eggman's Egg Car, Eggman's 

Sonic: Beat the Machines with the Jump. all you Sonic the Hedgehog players should 
know the best method to beat the chain ball. You need good timing on the third 
machine. First, stand right below the machine and get the pre-emptive strike no 
Eggman if the capsule opens. Beware of bombs and lasers. 

Tails: Hover underneath the first machine with Propeller Flying. Use the jump attack 
on the second machine. Use Sonic's Techniques for the third machine, except use the 
flying move(Propeller Flying) to avoid the grabber hand and other attacks. 

Knuckles: Use Dash Glides on the first machine, and jumps on the other machines. 

Amy: Try not to get hit with Amy on theb first 2 machines and have 20 rings at the 
3rd machine. If you have trouble using jumps, use the hammer whirl. 

                Moon Zone:fight 9-Eggman's Super Egg Machine 
               To unlock: Complete X-Zone with all 4 characters and get the Seven 
Chaos Emeralds. Now beat X-Zone with Sonic one more time. 

Sonic: Tap the buttons to avoid being traped by Eggman's devices. 8 charges on the 
head and you'll win. Watch out, because you lose rings every second, so hurry!  

      Eggman's machines' HP   
Fight 1-5 and 8-9-8 hp. 

Mecha Knuckles and fight 6-7:4 hp(each for Mecha Knuckles).          

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