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Hello, welcome to my guide for defeating the Elite four easily in Pokemon 
Diamond. Note that I have a lot of information on preparing your team, instead 
of just a strategy, because an important tactic is as follows: If you just have 
a good team, or just have a good strategy, then you will fail, but if you have 
both a good team and strategy, you will succeed.
Start off with some money to buy supplies, and a good team, at a high level.
Items to buy
First of all, there is a better and inexpensive solution to getting supplies. 
It is very very simple, just go to Eterna city, where there is a building to 
the West of the Pokemon statue. It is the herb shop; where you can cheaply buy 
bitter supplies. Stock up on 20 Energy roots, 15 revival herbs, and 10 Heal 
powders. Then back at the Pokemon League, buy 10 full restores.

Energy root - heals 200 HP - 800 poke
Revival herb - fully restores fainted Pokemon - 2800 poke
Heal powder - heals all the status problems of a Pokemon - 450 poke
Full restore - Fully heals all HP and status problems of a Pokemon - 3000 poke
Pokemon team
There are several good pokemon teams out there. You don't have to have a team 
with legendaries in it, but if you want, they come in handy. Here is two teams--
My personal team, and a reccomended team style. Make sure that your pokemon are 
all level 50-54, preferrably 55-59, and it will be a breeze at 60+.
Personal team
Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shockwave, Crunch

Close combat, Double team, Fly, Brave bird

Thunder, Flamethrower, Future sight, Nasty plot

Shadow claw, Ancient power, Dragon claw, Roar of time

Muddy water, Surf, Rock slide, Earthquake

Crunch, Leech seed, Earthquake, Razor leaf
And advised things...

Types reccomended - Fire, Flying, Dark, Ice, Water, Rock, Fighting, Ground, 
Psychic, Electric

Pokemon reccomended - Torterra, Dialga, Mesprit, Floatzel, Alakazam, Infernape, 
Weavile, Roserade, Staraptor, Raichou, Luxray, Medicham, Gengar.

Moves reccomended - Shock wave, Aerial ace, Brine, Avalanche, Toxic, Focus 
blast, Fire blast, Thunder, Silver wind, Ancient power, Dark pulse, Brave bird, 
U-turn, Crunch, Double team, Close combat, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Dragon 
claw, Roar of time, Muddy water, Earthquake, Psychic.
Battle strategy
Elite four Aaron
Pokemon type...............................Bug
Pokemon....................................Dustox, Beautifly, Vespiqueen, 
Heracross, Drapion

Aaron will start off with his Dustox followed by Beautifly. Note that Dustox 
and Beautifly are like Uxie and Azelf. Uxie has high defence, and Azelf has 
high attack. Dustox has high defence, Beautifly has high attack. So, I 
reccomend you use a balanced pokemon with high speed against them, with types 
such as rock, fire, and flying. Next up is heracross, a tough pokemon. It has 
way strong moves, like close combat, megahorn, and stone edge. Fire pokemon are 
advised. A tougher one next up is Drapion; Stronger moves advised, Such as fire 
blast. It has ice fang, tough against the flying pokemon. It also has cross 
poison and aerial ace, so if you are on low health and rely on double team to 
avoid attacks, then that is a bad choice. I would use a ground move here, like 
earthquake. Or just use Dialga's roar of time, if you have one. The next one is 
really annoying, Vespiqueen. It orders its bee workers to do everything for 
her. Lazy vespiqueen...It uses two man annoyances, heal order and attack order. 
Rock moves highly reccomended, just use ancient power or rock slide to pay it 
back for the crap it owes you.
Elite four Bertha
Pokemon Type...............................Ground
Pokemon....................................Quagsire, Whiscash, Sudowoodo, 
Hippowdon, Golem

Bertha will start out with a Quagsire. This pokemon isn't that tough, I simply 
razor leafed it with my Torterra. Any strong grass move is good. Following up 
Quagsire is Whiscash, a chinese fish pokemon. Use a grass move to defeat it 
just as easily as quagsire. Next is sudowoodo; a grass move or water move is 
suggested, And make sure to use a strong one. I use my quagsire's surf or muddy 
water. The following Golem or Hippowdon are the two Pokemon on Bertha's team 
you really only worry about. Golem is very strong, I suggest a water pokemon or 
grass pokemon as usual. The hardest of them is definitely Hippowdon; It has the 
highest defence, and the Pokemon I have the most trouble with. Use your 
strongest possible moves. The problem is that it knows curse. You see, it 
decreases speed and raises it's attack and defence, but the speed decrease 
really doesn't affect it, because it's already a very slow pokemon. It will 
take several hits to defeat, I suggest using special attack moves, because it's 
defence will be high from the cursing. So in order to prevent that, you have to 
defeat it as fast as possible. Use roar of time or hydro pump, or a very strong 
water move. I used surf twice, note that the last one was a critical hit. And 
ice beam would be nice too.
Elite four Flint
Pokemon type...............................Fire
Pokemon....................................Rapidash, Infernape, Steelix, 
Lopunny, Drifblim

A tricky one. It shouldn't be very tough to defeat Flint, all you need is a 
very good strategy. The easiest start, a Rapidash. It may be strong and fast, 
but it's defence is very low, so a single move should defeat it. Just any water 
move. Or an earth move. Beware of it's solar beam. The next Pokemon, Infernape, 
is really strong. As told before, the strategy is to defeat it fast. I suggest 
an earth quake or brave bird. It has mach punch and flare blitz, and earthquake 
too so beware of it's strength. The worst thing for flying pokemon is it's 
thunder punch. Careful! It's Lopunny and steelix are okay...For Lopunny, simply 
use close combat, or a strong fighting move, as much as possible, until death. 
It will lower your attack and defence with charm. It has a fire punch too. For 
Steelix, simply use Earthquake or Hyrdro pump, or brine. It will take more than 
one hit, it is a high defence pokemon, water moves suggested as it has lower 
Special defence. A tough one is Drifblim. Drifblim isn't too strong, but it 
will constantly use double team, which is why I suggest you have shockwave. It 
shouldn't be that bad if you attack it fast and kill it before it can double 
team much.
Elite four Lucian
Pokemon type...............................Psychic
Pokemon....................................Mr. Mime, Medicham, Bronzor, 
Girafirig, Alakazam

The easiest way to defeat Lucian is to have a Pokemon with crunch or dark 
pulse. Lucian starts with Mr. Mime, but it isn't very hard to defeat; Crunch 
for death. It should only take about two hits. Lucian has a Medicham as well. 
It isn't very hard, I just use fly. I advase staraptor because it has high 
attack, and it's intimidate can lower it's attack. The toughest is Bronzor, 
it's steel and psychic, so the only way I see to defeat it is with fire. This 
is a good time to have Infernape, with it's fire moves, which defeat steel. It 
has high defence. An easy one is Alakazam, simply crunch or dark pulse....But 
it is best to have a pokemon with higher speed than Alakazam. The last is the 
easiest; Girafirig. Or however you spell that....The same method as always, 
Ghost or dark moves.
And that concludes my guide on the Elite four. Thanks for reading.

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