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| Written by Brian Coney | Faq & Walkthrough | Copyright 2002 |
  _________.__.__                 __      ___ ___ .__.__  .__    ________  
 /   _____/|__|  |   ____   _____/  |_   /   |   \|__|  | |  |   \_____  \ 
 \_____  \ |  |  | _/ __ \ /    \   __\ /    ~    \  |  | |  |    /  ____/ 
 /        \|  |  |_\  ___/|   |  \  |   \    Y    /  |  |_|  |__ /       \ 
/_______  /|__|____/\___  >___|  /__|    \___|_  /|__|____/____/ \_______ \
        \/              \/     \/              \/                        \/

Silent Hill 2 | Version 0.2 | June 20th | [email protected]

#     # ###### #    # ###### #####    ##   #      
#       #      ##   # #      #    #  #  #  #      
#  #### #####  # #  # #####  #    # #    # #      
#     # #      #  # # #      #####  ###### #      
#     # #      #   ## #      #   #  #    # #      
 #####  ###### #    # ###### #    # #    # ###### 
 #  #    # ######  ####  #####  #    #   ##   ##### #  ####  #    # 
 #  ##   # #      #    # #    # ##  ##  #  #    #   # #    # ##   # 
 #  # #  # #####  #    # #    # # ## # #    #   #   # #    # # #  # 
 #  #  # # #      #    # #####  #    # ######   #   # #    # #  # # 
 #  #   ## #      #    # #   #  #    # #    #   #   # #    # #   ## 
### #    # #       ####  #    # #    # #    #   #   #  ####  #    #

You MAY NOT sell, edit, copy, or distribute this FAQ in any format, whether by web, 
usenet, hardcopy, or any other means of distribution, without the consent of its 
author. It is for personal use otherwise. You MAY use anything contained in this FAQ 
for your own doing, public or private, but by doing so, must credit its source. No-
one is authorised to reproduct this document in anyway. It is of personal use only.

Following the arrival of a letter unmistakably penned in Marys handwriting, James' 
late wife, he sets off to embark on an terrfying adventure which question's his 
belief in reality and his imagination...The cryptic letter which states Mary is 
somewhere in Silent Hill, comes to a great shock to James Sunderland. He was finally 
beginning to get back on track, to led a normal life following his wife's fatal and 
tragic death, only to recieve a request for him to meet up with his dead wife, and 
by anyones standards, is very hard to digest. James is confused and disturbed by the 
letter. He questions if Mary is somehow really alive or if someone is playing a hoax 
on him. "I still don't believe it. The dead can't send letters, yet I came here to 
see my Mary..." "Our special place - What does that mean? This place is too full of 
memories..." Shrouded in mystery and driven by the desire to uncover the truth, 
James sets off into the world of Silent Hill... As the fog grows thicker, James 
realizes that the town is nearby. "The only way to get to the center of town is 
through this tunnel, but there must have been an accident or something because the 
entrance is blocked." "But wait..." "The map shows a single road through the forest 
that leads to the town. Looks like the only way to get to the town is to take this 
road on foot." "I can't see anyone in this thick fog, or should I say I don't feel 
anyone." "I see a run-down building nearby." "There's no one inside. I am alone in 
the mirror's reflection." "I look at the man in the mirror and mutter a 
question..." "Mary... Could you really be in this town?" 

Important Information
Author: Brian 'Coney'
Date Started: 19th July 2002
Game: Silent Hill 2
System: Playstation 2
Genre: Pyschological Horror
Creators: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo - All Rights Reserved
Contact Me: [email protected]
Msn Messenger: See Above

If you are in need of info concerning Silent Hill 2, you can Email me on the    
\                         address above, however don't expect a reply, i may decide 
not to answer it if it/       is totally irrelevant. /\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-\/-


Silent Hill 2 is the sequal to Konami's successful horror game on the Playstation. 
It inherits the wonderful storyline and graphics from the original. Its been dubbed 
as one of the greatest pyschological horror games ever, on any format.

 The mysteries surrounding Silent Hill are as unclear as the fog that envelops this 
small town. It is a letter that brings James Sunderland to Silent Hill. A letter 
supposedly sent by his wife Mary, who fell ill and died three years ago. Of course, 
James dosen't believe that she could possibly be alive but he must find out one way 
or another. 

Mary's Letter

In my restless dreams, 
i see that town.
Silent Hill.
You promised you'd take me 
there again someday.
But you never did.
Well i'm alone now...
In Our "Special Place"...
Waiting for you...

1-- Updates
2-- Characters/Diagnosis
3-- Important Options
4-- Storyline
5-- Item and Weapon List
6-- Monsters
7-- Survival Tips
8-- General Tips/Info
9-- Walkthrough
10-- Item/Weapon Locations
11-- Secrets
12-- Endings
13-- Personal Review
14-- Conclusion
15-- Other Important Info
16-- Thanks, Credits

1. Updates

19th June 2002
Beginning of Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough. Extremely short, but as i said, "Beginning" 
of the Walkthrough.

21st June 2002
Beginning Characters/Diagnosis a the minute, hope to complete it and begin on the 
Important Sections option.

2. Characters/Diagnosis

James Sunderland
[Note: James is the player in which you are in control with.]
Plagued by doubts, and driven by a spark of hope that he might be reunited with his 
wife, James sets out for the peaceful town where he and his wife mary spent a 
romantic break. But, on his arrival, he is met by mystery: everything is shrouded in 
a dense and eerie fog and there's nto a soul to be seen on the streets of Silent 
Hill. Then James discovers a trace of blood, and watches an unearthly shadow 
disappear into the mist. Yet this fearsome apparition, which James encounters but a 
short time later, is merely the start- nothing compared to the horror which he will 
confront in hours to come. As Jame's investigates the mysteries of Silent Hill, the 
further and further he is drawn into the nightmares and terror that surround him. 
What is real? What is merely the product of his own imagination? James' search for 
Mary becomes a descent into the inner depths of his hollow and sinking soul...

The town of Silent Hill is full of memories for Mary and her Husband. It is a place 
where they spent many happy hoours together. James Promised they would return, but 
he was never able to keep that promise: three years ago Mary feel victim to a fatal 
illness. Yet now a letter arrives, unmistakably penned in Mary's handwriting and 
written after her death. Is it possible that she is still alive? Not only this 
letter, but also Mary's death, appear to be surrounded by a terrible Secret. Who or 
what is lying in wait for James in their 'Special Place'?

On his way through Silent Hill, James repeatedly meets young Laura. These encounters 
with the eight-year-old run like a thread through his search for Mary but the 
malicious little beast is anything but helpful. Laura is stuborn and self-willed, 
and appears older than her years. She shows no fear as she moves through the streets 
and her relaxed air of calm seems worryingly out of plave in the monster-plagued 
town of Silent Hill. And theres more: Laura appears to know mary, and far better 
than would be possible in the realms of normal existence. She accuses James of never 
having really loved his wife. Has she recently met Mary? What really happened three 
years ago? Does she hold the solution to the mysteries which James is attempting to 

Eddie Dombrowski
At first glance, Eddie is just another victim of the mysterious evenets taking place 
in Silent Hill. Frightened - indeed. amost panis-stricken - he seems helpless in the 
face of horrors surrounding him. Like James, he is not from the area, but arrived a 
short while ago for unknown reasons. But is it really a coincedence that Eddie is 
never far from the corpses that litter Silent Hill? Suspicion is mounting: there's 
something not quite right about Eddie. It's seems clear he is slowly but surely 
being driven mad by the horror he encounters. Yet could it be that his harmless 
exterior is just a mask concealing a terrible secret?

Angela Orosco
This young woman,too, came to Silent HIll to find her family. James first meets her 
in the cemetery outside the city and, even at the first meeting, she seems disturbed 
and even paranoid. But her warning that something is wrong in Silent Hill fails on 
deaf ears. Angela appears to be drifting closer to the thin line which seperates 
sanity from madness - if, indeed, she has not already crossed that line. Her 
paranoia is rooted in the awful events of her past Is she simply a tortured soul 
seeking inner peace or could she pose a danger to James.

There is a startling similarity between Maria and James' late wife. Physically, she 
could be Marys twin, and one could easily mistake her voice for
 that of James' wife, Mary. Only her hairstyle and her clothes she wears are 
different. Even at their first meeting, it appears that Maria knows James, and this 
is impression is reinforced as events progess. She knows more than she is letting 
on. She asks James to protect her from the danger in Silent Hill, and begs him to 
let her come along with him. What are her hidden motives? Is her similarity to Mary 
hust a coincedence? One thing seems certain: Maria is a key figure in James 
Sunderland's search for the truth.

3. Important Options
You should familiarise yourself with the basics of the game system before plunging 
into the mysteries of "Silent Hill 2". The following information will tell you all 
you need to know about the controls and the various difficulty levels, as well as 
providing tips on dealing with items. You'll also find that the Survival Tips 
contain useful information on weapons, and to handle them. After all, you want to be 
prepared for the menacing horros lurking on the mist-shrouded streets of Silent 

New game, New opportunity
When you first start Silent Hill 2 you'll see two menu items: New Game and Option. 
If you have already saved a game, you can also choose load of continue. You're 
probably eager to dive straight into the game at hand. You can also go into the 
inventory to change the options during a game. If you select the New Game option in 
the main menu, you'll be prompted to choose between different difficulty 
levels. "Silent Hill 2" is unusual in that you ccan adjust the difficulty levels 
offered by the Action and Riddle modes seperately, thus tailoring them to your 
personal preferences.

Difficulty Levels
The most important thing to remember is this: neither the story nor the game ending 
will be affected by the selected riddle level.Whatever you decide, you'll still get 
to see all the relevant sequences. However your choice will have an impact on the 
second and third rime you play the game.

You can choose between four levels: Beginner, Easy, Normal and my favourite, Hard. 
Although the terms seem self-explanatory, some of the differences aren't all that 
obvious. The ammount of ammunition and health drinks which you can find during the 
game does not vary much between the different levels, but thats certainly not the 
case when it comes to enemies and their behaviour. The higher the difficulty level, 
the more fearsome the creatures you'll encounter. And thats not all: you'll also 
find your enemies more powerful, more aggressive, more alert, quicker, tougher and 
altogether, nastier. And this means you'll need a lot more ammunition and health 
items if you want to survive your adventure.

The following significant differences apply to the various difficulty levels:


This level is intended for novices. However, if you've already played a few other 
video games before, you'll probably be able to skip to easy mode. The controls have 
been simplified. You don't need to hold down the [R2] Button for James to attack. 
However you'll find that this isn't always very practical: in some cases, you may 
not want James to use his weapon. And the results can however be fatal if Maria 
happens to be in the line of fire. You also have no control over whether James hits 
an opponent who's alreayd floored, or uses his weapon on another opponent - which 
could also result in serious consequences. The firearm's magazine is reloaded 
without a waiting period. The monsters are almost more afraid of James than he is of 
them. That could rather defeat the purpose of the game: after all, what 
makes "Silent Hill 2" unique is its all-pervading atmosphere of suspense and 
brooding menace.

This is just a mild follow up of the beginner mode, as there is not much difference 
between the two. Your firearm's are reloaded without a waiting period common on the 
Normal and Hard Levels, this indeed is an advantage, because in the second or two 
which you need to reload your weapon, your fate may be decided with a fatal blow to 

It speaks for itself really, Normal is...Normal. Experienced gamers will find 
themselves best served by Normal Mode as it ideal, not too hard, and certainly not 
too simple. I personally think you should begin your game in this mode to begin 
with. Unfortunately, you have to wait for a second or two until your weapon is 

You'll find that Hard Mode demands more manual dexerity than the other levels. For 
example, if you prompt James to run against a wall, he'll use his hands to block the 
impact, witht he result he rebounds off the wall. All this costs time - time which 
you may not have if one of the towns devilish denizens is hot on your heels. You'll 
also find that you have to aim your close-range weapons more precisely, since your 
attacks may simply bounce off objects in the vicinity. What it boils down to is 
this: in contrast to the other three levels, if you select Hard Mode you'll find 
your behavior in battle affected by walls, fences and lampposts - as well as the 
monsters you've already come to know and love. The Hard Mode also demands a more 
experienced gamer of this genre, if you feel your not up to scratch then begin in 
one of the lower levels first, and progress slowly.

If you want ot complete "Silent Hill 2" successfully, you'll hahve to solve various 
riddles. In most cases, your task is to hunt down items and deploy them at various 
points in the game. If you select Easy Mode, you'll be given additional tips showing 
how to overcome difficult situations. You'll oftem fidn that the poen contains the 
answer to a particular riddle, although the solution may be presented ina  rather 
enigmatic fashion. For example: at a certain stage, you have to choose between five 
recesses in which to insert three different coins. If you choose Easy mode, you'll 
be given clear instuctions: Coin A to the far left, B in the centre and C in the far 
right. Ont he other hand, if you choose Hard mode you'll be presented with a poem 
which mearly hints vaguely at the solution. In addition, the puzzle solutions differ 
according to the Riddle Level.

Unless you have changed the control type and button config in the option menu, James 
Sunderland will react in the following commands:

Playstation 2 Version

Up: Go Forward
Down: Go Back
Left: Turn to the left
Right: Turn to the right
Up + Square: Run
[L1]: Side step to the left while continuing to look in the same direction.
[R1]: Side step to the right while continuing to look in the same direction.
[L1]+[R1]: 180 Degree Turn (Press both buttons simutaneously for James to spin 
around in the spot.)----------------------------------------------------------
[L2]: Search View: If you press the [L2], you'll position the camera behind James' 
back. However this function is not available in all game situations. Using the right 
analog stick, you can take a look around while continuing to hold down the [L2] 
[R2]: Attack Button: Press [R2] to use the selected weapon. Remember: you won't have 
any weapons at your disposal at the start of the game.--------------------
[R3](Right analog Stick): Fully restore health: If you press the right analog stick, 
the health items required to fully heal James will be automatically used (of course, 
you may run out of health items). During this process James will remain motionless, 
and no message will apear on screen to confirm the procedure.
Select: Pause
Triangle: Call up a map, Hide map/inventory.
Square: Run, Hide Map/Inventory.
Circle: Flashlight On/Off, Hide Map/Inventory.
Cross: Confirm action, Examine, take or use items. Hold [R2] down simultaneously in 
order to attack with a weapon.-----------------------------------------------
Start: Open Inventroy.
[L1]+[R2]+Start+Select: Press the buttons simultaneously if you want to carry out a 
so-called soft reset. This means-----------------------------------------------

XBox Version

Y Button: Call up a Map, Hide Map/Inventory.
A Button: Confirm Action, Examine, take or use items.
White Button: Flashlight On/Off, Hide Map/Inventory.
Black Button: Toggle running and walking/Gaurd attacks.
D-pad/ Left Stick: Move Character.
R: Arm weapon.
Back Button: Open Inventrory.
Start Button: Pause

The Inventory

Press the Start Button to call up the inventory.

This shows whether James' health is all it should be. If James' health is normal the 
current screen inset will be clear, if he suffering a minor blow or is bleeding the 
screen will begin to lose focus, and white lines appear in the screen. The screen 
will be green if your fine and if you are in serious trouble and close to death the 
screen inset the inventory will be red.

Opens the option menu, which you can call up int he main menu at the start of the 

You'll see the items carried by James in the centre of your screen. The inventory is 
pretty limited at the start of the game: all he has is a letter from mary and a 
photo of his wife. You can use the directional buttons to select various 
possessions. A descreption of the current object is shown beneath the picture. At 
the top right you'll see a list of actions associated with the current object. Press 
the Cross Button if you want to use one of the functions.

The currently selected weapon is shown.

This catalogues all potentially significant documents found by James during the 
game. You may find them useful when solving puzzles. If you've already been inn a 
location referred to by a document, the place in question will be shown in the 

This allows you to take a look at the map of the locality. During the game, press 
the Triangle Button if you want to refer to the map without returning to the 


Brightness Level
This menu item allows you to vary the general brightness of the screen to your 

Screen Position
This menu item allows you to adjust the screen position.

Button Config
This allows you to allocate different functions to the controller buttons; six 
variations are available. In general, i recommend maintaining the default settings. 
All information in this walkthrough refers to the original configuration.

Control Type
3D type: You control James Sunderland from the character's perspective. This default 
configuration is ideally suited to the game, since your commands are carried out 
regardless of the camera perspective. If you want James to move forward, press the 
top directional button or press the left analogue stick up, and press down for him 
to move backwards. You can use left/right for him to turn on the spot.
2D type: You move James regardless of the direction in which he is facing. For 
example, you can press up for him to move up the screen. Although this bariant may 
seem more intuitive to start off with, ti can often prove rather unwieldy due to the 
game's changing camera perspectives.

You can set the strength of the DUALSHOCK™2 Analogue Controller vibrations to four 
levels: Soft, Normal, Hard and Off. Using the Off variant could be quite hazardous, 
since the vibrations indicate how James' health is faring under the monsters' 

Auto Load
When reloading "Silent Hill 2", your adventure automatically continues from the 
point where you last saved your game. However, this means skipping the main menu - 
which may be inconvenient if you don't want to use your latest save.

You have the option of turning the subtitles on or off. Keep em' on...

You can choose between sound output in Sterero/Speaker and Monaural, or you can 
specifically select the Sterero/Headphone Option.

BGM Volume+SE Volume
This allows you to vary the base volume of the backround music and the sound effects 
independantly of one another, thus changing the sound only.

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