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Divine Divinity
Silver Armor/Armor of Larian, Dragon Armor, Holy Artifacts FAQ
version 1.0, 10/15/02
by Lexa - [email protected]
Any corrections or feedback about this FAQ would be appreciated.
Try the forums at if you need more help.

Silver Armor/Armor of Larian easter egg:

	You can find the silver armor with a really long name after you kill the
Stalker in the Dark Forest - a guy standing near a cabin will give you the
quest. Once you kill the Stalker, you can find the armor in a chest, and is
rather good armor by itself.

	You will need your teleporter pyramids to correctly finish the quest, so 
you haven't gotten them back yet, continue with the main storyline (rescuing
Zandalor) until they're restored to you.

	To change the Silver Armor to the Armor of Larian, you have to collect all
four treasure map pieces. They are:
	- in the northeast corner of the Verdistis sewers, on a body
	- bought from merchant Mpeznak in Verdistis
	- in the spider cave west of the Archer's Guild
	- in the southwest corner of the Dwarves' hall in a prison room.

	Once you have all four pieces, you can find the entrance to a cave in the 
Forest. The entrance is next to the mountain range northwest of the white
pavilion in the northwest quadrant of the Dark Forest, and is rather hard to
spot because it's hidden behind a clump of trees. I actually ran past it about
five times before finally finding it - carefully mouse over every copse of
trees you see to find it. Once inside, you have to find the three crystal balls
in various parts of the cavern and put them into the decoratively-enameled bowl
(the red one). That will open the secret door to the treasure room.
	You can walk through a wall north from the treasure room and get into a 
with four ropes and a tombstone with a message about the Sept 11th attacks.
This is the tricky part - to get to the Easter Egg area, you will need some
specific things in your inventory.
	a) the four ropes from the room
	b) exactly 2002 gold (press control while dragging gold out of your 
to separate it)
	c) five ales from Rimmer in the Dwarves' above-ground town (you can 
either buy
them from him or tell him of his brother's greetings after you talk to his
brother in the Dwarven Halls)
You need these exact numbers or else it won't work, so if you have extra rope,
gold, or ale, drop it first. Drop a teleporter pyramid here (the portal stone
on the other side doesn't work, so you will be stuck unless you drop a
teleporter pyramid here, and keep one on you to get back to it), and touch the
tombstone, then walk onto the portal stone in the northwest corner of the room.
You should be transported to an area where a paladin and a bad guy fight
	Walk around and you will see prison gates. Open one and use a rope on it 
to be
able to climb down. Release the prisoners (the DD development team). You can
get in between the areas either by lockpicking the doors or by climbing down
from the different prison gates. In the last area, somebody will ask you to go
down and kill the game's bugs. These can be quite tough, but once you do, talk
to Sven and he will change your Silver Amor into the Armor of Larian (save
before talking to him, as the armor's stats are somehwat randomized. You can
keep reloading until you get really good stats). It has slightly better stats
than the silver armor but is invisible, so you look pretty dumb. If you don't
like it, you can always use the dragon armor.

	To get back out, use the teleporter pyramid you kept on you. You don't 
have to
drop it to use it; just click on it in your inventory.
	For extra fun, steal the sound team's organ. It's pointless, but it'll 
snazzy in your inventory.

Dragon Armor:

	You have to collect each of the five pieces.

	- Belt: in the west side of Verdistis, you will encounter two sisters
squabbling about their inheritance. After talking to them, you can go into the
house. Either go down the hatch or fall through the floor, and the belt will be
in the basement.
	- Shield: in the armory of Stormfist Castle. You can get it while you're
Janus' flunky, but if you miss it then you can still get into the castle all
sneaky-like. If you've already been thrown out of the castle, collect both of
your teleporter pyramids, and walk into the gate until you're _just_ before the
point where you get thrown out. Open your inventory and drag a teleporter
pyramid into the courtyard, and then use the other one to teleport into the
castle. Don't talk to anybody inside the castle (they're set to still think you
should be there, which will confuse the game), but go straight to the armory
(room west of the entrance) and take the shield. If the door is locked, the key
is in the room directly north of the armory.
	- Gloves: inside one of the elven burial pyres in the Dark Forest
	- Armor: Once you've solved the Stone Axe quest, be sure you have the note
that proves the Dwarf King's brother's guilt, then talk to the Dwarf King to
get the dragon armor quest. You will need both the armor itself, and a dragon
heart gem to really make it nice. To get the armor, talk to Sir Patrick in
Verdistis - he just has it lying around, and will give it to you once you run
an errand for him. To get the heart, go to the Warrior's Guild (north of the
Warrior's Guild teleport in the Dark Forest) and ask for admission. The second
quest you get for it will be to retrieve the dragon heart by killing a dragon
rider in the imp castle. Once you've done that, show it to the Warrior's Guild
master first, then go to the smith in the Dwarven Halls to put it into the
armor. (If you forgot to show it to the Guildmaster, that's okay - just go back
to the smith and he should still have the old armor and heart in his inventory!
You can just buy it back)
	- Helm: Once you have the armor with the heart in it, go back to the Dwarf
King, and he will give you the Dragon Helm.

	If you killed the dragonrider before getting the quest from the Warrior's
Guild, he won't drop the dragon heart, and you're screwed. However, the silver
armor has comparable stats, so you're not missing much.
	Even if you don't intend on using it, wear all the pieces together at 
once to get a bunch of exp.

Holy Weapon Quest:

	Do not use your wishing well wish to get this quest! You can get it for 
by reading a book in the library of the Cursed Abby.

	There are three holy artifacts:
	- holy amulet: in a corner covered with cobwebs in the elven funeral pyre 
the Dark Forest
	- holy dagger: Talk to the Thief guild leader in the Ducal Inn in 
Verdistis to
join his Guild. Once you've joined, go down into the cellar and into the
Guild's headquarters. Go up the north hallway and into the guildmaster's
quarters. The dagger is just lying around.
	- holy sword: lying around in Iona's Dungeon. Look for the pentacle with a
candle sitting on it, near a skeleton hanging from the wall. Turn off the
candle and a secret door will open. The sword is inside the secret room. If you
already finished Iona's dungeon, you can get back into it through the pit in
the graveyard where you came out

	Go to the northeast corner of the cathedral, and there will be a staircase
hidden in a copse of trees. Go down there, but DO NOT touch the graves there,
or else you will not be able to sacrifice the artifacts. Save first, then stand
in the blue circle, and sacrifice two of the artifacts to get whichever is your
preference. The stats on the artifacts are randomized, so you may want to load
a couple times to get the best that you can.

My thanks to everybody on the forums. They really know what
they're talking about.

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