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During the game, read and take all notes you find for points. Walk around town 
to get to know where places are. The order in which things are done may be 


Day 1 (night) 

Visit man by the fire to the right. Talk to the man. Take the food. 

Go inside the left side of the wagon. Talk to the man. Take the compass. Open 
the truck, and take the teddy bear. Underneath the bear are eyeglasses. Get out 
of wagon, put on the eyeglasses, put the compass on your hand, and go north. 
Follow the direction that the compass points to reach the cemetery. 


Go north of the Cemetery. (If you wait too long in certain spots in the 
Cemetery, you will die.) Go to town. Go to left of the Hotel, and enter the 
barn. Take the hickory wood, then enter the hotel. 


Ring the bell for the man. Tell him you are passing through and you want to 
stay in a room. Take the key on the counter. Go behind counter and take the 
papers and the key from underneath. Go upstairs. Take the chair, unlock the 
north-west door, and enter. 

Close the door and put the chair against door. Open the right side cabinet and 
take the note. Push aside the middle cabinet, and examine it closer. Unlock the 
panel with the key from under the counter. Enter the opening. 

Talk to Leo, then return to your room. Go to sleep and note the dream. 


Day 2 (morning) 

Remove the chair from the door. Go downstairs. Take your gun from behind the 
counter. (Save the game.) Walk outside the Hotel. 


Move closer to the fight. Pick a fight and kill the all your opponents. Go to 
the left of Hotel, and go north into an alley. 

Go right to enter a kitchen. Take the pan and cleaver. 


Return to the Graveyard. Go north-east to the man that is hanging. Move closer 
and cut the rope with the cleaver to bring the body down. Take the rope and the 
dice from the man's pocket. Return to town 


Walk around town and enter the Saloon. Buy two ales for the drunk man outside. 
Rob him and take the crowbar and mallet. Return to the Saloon. 

Put the dice in you hand before clicking on gambler to play a dice game. Since 
you cannot lose, place the maximum bets. Keep betting until he gives up. 

Go upstairs and talk to the woman about the children. (Save the game.) Exit the 
saloon, and climb up the tree to her room. Talk to her further. Quickly hide 
under her bed. When the Sheriff leaves, get out from under the bed. Exit 
through window. 


Walk around town and find the location where kids are eating the chicken 
outside the barn with the pigs. Go east of this location, then go east again to 
find a well. 

Attach the rope to the pulley and climb down the well. Take the bucket and go 
back up. Take the rope. Go east to a barn and enter. Go to the north-east 
corner of the barn. You will see some pigs hanging here. Put the bucket under 
the pig on the right side. Use the cleaver on the pig to fill the bucket with 

Return to the location of the well. Enter the Blacksmith Shop. 


Blacksmith Shop
Talk to the man, and give him the bucket of blood. After he leaves, take the 
diary, shovel, and tongs. Go to the Gun Shop. 


Gun Shop
Take a closer look at the cabinet in middle of room. Buy the bullet press. You 
do not need to additional bullets, since they are unlimited. Go to the General 
Store to the right of the Hotel.. 


General Store
Buy lantern, matches, and lantern oil. Buy all the food you can carry, 
including gum balls. You must eat after being shot and weakened in gunfights. 
Go to the Barber Shop. 


Barber Shop
Have a shave to make the story more interesting (optional). 

Walk around town and find the big statue. Look underneath the statue, and use 
the tongs to get the coin. Go north-east from here. 

Walk north past the old railroad. Move to the right to find the caretaker. Note 
the hammer near the door, and hook in the dead man's hand. Talk to him and take 
a picture. After he leaves, take the hammer and hook. Take the picture he is 

Return to the Kitchen where you found the cleaver. 


Look at the floor. Use the crow bar to lift the floor boards. Go down, open the 
crate and take the skull. Return to the Cemetery. 


Go north-west in the cemetery. Move closer to the tombstone. Underneath the 
image you will see a cross. Use the shovel under the cross to dig. Move closer 
to the spot you dug. Take the amulet. Get out of the hole and go north. You 
will see a tombstone to the north. Use the shovel to dig. You will see an image 
similar to that above the bar. Use the mallet to smash the image. Return to 


If it is night, go to the big statue in center of town. Then, go north to city 
hall. Use the crowbar to open the doors. Enter and go to the north-west door. 

Enter the office. Take the spell on the right side of the cabinet. Look through 
the clothes on the floor. Take the key. Go behind the desk and unlock it. Take 
the key. Put the key in you hand, then point to the picture on the north wall 
to unlock it. 

Click on the hidden button inside and to the right of the picture. Pull on the 
switch on the bookshelf to reveal a door. Enter and put the spell in you hand. 
Go to the pentagon on the floor. This will transport you to the Preacher's 


Preacher's Room
Go north to find a crystal ball. Use the mallet to smash it. Move south, then 
go to the north-west to find a witch doctor's doll. Move closer and destroy 
doll with the mallet. Take the other spell near the doll. 

Put the original spell in your hand and transport back. 

Return for your meeting with the woman by the Saloon. 


Climb the tree. Talk to the woman and trust her. Select her pillow and go to 


Day 3 (morning) 

Meet the woman on the bridge to the right of the caretaker. 

Point towards the hidden location near the center of mountain to go there. 


Give the man behind the gate the coin from the statue. (Save the game.) Enter 
the gate and kill every one in the shoot out. 

Go to the miner's residence. Search the pocket and take the gloves. Take the 
key inside the tray. Unlock the door to the mine and go north. 

Put the lantern in your hand. Fill it with oil and light it with a match. Go 
north to the chasm. Combine grappling hook and the rope, and use them on the 
board above chasm. Swing on the rope. 

Go north to the green light. Put the skull in the grave. Talk to the wolf and 
ask it for help. Go back to the south. Click on the middle of the left wall for 
a closer view of the rocks. Use the mallet on rock. Smash it, and take yellow 
rock (sulfur). Return to the previous screen. Go right to find a creature. 

Put the sulfur in front of his feet. Use a match to light the sulfur. Kill the 
blinded creature. Go north and take the silver. Take the pick ax and dynamite. 

Return to the location of the mine cart in shaft. The sheriff should be 
outside. Put the dynamite in the cart and light it with a match. Send the cart 
to the mine entrance, where it will explode. 

Use the pick ax to get out of cave. Return to the bridge, then go the church 
building to the north-east. Go to the house on the left. 


Open door and enter the house. Pull down the cover on the bird cage. Take the 
book on the desk. Move the chair and take the robe. 

Go north and look through the telescope to see a train. 


Train station 
Go to the old train station by moving south, then to the right of the 

Put on the eyeglasses. Move north, then north again. Use the hammer to smash 
the symbol on the front of train. Board the train. 

Take the coal. Open the furnace and fill it with coal. Use a match to light the 
furnace. Put the pan in you hand. Put silver in the pan. Put the pan in the 
furnace. Use tongs to take out the pan. Use the bullet press to create a silver 
bullet. (Save the game.) Eat food for full health. 

Go south and win the shoot out. 


Go to the Church on the hill. (Save the game.) Eat food for full health. Put on 
the robe and enter the Church. 

Kill the preacher by shooting him in the mouth. 

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