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FAQ-Simulation Mode Walkthrough

1. Intro
2. Definitions
3. Controller Buttons/Functions
4. Racing Styles
5. Course List/Styles
6. Car List - Win Locations and/or Buy prices
7. Credits
8. Disclaimer
9. Contact Information
10. Random Artwork

1. Intro
In the real-life Gran Turismo or Grand Tour, the races are much more fair than the
races you will experience in this game.  To win you will 
need to pass.  That is what most of this guide deals with.  You cannot just put
your foot down and pass them.  The point is missed that on 
the track, everybody has their foot down.  Learn this.  Use this.  You're gonna
need it.

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec is a game in which you take on the role of an amateur
driver who races in Sunday competitions.  Through the game you 
will go from your measly 10,000 credits to a multi-milionaire professional racer
who can conquer all tracks in any condition.  You can 
conquer any type of vehicle and any type of terrain, from asphalt to rain to dirt
to mud.  This guide will walk you through the simulation 
mode of GT3 and will reveal the win locations and buy prices of all 150 cars in
this game.  The goal of any race, is obviously to get around 
the track in the fastest time possible.  That's all you need to know.  Read this
guide and go win your races.  Drivers...start your engines.

2. Definitions
Apex: The middle point of th einside edge of a turn.
Oversteer: The tendency of the rear end of a car to spin around and cause the car
to spin 180 degrees
Understeer: The tendency of a car to not turn fully and slide off the track at
high speeds
Dig: The tendency of a car to oversteer when the nose touches the inside berm of a
Berm: The walls lining the inside and outside of a turn
Accelerate: To increase the speed of a car by pressing the X button
E-Brake: to lock up the wheels (FR: rear wheels) (FF: front wheels) (MR: rear
wheels) (4WD: all wheels)
Brake: To rapidly slow the car by pressing the square button
FF: Front engine placement and front-wheel drive
FR: Front engine placement and rear-wheel drive
MR: Middle engine placement and rear-wheel drive
4WD: Front engine placement and all-wheel drive
AT: Automatic Transmission
MT: Manual Transmission (arcade mode only)

3. Controller Buttons/Functions
X=               Accelerate (pressure sensitive)
O=               Emergency Brake
Triangle=        Reverse (pressure sensitive)
Square=          Standard Brake (pressure sensitive)
L-Stick=         Steering
R-Stick=         Inactive
Directional Pad= Inactive
Start=           Pause Menu
Select=          Inactive
R1=              Toggle Viewpoint
R2=              Upshift (MT only)
R3=              Inactive
L1=              Look Back
L2=              Downshift (MT only)
L3=              Inactive

4. Racing Styles
DRIFTING: Drifting is a style of turn taking in racing that was perfected in
Japan.  While drifting has become less popular, it is still an 
effective racing style that can benefit you in high speed races.  To drift, you
will have to find some way to skid.  The best way is to brake 
to one gear higher than suggested in your spedometer, fishtail when you come to a
turn and before entering it, lock up your tires with the 
E-Brake to get into a controlled oversteered slide.  When your car has spun
between 50 and 80 degrees, slam the tires the opposite direction 
of the turn to keep yourself from spinning around.  This also allows you to stay
stable and be in a controlled slide as you go through the 
turn.  If timed right, you will come out of the turn just facing about 30 degrees
off center.  Correct this oversteer and continue your race.  
SKIP BARBER STRATEGY: A man by the name of Skip Barber perfected the most widely
recognized racing style in racing sports today.  Many people 
believe that the best route around the turn is to follow the inside edge, as it is
the shortest route.  But it is also the slowest.  We are 
looking for the fastest route. When presented with this alternative, they say you
need to take the outside edge.  This is dangerous, as it 
takes all control you had over your car if you hit the wall.  The fastest way
around a turn is to start on the outside edge at the gear 
suggested in your spedometer.  Turn into the curve and lower yourself to the
inside apex.  When you exit the turn, raise back to the outside 
at full acceleration.  For S-Turns, overshoot the inside apex and go to the inside
of the second turn.  It is the fastest route and the safest. 

CHEATER STRATEGY: The last strategy is the one the weasels use.  It is also one of
the fastest and most effective.  To do this you need a turn 
where the berms line the egdes of the turns.  Go into the turn at full
acceleration allow the car ride the outside berm all the way around the 
track. You will usually exit the turn at one gear higher than the than suggested
speed, and therefore, be the fastest one out of the turn.  
This strategy works best on Super Special Routes 5 and 11, and Super Speedway.  
BECAUSE YOU ARE A CHEATER.  Im not kidding, you will fail. 

5. Course List/Styles
Apricot Hill Raceway 	-Skip Barber
Complex String 		-Skip Barber
Cote d'Azur 		-Skip Barber
Deep Forest Raceway 	-Drifting
Grand Valley Speedway 	-Skip Barber
Laguna Seca Raceway 	-Skip Barber
Mid-Field Raceway 	-Drifting/Skip Barber
Rome Circuit 		-Cheater/Skip Barber
Seattle Circuit 	-Skip Barber
Smokey Mountain 	-Drifting
Special Stage Route 11  -Cheater
Special Stage Route 5   -Cheater
Super Speedway 		-Cheater
Swiss Alps  		-Drifting
Tahiti Circuit		-Drifting
Tahiti Maze 		-Drifting
Test Course 		-Skip Barber
Tokyo Route 246 	-Drifting/Skip Barber
Trial Mountain  	-Skip Barber

6. Car List - Win Locations and/or Buy prices
Integra Type R       - Buy for 27,480c
3.2Cl Type S         - Buy for 34,230c
NSX 1993             - Buy for 94,790c
NSX 1997             - Buy for 99,570c
RSX Type-S           - Win Cote D'Azur Endurance Race

156 2.5 V6 24V       - Buy for 38,910c
DB7 Vantage Coupe    - Buy for 154,720c
Vanquish             - Win British GT Cup(PRO)/Gold IA Licence
V8 Vantage           - Buy for 455,000c

S4                   - Buy for 39,730c/Win Audi TT Race(AMA)
TT 1.8T Quatro       - Buy for 46,580c/Win Audi TT(BEG)/Win American Champ(AM)

328ci                - Buy for 50,690c

Camaro Z28           - Buy for 22,830c
Camaro SS            - Buy for 29,350c/Win Stars & Stripes(AMA)
Corvette Grand Sport - Buy for 40,010c
Corvette Z06         - Buy for 54,000c
Corvette C5R         - Buy for 1,000,000c/Win Super Speedway Endurance/Win Grand
Valley Endurance
Camaro Race Car      - Win American Champ(AMA)/Win SSR11 Endurance

PT Cruiser           - Buy for 17,980c

Xsara Rally Car      - Buy for 350,000c/Win SSR5(Rally)

Mira TR-XX Avanzato R  - Buy for 11,140c/Win Race for Turbo Sports(BEG)
Storia X4              - Buy for 13,900c

Viper GTS               - Buy for 78,680c
Viper GTS Concept       - Win GT All-Star(PRO)/Gold S Licence
Viper GTS-R Team Oreca  - Buy for 1,000,000c/Win all Amateur races

Coupe Turbo Plus     - Buy for 21,030c

Mustang SVT Cobra R          - Buy for 31,150c
Escort Rally Car             - Win Tahiti Maze(Rally)
Focus Rally Car              - Buy for 350,000c/Win Smokey Mountain(Rally)
GT40 1966                    - Win GT All-Stars(AMA)
GT40 1969            	     - Win GT World Champ(PRO)

FORMULA 1 CARS (existence: unconfirmed)
Diablo     - unknown
F090/S     - unknown
F094/H     - unknown
F094/S     - unknown
F686/M     - unknown
F687/S     - unknown
F688/S     - unknown

Vertigo Race Car     - Buy for 1,200,000c/Win European Champ(AMA)/Win Rome 2Hr End

CR-X del Sol SiR         - Buy for 31,150c/Win NA Sports Car Cup(BEG)
Civic SiR-II             - Buy for 18,890c/Win Type R Meeting(BEG)
Civic Type R             - Buy for 19,980c
Integra Type R 98        - Buy for 25,160c
Accord Euro-R            - Buy for 25,330c
S2000                    - Buy for 33,800c/Win Type R Meeting(AMA)
S2000 Type V             - Buy for 35,600c
NSX Type S Zero          - Buy for 98,570c/Win MR Challenge(AMA)
NSX Type R               - Buy for 99,570c/Win Type R Meeting(AMA)
Castrol Mugen NSX GT Car - Buy for 1,250,000c/Win All Japan Champ(PRO)
Raybrig NSX Race Car     - Win GT All-Stars(AMA)
Arta NSX                 - Win All Japan Champ(AMA)/Win SSR11(Endurance)
S2000 LM Race Car        - Win Trial Mountain 2Hr Endurance
Mugen S2000              - Win Type R Meeting(AMA)

XKR Coupe            - Buy for 104,980c
XJ220 Road Car       - Buy for 780,000c/Win Cote D'Azur Endurance
XJ220 Race Car       - Win GT World Championship(PRO)

Delta HF Integrate Rally Car - Buy for 500,000c

Storm V12 Race Car   - Buy for 1,198,000c/Win Trial Mountain 2-Hr Endurance

Elise 190            - Buy for 58,530c/Win European Championship(AMA)/Win Elise
Espirit V8-SE        - Buy for 106,000c
Espirit Sport 350    - Buy for 113,540c
Motor Sport Elise    - Buy for 100,000c

Demio GL-X           	- Buy for 14,660c
Roadster MX-5 1989   	- Buy for 16,900c/Win Clubman Cup
Roadster MX-5 1993   	- Buy for 17,000c/Win GT World Champ(BEG)
Roadster MX-5 1.8RS  	- Buy for 22,950c/Win Roadster Endurance
Roadtser LS          	- Buy for 23,280c/Win Spider & Roadster Cup(AMA)/Gold B Licence
Savanna RX-7 Infini III - Buy for 32,300c/Win 80's Cup(BEG)
RX-7 Type RS         	- Buy for 37,780c/Win American Champ(AMA)
RX-7 Type RZ         	- Buy for 39,980c/Win Japanese Champ(AMA)
RX-8                 	- Win NA Sports(AMA)/GT Worlds(AMA)/Gold A Licence
787B                	- Win Like the Wind(PRO)/75% Game Completion
RX-7 LM Race Car     	- Win Dream Car Race(AMA)/Win Tokyo 246 Endurance

SLK 230 Kompressor   - Buy for 55,310c/Win Silver Arrow(BEG)
CLK55                - Buy for 93,110c
CL600                - Buy for 133,950c
CLK Touring Car      - Win Silver Arrow(AMA)

Mine's Lancer Evolution VI 			- Win Turbo Sports(AMA)
FTO GP Version R     				- Buy for 21,600c/Win Japan Champ(AMA)
Lancer Evolution VII RS 			- Buy for 25,180c
Lancer Evolution VI RS  			- Buy for 25,980c
Lancer Evolution IV GSR 			- Buy for 29,980c/Win Japan Chmap(AMA)
Lancer Evolution VII GSR			- Buy for 29,980c/Win 4WD Challenge(AMA)
Lancer Evolution V GSR  			- Buy for 32,480c/Win all Beginner Races
Lancer Evolution VI GSR 			- Buy for 32,480c/Win GT World Champ(BEG)
Lancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi Makinenen Edition - Buy for 32,780c
3000GT VR-4 Turbo    			 	- Buy for 43,230c
3000GT VR-4          			 	- Buy for 43,320c
Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car 		 	- Win Evolution Meeting/Win Smokey Mt Rally
Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype 	- Win 4WD Challenge(PRO)/Win Swiss Alps
II Rally
FTO 1996 LM Race Car 				- Win Dream Car Race/Win Cote D'Azur Endurance

Mine's Skyline GTR-N1 V Spec - Win GT All-Star(AMA)/ Win Trial Mt 2Hr End.
Silvia Varietta              - Buy for 27,980c
Skyline GTS-t Type M         - Buy for 23,850c
Skyline 1994 GT-R V Spec II  - Buy for 52,600c/Win Euro Champ(AMA)
Skyline GT-R spec            - Buy for 53,900c
Skyline 1999 GT-R V spec     - Buy for 55,980c
Skyline 2000 GT-R V Spec II  - Buy for 57,480c
Silvia 1991 K's 2000cc       - Buy for 20,360c
Silvia 1998 K's 1800cc       - Buy for 18,860c/Win FR Challenge(BEG)
240 SX K's Areo              - Buy for 23,950c
Silvia Spec-R Aero           - Buy for 25,600c
240 SX Fastback Type X       - Buy for 24,980c
300ZX Twin Turbo             - Buy for 39,900c
320ZX 2by2                   - Buy for 43,980c
Pennzoil Nismo GT-R          - Buy for 785,000c/Win All Japan Champ(PRO)
Z Concept                    - Win GT World Champ(AMA)/Gold iB Licence
Nismo GT-R LM Road Car       - Win FR Challenge(PRO)/Win Seattle Endurance
R390 GT1 LM Race Car         - Win GT All Star(PRO)
R390 GT1 Road Car            - Win GT World(PRO)/Win Grand Valley 300 End.
Nismo 400R                   - Win Race of Red Emblem
Nismo Skyline GTR R-Tune     - Win GT All-Star(AMA)
Nismo Skyline GTR S-Tune     - Win 80'S Car Challenge(AMA)
C-West Razo Silvia JGTC      - Win GT World Champ(AMA)/Win Tokyo 246 End.
Loctite Zexel JGTC           - Win GT All-Japan Champ(AMA)
Calsonic Skyline JGTC        - Win All-Japan Camp(AMA)/Win Laguna Seca End.
Nismo GT-R LM Road Car       - Win FR Challenge(PRO)

Speedster           - Buy for 38,390
Calibra Touring Car - Win GT World Champ(PRO)
Astra Touring Car   - Win German Touring Car Cup(AMA)

Zonda C12            - Buy for 275,010c/Win NA Sports(PRO)
Zonda C12-S          - Buy for 352,440c
Zonda LM Race Car    - Win Rome 2Hr Endurance

Esperante GTR-1      - Buy for 2,000,000c/Win Dream Car Cup(AMA)/Win Seattle Endur.

206 S16              - Buy for 23,360c
206 Rally Car        - Buy for 350,000c/Win Swiss Alps Rally

Clio Sport V6 24V    - Buy for 43,400c
Clio Sport Race Car  - Buy for 300,000c/ Win Super Speedway Endurance

Mini Cooper 1.3l     - Win Lightweight-K Cup/Win European Championship(AMA)

3400S                 - Buy for 76,740c/Win German Touring(AMA)
RGT                   - Buy for 160,000c/Win Boxer Spirit(PRO)
CTR2                  - Buy for 382,000c/Win Turbo Sports(PRO)

Cobra                 - Buy for 500,000c/Win Spider & Roadster Race(PRO)

S2000                 - Win Type R Meeting(AMA)
Civic Type-R          - Win FF Challenge(PRO)
S2000 Race Car        - Win Dream Car Cup(AMA)/Win Stars & Stripes(AMA)/Win Grand
Valley 300 Endurance

Legacy B4 RSK                - Buy for 26,430c
Impreza Sedan WRX STi Ver VI - Buy for 29,190c/Win American Champ(AMA)
Impreza Wagon WRX STi Ver VI - Buy for 29,190c/Win Japanese Champ(AM)
Legacy Touring Wagon GT-8    - Buy for 29,330c
Impreza Sports Wagon WRX STi - Buy for 29,980c
Legacy B4 Blitzen            - Buy for 30,000c/Win Boxer Spirit(AMA)
Impreza Sedan WRX STi 2001   - Buy for 31,980c
Impreza Sedan WRX STi 2000   - Win GT All-Stars(PRO)
Impreza 22B STi Version      - Buy for 50,000c
Impreza Rally Car            - Buy for 300,000c/Win Taihiti Maze II Rally
Impreza Rally Car Prototype  - Win SSR5 Wet II(Rally)/Gold Rally Licence
Impreza LM Race Car          - Win Dream Car Race(AMA)

Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited - Buy for 12,220c/Win 4WD Challenge(AMA)
Escudo Pikes Peak Version        - Buy for 1,000,000c/Win all Rallies/Win
Polyphony Digital Cup

Falcon XR8 Race Car - Buy for 1,500,000c/Win Super Speedway 150 End.

ZZ-S                           - Buy for 56,800c
ZZ II                          - Win MR Challenge(PRO)/Win Seattle End.

Vitz Euro Edition         		- Buy for 12,880c
Vitz RS 1.5               		- Buy for 14,530c/Win FF Challenge(BEG)/Win Vitz Race(BEG)
Celica SS-II Fastback     		- Buy for 19,700c/Win Altezza Race(BEG)
MR-S S Edition            		- Buy for 19,800c/Win MR Challenge(AMA)
Lexus IS                  		- Buy for 20,600c
Celica SS-II              		- Buy for 21,360c
MR2 G-Limited             		- Buy for 23,750c
Altezza RS200             		- Buy for 24,000c
MR2 GT-S                  		- Buy for 27,130c
Celica GT-Four            		- Buy for 32,660c/Win GT World(AMA)
Supra SZ-R                		- Buy for 34,700c
Supra RZ                  		- Buy for 44,800c/Win Vitz Cup(PRO)
Corolla Rally Car         		- Buy for 300,000c/Win Taihiti II Challenge
Castrol Tom's Supra       		- Buy for 1,250,000c/ Win Vitz Cup(PRO)
Celica Rally Car          		- Win Tahiti Challenge Rally
GT-One Race Car           		- Win GT All-Stars(PRO)/ Win Dream Car Champ(PRO)/Win
Polyphony Cup
GT-One Road Car           		- Win Tokyo 246 Endurance
Chaser Tom's X540         		- Win Altezza Race(AMA)
Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex   		- Buy for 13,550c/Win Sunday Cup
Altezza LM Race Car                     - Win Altezza Cup(AMA)/Win Vitz
Cup(PRO)/Win Laguna Seca Endurnace
Autobacs Apex MR-S GT Car               - Win Japan Champ(PRO)/Win SSR11 Endurance
Celica TRD Sports M                     - Win FF Challenge(AMA)
Denso Sard Supra 2000                   - Win Japan Champ(AMA)
Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex Shigeno Version - Win FR Challenge(AMA)

Griffith 500       - Buy for 62,410/Win TVR Tuscan Challenge(PRO)
Tuscan Speed 6     - Buy for 80,790
Speed 12           - Win TVR Tuscan Challenge(PRO)/Win Polyphony Cup

New Beetle 2.0          - Buy for 15,930
New Beetle RSI          - Buy for 70,000/Win Beetle Cup(BEG)
Lupo Cup Car            - Win German Touring Car Cup(AMA)
New Beetle Cup Car      - Win German Touring Car Cup(AMA)/Win Clio Cup(PRO)

7. Credits
SCEA and Polyphony                        - for making the game
Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation  - for Windows and Notepad
John Hawes				  - for building my computer
PWizard                                   - for putting this FAQ on his site
Nevermore                                 - for founding

8. Disclaimer
When I wrote this guide, I was driving a fully modified Tommy Kiara ZZII concept
car, a fully modifies Esperantine GTR-1, and a fully modified
Mazda RX-7 LM Race Car.  The ZZII cannot be purchased but can be won in the Seatle
Circut Endurance race.  The RX-7 LM Race Car cannot be 
purchased but is one of the four cars that can be won in the Amateur Dream Car
Championship.  The Esperantine GTR-1 can be purchased from Panoz
I have made this guide easy to read and navigate.  In the Car List (FAQ-part 6)
the existence of the Formula 1 Cars has not yet been confirmed, 
and as such, the buy prices and win locations have not been confirmed either.  If
you know these, please use the contact info at the bottom of 
this guide to inform me and I will make the necessary changes. In the Course
List/Styles (FAQ-part 5) where there are multiple racing styles 
listed, use what you learned in Racing Styles (FAQ-part 4) to figure out what
strategy should be used with what turn.  Enjoy!

9. Contact Information
My e-mail adress is [email protected]

Please contact me only if you need a change to this guide, or if there is an error
in my information.

10. Random Artwork
Step back from your computer and look at this



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