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Planet Oozla
Prehistoric Rampage
There are 4 pterodactyle birds in this level, 2 near your ship and 2 near where you 
found the DYNAMO (for those of you who saw my last one I messed up there. sorry), 
Recommendation: any long distance weapon

Smash And Grab
In the Megacorp store you need to destroy EVERYTHING in side and (optinal) grab 
every bolt that came from the broken stuff in there, Recommendation: Box Breaker

Maktar Nebula
Wrench Ninja, Blade To Blade
Kill Chainblade with only your wrench, Recommendation: Upgraded Wrench Versions

Destroy everything on the Maktar Resort that is breakable, Recommendation: Box 
Breaker and anything else that breaks stuff

2B or not 2B HIT
Defeat the B2 BRAWLER without getting hit (is that suppose to makes sense?), 
Recommendation:good strafing with some good powerful weaponry

Clank Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
Get 300 bolts by using the slot machines (P.S. Getting Three BARS on a slot machine 
(even though rare)will get you the skill point automatically), Recommendation: a 
wrench (DER)

Planet Endako
Destroy All Breakables
Same as Vandalize skill point

Operate Heavy Machinery
Use the cranes to SMASH and ZAP enemies, Recommendation: Electrolyzer

Planet Barlow
Speed Demon
Get 2:10 or less in the hover bike race, Recommendation: 3rd Race Challenge

Planet Notak
Planet Buster
Destroy the big planet starting with the Rings then the moons and then the planet 
itself, Recommendation: Lancer/Heavy Lancer/Ultra Heavy Lancer

Planet Siberius
You Can Break A Snow Dan
Behind the first garge where the machines blast out theres a snow man with a weird 
face, SMASH'EM, Recommendation: any weapon

Planet Tabora
Heal Your Chi
(SIMPLE) Just get all 100 Crystals, Don't worry it's pretty easy, Recommendation: 
Charge Boots with a good long range and is powerful(or just use the RYNO 2)

Planet Dobbo, Dobbo Orbit
Dukes Up
Destroy the Thug Leader's robot by only punching and nothing else, Recommendation: 
Good timing jumps for dodging and destroy the helicopters or buildings when you 
want or need health

Dobbo Orbit
Robo Rampage
Destroy every building in the battle, Recommendation: Jump on the buildings and 
punch the buildings

Old Skool
Kill every enemy on the level with only the Wrench, Decoy Glove, Visibomb Gun, 
Tesla Claw, Bomb Glove and Walloper, Giant Clank Mission doesn't count, 
Recommendation: DYNAMO and SWINGSHOT

Planet Joba
Thats Impossible (on cartoons, bad guys say that alot)
Beat the Impossible Challenge, Recommendation: You need to be an expert at this 
game and you need to at leasdt have Electrosteel Armor and alot of strong long 
range weapons and you need to be able to strafe around dodging attacks if you want 
to have a chance, or you could just get the Carbonox Armor and RYNO 2

How Fast Was That!!?
Get 2:27 or less inthe Hover bike race, Recommendation: 3rd Race Challenge

Wrench Ninja 2 Massacare
Kill all the enemys on the planet with only the wrench and you cannot die, 
Recommendation: Upgraded Wrench with at least 60 or 70 nanotech

Bye Bye Birdie
Kill 12 birds (ping,ping,DIE,ping,ping), Recommendation: any long range weapon

Planet Todano
Nothing To See Here
Destroy the 3 rockets and make the fourth blast off(just keep hiting the rockets 
until something happens to them), Recommendation: any weapon

Your My Hero
Don't let any of the tourist get killed or hurt, Recommendation: kill all the 
squirels during the first tour and let the second one finish

Try To Sleep
Turn 16 Squirels into sheep, Recommendation: Sheepinator

Planet Boldan
No Shocking Developments
Gring the power cables without getting hit and take your time, it took me probably 
10 times just to get this skill point, Recommendation: Good memorization(or 
something like that, just come up with a pattern(?)

Planet Snivelak
Moving Violation
Shoot down 14 ships, Recommendation: Visibomb Gun or the Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer

Planet Damosel
Safety Deposit
Protect the 4 civilians in the downtown bank from the proto-pets and robot enemies, 
Recommendation: Don't look at me it's your choice here

Midtown Insanity
Grind the rails without getting hurt, Recommendation: Kilonoid Bots

Planet Greblin
Be A Moon Child
Get all 101 Moonstones (Extremely HARD!!!), Recommendation: Shield Charger with 
Carbonox Armor and the RYNO 2

The Entire Game
Nano To The Max
Get all 80 nanotech including those nanotech bottles, Recommendation: Kill alot of 
enemies and look for every bottle of nanotech and every possible way to get a 
nanotech bottle

Nice Ride
Buy every weapon and shield (including upgrades) for your ship and paint jobs don't 
count and niether does the scoop nose, Recommendation: Mine raritanium in the 
Moonstone and Chrystal deserts and blast enemies and space junk in the ship 

Weapon Envy
Fully upgrade all of your weapons, Recommendation: Kill alot of enemies with 
different weapons

If there are any questions about anything for the game (where to go to find a 
platinum bolt and etc...  Then just e-mail me at [email protected] and don't forget 
to give me your e-mail addres so I can e-mail you back.

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