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 				SLY 3: Honor Among Theives
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Menu Controls Start Button: 
Open Menu Left Analog Stick/Directional Buttons: Move between options
 X Button: Confirm Action 
Triangle Button: Go back 

Gadget Grid Controls
 Select Button: Open Gadget Grid 
Left Analog Stick/Directional Buttons:
 Move between options R2/L1/L2: Assign gadget to that button

Sly’s Controls(most you must buy gadgets at theifnet at the safe house)

Square Button while in air: Vertical Swing Triangle Button while in air: Dive 
Attack Triangle Button: Charge Cane Triangle + Square: Lvl 1 Spin Attack 
Triangle*2 + Square: Lvl 2 Spin Attack (needs to buy Spin Attack Level 2) 
Triangle*3 + Square: Lvl 3 Spin Attack (needs to buy Spin Attack Level 3) 
Triangle + Circle: Lvl 1 Push Attack (needs to buy Push Attack Level 1) 
Triangle*2 + Circle: Lvl 2 Push Attack (needs to buy Push Attack Level 2) 
Triangle*3 + Circle: Lvl 3 Push Attack (needs to buy Push Attack Level 3) 
Triangle + X: Lvl 1 Jump Attack (needs to buy Jump Attack Level 1) Triangle*2 
+ X: Lvl 2 Jump Attack (needs to buy Jump Attacl Level 2) Triangle*3 + X: Lvl 
3 Jump Attack (needs to buy Jump Attack Level 3) Triangle + Square: Knock-Out 
Move (on enemies who haven't noticed you) R2/L1/L2: Use assigned gadget 
Circle: Pickpocket (near guards who haven't noticed you) Circle: Use "Master 
Thief Moves"/activate a switch ^(near blue auras/blue sparkly 
things/hooks/etc.) R1 in midair: Paraglide (needs Paraglide gadget) Binocucom 
+ R1: Take a picture


X: Activate Rockets Left Analog Stick: Move Square: Stop midair continue to 
Triangle: Loop  R1: Shoot regular bullets L1: Shoot missiles 

Bentley's Controls 

Double Jump, then X midair: 
Triple Jump (requires Hover Pack) Triple Jump, then X once more: Quadruple 
Jump (requires Hover Pack) Hodling X while jumping: Descend slowly Square: 
Spin wheelchair (Attack) Circle: Perform Button or action doing J Triangle: 
Put down a bomb Triangle (Hold): R2/L1/L2: Use assigned gadget Binocucom + R1: 
Sleeping darts 

Grapple-Cam Controls
 X: Use your grapple (Hold X to have the grapple reach farther) X after your 
grapple has touched something: Reach where your grapple was Square (Hold): 
Self-Destruct Circle: Attract Enemies R1: Fire Turret only after dynamic duo 

Murray's Controls 
Square/Triangle while midair: Thunder flop Circle: Perform Actions Circle: 
Pick something up  Triangle: Uppercut Triangle + Square: Knockout move 
Triangle + Circle: Hold an  small enemies Circle while holding an enemy: Shake 
money and loot out Square while holding an enemy: Throw whatever Murray's 
holding R2/L1/L2: Use assigned gadget 

The Guru's Controls 
Circle while midair near enemies: Possess guard (guard cannot have noticed 
you) Triangle while on guard: Jump off Square while on guard: Attack X while 
on guard: Jump L1 (Hold): Transform 

Penelope's Controls
 X: Boost (1st RC Car) R1: Shoot (1st RC Car) X: Release Hook (RC Chopper) R1: 
Boost (RC Chopper) X: Boost (2nd RC Car) L2/R2: Use Bumpers (2nd RC Car) R1 
while moving: Run (Penelope) X/Up on Left Analog Stick: Jump (Penelope) 
Circle/Down of Left Analog Stick: Duck (Penelope) Square: Horizantal Slash 
(Penelope) Triangle: Uppercut Slash (Penelope) Left Analog Stick: Camera 
Control (All RC Vehicles) Left Analog Stick: Move (Penelope) 

Panda King's Controls
 Square: Flame-Fu! L1 (Hold): Load fireworks L1 (Release): Unleash fireworks 

Dimitri's Controls 
X: Swim Forword/Up Square: Swim Left Triangle: Swim Backwards/Down Circle: 
Swim Right L1 + Square/Circle/X/Triangle: Powerswim R1: Fire Harpoon 

Carmelita's Controls 
 Triangle: Toggle on and off strafe mode R1: Shoot Square: Kick Circle: Super 

Copyright 2008 by Abir

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