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Sly 3 Playable Characters Backround Stories going into the game
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    * Sly Cooper — Since his escape from Carmelita's helicopter in sly 2. Sly
has learned some new skills. He is now a master of disguise, able to become any
one of a variety of identities. He is also now attempting to penetrate the
Cooper Vault, a secret storehouse that contains all the loot the Cooper Clan has
stolen over the years. Upon finding the island that a past Cooper Gang member
named McSweeny tells Sly about, Sly finds that the island is already owned by a
mysterious Dr. M, and that it would be nearly impossible to enter. So Sly starts
searching for thieves that will help him break into Dr. M's island.Dr. M appears
to be a member of Sly's dad's Cooper Gang as the brains. In the end sly seemed
to have finally gotten that date with Carmelita

    * Bentley the Turtle — Bentley is worse for wear from his participation in
the battle with Clock-La[clockwerks body taken control by neyla in sly 2]. Now a
paraplegic, Bentley is confined to a wheelchair. However, he's not about to be
stopped, and has equipped the chair with multiple features to stay in action. In
Holland, he meets Penelope, an engineer who becomes his girlfriend.

    * Murray the Hippo — Murray suffered the worst psychologically from the
Klaww Gang ordeal. Blaming himself for Bentley's injuries, he left the team and
took up a life of non-violence , studying under The Guru. However, Sly and
Bentley's recruitment of a new Band of Thieves quickly pulls him back into the
action. Murray is rerecruited in Venice.

    * The Guru — A shaman from Australia, known as "Guru of the Stone". Murray
goes to him as his student. Guru has magical abilities like using the dreamtime
to blend perfectly into his surroundings, and possessing other people.  He is
recruited in Australia and he is the only person in the Cooper Gang that doesn't
use metal equipment.

    * Penelope — this female mouse possesses an RC Helicopter, like Bentley's RC
Chopper, and a RC racecar. Bentley has a crush on her. She likes Sly at first,
but gradually falls in love with Bentley. She is recruited in Holland.

    * Panda King — Former member of the Fiendish Five. A demolitions expert and
master of explosives and fireworks. The Panda King was recruited by Sly in China
to help overthrow Dr. M's Fortress. 

    * Dimitri — Dimitri  was a former member of the Klaw Gang he became a
popular dance instructor on a cruise ship after the fall of the Klaww Gang.
Later, Dimitri becomes a free agent and is recruited by the Cooper Gang as a  
water specialist. He is recruited at Blood Bath Bay.

    * Inspector Carmelita Fox — Carmelita is not actually a member of the Cooper
Gang; however, she unknowingly (and comically) helps the gang out of several
tight scrapes. She later decides to help the gang out, and is essential to
certain missions. She also shows some interest for Sly Cooper, according to the

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