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We've so far collect two mirror shards. We only need two more to go to the 
Twilight Realm. There are very limited items to collect in the over world, but 
we need to collect them before we go to our next dungeon which is, according to 
the Sages, is in an ancient grove. Lets go!

-Fishing Rod
-Empty Bottle #1
-Empty Bottle #2
-Empty Bottle #3
-Empty Bottle #4
-Gale Boomerang
-Hero's Bow
-Ball and Chain
-Bomb Bag #1
-Bomb Bag #2
-Bomb Bag #3
-Giant Bomb Bag
-Frog Lure
-Sinking Lure
-Ordon Sword
-Master Sword
-Ordon Shield
-Hylian Shield
-Hero�s Clothes
-Zora Armor
-Magic Armor
-Big Wallet
-Big Quiver
-Reekfish Scent
-Pieces of Heart: 32/45
-Fused Shadows: 3/3
-Mirror of Twilight: 2/4
-Golden Bugs: 23/24
-Letters: 9/16
-Poe Souls: 48/60
-Hidden Skills: 6/7
-Total Number of Heart Containers: 14/20

1)Piece of Heart 33/45
2)Piece of Heart 34/45
3)Giant Wallet

1)Female Snail

Snowpeak Province: 1
Faron Province: 2
Dungeon 6: 2
Total: 5

When you are warped out of Snowpeak, warp to the top of Snowpeak. There, go and 
talk to Yeto. He offers to have a race to his house. Say yes and race him! He 
isn't that good, but you can slice him with your sword to slow him down. Follow 
the same route as before and if you don't crash, you should beat him. After you 
beat him, warp back up to Snowpeak and this time you will race Yeta. You cannot 
beat this beast with out taking the shortcut. Start off the race and get in 
front of her or behind her. Slice her once with your sword to give you a split 
second lead. Off to the right is a ledge, jump on this ledge and ride it to 
collect some rupees. Now cross the bridge and keep on the path until you come 
to a drop and a platform. Jump with the platform and get on the tops of the 
three trees. When you get off the trees, there is a block of ice that ice 
there. To the left of it is another hidden ledge. Jump on it. Yeta is going 
this path and she is near, if you need to, hit her again with your sword. Jump 
on the ledges until you get on a ledge above the original path. This is where 
you beat her: she gets back on the main path, but you stay on the ledge then 
get back on the main path when you get to the turn and that will give you a 
good lead and you should beat her. It took me several attempts to master this 
but don't worry you will get a PIECE OF HEART as a reward. Collect two more for 
another Heart Container. Now warp back to Snowpeak and go back to the small 
cavern where you entered by a door. Jump down into a small circular room where 
there are several ice blocks against the wall. Use your Ball and Chain on the 
ice and a Poe will come out of one. Defeat it for another POE SOUL. That is 
forty nine out of sixty. There is also a chest in here for an Orange Rupees 
(100). Now warp to West Hyrule Field.
Go over to the west where there is some horse grass and ride Epona to North 
Hyrule Field.
Act like you are going towards the entrance to Zora's Domain, but at the fork, 
go to the south to over where we found a Golden Bug. There is a bomb rock here. 
Bomb it and enter the cavern. Now use your ball and chain on the ice wall to 
enter a maze room. The goal is to set the blocks on the buttons to make the 
doors open. I rrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyy don't want to go through the ways to 
push it, so just go over to my Pieces of Heart guide in the FAQ Page to have 
the explanation. Go to Piece of Heart #34. At the end of the maze is a chest 
with a PIECE OF HEART. Collect one more for another Heart Container. Now warp 
to South Castle Town Road.
Go into Telma's Bar and look at the map. Rusl is over near the North Faron 
Woods. Warp out to the North Faron Woods
Walk to where we entered the Sacred Grove. Rusl stands here. Talk to him and 
calls his special Golden Cucco. Pick it up and use it to fly over the a ledge 
we used Midna to jump on. Now follow the same paths using the cucco all the way 
to the Sacred Grove entrance. Enter the grove.
Enter the grove to have the Skull Kid come back. This is a little easier, so 
equip your Bomb Arrows. This is also easier because Skull Kid has a lamp and it 
is dark so you can see his light. Enter the main part and enter left. The Skull 
Kid is behind the same tree we had him the first time. Hit him with your sword 
and he goes to the left. Enter in here as Skull Kid moves on. Swim through the 
water and the enter a tunnel through a waterfall to a ledge where we found 
Skull Kid earlier. Up here is a well-hidden Poe. Defeat it for another POE 
SOUL. That is fifty out of sixty. Now head to the next room and go in here to 
find Skull Kid on some rocks in the water. Shoot him with a Bomb Arrow. Go back 
to the previous rooms all the way to where the entrance is at, then go straight 
into a room. Keep looking for the Skull Kid's Lantern and follow him into 
another chamber. Follow to the steps  around to a tree bridge. On the bridge, 
look to the right and shoot a Bomb Arrow on him. He now opens another way where 
there was a brick wall. Enter and drop down. He gets mad again and starts to 
hop around the ledges that are around the outer wall. Shoot him with a Bomb 
Arrow from wherever he is at to enter the next part of the Sacred Grove. This 
time you end up at the south side of the grove. To the right is a block and 
straight ahead is a statue. Push the block to the right to have it fall of the 
ledge. Jump down and walk north to the chamber where you go the Master Sword. 
At night, there is a Poe here to the east. Defeat it for another POE SOUL. That 
is fifty one out of sixty. Now go over to the pedestal where you got the Master 
Sword and press A. You strike the sword in the ground and the statue back to 
the south disappears revealing a door! Walk out of the small chamber back to 
the south. As you get to the Triforce Symbol on the ground, you will get 
trapped in by five more Twilight Messengers. Also you will be raided by a flock 
of Keese. Defeat three of them, then defeat the least two with Midna's area 
attack. This opens the final portal that allows you to enter the Sacred Grove 
as you wish. No go to the south and climb on the block and back on the ledge. 
Enter the door to go back to the very past into a familiar song and a familiar 
If you are an Ocarina of Time fan, this is the Temple of Time from the game. 
The Song of Time is playing in the back. Good times. Alright, anyway, walk down 
the stairs and to the right is a Golden Bug on the wall. Clawshot it to get the 
FEMALE SNAIL. Alright! You got the final Golden Bug! Exit out the Temple of 
Time and warp to Castle Town.
Walk into Agitha's house and give her all of your bugs. As a reward, she gives 
you the GIANT WALLET. This wallet holds a whopping 1,000 Rupees. This works as 
great fuel for your Magic Armor. Now warp back to the Sacred Grove.
Go back up and reenter the Temple of Time.
Walk straight ahead to the north and find a pedestal. Strike the pedestal with 
your sword to make a large glowing staircase appear. Ooccoo comes out of 
nowhere and runs up the stairs and through a glass panel into our next dungeon. 
Follow Ooccoo into the Temple of Time dungeon!


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