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         Hi this is PokemonSonic.This is my first guide.I hope you like 
   1. My Cute 
            SONIC    ADVENTURE    2    
             The cutest chao I have is a Neutral Normal Type named Cutey. It has a 
regular face but it loves me. It will always run to Sonic and try to give him a 
hug. Also when I pick it up it will smile and rock it`s head cutely. To get a chao 
that likes you alot pet it, rock it, and give it lots of fruits and nuts. My other 
cute chao`s are a Dark Running Type named Vince who likes both Sonic and Shadow and 
has a regular face, a Neutral Swimming Type named Cutesy who likes Sonic and has a 
smile face with happy eyes and a happy mouth, and a white chao who is a Neutral 
Running Type named Darkey. He likes Sonic and Shadow. About how to get a chao to 
like you, you have to use the same character until your chao likes you with that 
character then unless you hit it it will always like 
            I will update this when I get a chance, bye.

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