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Hi, My name is METSROCK (a.k.a. DarKnightKilla131313 in ANY multiplayer online game 
I have...).  This is my 5th FAQ/Guide that I have done...and I hope this helps :)

This Guide is for those who really like to play Empire Earth online...I like to 
play there too, but what about those noobs (or even yourself) that just bore you... 
OK...Lets start out with the basics....

If you're a person who likes to build, this will help.
If you're a person who likes to fight fast and get it over with, this helps.


First, only do this when you have alot of wood and stone....(if you are playing 
deathmatch, go to step 2 listed)

When you start out, get about 25 more villagers, and set 6-7 on all of the 
resources that are near you (you may need more villagers...or less).  Then, when 
you have enough (unless you are in Deathmatch, then start here), build about 10 
archery ranges, or barracks.  Then (depending what age you're in), build 5 
buildings (either all five stables, all five barracks, or 5 all whatever you can 
do).  When this is over, set all your villagers to protect lots of 
walls (almost like making an army recruit place in the middle of nowhere) with plenty of towers on all sides....  After that, build up more 
buildings, and research everything.  Then, create alot of Archers, crossbows, 
whatever...(about 100 each), and research them up to make them strong...Once they 
all have been created, ATTACK!  NOTE: Some other people do this too, so try to take 
on noobs that you know of first before taking on these pros.


OK...This is almost like the one above, but I have a few differences in it...

When you start out, make about 30 more villagers.  Take them in different packs, 
and make forts around your original starting point, and around the rest of the map 
(try not to go near you enemy)...  From there, build the best unit buildings you 
know of...(such as Stable, or Archery Range, or Airport....depending on what age 
you're in).  You should have enough resources to make some units, then get your 
villagers out to gather a way, it does both giving you resources 
(if you need them) and fast enough time to take out the enemy...

OK...Thats all for now, but I promise I'll be back with some more tips another 
time.... :):):):):) Bye all... (Also, if you want to add something or another, e-
mail me at [email protected])

                        (c)Copyright 2004.  All Rights Reserved.

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