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Since I have done all of these, I found them fun challenges and i think they are 
worth trying. Some take a while and some are rarely performed. I've managed to do 
some of them easily and some after 20 plus tries. Maybe you should try them too! By 
the way, I didn't post any multiplayer split screen challenges because they're easy 
as anything.

Keys- The keys will tell you how hard the challenges are. As Isaid, soemwill get 
really tough ratings, so don't be surprised. They will be based on numbers like 5.7 
and such.

0.1 to 2.4- If a challenge gets this rating, don't bother trying it because it's 
obviously boring and easy.

2.5 to 4.8- This is a little tougher, but don't expect anything extreme. If you want 
to try it, you have free will. I recommend trying something a little harder though.

4.9 to 6.3- It's tough, so I would definately give it a couple of shots. It will not 
be crazy though, but it might take a couple tries.

6.4 to 8.8- These are the challenges people live and die for. They can sometimes 
take 30 minutes of play just to get it. You should definately try it, because I did.

8.9 to 10.0- Ok, here's the real deal. If you can do this, you've gotta be able to 
beat Ledgendary Campiagn in less than 10 hours. You're a real champ if you do over 

                            Table of Contents

1.1- The Pillar of Autumn
1.2- Halo
1.3- Truth and Reconciliation
1.4- The Silent Cartographer
1.5- Assault on the Control Room
1.6- 343 Guilty Spark
1.7- The Library
1.8- Two Betrayals
1.9- Keyes
1.10- The Maw

2.1- Contact
2.2- Submitting challenges

1.1- The Pillar of Autumn

The first level of the game has these challenge in it:

Invincable Marines(4.8) If you get the Pistol and go to Captain Keyes or any crew 
member and kill them, Cortana will call in Marines to execute you. They for some 
reason never die and there is nothing you can do about them.  The Invincable Marine 
trick is always fun, and you can do it in any of these ways:
1. Melee them so you don't waste any ammo.
2. (CO-OP) Fight to see who lives longest
3. Try to get them to run away.
4. Force them into the pit
5. Hide in the pit for 30-45 minutes.

All of these are possible, after fighting for about 45 minutes, the Marines will run 
away, but there's nothing you can do to get out of the room.

Three Guns(Posted by Devil Master)(4.6) :Enter the bridge from the left side 
and talk to Keyes. Skip the conversation. As Keyes is giving you the pistol, keep 
turning the right analog stick to the right. When you can move, turn around and go 
to the left. Run as fast as you can and when you emerge in the hallway, you should 
not get out the pistol and the three grunts won't be there. Get the assault rifle 
and help the Marines in the cafeteria. Get a Plasma Rifle and then walk back onto 
the bridge on the right side. The checkpoint that is normally where you take out the 
pistol will apear. Run back the way you came and the pistol and the grunts will 

The Dreaded Megg(9.9) THE hardest Easter Egg has been known about forever ago, but 
now it's whereabouts have been spilled, and are now in my hands. Mwahaha, lol. The 
Megg is an M surrounded in a bloody heart. Down to the point, here is the wonder, 
the glory that is the Megg: Select Campaign from the main screen and play Pillar of 
Autumn on Legendary. Once you get cryotube, turn around and hop on top of it. Jump 
off to your right ontop of the shield generator. From there, hop on the grated 
walkway and turn right. Run to the wall and touch it. Now turn around and run and 
touch the wall on the opposite side of the walkway. Then jump to left on top of the 
yellow-striped barrel. Jump back on the walkway and run back and touch the wall 
above the doorway. Then walk off to the right and go through the door. Continue 
through the level as normal, until you reach the Australian marine that tells you to 
follow him. Make sure you jump over him and make him follow you. Once you reach the 
bridge, dodge Captian Keyes, and the cutscene, and fall into the glass pit behind 
the space grid. Go up the ladder, but make sure the caption appears, the one that 
tells you how to go up ladders. Now go talk to Captian Keyes. Go get your pistol, 
shoot the three grunts, and get your assault rifle from the cafeteria door. Reload 
the rifle and turn around and run back the bridge. From here you can either... shoot 
Captian Keyes, melee him or melee one of the standing crewmen. Cortana will order 
the invincible marines to come kill you. Run to the door from which they come (the 
door on the right path, not the left path that leads to the cafeteria). Take out 
your assault rifle and blast the marines as the doors open (try to hit every marine, 
so they don't come charging). When you run out of ammo, go and reload in the room 
that connects the paths (make sure you hide behind a part of the wall or something). 
After reloading, run back and lay down fire on the marines and work your way through 
the hallway. The door at the end of the hallway should now be open. Run through (the 
marines should'nt follow you any further) and walk into the end room. Look up as you 
enter this secret room and you should see a bloody 'M' shot onto the ceiling. Turn 
on you flashlight to see it better.
Just for a little history lesson, the word Megg is a cross between Egg and Meg. Meg 
is the name of the girlfriend of one the creators of Halo.
You can find pix of the Megg at along with many other Easter Egg's pix.

1.2- Halo

Killing the first set of Covenant(2.3) This is extremely easy, but here it is. Once 
you are at the beginning of the level, you will have to hide from the Covenant and 
evade them. Actually sneak up on them without being seen or heard.

Never getting hit(9.7) This challenge is so hard, it's not funny. You can do this in 
CO-OP or Campaign, but it doesn't matter. Any weapon or grenade is allowed to be 
used, so you can actually do this. The point of this challenge is to never get shot 
at by the Covenant and hit. If you are, restart the level or just finish it. You can 
also do this in other levels(same difficulty). If you do this in all levels combine
(10.0) than you might be as good as me. It's possible to never get shot at in Halo 
and I've done it after 30 hours total play including losing my progress in levels 
and dying.

The London Elite is falling down!(Posted by Devil Master)(2.3) Get the second 
Banshee's driver to bail out and fall.Shoot down the first Banshee with the M6D 
Handgun, then turn and aim, just aim, at the second banshee. If the pilot of the 
first one flew over the cliff, the second pilot sometimes bails out and dies, while 
the Banshee lands intact somewhere in the area. Very sad note:you cannot fly the the 
Banshee because Bungie said it would screw up the level design and the overall game 
too much.

1.3- Truth and Reconciliation

Convertly killing Covenant(6.7) This challenge isn't too bad, but it's easily 
possible. Without being spotted or shot at, kill all of the Covenant in the first 
canyon you come to. They will yell funny stuff and you won't risk any damage.

No Marines will die!(7.7) This is tough to do but possible. Go through the entire 
level without one Marine dying. Make sure none die and if they do, you must restart 
the level. This is extremely hard, but if you get in front of them it's possible. It 
doesn't matter if the ones that ditch at that control area die, because the 
Invisible Elites with Plasma Swords kill them all and you can't control that. I 
recommend this challenge along with many others. Have fun!

Snipers Only!(Posted by Devil Master)(8.5) Kill every enemy on Legendary with the 
Sniper Rifle, without the Marines killing anbody. No grenades. A word of Advice: 
kill all the Marines in the beginning, at the Grav lift, and when Foehammer brings 
reinforcements in the Shuttle Bay. 

1.4- The Silent Cartographer  I already can guarantee that I'll miss something for 
this level because there's so much fun in it!

Hidden Banshee(9.9) I've been told recently that the information here was very 
vague. Actually, this is possibly the most pointless thing to find in the game 
because once you find the Banshee, you can die by doing either of these:
(A) Flying straight up
(B)Getting out when the Banshee is moving THE slightest bit
I will tell you all I remember about the Hidden Banshee, but I haven't done this 
trick in a while, so it might still be vague. Get the Rocket Launcher and bring the 
3 Warthogs up to the Security Override System's outter area. This is the way most 
commonly done. Stack the 3 Warthogs to make a pyramid(I'll have to find the certain 
place, but i think I know where it is) near the wall on the left side of the 
structure. Jump onto the top Warthog and jump from ledge to ledge. You will 
eventually reach the highest point of the level. In the distance is the Banshee, 
ehich many people say to me they can't find. Scope?? Yep, you heard me, use the 
Rockets Launchers scope and navigate the area, searching as closely as you can. Oh 
wait, did I say you'll see the Banshee? Sorry, I meant that you'll see a turret, 
which you shoot into the water with a rocket. Behind where that was located is a 
Banshee, which you can access. Have fun with it! 

Water Fights!(0.2) I dunno why I called this a challenge, but it's fun nonetheless. 
All you have to do is get a friend to play CO-OP(that's the hardest part of this, 
lol) and get the first Warthog. Drive out to the water and start slaughtering each 
other. It's really fun and if you do it once someone has the Rocket Launcher, things 
really become fun!

The many corpes od Master Chief(0.1) This is definately a riot. You don't need a 
partner, but go to CO-OP and selct any level (I only did it on this level, but it 
works on any level too). Basically, have one partner start killing the other Master 
Chief again and again in the same spot for about 30 minutes. After you're done, look 
on the ground and see the hundreds and thousands of dead Master Chiefs.

No bullets or grenades!(9.6) Ok, now it's tough. Go through the level without 
wasting one bullet on Ledgendary. You can either run over enemies or melee them, but 
nothing else is accepted. If you manage to do this, you're a really good Halo 
player. Most people always get to the part with the Gold Elite wielding the Plasma 
Sword, but it's possible to sneak up on him and melee him in the back unexpectadly!

On top of structure(5.3) This is an easy challenge, but you have some work to do to 
get where you need to be. When you go to the area with a Warthog, a fallen tree, 
alot of Jackals, and some Grunts, you'll know that this is the area where you 
deactivate the security override system. Get the Warthog and have your partner sit 
in the gunner seat. Try to ram the Warthog through the tree at the top of the hill 
and kill the enemies around here. Go past this and you will see a structure guarded 
by two Hunters. Kill them and park the Warthog next to the structure. Have the 
driver get out and step on the gunner. Have him point the gun up towards the top and 
stand on it while he does that. Jump onto the platform and do whatever you wish to 
do up there.

Warthog Fireworks(1.6) Go to CO-OP and play through the level, clearing EVERY enemy 
on the island. Collect some grenades and get a Warthog. Have 1 person mele the other 
in the back so he drops his grenades. Do to the other person the same thing and 
collect grenades again. Continue until there are about 40 grenades in 1 big pile and 
have 1 person collect a single grenade. Have the other person get in or on top of 
the Warthog with the Warthog directly above the grenade pile. Have the person with 
the grenade throw a grenade into the pile and under the Warthog. Watch as the person 
in the Warthog goes flying(literally) hundreds of feet into either the water or 
straight up in the air. It's so funny to watch.

1.5- Assault on the Control Room

Wraith flipping(6.0) Get a Warthog and go towards the nearest Wraith tank. Ram 
straight into it and hopefully it will flip over and be helpless on the ground. This 
can also be done on Two Betrayals. You might also hear the Elite using the Wraith 
yell some stuff helplessly.

Covenant tree(5.5) The Covenant tree is odd and is only seen once. Once you get the 
early Banshee(see below), you can go up on top of that cave area, kill thw wraith, 
and see the Covenant tree. If you can't get the early Banshee, it's not a problem. 
You can run up to the right side of the cave and jump on the rock. Then you have to 
follow a certain path, take out the Wraith, and there is the tree. it is located at 
the middle back of the plateau. It is 6 feet above the ground and you can wak under 
it. I thought it was funny seeing a tree that is satnding upright and is 6 feet off 
the ground.

Early Banshee(8.9) The Early Banshee trick is very tough and you need to know where 
you are and have PERFECT aim. When you first meet the Marines, get the Sniper Rifle 
and Rocket Launcher. Get a Ghost or something to transport you to the next area. 
Then, either stay n the vehicle you have or get the Scorpion tank and drive through 
the cave until you reach the area with several Ghosts, a Wraith, and some other 
stuff. Get out and don't pass the ice the Wraith was on. Have your Sniper Rifle out 
and look for the platform that is on the left in the sky. Point the Sniper towards 
the middle and switch to the Rocket Launcher. If you directly hit the Banshee, it 
sometimes falls off the platform and you can drive it.

Late Banshee(4.1) Everybody knows about this. Once it says 'If I Had A Super 
Weapon...' rush out of the door onto the bridge. Go towards the Banshee and kill the 
Elite that tries to get in. Jump in it and fly over to the left where you can get to 
the top of the pyramid structure and beat the level.

Assault Rifle naming game(3.7) As you know, the assault Rifle, when shot into 
somethng closeby, makes a black indent. I've only tried it on Assault on the Control 
Room, but this can be done on any level. All you have to do is shoot directly at the 
ground below you and write your name or any name you ca think of. It wastes bullets, 
but is funny to see. See if you can do this perfectly without 1 mistake. Have fun, 
because it's fun, also.  :)

Covenant Traitors(Posted by Devil Master)(4.2) Keep crossing the loading point 
before the first land bridge on CO-OP. Once you get onto the bridge, the Red Elite 
on the second floor is killing the Grunts and Jackals(poor little critters, lol) 
Then, he kills the Golden Elite at the end of the bridge. The Red Elite sometimes 
follws you until you get to the 'Rolling Thunder' part, where a Hunter smacks him 
off the cavern cliff. Done easiest on Easy(doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure 
that one out!).

Not a Chance!(Posted by Devil Master)(6.3) In the room with the two Hunters 
before "If I had A Superweapon...". Don't get the active camouflage in the previous 
hallway with the cloaked elites. Kill the Hunters and go back to the camouflage. Run 
to the Hallway. Note: Before getting the camouflage, kill the Jackals and Grunts in 
the hallway before the land bridge so you don't waste the camouflage. Run onto the 
land bridge but don't shoot or smack anybody. Run to the Banshee. For some reason, 
the pilot still runs for the Bansheee, so hoof it. Once inside the Banshee, the 
camouflage will deactivate, even if there is still time left. Destroy the Wraith and 
go into the small creavice at the bottom of the pyramid and pick up a sniper rifle. 
Get back in the Banshee and fly to a platform very high up that looks like the one 
that had the early Banshee on it. Jump on the railing and you have a perfect view of 
the bridge. try to kill all the enemies with one shot and don't miss. Done on Easy, 
Normal and Legendary. Hasn't been tried yet on Heroic, though.

1.6- 343 Guilty Spark

Shortcut with grenades(1.2) Timing is sometimes a key, but it's extremely easy and 
only wastes one grenade. Once you are about to land, start pressing the Left trigger 
to throw a grenade and stay in the Pelican. You will be dropped off at a secret area 
that is right above a structure you will enter.

Flood killed without ammo(6.7) In the area 'The Flood' when you will meet up with 
tons of Flood Infection Forms, try to kill all of the Flood hat come out without 
wasting a bullet or grenade. Melee attacks are all you can use, so it's very hard. 
Although it's possible, you will sometimes lose alot of health if not die. I've 
managed not to lose one health point, but it's hard.

1.7- The Library

Flood killer professional(10.0) This is near impossible and took me forever to do. 
You can always use Health Packs, so that is recommended. You have to get the Flood 
to die in anyway besides ammo or grenades. You can melee attack enemies, or you can 
run up to the Flood Carrier Forms and run away so they explode, another way is to 
let the Infection Forms attack you, so do as you wish on this.

Pistol master(8.8) Only using the Pistol throughout the whole level, kill all Flood 
you encounter using the Pistol. No grenades are allowed, so just find ammo as you 
go. If you run out of ammo, do the Flood killer professional thing said before. Have 
fun, it's hard.

1.8- Two Betrayals

Banshee fights(0.2) CO-OP is where you will do this. Ok, you need to get Banshees 
and basically chase each other around killing each other. Hitting your friends with 
a well-placed fuel rod shot is so much fun then having the old-fashion Banshee chase.

Ghost through the Blast Door(2.1) When you get to the part called "The Tunnels 
Below", go through the cavern on foot. Keep the banshhe closeby so you can access it 
later. Kill all enemies before grabbing the Ghost, but instead get the banshee 
because it's probebly at the beginning of the cavern and is a farther walk. Bring 
both the Ghost and Banshee to the door that doesn't open all the way. Back the Ghost 
into the open section of the door so the back is in but the front isn't. Ram it 
through the door with the Banshee and drive around there. Those fools at Bungie say 
there's no possible way to get through there, ha! (NOTE: Iwas kidding about Bungie 
being fools, I appreciate them for the marvelous game they created and are creating 
as we speak.)

No Enemies at Final Run(3.4) A very easy challenge that people think is extremely 
hard. Do what is said above and go through the level until you reach the "Final Run" 
area. Using the Ghost, drive past all enemies in this canyon(has 2 Shades, 2 Ghosts, 
and a Banshee in the air) Drive through the next area where there are supposed to be 
Covenant and Flood, which aren't there. Anyway, hop the cliff with the Ghost and 
you'll be in the canyon usually containing several enemies and the banshee you need, 
but noone's there. Apparently, they haven't spawned yet, but nothing can be done 
here, so go back and fight the enemies and they will spawn like normal.

1.9- Keyes

Endless Flood(9.2) When at the beginning of the level, you are supposed to jump down 
to the swampy area outside the ship. Don't do that. Instead, fight the endles Flood 
that come and see how long you can live. I've stayed alive for 1 hour, 30 minutes, 
and 43 seconds as said by the stopwatch I set up. lol

No Banshee on ground(2.4) This is a great shortcut and level slicer. Once you find 
out the Captian isn't on your side anymore, go through that door onto the platform. 
You'll be on the top floor and can see the bottom floor way below. If you've played 
this level, you'll know what I'm talking about. Jump down onto the second floor of 
the shuttle bay and then to the bottom floor. There are usually Banshees that appear 
there, but they're not there. You'll have to wait a couple seconds until they 
appear. Get in them and fly away to finish the level.

Keyes pipe(5.7) Here's an Easter Egg for you. Keyes pipe shows up only with the 
Sniper Rifle, so get that and bring it along throughout the whole level until you 
find the Captain in the Flood cocoon thing. Go behind the Captain and look at the 
tail thing sticking out. Zoom in 10x with the Sniper and it's a clear view. I don't 
know if it shows up better with the night vision, but you can probebly find out when 
doing this challenge.

1.10- The Maw

Warthog races(0.1) This is the most fun ever! You need to do CO-OP and get to the 
Warthogs at the end. All you need to do is get in opposite Warthogs and just drive 
to the end to see who wins. I beat all of my friends usually 1:03 to 4:36 around. 
Either way, it's fun to run into each other and knock each other off the roadway. 
It's also fun to shoot at each other at the end.

Talking Grunt(2.2) The talking Grunt is funny and easy to find. After Foehammer is 
shot down, go through the level until you get to somewhere around 914 meters. Get 
out of the Warthog and go through the closest path on the right wall. Go through 
there and to the right in the first path you see, instead of going straight. Your 
targeting thing will become red, but you're not being shot at. Instead, a Grunt will 
wake up and say "Good thing the food nipple's waiting for me at the Starship because 
man!, I worked up a great Grunty thirst."

Sentenals won't hit you!(9.0) This challenge is very hard, but it's basically like 
the one where you're not allowed to be shot at. In the Engineering room, your 
supposed to destroy those things and you'll be shot at by Sentenals(5-10 usually). 
Avoid being shot at through that and you'll complete this. In CO-OP, they don't 
appear if one player doesn't pass the load point at "Light Fuse, Run Away" nor do 
the Flood Combat Forms, which is always nice. Apparently, someone didn't like the 
fact that I didn't say this part so I'm changing it and putting it in here.

On the ground(9.9) This one is tough and takes time to do. You need to do CO-OP and 
then it's possible. Have one person go out of the tunnel and back in to trip a 
checkpoint. Then, look outside and time this right. If done correctly, the first 
player jumps onto a Sentenal and a split second later the second player jumps onto 
the other Sentenal. The first player falls and the second player jumps on him. The 
second player will land having red health, so he will spawn and you can run around 
doing whatever you please.

The Rex(8.9) A tough little Easter Egg, but nowhere near as hard as the Megg. This 
is found deep into the level, it's at the part where you have to clear the BIG gap. 
Instead, I think you turn to the right about 15 degrees and you will probebly land 
on an island. There is a door here, so go through and turn on your flashlight. Look 
at the wall and you will notice blood splattered there. If you're smart enough to 
notice, the blood spells out Rex, which I think is one of Bungie's employee's 

2.1- Contact- To contact me about my guide, whether it's a comment or something 
other than rude mail and such, Email me or IM me at [email protected]    Or you can 
do what is said in 2.2

2.2- Submitting challenges- Simple, Email me or IM me at [email protected] and I will 
read your challenge. First, you have to have completed the challenge and then I will 
have to successfully complete them too. Once I complete them, I will post them with 
a rating I think is appropriate. 


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