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I'm sorry if this really stinks, This is my first faq without
the system/game available.

Attack names:
Kururugi- Battle, Raging Flame, Chaotic Flame, Grieving Flame,
Blue Sky Calamity, Miracle of light(girl), Light of Judgement(boy),
Great River Offering, Great River Blessing. (There's more of the
Kururugi, but I forget)

InuYasha- Battle, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Blades of Blood, 
Robe of the Fire Rat, Wrath of Tetsusaiga Swing, Wind Scar, 
Backlash Wave, Wind Scar Barrage, Ultimate Backlash Wave.

Kagome- Battle, Bandage, Arrow of Sealing, Aimed Shot, 
First Aid Box, Rapid Fire, Cheer, Arrow of Purification,
Mighty Arrow.

Shippo- Battle, Fire Bombs, Fox Fire Defense, Fox Fire Attack, 
Concentration, Mushroom Illusion, Wheel Of Fire, Flee,
Smashing Top.

Sango- Battle, Hidden Weapon Attack, Hiraikotsu(giant boomerang),
Chain Attack, Poisen Powder, Mega Hiraikotsu Strike, 
True Hiraikotsu Strike. (There are more Sango attacks, But I 
forget them)

Miroku- Battle, Spiritual Blessing, Spiritual Vision, 
Spiritual Power, Wind Tunnel, Furious Wind Tunnel. (There
are more Miroku attacks, but I forget them)

Sesshoumaru- Battle, Poisen Claws, Jaken, Tenseiga, Tokijin 
(Not very many attacks, because he only protects you while lost
in Naraku's Castle) 

Co-op attacks:
Double Sword Attack Tactic
Double Attack Tactic
Double Destruction Tactic
(All attacks mixed with combination of character attacks)

Good- I wouldn't neccesarily call this good, but sometimes when
you play the boy, InuYasha and Company call you a girl or she.

If you do run or use Shippo's flee tactic, use it sparingly,
or when absolutely neccessary, because it could cause the whole
screen to black out, and you hace to reset the system. BAD!!
You could lose all your data.

By: inuyashafan81092
Please, if you copy this, make sure you give me credit! Cause I 

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