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~~Camon Valdez~~
   Alrighty, this little document is going to tell you how to kill every enemy in 
the game on legendary with the least amount of effort. I will tell you exactly how 
many shots it takes from the 2 best weapons to use on every enemy. So enjoy. This 
guide is written assuming that you don't have a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher on 
the game because they destroy everything with one shot or a head shot. (Sniper rifle 
has no effect on the flood on legendary except for the infection forms.)

Section 1 .................................Grunts
Section 2 .................................Jackals
Section 3 ................................. Elites
Section 4 .................................Hunters
Section 5.................................. Flood infection forms
Section 6.................................. Flood Cambat froms
Section 7.................................. Flood Carrier Forms

Section 1

   Well basically any weapon will kill the grunts, even on legendary.The grunts are 
the guys that run around screaming for their lives when you kill off one of their 
own. They are short and cowardly but they can mess you up pretty good on legendary 
so watch yourself. The best two weapons to use against the grunts are the pistol and 
the plasma rifle. 1 Headshot will do it from the pistol and rapidly firing about 5 
shots will do it from the plasma rifle. If you have a needler and you are 
approaching a group of grunts, strafe from side to side and empty an entire clip. 
You don't have to be accurate because it homes in on the nearest target. Hopefully 
when the little needles explode all the grunts will be dead. It takes about 8 normal 
shots to kill one grunt on legendary. Of course a sniper rifle is one shot to the 
head and two to the body and a rocket launcher is quite the overkill.

Section 2 
   Jackals are the guys with sheilds and they are just plain annoying. The best two 
weaopns are the pistol and the plasma pistol. A head shot with the pistol will kill 
them but otherwise about four shots to the body should do it. For the plasma pistol, 
one charge up shot takes their sheild, and another one will kill them. If you have a 
needler you may get by their sheilds by strafing and rapidly firing. 

Section 3
    Elites are like the hardest dudes to defeat on legendary.They are tall and have 
sheilds that are like 4 times as effective as your own. The best weapons are the 
pistol and the plasma rifle. Zoom in with the pistol, and 6 head shots will kill 
them. Charge with the plasma rifle and around 23 shots should kill them. If you have 
a plasma pistol, give them a charge up shot and then run at them firing like crazy 
and about 11 shots should kill them as long as their sheild is down.

Section 4 
    Hunters are by far the easiest enemies on the game besides the Flood infection 
forms.Hunters are huge, blue, and highly powerful. One shot in the back or Stomach, 
or anywhere that is orange, will kill them, and if you have a needler, empty one 
clip and it should do them. Just make sure that most of it hits the orange flesh 
that is exposed through their armor.

Section 5 
    Flood infection forms are the little guys that jump at you and then die when 
they touch you. The best weapon to use on them is nothing. Just let them hit you and 
they die. But if they are coming in a pack of like 50, then the assault rifle is 
definately best, one hit kill of course. 

Section 6 
   Flood combat forms are unfortunate people who have had their corpses inhabited by 
the flood infection forms. They look like decayed humans. Anyway the best weapon 
here is the shotgun. One hit kills all. The second best weapon is the Plasma rifle. 
A Rapidly fired 8-10 shots should do the trick here. Don't even try to fight them 
with the needler at close range. If you have a needler charge at them from a 
distance and strafe while emptying your ammo. I don't recommend the needler for 
combatting the flood though, unless at a distance.

Section 7 
   The flood carrier forms are the fat dudes that walk towards you and fall down 
before self destructing to unleash a few infection forms. Exactly 2 shots from the 
pistol,and one shot from the shotgun will kill them. If you get surrounded, you're 

   Thank you for reading my document. I enjoyed making it, I hope you enjoyed 
reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. Nobody contributed to the making of this 
document and therefore nobody is listed for it. However, I would like to thank my 
Cousin RJ for helping me beat the Library, and Keyes on Legendary. RJ is really good 
at Halo too so i couldn't have done it without him. The great people at can do whatever they want to with this document as long as I am 
listed as the author.If you have any questions at all whatsoever about any of the 
info contained in this document, e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you. Now go 
outside and get some fresh air, you've been at your computer too long if you read 
all this. No, really, stop reading now and go do something.Are you still reading 
this? Ok, at least go beat Halo now... That's why I typed this whole thing for 
goodness sakes. 

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