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Songs of the Ocarina
For Majora’s Mask 

I.		About this FAQ
II.		How to get the Ocarina
III.		The Songs
IV.		Secret Songs
V.		Questions and answers

I.         About this FAQ

If you just started the game or you’re stuck in a side quest not knowing were in 
the world to go to learn a song to open a dungeon. Then this is the right place 
to be. This FAQ will explain how to get the very helpful Ocarina and were and how 
to learn the songs you need to advance further in the game. This is my first FAQ 
ever and it is made out of my own playing experience. If you see something I left 
out or a question not answered here, my e-mail address is 
[email protected], my name is Devin Pitts. You may not copy this FAQ 
without my permission. 





FAQ version 1.0



         How to get the Ocarina


In this sequel to the Ocarina of Time, Link is on a journey to find his fairy 
Navi (don’t ask me how she got away cause I haven’t played Ocarina of Time, but I 
did order it so I should be able to tell you when I update this faq). On the way 
an imp wearing a strange mask ambushes him. He steals Link’s horse and ocarina. 
Then turns Link into a deku scrub. Now this complicates things a little bit. By 
now you should have control of Deku Link. Keep on traveling until you get to a 
man with a lot of masks on his pack (I heard he is the happy mask shop owner in 
OOT). He will tell you that a mask called

Majora’s Mask was stolen from him. He will make you an offer that if you retrieve 
the precious item that was stolen from you (he means the Ocarina) and Majora’s 
Mask he will turn you back into the Link we all know and love. So what you need 
to do is go through those big doors your dying to know about. You are then in 
what they call Clock Town. Now go up to the north area and cut some bushes until 
you have 5-10 rupees. Buy a map from that guy in green. Then go up a walkway to a 
cave. You will see lots of odd-looking fairies. 

They will ask you to find the lost fairy that’s some were in Clock Town.  Now if 
it is still dawn then the fairy will be at the Laundry Pool. If it’s night then 
it will be at East Clock Town above a deku flower. 

After you catch the missing fairy go back to the Fairy Fountain and they will 
give you the ability to blow bubbles. Now it may not sound like blowing bubbles 
will help you in your quest, It will be one of the reasons why you beat the 
game.  Now go outside and pop that balloon the little kid will be trying to shoot 
for three days. He will ask if you want to be in the bomber’s club.

 Say yes and complete his challenge. You will then be given the secret code to 
there hideout. Go to East Clock Town and tell the code to the kid guarding the 
hideout. Go forward and make sure not to drown in the water. Keep going and walk 
around that spider to see another balloon you get to pop! Go up the ladder and up 
the rainbow stairs and talk to the guy looking in the telescope. Look in the 
telescope and zoom in on top of the clock. That imp who robbed you is the kid 
that is on top of the clock! He has the Majora’s Mask too! Your angry at that kid 
now, but then you see that he was making the moon fall to destroy the entire 
world! Now you’re not mad at the kid any more, NOW YOU HATE HIM! A rare moon tear 
is falling from the moon. Go outside and pick it up. Then go to that yellow deku 
flower in South Clock Town and trade the deku your moon tear for the flower. 

Then wait until the third day (you can dance with the scarecrow in the hideout to 
make time go by more quickly). Right before midnight on the third day, use your 
yellow flower to get the heart piece on the clock platform. Wait there until 
midnight, and then go up the stairs after the fireworks. You will then see that 
kid you’ve been wanting to beat up. All you need to do is blow a bubble at that 
kid. He will drop the Ocarina, run as fast as you can and find it. 

Link will have a flashback of Princess Zelda giving him the Ocarina and teaching 
him the Song of Time. Repeat the melody, when you have control of Link again, 
play the Song of Time to go back to the first day. Game Over? No way! You just 
started! Go back to that mask guy and give him your Ocarina. Repeat what he plays 
on the organ to turn back to regular Link. You now have your Ocarina back and you 
just started you adventure.


                                                    .  .


         The Songs


These are the songs that you will learn in order from the first one you learn to 
the last. You can’t play these at any time. Link must learn them first.




 Name:  Song of Time:  C-right, A, C-down, C-right, A, C-down


  What it does: Takes you back to the first day


How you learn it: Like I described in section 1, you learn the song by getting 

     Ocarina of Time.




Name: Song of Healing:  C-left, C-right, C-down, C-left, C-right, C-down


 What it does: Lot’s of things. It is very helpful for getting masks and helping 

                                       that are sad or under curses.


How you learn it: It is the song that you learn when you are turned into regular 

     (described in section one).





     Name: Sonata of Awakening: C-up, C-left, C-up, C-left, A, C-right, A


 What it does: Gives you a way into the first temple and let’s you awake the 


Were you learn it:  A monkey that is falsely accused of kid knapping the Deku 

                               will teach you this song. He is tied to a pole in 
the Deku Palace.




                 Name:   Song of Soaring: C-down, C-left, C-up, C-down, C-left, C-


       What it does: If you struck the owl statue with your sword in Clock Town 
or at                      

                              any other place, you can teleport to the location 
of the statue.


How you learn it:  Right before entering the entrance to the first dungeon.





                    Name:  Oath to Order:  C-right, C-down, A, C-down, C-right, C-


         What it does: It let’s you call on the four giants that you help in each 
dungeon. They    

                                temporally stop the moon from falling in the 
final battle against   

                                Marjora’s Mask. 


 How you learn it: After defeating the first dungeon boss.






                   Name:   Goron Lullaby: A, C-right, C-left, A, C-right, C-left, 
C-right, A


        What it does:  It makes the crying baby in Goron Hall stop crying. It 
also makes the  

       giant sneezing goron fall to sleep, allowing you access to the second     



How you learn it: Get some warm water and go to the part in Snowy Mountain with 

bridges and wolfs.  Go across the first bridge and jump off to the left.     As 
Goron Link, smash the giant snowballs (the snowball were your fairy turns green 
is the one you need to smash) then pour the warm water on the goron frozen in the 





            Name:   Epona’s Song:  C-up, C-left, C-right, C-up, C-left, C-right


 What it does: It let’s you call Epona to come to you.  He will come almost 

                                you call him from.


How you learn it: First you must have fire arrows. Go to the place were you got 
the Lens 

     of Truth. Facing the invisible blocks, look to your left and you will see 

     frozen entrance. shoot your fire arrows at the ice and go inside.  Pass     

     the test to be qualified to carry Powder Kegs. Go to Milk Road at dawn   

    of the first day and place the powder keg next to the boulder. Go  

    through the cleared road after blasting away the boulder. After entering 

    Romani Ranch, go talk to the little girl shooting a bow.  Complete the 

    test she gives you and you will learn Epona’s Song. 







                 Name:   New Wave Bossa Nova: C-left, C-up, C-left, C-right, C-

                                                                       C-left, C-


      What it does: It call upon the turtle that takes you to the third dungeon. 
You have to 

    be at Zora Cape and a Zora when you play this song.


How you learn it: You need to find all seven zora eggs and give them to that guy 
in the 

       fish tank place.






     Name:  Song of Storms: A, C-down, C-up, A, C-down, C-up


      What it does:  No matter were you are (even inside), playing this song 
causes a      

     rainstorm to fall. This is extremely useful when planting magic beans.


How you learn it: Go to the graveyard in Ikana Canyon and awake the giant 
skeleton by 

playing the Sonata of Awaking. Defeat him and get the Captain’s Hat.    Wait 
until night and to the gravestones. While wearing your captain’s hat tell the 
skeletons to dig up the grave. Jump into the hole and go right. Light the torches 
to advance to the next room. Defeat the Iron Knuckle to learn the Song of Storms.





           Name:   Elegy of Emptiness: C-right, C-left, C-right, C-down, C-right, 



      What it does: It let’s you create a statue of you. However, you are limited 
to one   

    statue of 

     each Link character. For instance, you can only have one statue of 

     Zora Link. If you create another Zora statue, the old one will 

     This is very useful if you have to step on more than one switch to open    

     something like a gate or a door.                          


How you learn it: You learn by defeating the Ikana King in Ikana Castle.







                 Name:  Scare Crow’s Song:  (You make your own)!


      What it does: It let’s call the scarecrow you saw in the observatory. He 
won’t always     

     appear. After you go back in time you forget it.


How you learn it: Just stand next to the scarecrow and take out your ocarina.



                                                  .   .   . 


  IV.       Secret Songs     


These are the songs that Link will not be told in his adventure, and I have some 
secret songs that will be very helpful to you in your quest.





            Name:   Inverted Song of Time:  C-down, A, C-right, C-down, A, C-right


 What it does: By playing the Song of Time backwards, you can slow down time and 

still move around as fast as normal. Play this song again to return time    back 
to normal. 






Name:  Song of Double Time:  C-right, C-right, A, A, C-down, C-down


 What it does:  By playing the first three notes in the Song of Time twice you 

advance half a day forward in time.  








                  Well, I just finished my fist FAQ. Just to let you know, DO NOT 
copy this     

                  FAQ without my permission. If you want to copy this FAQ

                   e-mail at [email protected] .

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