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contents . . . 
1.about the author 
2.sonic's missions 
3.unlockable characters 
4.connectable version 
1.about the author 
Hello my name is Kyle and this is my first walkthrough sooo i hope you like it. Oh 
ya when i do these --> -------- i know that they are not equal. You didn't think i 
was THAT dumb . . . . did you?¿  
Emerald Coast Story : 
Sonic's adventure begins in the Station Square part of the Emerald Coast. During a 
rooftop patrol sonic spots some police trying to take down a strange creature. When 
he steps in to help, Sonic unwittingly meets up with Dr. Eggman's latest project 
the watery Chaos 0.  
Scene 1. Boss 1: CHAOS 0 
Dr. Eggman's latest "pet" project-the watery Chaos 0 has only one weak spot and 
that is his brain. When "it" is in Humaniod form execute a homing attack on its 
brain. The foe will liquefy then recompose itself. note: strite its brain before it 
has time to deliver damage on you and don't collect all the rings at once cause if 
you do and you get hit you will lose all you rings.(that is not good)(you knew THAT 
Scene 2: Come to Tails Rescue on the Emerald Coast 
After you defeat Chaos 0 Tails will crash-land his air plane The Tornado and you 
will have to find the fox. To stay en-route to finding Tails you must go to(or 
find) the pool side, explore around there and eventually reach a brigde and when 
you start running a Killer-Whale will show up.(no i really do mean KILLER)(He looks 
like the whale from Free-Willy even though i never seen that movie . . . . dont all 
Killer-Whales look alike? . . . . Me thinks they all look alike)When you are 
running from the whale be sure to hit boost-pads and use the speed to run through 
the loops and soar great distances. As you collect rings watch out for the spiked 
gates that fall, and exploit  jump-pads to defy gravity in several different ways
(some good, some bad) 
Scene 3: Commute to the Mystic Ruins 
Tails asks you to meet him at his workshop in the Mystic Ruins area. To reach the 
distant region, leave the hotel and catch a train next door at the train station. 
After you reach the Mystic Ruins, run up the domed structure on the hill near the 
water. You'll meet Tails and Dr. Eggman (poo him) 
Scene 4. Boss 2: EGG HORNET 
After you reach Tails' lab, Eggman will desend in his missle-spewing vehicle. When 
he aims the Egg Hornet at you run out of the way.(duh!) His vechicle will get stuck 
in the ground. Your turn now . .  deliver a homing attack to whip this flying 
Scene 5: Tap into the Power of the Wind Stone 
After you kick Eggman's butt, he will steal Tails' Chaos Emerald and feed it to the 
Chaos Creature. You'll need to reach the next gem before the creature does. Grab 
the Wind Stone outside Tails' lab and fit it into the pedastal in the cave near the 
waterfall to open a path onward.
Stage 2. Windy Valley.Story:
During the most turbulent part of Windy Valley, you'll travel through the vortex of 
a torando as you speed through the level snag its Chaos Emerald, then enter a 
manhole in the Station Square to pick up the Light Speed Shoes. 
Scene7-8 Grab the Light Speed Shoes and the Crystal Ring 
Enter the manhole to claim the Light Speed Shoes which let you travel across ring-
paths. Cross the pathway on the hotel's second floor to reach the Crystal Ring. It 
boosts the shoes power.( the reason i left out scene 6 is because it is pretty 
easy, all you have to do is get trapped in the tornado and navigate to the 
platforms on the top and escape. When you are in the tornado direct yourself toward 
a legde before the wind goes out.) 
Stage 3. Casinopolis story  
You can reach the casino plaza from the hotel lobby. Use the Nearby button 
toactivate the ring-pathway the use a Light Speed Attack to race through the rings 
and hit the button that opens the Casinopolis doors. 
Scene 9: Luck Out to Reach the Emerald 
The next Chaos Emerald is on the back ebd of the ring vault. Win 400 rings by 
playing Casinopolis games then deposit the rings into the vault to create a huge 
ring pile. Climb the pole to reach the gem. 
Scene 10: The Ice Stone 
You will nedd the Ice Stone to reach the next Chaos Emerald in Mystic Ruins. Find 
it in Casinopolis' alley. 
Stage 4. Icecap Story: 
To break in the Icecap area, Carry the ice stone to the cave across from the Mystic 
Ruins train station. After you gain Icecap's Chaos Emerald leave the cave and 
approach  the waterfall-fed lake to fight Knuckles then the pumped up Chaos 
creature but first: 
Scene 11: Chilly Quest for an Emerald 
You'll depend less on spiining and dashing than careful navigation in Icecap. To 
leap between icicles, climb one buck your back to next icicle then jump. After that 
you can snowboard through the valley to reach the next Emerald. 
Scene 12. Boss 3: CHAOS 4 
After you pummel Knuckles with a few homing attacks, Eggman will steal Sonic's 
Emeralds and feed them to his pet project to evolve it into Chaos 4. You will fight 
it in the lake. Continually jump into the air to avoid drowning. When Chaos 4 lifts 
its head from the water deliver a homing attack on its brain. Lather, rinse, repeat
(thats from shampoo) 
Stage 5 Twinkle Park Story 
Meet Amy in the Casinopolis plaza. She's your ticket to Twinkle Park. After you 
save a capsule of trapped animals, return to the station square to find the key to 
Speed Highway 
Scene 13: Quick Trip for Animal Liberation 
The animal capsule is hidden in the castle in the middle of Twinkle Park. Reach the 
park by driving a bumper car along the winding courses, then scale the castle's 
Scene 14: Hack into Cyber-Net 
After you save the animals and leave the park, you'll see a key card fall into the 
grass patch in front of the hotel.GRAB IT and use it to enter the Cyber-Net 
building across from the hotel. 
Stage 6. Speed Highway Story: 
You'll reach Speed Highway via Cyber-Net. Speed through the highway area's curvy 
streets and race down the side of a building to reach an animal capsule. You'll 
return from the trip in time to witness Amy's abduction.
Eggman's Robot Abucts Amy 
After your journey through Speed Highway, enter the Casinopolis plaza. You'll see a 
robot grab Amy and zoom off toward Mystic Ruins. Take th train there to see the 
rest of the scene-Eggman beams them aboard his ship and flies off. 
Scene 15: Embrace the Ancient Light 
Enter the cave across from the Mystic Ruins station to reach Angel Island. Hop on 
to the glowing pad to get Acient Lght, which lets you use the Light Speed Attack. 
Stage 7. Red Mountain Story: 
To pursue the Egg Carrier (wher Amy is at) bash the monkey guard in Angel Island 
with your newfound Light Attack. The passage to Red Mountain will open. You will 
need to scale the mountain's heights and plumb its lava-filled depths to pursue 
Eggman and his ship. 
Scene 16: Blast and Claw Your Way to the Top 
Use missles to soar to higher levels. If a missle doesn't move, look around for a 
switch to activate it. When you reach ladders, jump onto them to go in hand-over-
hand mode to cross gaps.
Stage 8. Sky Deck Story: 
You'll need to find Dr. Eggman and his Chaos creature on the Egg Carrier. 
Unfourtunatly, as soon as you land Eggman will make your task much harder. He will 
reconfigure his ship so the Helm is farther away-and you'll need to cross a well 
armed deck. 
Scene 18 Cross the Wind Swept Expanse 
Follow the arrows on the deck as you cross the turret-filled area. When the wind 
gusts find something to hand on to until the wind dies down. Blast turrets with 
your homing attack before they can strike. Escape via a ladder that leads to a 
Scene 19: Take Out the Big Gun 
Race across the collasping runway to the area that the gigantic turret defends. Run 
up the missle launchers just as the turret turns toward one of them. Fire one 
missle into the turret to destroy it-you'll fall into the next area 
Scene 20: Storm the Brigde  
Step on to the pad in the small room to create a ring path that leads up to the 
brigde. Travel with your Light Speed Dash. 
Scene 21 Pull the Chair Out From Under Eggman 
To help bring down Eggman you will need to transform the Egg Carrier. Jump on to 
the head honcho's chair-it will move and reveal the transformation switch. Hit the 
switch to trigger the change. 
Scene 22.Boss 4 CHAOS 6 
Once you have transformed the ship you can reach Eggman, who summons further 
evolved Chaos 6. When Eggman drops bombs, deliver a homing attack on one to 
deactivate it, then pick it up and throw it at Chaos 6 who will temporarily freeze 
the beast. Deliver a homing attack on the beast itself to win. 
 You keep going! I have taken you this far now you must show me you can do it to! 
goood luck!
Unlockable characters 
- Tails 
- Knuckles 
- Amy 
- E-102 
- Big the Cat 
Connectable Version 
If you have Sonic Pinnball Party,Gamecube,GBAand and a GCN/GBA link cable you can 
connect both to unlock special stuff! 
As you progress in the game you can unlock special levels,minigames and stuff from 
the previous sonic games ENJOY!
Whew! We are finnaly done! That was my first walkthrough so i hope you like it! 
Send all ,cmments,complaints and feed-back to: [email protected] 
Now i would advise you go and play the game instead of wasting your life in front 
of a computer. Go go go! SEE YA LATA!  


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