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ssssssss   ooooooooo    n               i    cccccccccccc
s          o       o    nnnnnnnnnnn          c 
s          o       o    n         n     i    c
s          o       o    n         n     i    c
ssssssss   o       o    n         n     i    c
       s   o       o    n         n     i    c
       s   o       o    n         n     i    c
       s   o       o    n         n     i    c
ssssssss   ooooooooo    n         n     i    cccccccccccc

OK this is my first walkthroge and it's divid into 8 part's and first in 
             2.Virsin history
             3.Mistic melody's
             6.knukals and rouge


All right now I think you'll like me and my information (you probaly woldint like me 
if you saw me) now lets get started.......


Now I'm still not 100% sure why thay want me to do this but well this walkthroge was 
last updated october 8th 2003

virsin 1.0 /10/8/03/


Now here is a listing of the mystic melody's

First go to the final rush level and somewhere deep in the course is a purple and 
orange rail. Take the orange rail. Hold down B for speed. You should go flying off 
the end. Stear towards the two small platforms in the distance. Try to land on the 
one with the rocket on it. You can take it from here.

In the final chase levil countinue to go to the top of those spiral thingers.

Its in the wild canyon level. Go to the lonely statue area and climb up. Digin the 
middle of the plaque near the top. Right on the other side is the mystic melody.

Go to the dry lagoon stage and then the first area somewhere are some iron craates.
Kick them open and dig in the plaque behind them and instant mystic melody.

Dr. Eggman
In thr pyrimid level hop on the first spinny thing and go out on the edge of on of 
the two hands and go to the left off the edge. If you do it right, you should end up 
hovering over the other platform.

Go to his version of the pyramid level. You will eventually see 4-6 iron crates. 
Blast them open and keep going a little furthier and there is the mystic melody.


City Escape
Get to the part where you run down the building. After going off the springs go back 
to the corner of the big building on the right side. Next to a recyling container is 
something that looks like some old ruins. Play the mystic Melody right next to it 
then climb up the building and there is the lost chao.

Green Forest
Go to the place with the hollow tree. and jump from the enemies to the spring and 
then turn backwards to the other side of the small log and you should see  the edge 
of a platform. Jump down to it but with caution-because it is very small. There are 
the ruins, play the mystic melody by them and you'll find the lost chao.

Metal harbor
Go to the carrier and up on the left is afew holes in the wall. Use the bounce 
bracelet to get to the top one. And there are the ruins.

Pyramid Cave
Go on the normal path and you'll see some ruins. Easy huh? Wrong. It's just a short 
cut. Keep going and you'll find the real one. Play the melody and you will find him.

Crazy Gadget
Go to the room with all the colored blocks and on the top of the one you start on is 
the ruins. 

Final Rush
Insted of going on the orange rail go on the purpel rail and go slowly so you can 
see it play the MM to get to it. its kinda hard to get to.


Radical highway
Alright, find the golden thinger then go to the right and grind on the rail by the 
edge. Hold b to crouch and at the end of the rail you'll fly off. Try to land on the 
top of the bridge. You should wee the ruins from up in the air. Just play shadows 
mystic melody by them.

Sky rail
Go about the normal path and at the third bigger rail is a wooden box and a couple 
of unbreakable boxes. Right behind them is the ruins. Play the MM and you'll find 
the lost chao.

Final Chase
It's right by the MM.

Cannons Core
I'm sorry but I don't know.


I'm sorry but for knuckle and rouge, I'm only putting in one level each.  

Wild Canyon
Simple. In the room where he started is a plaque that you can dig through if you dig 
on the center. 

Dry Lagoon
In the area where you started are some iron containers. Up in the dessert area. 
Break them, dig through the plaque, and there it is!

7. FAQ'S

There is only one question I get asked a lot-
1. How do you grind down rails really fast?
Simple. Hold down b as you go. (I really do get asked that question!).


I hope you enjoyed my walk through. So until next time this is Chaos Spear and I 
have 3 armpits (Really, thats why I said you probably would't like me if you saw me)

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