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                                        COUNTER STRIKE: SOURCE FAQ


AUTHOR: LoopDaLoop
E-MAIL: [email protected]
GENRE: First Person Shooter
STARTED: 02/04/2008
FINISHED: 02/11/2008


Table Of Content:

2.Copyright Information
3.Basic Controls
  4.1.Maps Description & Walkthrough
  5.1.Terrorist Weapons
  5.2.Counter-Terrorist Weapons



Welcome to the Counter Strike: Source FAQ!   
Counter Strike: Source is a First Person Shooter game where you can play against
bots on LAN server
or against your friends on internet.           
You can choose to join with Terrorist Forces or Counter Terrorist Forces.
Terrorist Forces have 2 objectives: 1.They must stop you in setting hostages
free;2.They must set bomb on A or B target
Counter Terrorist Forces also have 2 objectives: 1.They rescue hostages;2.They
must stop Terrorist in planting 
bomb on A or B targets.


LoopDaLoop 2008 © All rights reserved.
It is forbidden to use and host this FAQ on other sites without my permission.
If you want to host it on other sites, send an email.
Hosting without permissions is plagiarizing, and that is illegal.




Key		Description
W		move forward
S		move backward
A		move left
D		move right
LSHIFT		walk
SPACE		jump
LCTRL		duck/crouch


Key		Description
MOUSE 1		Fire
MOUSE 2		Weapons Special Function
R		Reload Weapon
MSWHEELDOWN	Previous Weapon
Q		Last used Weapon
G		Drop current Weapon


Key		Description
K		Voice Communication
Z		Standard Radio Messages
X		Group Radio Messages
C		Report Radio Messages
Y		Chat Messages
U		Team Messages


Key		Description
B		Buy
O		Buy Equipment Menu
F1		Automatic Buy Equipment
F2		Re-Buy Previous Equipment
M		Select/Change Team
TAB		Scores
I		Briefing
0-9		Menu Items


Key		Description
E		Use
F		Flashlight
N		Night vision
T		Spray logo
F5		Take Screenshot
J		Cheer
F4		Bug Report



Bomb Maps:

Hostage Maps:


Bomb Maps

	Aztec is a map where you play in and around old Aztec buildings. When you start
as Terrorists and if you have a bomb
	you have two ways to deliver it to targets. One is the way through bots usually
go. You can follow them if you want to.
	They go through gates and then they reach crossway; you can go left through big
metal doors and plant bomb on
	target B. When you reach the red X sign on ground you can plant bomb but watch
out for Enemies. They can shoot
	at you from the bridge which is facing target B, they can flank you by coming
through big metal doors that are facing
	target B OR they can come behind you. So you need to watch out. The other way on
crossway is to the right, you enter 
	small room with few crates and barrels. There are doors which lead on the other
side by wooden bridge. Also watch 
	out when you're crossing that bridge. Enemies can be in front of you and you can
easily get killed; the other way is that
	they shoot you from beneath the bridge. When you cross old wooden bridge you'll
enter small room with two doors. 
	One are on left and one are in front of you but hidden by crates. The one hidden
by crates leads you to the target A. 
	If you turn to left after the crates there can be Enemy which is hiding so watch
out! Before you go through hidden doors
	check left and right cause also here can be Enemy which is waiting for you and he
can easily kill you! You proceed to the
	red X to plant bomb check your right side behind that Block of Rock. There can be
Enemy that's waiting also to your left,
	behind the little tower which is facing doors; Enemy can be behind it or beneath
it. So check your sides. On target A you can
	watch bomb from any of those ambush positions. On target B you can stand behind
the rocks or aside of that temple.
	Just be careful and watch the bombs.
	The second way leads directly to the target B. When you spawn you should see a
tunnel. Go in tunnel go down and you'll
	get to dirty and full of water path, after a little run you'll find yourself
beneath old wooden bridge; watch out if there are
	enemies on it. So you turn left you'll see a stone path that leads up on left
side. If you follow that path you'll get to target B.
	If you join Counter-Terrorists you can go with your team mates to ''search and
destroy'' enemies before they plant bomb OR
	you can simply choose one of targets, get there and wait for enemies. If you get
message ''Bomb has been planted'' that means
	that Terrorists planted the bomb on other target. So you need to carefully but
fast get there, kill the enemy and defuse the bomb.

	Don't look confused if you find the name of this map a little...stupid. I have
checked in game and game says that is the name of map.
	Cbble is a map where you play inside a castle, it has many hallways and ambush
areas. If you join Terrorists you also have 2 ways to
	get to targets. First is that you go upstairs and then you will enter hallway
with crossway. If you go straight ahead you will get in area
	where you have 2 more ways to get to target A. You can go down, through big,
metal doors to reach target A OR you don't turn left and
	go a little more ahead to 2 big wooden crates. You turn left and you will see
doors, go through them, you will pass a few short hallways
	and you will get out on another clear area, turn right and there it is; target A.
Let's go back on that crossway in hallway. If you turn left
	you will get to target B. You can also choose not to go upstairs but to go
through tunnel, you will get on clear area where you can choose
	where to go. You have 2 ways that leads to target A and 1 that leads to target B.
You can go straight through big metal doors to get to
	target A or you can turn left and go through hallways that also leads to the
target A. If you turn left you will go upstairs for a little then
	you will come on a room and if you turn right in that room you will go through
hallway and you will get on target B area.
	Target B is surrounded by large wooden crates, so this makes it easy to be
ambushed or to prepare an ambush. That is making target B very
	easy to defend it against Counter-Terrorists. Also there a little high ground on
which you can get by stairs so it's good over watch for bomb.
	The same is with target A. You also have few small and few large crates, so when
you jump on those crates you also have good over watch
	on bomb, but if you're playing with Counter-Terrorists those positions makes good
for ambush on Bomber.

	Chateau is a map where you play around and inside old, half demolished chateau.
When you are playing with Terrorists you will start in a
	swamp. Go ahead through tunnel an after few seconds you will see crossway. If you
take the left path you will exit tunnels and you will 
	continue to target Abut watch out, when you exit tunnel in front of you will be
rock but above the rock is a window so you can get shot by
	Counter-Terrorists. You continue on path and you will see little destroyed bridge
and on it is painted A. Welcome to target A. You must be 
	VERY careful here. This target is surrounded by 4 windows so this IS a perfect
ambush area. When you are guarding bomb stand somewhere
	in corner. Counter-Terrorists will come through windows or they will come through
path which you used to get to target A. Continue through
	tunnels from spawn and you will reach another crossway. You can turn left then
you can again turn left or right, both ways will get you to
	target B. OK let’s take left. When you take left path, destroy the boards on that
hole in wall so you can go through it. Take right through small
	and short hallway and you will come in square area. That is target B. Clear the
area from enemies, plant the bomb and go upstairs so you can
	get a good over watch on bomb and you are protected by rock columns. Back on
crossway in tunnel. If you don't turn left you can go straight
	ahead and you will reach a Vine Cellar. You should see rock stairs which leads
up. If you follow them you will reach target B. Also when you are
	ready to plant bomb on target B check the area ABOVE you, cause the enemies are
maybe up there and that can make you very easy target.
	As Counter-Terrorists use all ambush areas from which I warned you if you will be
playing with Terrorists. You can ambush them by shooting
	them through window that is above that rock, you can ambush them by shooting
through windows on target A or you can shoot them form upper
	area on target B.

	Dust is a desert map and you are playing around Mosque. If you are playing as
Terrorist you have 2 ways to get to targets.
	First is that you take the stairs up and take left, after that you enter Mosque,
the place where will be first fight. You will get on crossway.
	You can go straight and you will exit Mosque and you will enter target A area. If
you take left on crossway you can choose to go left to
	target A or take straight ahead to target B Back in Mosque. Before that crossway
you can take right and avoid fight. After you exit hallway
	take left then left again after that you can go ahead to target A or right to
target B. Now if you take right to target B before you pass through
	big doors you can take left path. Go ahead then take left again. Go through
hallway, upstairs to the left and you will reach target B. Back on 			
	spawn area. You can go ahead then left through tunnel but before you exit the
tunnel take a look ABOVE you, because Counter-Terrorist can take 		
	that way to get behind you and attack you in Mosque. When you exit tunnel proceed
and you will get to crossway again. You can go straight to
	get to target A or you can take right and go to target B. Now if you take right
to target B before you pass through big doors you can take left path. 		
	Go ahead then take left again. Go through hallway, upstairs to the left and you
will reach target B. That is pretty good way to flank enemies if they 	
	are planting bomb or guarding target. When you are playing with
Counter-Terrorists you can try to ambush Terrorists when they exit the tunnel 		
	you can ambush them from above. Also targets are very covered so it is good idea
to try ambush Terrorists from those covers.

	5.Dust 2
	Dust 2 is another desert map, where you play in and around buildings and tunnels.
If you join with Terrorists there will be short tunnel facing you.
	Go through it with your team mates but after short period of time you will be
attacked by Counter-Terrorists. They will be shooting on you from
	big wooden doors at the end of road. If you like you can stay and fire fight with
them but unless you shoot them in head, you are dead.
	I suggest you that when you get out from tunnel take right and you will have 2
paths. If you go more ahead you will see tunnel your left side.
	To get to target A you can use that tunnel, or before you go straight and see
tunnel, you will see on your left side is a path that also leads to target A.
	If you take that path you will get above Counter-Terrorists so it will be hard
for them to shoot you. You can peacefully continue through waleys and
	you will get to target A where you will plant the bomb. Back to spawn point. If
you decide to go plant on target B you should take left. You will 
	reach empty area. Follow path to the right until you enter Mosque. Now while
inside you have 2 options. You can take the right down stairs and
	flank the Counter-Terrorists. You will get pretty close to them so it will be
easy for you to shoot them. If you take left you will go through short
	hallway and after that you will reach target B. Now as target A, target B is
heavily covered by crates and stone blocks so it can be easy to defend
	it. When you plant bomb on B above you to the right is a crack in a wall so it's
a good way for Counter-Terrorists to get to bomb through that crack.
	Inferno is a map where you play in small town. So it has much alleys and
buildings in which you can play. Start with Terrorists. Enter the building
	on your left and get through it through those hallways. Now this is 1st crossway
you can go straight ahead upstairs or take left. Your choice.
	If you go straight ahead and upstairs, guess what? Another crossway. This map is
full of them. To get to target A go left. You will go through small
	but long alley. You will see wreckage of yellow car and behind that corner is
target A. When you are heading on target A be sure to do it carefully
	cause this map is full with cover. You will see that around target A is bunch of
crates with lemons and to the right are some palletes with cables.
	Now Counter-Terrorists are pretty good in setting an ambush here. Check behind
crates and behind the palletes with cables. Plant the bomb and
	use those covers to create an ambush for Counter-Terrorists when they come to
defuse it. Back on crossway. To get to target B you can go right-
	You will go straight forward and you will reach another crossway and a little
more ahead another crossway. Now what I suggest to you is to take
	right on 1st crossway. You will see that there is a enterable building. Go
inside, go on second floor and take right so you will get to balcony. From
	there you can have either a good over watch of area and target B or you can jump
down on truck and plant the bomb by yourself. Target B is also
	heavily covered with hay and cement. So is easy to defend it and it is really
good area to ambush for either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists.

	Piranesi is a map where you play in castle which is like museum. When you start
as Terrorists go straight ahead and the right inside a building
	 where you have 3 ways to go. You have 2 ways on left side and 1 on right side.
If you go through far left exit you will come on way to target A.
	Target A is surrounded by large crates which are making it easy to defend. If you
take the close left way you will go upstairs go ahead and then 
	turn left on rooftops.NOW THIS IS A VERY GOOD POSITION FOR SNIPER. You have a
very good over watch on target A like I said, great position.
	for sniper. You can go ahead then turn right and go inside. Then take left and go
right downstairs then left to get on road then again right go 
	downstairs take left when you reach a little wall. Go right and you are on target
B. Target B isn't that covered as target A and it doesn't have
	sniper position to cover it. So when you plant a bomb take cover by those big
wooden doors or behind bushes, but how it seems on this map you
	have to be fast on weapons and shots. There is another way to get to target B and
A. Back on spawn point. Go right through couple of hallways
	and after them you will get on a crossway. To your left should be big wooden
doors. If you go through them after short period of time you will
	reach target A. But if you go ahead you will go through doors and you will come
to target B.
	Port is a map where I don't need to explain stuff so widely like on those maps
before cause this is a wide open map. If you join Terrorists
	you will follow the road till you get on a crossway which is protected by 3 red
containers. Turn right and if you know how jump on those palletes
	with cables and jump over the fence to get to target B. Also a few meters ahead
you have stairs if you, like me, can’t get on that last pallete.
	If you turn left you will proceed to ship. The ship is your target or I should
say target A. This map is a wide open so watch out. You can spot enemies
	easy but that means they can spot you. If you plant at ship or target A the most
reliable is that Counter-Terrorist will come to defuse bomb through
	that hangar. Also if you like snipers, like me, take one plant bomb at B and get
up on that cistern that has ladders. From there you'll have good over
	over watch on whole area not just bomb. But you can easily get spotted by enemies.

	Prodigy is a map where you play in base and bunkers. When start as Terrorists 2
ways to go. Go upstairs and follow the hallway and you will reach
	small room which will have two big windows on right wall. You can shoot through
glass get out through window or you can continue going through
	hallway and you will reach a little longer room with bug door which are leading
to outside. That’s your first crossway. If you take left you will go
	downstairs into hallway. Follow it and you will reach big room. On the left side
is a room and inside room is target A. There’s another way to get
	to target Aback on spawn. If you go other way than going upstairs you will get in
a hallway which is full with obstacles; crates and palletes with
	cables. Follow the hallway until you reach crossway then turn left and you will
get to target A. To get to target B you also have 2 ways. First one is
	easier than the second one. Return to crossway and instead turning left go
straight. Follow the stairs until you reach a two big windows on left 		
	wall and doors. Go through this room follow the hallway and you will see that
you're on upper level. Just follow hallway then take left downstairs
	and left again. You have reached target Brno I said that it has two ways. The
second way is easier until you reach target. When you're on target A
	you see those ladders? Ok, if you go up you will get in ventilation system. Go
ahead until you reach first crossway. Pass that crossway it will lead 
	you in wrong way. Continue and you will reach another crossway. I'm suggesting
you that you go ahead and jump down in hallway but if you're 
	really fast on trigger you can go left then right and go down with ladder and you
will get straight to target B but if CT are guarding it you have no
	chance on surviving.
	Tides is a map where you play in much older and smaller castle. Let’s go from
Terrorists spawn point. When you start you are on a big crossway.
	Go straight ahead through hallway and you will reach courtyard go under the
bridge and follow the trail. You will enter another building. Just 			
	follow hallway until you reach target B. Back on spawn point. Take left path into
the building and follow the hallway until you reach big clear
	area. Follow the path until you reach tunnel. You can go right up and follow the
hallway to reach target B. Or go through tunnel and follow trail
	and take right just after the tunnel. On that bridge is target A. There is PLENTY
of hallways in this map so feel free to search around but watch out.

	The last defuse map. This is also a small map but you are playing mostly inside.
Start as Terrorists. Go straight ahead until you reach crossway.
	Go right and you will reach a train depot and all the way across the depot is
target A but that's the first place you will see Counter-Terrorists.
	There's another room that's facing you. Go left until you reach the wall and take
right and on the last tracks take right. That’s target Aback on
	spawn point. On the first crossway go ahead and then right on the tracks then
left, right and on the last track right again to get to target A
	To get to target B you must take right and go inside building that's near
Terrorist spawn point. Follow the hallway and jump down over the fence.
	Go forward and take left downstairs then right and here it is, target B. Or
simply if you wish you can cover your team mates from a upper area
	that's facing target B. Before you take left downstairs go straight and then
left. You will be on upper area and you can cover your team mates.
Hostages Maps

	Assault is our first Hostage map. You will play inside and around factory. Start
as Counter-Terrorists. Go right you will get on a huge crossway cause
	there are 3 ways you can get to hostages. First one is that you take the usual
way. Go right and then upstairs and left through the doors to enter the
	factory. The Office is across the doors. Follow the path to the office and be
careful cause inside can be one or two Terrorists inside. Second way is
	that you take left and use ladders to get on containers and on rooftop. In the
upper center of rooftop is a open ventilation go inside and proceed 
	through it until you reach crossway. You can go up the ladder and all the way to
the end go down the ladder and shoot the metal doors beneath
	you to get out of ventilation system. If you go forward and exit the ventilation
system by jumping out of it. The office is now to the left. The third way
	is also to the left but instead of going on containers just pass the containers
and right then right again and you can enter office through big metal
	doors. Go ahead and then right. Go up on container and get on the path...the
office is now on the right side. I'm suggesting that you take hostages
	to the safe ground through way you came in, except ventilation cause hostages
won't go in there.

	Compound is a map where you play around old compounds. Start as
Counter-Terrorists. You will start in a big hangar which has 2 safe zones for
	hostages. There are 2 way to get to hostages and back. First one is that you take
left and go until you reach road. Then turn right and go through
	open gates and continue to the red building. To feel more safe you can go through
that building and you will reach a shed. That shed is probably
	guarded by Terrorists so when you open doors watch where you shoot. Now I suggest
you that you take hostages through the way you've got to
	them. The second way is that you take right and go through containers and when
you get to the second gates take left. You should see the shed
	now. So go inside kill carefully any Terrorists if they're inside and take
hostages to the safe zone through the way you came for them.

	Well Havana is the most hardest map to describe. I’ll try to help out. When you
start as Counter-Terrorists you will have 2 ways to get to hostages.
	But those ways will not be opened every time. They'll change. I’ll describe way
after way. If it's opened go through right doors. Follow the hallway
	until you get out on street. Go ahead and then turn right into the building. When
you exit the building go upstairs and then left, left when you get
	in building and right through the hole in wall. After second hole in wall go left
and you're with hostages. Take them out through way you came in.
	It's safer but on this map is also easier cause it's easy to get lost. Ok, lets
go on second way. Back at spawn point. Take left and go ahead. You should
	see an opened doors up ahead. Go through them and follow hallway. When you get
out of building go upstairs and then left to get on second floor.
	There are 2 rooms in which are hostages. Take them out through way you came for them.

	In this map you are playing in a little town of Italy. You have 3 ways to get to
hostages. Spawn as Counter-Terrorists. Take the left path and after few
	moments go upstairs and get into the building. Follow the hallway until you reach
basement. Follow the path and when you get out of basement go
	left upstairs, go ahead enter the house.2 hostages are on first floor the other 2
are on second floor. Back on spawn point. The second and third way
	are similar. Go right and then right again. You will get on market. Go left and
you are on crossway. Go right and then left into the tunnel. Follow the
	tunnel and you will get straightly to the house where are hostages. Now back on
crossway. Instead of turning right go ahead and when you reach
	another crossway go right. You will see a stairs. Go upstairs and you are at
house in which are hostages. Take the hostages to safety zone through
	way you came for them but watch out cause Terrorists can be camping at safety
zone so approach carefully.

	Office is a map where most of playing is inside an office building where are
hostages. When you start as Counter-Terrorists you have 3 ways to get
	inside office. If you spawn near big opened doors go through them and jump on the
crates and then on container. Shoot through window or use
	a knife if you don't want to be heard. Once you're inside go right and then, when
you pass by those iron containers go left and go to the end of the
	hallway. Then take right and right again. You’re with first two hostages. The
other two hostages are in the projection room. To get there shortly just
	jump on the desk and crouch to pass through it. On your left side should be
projection room with other two hostages. Back on spawn point. If you
	spawn near the big closed doors you can get through them by pressing USE button
on it. Or you can simply take left upstairs and you're inside the
	building. Go through opened doors and you will see the hostages. Now to your
right is the projection room with other two hostages. Take them out
	through way you came for them. It’s easier and safer.



      5.1.Terrorist Weapons


	1. 9x19mm Sidearm
	2. KM .45 Tactical
	3. 228 Compact
	4. Night Hawk .50C
	5. .40 Dual Elites

	1. Leone 12 Gauge Super
	2. Leone YG1265 AUTO Shotgun

	Single Machine Guns

	1. Ingram Mac - 10
	2. KM Sub-Machine Gun
	3. KM UMP45
	4. ES C90


	1. IDF Defender
	2. CV - 47
	3. Schmidt Scout
	4. Krieg 552
	5. Magnum Sniper Rifle
	6. D3/AU - 1

	Machine Guns

	1. M249


	1. Kevlar
	2. Kevlar + Helmet
	3. Flashbang
	4. Heavy Explosive Grenade
	5. Smoke Grenade
	6. Nightvision

      5.2.Counter-Terrorist Weapon


	1. 9x19mm SideArm
	2. KM .45 Tactical
	3. 228 Compact
	4. Night Hawk .50C
	5. ES Five - Seven

	1. Leone 12 Gauge Super
	2. Leone YG1265 AUTO Shotgun

	Single Machine Guns

	1. Schmidt Machine Pistol
	2. KM Sub-Machine Gun
	3. KM UMP45
	4. ES C90


	1. Clarion 5.56
	2. Schmidt Scout
	3. Maverick M4A1 Carbine
	4. BullPup
	5. Krieg 550 Commando
	6. Magnum Sniper Rifle

	Machine Guns
	1. M249 "SAW"


	1. Kevlar
	2. Kevlar + Helmet
	3. Flashbang
	4. Heavy Explosive Grenade
	5. Smoke Grenade
	6. Defusal Kit
	7. Nightvision



Nevermore & PWizard for hosting this FAQ on their site.

Special thanks go to:
The_CheatMaster, Latiosmaster47 and Chingy42007.

I would also like to thank Superweapons, ArchDuke, 2hot4u, Kaizer and Sarah123 for
giving feedbacks for this FAQ.

And finally, I want to thank you, the reader, for taking your time to read this FAQ.

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