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Roger Wilco in 
An FAQ/Walkthrough for maximum points

Written by Chaz5000
E-Mail [email protected]

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright 2001 Chaz5000
Roger Wilco and Space Quest are copyright Sierra On-Line. 

Version History:Version 1.00-03/08/01:First version of this FAQ-Walkthrough.
Contains walkthrough.

Section 1:Aboard the Space Freighter
Once you get out of the escape pod, go south.  From here go east, and up the
chute.  Quickly type "stand" then "Jump".  From here, go west along the rail,
until you reach a room with a robot in it.  Stand over the vehicle, and type:
"enter grabber".  Pilot the grabber to the other side of the room, and from 
ther head east until you  are almost at the edge of the next screen.  Type
"Press button" to get the Warp Motivator, then head east until you turn a 
corner to the other side of the railway.  Type "Press Button" again to set 
the Warp Motivator doen inside the Aluminum Mallard.  Now head back to where
you got the grabber, move over to the nearby platform, and type "exit 
grabber".  Walk into the chute in the foreground.  Now that you're in this 
strange room, what should you do?  Follow the wires hanging from the lights
over to the left side of the wall.  Type "Get Reactor" to get the reactor.
Now climb the ladder at the right side of the wall.  Head north, then east
twice.  You will be assaulted by a killer rodent.  When the attack is over,
you're missing the reactor!  Get the wires near the left edge of the wall
and head back west, then south.  Go back to the place where you climbed out
of the reactor pit, and climb back down.  Go back to the left and get the 
reactor again.  Climb back up, and type "Get Ladder" as soon as you are back
on the surface.  Go back north, then west three times.  Carefully enter the
robot's head, and set your ladder up against the Aluminum Mallard.  Type 
"Set reactor in hole" followed by "Use Wires".  Sit in the chair, and type
"search chair".  Now type "look at screen" and select option 1, then 7, then
3.  Now go into the weapons screen, raise your front shields, and press 

Section 2:Onward to Phleebhut
  Select option 2 on the navigatio screen, and scan until you are locked in
on a course to Phleebhut.  Once there, land, and go west.  Make a not of the
weird pod things on the top of that rock formation there, but don't walk
underneath them.  Head north, then west, then north until you reach "Fester's
World o' Wonders".  Enter the store, then sell your Orium for 425 Buckazoids.
Now buy the Astro Chicken hat, the Orat on a Stick, and the Thermal 
Underwear.  When you leave, you'll be attacked by Arndroid.  When he releases
you, head back to the screen that your ship is on, but DON'T attempt to enter
it.  Now head west to the screen with the pods on it.  Quickly move to the
back edge of the rock that the pods are on by moving around the edge of the
formation.  Wait until Arndroid is eaten by the pods(If he isn't eaten and 
attacks you, then you need to head more westward while under the formation),
then head to the left, right by the leftmost pod.  Type "Get belt with orat"
to get Arndroid's invisibility belt.  There's nothing else to do on 
Phleebhut; climb back into your ship, take off, and set a course for Monolith

Section 3:Fun at Monolith Burgers
  Once at Monolith Burgers, buy a Fun Meal, sit at a table, and eat it.  Now
head over to the Astro Chicken arcade machine.  Type "insert buckazoid" to
play the game.  It isn't much different from other games like "Lander", and
you'll get the hang of it eventually.  When you win the game, a strange 
screen will pop up.  Type "use decoder" to decode the message from "The Two
Guys from Andromeda".  Now get back into your ship, and set course for 

Section 4:Danger on Ortega
  Set course for Ortega, and once you land, type "Wear underwear".  Now head 
south, west, and south again, move carefully across the pit, and go east 
to the screen with a Skull Fighter on it.  Type "look at fighter" and head
back west.  Wait until the two guys there leave, then get the pole and the
detonators(The detonators are in a box below the pole).  Look through the
telescope on the west side of the screen, then head east on the south side
of the screen.  Head east, then north twice.  Walk down the stairs, and go
around the screen to the ladder in the background.  Climb this ladder, and
carefully walk to the edge of the pit.  Drop the detonator in the hole, and
climb back down.  Head back to the shaky bridge over the lave, and type "Use
pole" to get5 accross.  Return to the Aluminum Mallard, then blast off!

Section 5:The Pirates of Pestulon
  Set course for Pestulon, and start off at light speed.  Once you arrive, 
leave the ship, and head in any direction.  Type "wear belt" followed by
"use belt" then "exit".  Select "Scumsoft" from the screen that follows.  
Quickly enter the bulding, and push the button by the door.  Enter the first
door to the left while in the hallway, and type "Get overalls" then "get 
vaporizer".  Now head into the door on the right of the screen that doesn't
have a box by the door.  Type "use vaporizer" at every trash can you can get
to along the way, because if you don't, then you'll be shot with Jell-O(and 
Lime Jell-O at that!) by the security system.  Take the lower-left exit,
and get the picture on this screen.  Head left after you take the picture,
and type "copy picture" when you're standing at the photocopier.  Walk back 
to the wall that the original picture was on, and type "Replace original".
Now head back to the first room, and head north-west.  Walk all the way to 
the screen, and head right.  Head north from here, and into Elmo Pugg's 
office.  Zap his trash, leave the screen.  Now head back into Elmo's office,
and get his keycard.  Leave the office section, and head into the hallway.  
Walk to the door with the box beside it, and type "use card" then "hold up
picture".  Once you enter the room, walk to the left.  Type "Push Button",
and head across the bridge that appears.  Use the vaporizer on the 2 Guys
from Andromeda, and wait until Elmo walks in.  Oh no!  When you are loaded
into the robot, prepare to fight.  I will let you develop your own strategy
for beating Elmo.  After this event, climb into the ship and wait until Skull
Fighters start attacking.  Follow the on-screen instructions to beat them-
it is just a twiddle-fingers mini-game.  If you find it too difficult to 
beat them, turn down your speed!  This simple solution can save your life and
allow you to win!  

To Sierra, for one of the best adventure games ever.
To Dianna Gruber, for the informative programming book, "Action Arcade 
 Adventure Set".

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