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Bomberman Jetters FIRST FAQ MADE..By .:Wisito:.

In this FAQ i will tell you about what characters are you able to pick and what are 
their Special Powers. So let's get started!

 1.White Bomber: White Bomber is the main Character. He is 1 out of 4 Bomberemans 
that you are able to pick. The First player can choose this one. The Second player 
could be Black Bomber. The Third player Can be Red Bomber. Also, The Fourth player 
can choose the Blue Bomber. Only these four Bombers are exactly the same Special 
Powers. The only diffrence is the color. Their Special Power allows them to make 
Super Bomb, these are stronger than regular one. The bombs are sometimes unexpected 
and could kill you without even noticing it sometimes. Their Super Bomb does not go 
in a straight line of explosion. These bombs will explode in a 3 by 3 square 
spaces. The bomb will abliterate it's sorruondings. Everyone of the other 
Characters will have the same exact bomb, unless if you have gotten a power-up. 
Bomber man is 1 out of the other 2 who are heroes. There are tube like lines next 
to their faces which allows them to charge their energy gauge. When this gauge is 
completely full, your character will give a signal saying that he/she is fully 
charged. When it is charged you have to press L+R buttons at the same time. 
Bomberman's attack last for a period of time.

 2.Mermaid Bomber: Mermaid Bomber is the Elegant Lady of the Sea. She is a bit 
spoiled and would like many things for herself. She is the first opponent who you 
will fight in adventure mode. She is also known for her Water attacks. All her 
stages are Water type. She looks the same no matter what Player controls her. There 
is only one thing, she can only be selected by 1 player. She is a villan. Her Super 
Power is "Aqua Bubble" it allows her to incircle any and every bomb on the field in 
a bubble and vanish into the air. This Special is only used once when the energy 
gauge if full. When you correctyl press L+R together at the same time you character 
will yell out "Aqua Bubble!" 

 3.Thunder Bomber: Lighting mean and energized for hate. He is called thunder 
bomber for his use of electricity. He will be the second villan you fight after 
defeating Mermaid Bomber and the other stages before him. He is als a villan. He is 
more of a bully and a know-it-all. Only one person is able to select him. Thunder 
Bombers Special Power is "Thunder Fall" He will be able to use it after his gauge 
is full, and he gives the signal. When you activate his power he will stand for 1 
quick second and say "Thunder Fall" and multiple tragets on the floor (randomly) 
will show a thunder symbol on it. Right after you see the symbls on the floor, 
rapidly you will see thunder falling onto those spots. Anyone who gets shocked by 
the thunder falling will be stunned for a couple of seconds, around 5 seconds. This 
targets the floor around you, and can be used only once every charged gauge. When 
you succesfully hit someone, a power-up will also pop out of them. (When he does 
his Special Power you will NOT hurt yourself.)

 4.Flame Bomber: Hot and in Charge, is this character of flames. This character is 
a villan, but hes more kinded than the other two. Thats if you have fought him 
before. He will be the Third Villan Bomber to face you in the adventure mode. Only 
one person is able to select him. Flame Bombers Special Power is "Burnning Attack" 
While in this form, Flame Bomber is able to not place any bombs for some time, but 
he is able to touch other characters and hurt them as well as stun them for maybe 1 
second. His power is more like a shield than an attack. When you do touch them they 
will drop one of their power-ups. This Special Power of his will make him still 
vunerable to bombs. So be carefull that you dont touch one, because once you touch 
one it will explode automatically. (Computers will try and throw, kick, punch, or 
place bombs near you while you are in this form to try to kill you.)  

 5.Grand Bomber: Large and Powerfull coming through! Grand Bomber is a Crystal Like 
Bomber who is also a villan. He is more of a smarty-smart person. He is the Fourth 
villan that you will challenge. Only one player is able to select him. Grand 
Bombers Special Power is "Earthshaker" this a sinlge one hit attack per energy 
gauge. This makes him jump high and throw himself on the exact same spot that he 
jumped from. When he hits the ground a huge earthshake will bounce characters and 
bombs to a whole diffrent place on the stage. When done it will also make everyone 
on the stage drop a power-up. Characters will be stunned about 1 to 2 seconds. 
(This will hit everyone in the stage exept you.) 
 6.Hige Hige Bandit: Hige Hige Hige! Hige Hige is the common enemy in this game. 
And yes, they are in this battle as well. Hige Hige is a selectable charcter for 1 
person, but as you collect cards on adventure mode, 3 more Hige Hige will be 
selectable. Hige Hige has also a Special Power. His is called "Bandit Pose" This 
allows him to instantly make everyone into the pose that he makes for 1 to 3 
seconds, that means teveryone in the stage will automatically stop and do the 
Bandit Pose exactly when Hige Hige did it. This makes everyone stand still anywhere 
in the stage. (He tries to do it when you just recently put a bomb, that way you 
stay near the bomb until it explodes) As you unlock the other Hige Hige they will 
also have the same Special Power as this one, the only diffrence is that they will 
have diffrent costumes. These characters do not talk or say anything diffrent other 
than "Hige Hige" 

 7.Max: Swift and Sly.. Max is Bomberman's loyal friend. Max is only selectable by 
one person. He has a Special Power that allows him to increase his firepower, 
speed, and bombs. He also has a hidden power when he does his Special Power. He is 
able to make a Super Bomb, just as easily as White Bomber can. While in this form 
he cant hurt anyone but his speed will increase dramatically as well as his 
firepower and bomb placements. His power is more of a Boost than an attack. Max is 
bombermans partener while doing his adventure mode. He will not be able to use any 
animal special though. When his power acttivates He will Glow Gray and have have a 
shinny armour around him, but he is still vunurable.


Well thats all. Next time ill make more information about this game, but for now im 
hungry and need to leave since i have not eaten something for a while. You may not 
be able to copy any of this information wiout my permision. If need to talk to me 
at [email protected] Thank You for Reading! :)

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