Spider Man Boss Walkthrough - Guide for Spider-Man

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                            SPIDER-MAN BOSS WALKTHROUGH

These will be explained as though they are on the Kid Mode difficulty.

Boss 1: Scorpion

Scorpion is a totaly easy boss. Just pretect Jonah. So just keep him away from 
Jonah and keep using punching, kicking or impact webbing to defeat him.

Boss 2: Rhino                 

The best strategy to defeat Rhino is to let him ram the electric things. First he 
face you and will start kicking the ground. Quickly go behind one of the electric 
and he will run into it. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Boss 3: Venom

Venom is fairly easy. Just use your impact web or punching and kicking. After you 
use a couple punching or kicking, he will disapear. Wait till he reapears then do 
the same thing until he is defeated.

Boss 4: Venom (Part 2)

In this one, Marry Jane will be hanging from a chain in a giant water tank and you 
have to keep the water bar on the right side of the screen from filling up. If it 
reaches full, the game's over. When Venom apears, punch, kick or impact web him. 
Some times Venom will activate the the switches that turn on the water 
that make the tank fill up. When he does, You have to turn it off by using trap web 
(Triangle.) Just keep punching or kicking him to defeat him.

Boss 5: Mysterio

First destroy two yellow things on his knees using your impact webbing. Then jump 
up to the next floor and destroy the two yellow things on his hips. Jump to the 
next floor and destroy the ones on his chest. Then Mysterio will slam you to the 
area with his feet, but just jump up and get them again. When you get to the chest 
again the yellow things will start firing lazers. Shoot each of them two times to 
destroy them. Then time to take his head out! He will start to bend down to try and 
grab you. If you aim carfully, you should be able to get his head.

Boss 6: Dock Ock

Just keep running around his force field and dodge his octopus arms. Soon a button 
will come up, press it, it will weaken is force field. Repeat this until his force 
field fully weakons and disapears, punch and kick him until the force field comes 
up again. Repeat this until he is defeated.


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