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I. Calendar
11/07/03 Bought game
11/22/03 Version 0.1 written
11/26/03 Version 0.15 written

II. Walkthrough

1. Search for Justice

Combo Alert: Field Goal(B,B,X)
Right under the starting point. Just jump down then crawl up to the bottom of the 
gargoyle (you can see it in the opening cutscene).

Combo Alert: Web Hit (B,B,Y)
SWing to your right past the Borloux building until you see a building with a 
Latvania billboard (not the purse building) then go to the building to your left it 
should have a blue spider on it. To your right should be a tall building with orange 
windows and stripes. There should be a makeshift maze here. Search every nook to 
find the Web HIt.

First go for the secret. Start swinging to your left until you see a tall beige 
building then jump to the other side of the walls and there should be a girl and two 
thugs. Beat them up then head north to a building with a billboard for Latvania. 
Threr should be two thugs and two nooks. In one of the nooks thre's a purse. Get it 
beat up the thugs then go back to the purse lady's roof top to get the bonus. The 
rest is easy just follow your compass. Oh and if you're going for perfect use Web 
Dome a lot while in the rooftop with the blabbermouth.

2. Warehouse Hunt

Combo Alert: Backflip Kick(B,X,X) Right in your path you can't miss it.

When you enter the stealth room zip up quickly then use Impact Webbing and Web Yanks 
to dispose of the thugs without being seen. Check around when you're sure they're 
all knocked out, go through the door. The secret is in this room, just behind the 
crates with the question mark that tells you about picking up objects. After you've 
taken care of all the thugs in this room. Go through the garage door. Beat up the 
thugs here then head past the semi. When your Spider Sense goes off zip up. then 
take care of the thug. Go up through the vent. Avoid the hot wires and head to your 
left. Hit the swith here then go up again and the wires will be off. You'll be at 
the fuse room now. Go through the doors and take care of the thugs. DO NOT TAKE THE 
VENT THERE'S HOT WIRES THERE! In the next room after you've beaten the thugs you'll 
see an opening in the wall  and follow it to the end then hit the switch. Now go 
back to the vent room and take the vent then drop through at the other end. Pound on 
the thug with the fuse and put it in the control panel. Take the vent back to the 
room with the semi. Go thru the door pound on all the thugs and here will be another 
door. Take it to end the level.

3. Birth of a Hero

Go up the vent. Go on until you see a way to drop down. STOP! RIGHT THERE follow 
Combo instructions to get the secret.

COMBO ALERT: Adv. Web Dome(Y+ right twice/L+X) Get on the top of the vent shaft and 
head to the left until you see an opening. Don't drop down, crawl down. Hug the 
walls and whatever you do don't zip or you'll be seen and if you are you lose the 
secret bonus and the combo. Right next to the open door there's a closed door. Drop 
down near it, very close to it. When the door opens go in to find the Gold.

You can now either escape through the open door or fight the thugs. Use look around 
mode and wait for the steam to evaporate then zip.
COMBO ALERT: Handspring (X,A,X)
Right in your path is the Golden Spider.

In the next room pound on the thugs get the key and go out the door. The next room 
stand in the middle of the stairs and zip up. Follow the hall until the boss.


Second that you see him, lock on. Th3e best way to beat him is to jump down hitting 
him with combos like Dual Fists, Mule Kick, Elbow Slam and Web Hit. Don't use 
Handspring or he'll escape.

4. Oscorp's Gambit

Follow the instructions, until you have all the shots. Then you'll be attacked by 
light-mechs. Just swing kick and web'em then you'll be done.

5. The Subway Station

COMBO ALERT: Scissor Kick (X,B,X) At the beginning let the cop kick ass for a while 
to look for this. Head to your upper right and look for the Spider

COMBO ALERT: High Web Hit (B,X,Y) Straight across from your starting point. Get on 
the ceiling in this mini-cave and crawl to the down'left corner to get the combo.

Don't take too long with the combos or the cop will die. After saving him, your 
Spider-Sense will point to the next location. Save the civilian first. He's much 
weaker. After all the thugs are dead, Spidey-Sense to your next location. Take care 
of these two thugs then the Shocker will destroy a column. Press punch to pick up 
the civilian, then swing him to the Spider-Pad  and press punch agin to put him 
down. Then a few more thugs will appear. Pound them and your Spider-Sense will show 
you your next location. after saving the two cops the level will be over.

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