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   /  /__ ___     _ \  \ ___       _      __   _____  _    _      __
  /  //  \\  \   / ||  | \  \     | \|\   \ \ /  ___\| |  | |     \ \
 /  ___   \|  \  | ||  |  |  \  /|| || \  | |/  /    | |  | |    /\\ \
|  /   \  ||   \ | ||  |  |   \/ || || |  | |\  \_   | |__| |_  / / \ \
| (     ) || |\ \| ||  |  | |\__/ | || |  | | \_  \  |  __   _/| |__/ |
|  \___/  /| | \   ||  |  | |     | || \  / |   \  \ | |  | |  |  __  |
 \       /_| |  \  /|  |_/  |     \ \ \ \/ /____/  / | |  | |  | |  \ |
  \_____/ \__|   \/ | //___/       \_\ \__//______/  \ |  \ | /  /  |  \
                    |/               _    //          \|   \| \_/    \_/
 _____|\____________________________ \\__//          _     __  _  __  _
|_____||____________________________\ \__/\    //_\ |_)|  /  \|_)|  \|_
      |/                                   \/\//   \| \|__\__/| \|__/__|

           ============ SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH ============

                       ~An FAQ Created by: Croco~


This Document is Copyrighted 2001 by Croco. Reproduction of this document in
part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. If the
reader wishes to use the FAQ for their personal and private use only, than a
copy may be made.

   - A short step-by-step guide that you don't have to search through
     for ages to find what you need, omitting unnecessary info.
   - Able to help you without ruining the story or events in the game.
   - An easily-printable document so you can have it with you as you

Contact Me: [email protected]

VERSION INFO: Final Version, Created 6/24/01 by Croco.


           =============== AREA 1: NANAMAGARI ===============

- Walk Down the North Path.

- Go through the gate past the Magic Mirror.

- Cross the river.

- Kill the demons attacking the soldiers.

- Kill the demons in the hut.

- Follow the Forest Road into the cave.

- Jump down the hole in the cave.


       =============== AREA 2: UNDERGROUND TEMPLE ===============

- Proceed down the tunnel.

- Pick up the Underground Temple map at the bottom of the temple stairs.

- Go up the stairs and take Sougen's Note from the mummified monk.

- Enter the temple.

- Grab the Fluorite piece in the corner to the right.

- Pick up the Seiryu Vol. 1 at the end of the hallway leading right.

- Continue through the temple until you find the Thunder Orb. Get it.

- Break the top left pot in front of the Thunder Orb altar to find a
  chest containing the Journal #1.

- Go down the hall in the back and unlock the Trick Treasure Box by
  spinning the Left, Right, then Left grids.

- Ascend the stairs and exit the Underground Temple.


           =============== AREA 3: SOUTH AREA ===============

- Go across from the Underground Temple exit to find a Magic Jewel in
  the brush.

- Head to the main gate. Save at the Magic Mirror and unlock the Test
  Chest by using the Seiryu Books (refer to Croco's Onimusha: Warlords
  FAQ/Walkthrough for the symbol solution), or skip it for now.

- Enter the gate using the Level 1 Shiden (Thunder Orb).

- Pick up the map in the upper right corner of the bridge.

- Go through the palace grounds and into the gate in the upper left

- Save the guard from the Demon Warriors to receive an Herb.

- Use the Rope Ladder near the hole in the wall.

- Go across the Drained Moat and into the cave.

- Save at the Magic Mirror and unlock the Test Chest by using the
  Suzaku books (refer to Croco's Onimusha: Warlords FAQ/Walkthrough for
  the symbol solution), or skip for now.

- Grab the Medicine in the crates near the door with the fire crystal.

- Enter the big wooden door with the thunder crystal on it. Fight the
  first Boss, Osric. Use thunderbolt magic whenever you can, and a hit
  and run tactic when you can't. Absorb the souls constantly to get
  experience and to regain energy,

- Get the Journal #2 in the room behind Osric's corpse.

- In the next room, smash the pots on the left wall and search to find
  a Fluorite piece.

- Enter the strange experiment laboratory, defeat the Reynaldo, and pick
  up the fire orb (the Kouen).

- Go back to the room where you fought Osric and kill all of the Skull
  Clouds to get a bunch of souls. Exit through the door using the Kouen
  (fire orb).

- Go up the Rope Ladder and back to the Keep courtyard.

- Enter the Keep's main entrance using the Kouen on the door with the
  fire crystal.


            =============== AREA 4: THE KEEP ===============

- Go into the room in the far left corner of the Keep's first chamber.
  inside is a Magic Mirror, a Magic Fountain, and the Keep Map.

- Enter the room through the large doors in the back of the entrance
  room. Pick up 10 Normal Arrows here.

- Walk through the light tan door and receive the Journal #3.

- Continue on into the door with the fire crystal.

- Head on into the next room.

- Kill the Demon Warriors and Blade Demons, then grab the Herb from the
  chest and a Fluorite piece on the wall directly left of the chest.

- Go into the door underneath the stairs. Inside is the Suzaku Vol. 2
  and the Bow in a Trick Treasure Box (spin the left grid, then the
  right grid, then left, right, right).

- Climb the stairs and enter the room at the top. Grab the Power Jewel
  from the bucker on the rope.

- Push on through the door on the left. Walk across the balcony and into
  the next room.

- Kill the Demon Warriors and Samurai Demon, then proceed to the
  following room.

- Break the crates open to find a chest with 10 Normal Arrows and a
  Fluorite piece in the corner near the back of the stairs.

- Ascend the stairs.

- In this room with the Magic Mirror, pick up the Byakko Vol. 2 and the
  10 Normal Arrows. Go through the two fire crystal door using the Level
  2 Kouen.

- Get through the first trap by pulling the first lever, then the pull
  the right one in the next pair. Next pull the left of the pair. Follow
  up by going to pull the leftmost in the set of three levers ahead.
  Before going to pull the rightmost of the levers in the set of three,
  get the Holy Armor in the chest to the right of the pair. After
  pulling the rightmost lever, enter the door at the end.

- Solve the second puzzle by lighting the two candles in the center of
  the room with fire magic.

- Pass through the third puzzle room by reaching the "O" tile without
  killing one of the characters. Remember that "+" tiles make horizontal
  and vertical pits coming from the tile, while "X" tiles make diagonal
  pits coming from the tile.

- The fourth trap requires you to move the tiles so that the two
  circular ones with the Saito clan crest are in the bottom center. Keep
  the two smaller tiles on the side you're working on and never leave
  holes off to the side. Consult the Croco Onimusha FAQ/Walkthrough for
  detailed steps.

- Pull the tab in the next room, then go up the new set of stairs. Go
  past the door in the green-colored hallway and climb down the ladder.
  Go down again to find a storage room with the Left Crest Piece and
  the Journal #4 (chop open the wall on the right).

- Go up the ladder once from the storage room and go down the passage.
  Descend the ladder at the end.

- Grab the Power Jewel at the bottom, then walk down the passage to the
  Conference Room. Get the Red Book and the Right Crest Piece in there.

- Go back to the green-colored hallway at the top of the first ladder
  and put the Crest Pieces into place to unlock the door.

- Proceed to the other side of the room where a Fluorite piece is in the
  make-up box and the Seiryu Vol. 2 is on the bench.

- In the next room, pick up the Suzaku Vol. 1 on the ground and 10
  Normal Arrows behind the staircase.

- Go up the stairs to the fifth floor. Enter the door halfway around the
  top of the Keep.

- Pick up the Seiryu Vol. 3, the Seiryu Vol. 4, and a container of
  Medicine in this chamber. Also save at the Magic Mirror, and get the
  souls from the Soul Gauntlet (press the absorb button) by chopping
  down the screens.

- Go up the ladder near the Magic Mirror.

- Engage in battle with the second boss, Marcellus. Use magic and
  blocking, and try to hit right before or after he attacks so he
  doesn't block you with his shield. Watch out for his shield hit, and
  flee immediately if you're ever trapped.

- Get the Wind Orb (the Arashi) after defeating Marcellus, then go open
  the door at the end of the balcony on Floor 5.


        =============== AREA 5: KEEP UNDERGROUND ===============

- Go back to the entrance chamber of the Keep and enter the door in the
  lower left corner of the room.

- Navigate the passages until you get two the room with the three
  crystals. Use your three orbs to open up a stairwell leading
  underground. Also in this room is the Blue Book.

- Proceed through the underground tunnel and into the demon library
  area. Pick up and Herb near the entrance and the Green Book, the
  Orange Book, the Byakko Vol. 3 on the bookshelf in the back.

- Enter the door halfway through the corridor past the library.

- Get the Keep Underground Map from the chest and chop the rope on the
  left side of the balance to get the Rosary of Communication on the

- Go back into the corridor past the library and into the door at the

- Acquire the Purifier Bell from the chest in the back of the room.
  Carefully run by the swinging axe blades and head back to the tunnel
  at the start of the Keep Underground.

- Find the door covered by tormented souls and use the Purifier Bell to
  disperse them. Enter.

- Go into the door halfway down the hallway with the glass containers.

- Enter the door with the two thunder crystals.

- Pick up the Byakko Vol. 4, the Apocalypse #1, and open the Trick
  Treasure Box (spin the middle, then the left, then the right) to get
  the Blue Key.

- Exit the room and go to the door to the right of the one with two
  thunder crystals.

- Seize the White Book and the Herb inside, then go back to the hallway
  with the glass containers.

- Get the Fluorite Piece on the wall at the end of the hallway, then
  enter the nearby Blue Key door.


            =============== AREA 6: WEST AREA ===============

- Run out of the safe haven room. The dying guard outside will give you the
  Red Key.

- Head over to where you used the Rope Ladder to go down to the Drained Moat
  earlier. The gate nearby is opened with the Red Key.

- Grab the Herb out of the chest in the next area, and by the rocks past the
  last torch is a Fluorite piece.

- Continue running through this area until you get to a grassy, wooded place
  (don't climb any ladders!). Pick up the Kunai along the path and kill the
  Blade Demons that attack you.

- Go into the next area. Save at the Magic Mirror and pick up the Gear from the
  dead guard outside. Also in this place is a Test Box (see Croco's Onimusha:
  Warlords FAQ/Walkthrough for the solution) containing a Magic Jewel.

- Head back through the wooded area. In the location you come out in, there
  be a ladder to Kaede's left when you enter. Go up it and into the door.

- Go down the ladder inside and over to the Magic Mirror. The chest next to it
  contains the Weat Area Map. Go through the door on this side of the room.

- Go all the way to the end of the hallway.

- Look for the Journal #5 and the Suzaku Vol. 4 in this library. On the right
  side of the room is a trick shelf. Place the gear inside and pull the lever
  reveal a secret passage. Go in to find the Silver Plate, a Fluorite piece,
  the Byakko Vol. 1.

- Head back out of the library and into the door halfway down the hall with the
  Demon Warriors.

- Pull the lever on the left side of the room when the two nearest flames have
  receded and cautiously make your way across the fire field. Be quick or it
  will close again.

- Inside the chamber you just opened you will find the Gold Plate and an Herb.

- Go back to through the wooded area to where you found the Gear. Place the two
  plates in the blocked-off grate to open it.

- Inside the Burning Building, move all the way to the back where the Genbu
  2 and some Kunai are hiding. Then go back near the entrance and into the door
  near it.

- Check in the barrels at the base of the stairs to find a Fluorite stone.

- Go up the stairs and open the Trick Treasure Box (spin the middle, left,
  right, right) to get the Sacred Knife, a much stronger weapon for Kaede.

- Go back down the stairs and out into the places that are burning. Go down the
  stairs near the entrance.

- A Cloaked Demon will attack you. With Kaede's weak attacks, this is almost
  like a boss. You can block most of its attacks, so there's not much to worry
  about if you play it safe.

- Control will now switch back to Samanosuke. Pick up the Medicine and save at
  the Magic Mirror before going into the next room to fight a boss.

- The Doppleganger, also known as Evil Samanosuke, will fight you as you try to
  escape from this underground area. He is quite a skilled warrior, and blocks
  lot. The best time to hit him is right before he unleashes his powerful magic

- After defeating the Doppleganger, continue down the tunnels to find the
  Ladder, the Evil Plate, and a Power Jewel (if you cut the bucket's rope in

- Use the Wooden Ladder to climb up the well and back into the Keep.

- Head all the way over to the West Area. Save the guard from the demons in the
  first area to get 10 Burst Bullets.

- Navigate the grounds until you find the building with the ladder and the
  Archers shooting down on you (right before the wooded area). Climb up the
  ladder and go inside.

- Go down the ladder inside and into the door with three Fire Crystals.

- On the hill you come out to, chop the rope holding the combat carriage to
  three of the Demon Warriors. Kill the last, then pick up the Medicine at the
  top of the hill and the Fluorite piece under where the carriage was.

- The next area is quite large and is the grounds for the next Boss battle. The
  boss is a giant Minotaur Demon, with help from three normal Minotaur Demons.
  Magic is the key for this battle. First use Wind magic, then Fire, then
  Thunder. If you have a large magic meter and aim well, you should be able to
  win without attacking normally.

- After defeating the Minotaurs, pick up the Bullets, Statue Head, and
  Sword littered throughout this area.

- Head back through the West Area towards the Keep. Stop at the door with three
  Thunder Crystals and enter.

- Look around inside to find the Genbu Vol. 1, the Vision Staff, and a Soul
  Gauntlet. Use the Statue Head on the headless figurine to open the gate to
  Matchlock in the back.

- Go back to the Keep and around the first floor until you reach a large,
  door. Place the Evil Plate inside to make the Demon Gate rise from the

- Go outside to the grounds in front of the Keep. In the lower right corner, a
  guard will be assaulted by Hecubites. Defeat them, the place the Decorated
  Sword in the stone pedastal to open the way to the East Area.


            =============== AREA 7: EAST AREA ===============    

- Walk down the hill to the water. Cross the walkways going over the lake. Be
  wary of attacking Blade and Ninja Demons.

- Go into the door with two Thunder Crystals on it by using a Level 2 Arashi
  (thunder orb)

- Go straight down the hall from the entrance and shoot the rope to the left to
  make a bridge fall down across the stream. On the other side you'll find 10
  Normal Bullets and a Talisman.

- Head down the other hall in this building. On the exit door is the Journal
  Proceed through after you read it.

- Go forward down the bridge and into the building at the very end.

- Pick up the Genbu Vol. 3, East Area Map, and 10 Normal Bullets here.

- Go back down the bridge and into the tall building halfway down.

- Pick up the 10 Normal Bullets on the ground floor, then go up the stairs and
  the ramps to the top of the building.

- Take the Magic Jewel from the chest near the ladder at the top of the

- Climb up the ladder to the roof. Kill the Ninja Demons outside.

- Check around on the roof for a Power Jewel and a Soul Absorber. The inner
  walkway holds a Fluorite piece.

- Go down to the lowest floor of the tall building. Go out the door in the back
  (with three Thunder Crystals)

- Make your way across the lakeshore and into the wooded area. Go up the hill
  until you reach the waterfall.

- Behind the waterfall is a Trick Treasure Box containing the Great Armor (move
  lower left, upper right, lower right, lower left, lower right).

- Go into the house by the waterfall.

- Inside, grab the Medicine and Magic Jewel in the Test Box (see Croco's
  Onimusha: Warlords FAQ/Walkthrough for the solution).

- Go down to the docks and pick up the Fluorite piece. Then get in the boat.

- Go inside the building and take the Great Bow from its holder.

- As Kaede, go down to the bridges in the water and head to the door that
  requires the Shinobi Kit to open.

- Take a right, pick up the Kunai from the chest, then go inside the shrine.

- In the shrine, grab the Fluorite stone to the right of the door, the herb to
  the right of the statue, and the Apocalypse #2 behind the statue.

- Go back out and through the other Shinboi Kit-requiring door.

- Make your way along the lake shoreline, knocking back in any Hecubites that
  pop out.

- Run past the Ninja Demons in the next area.

- Go up the hill and to the waterfall.

- Go across the waterfall to the hut on the other side.

- Open the door in the back of this house.

- Kill the Demon Warriors as you make your way along the walkway.

- Slice the barriers down to get to the 10 Normal Arrows in the next room, then
  dash past the enemies to the following area.

- Smash the pot to the left of the door to find some Kunai.

- Go down the hall to the right. Inside the door is a Magic Mirror and a

- Climb up the ladder and smash to boxes in the attic to uncover a Fluorite
  piece and the Genbu Vol. 4.

- Go back down the ladder and into the next hall. Proceed all the way to the

- Go into the door at the end to find a Fluorite piece near the ladder, the
  in the chest, and the Suzaku Vol. 3 on the shelf.

- Go up the ladder and to the back of the storage area to find a Trick Treasure
  Box. Move the left grid, the left one again, then middle, then right, right,
  middle, middle to obtain the Decorated Arrow inside.

- Go back down the ladder and into the long hallway. Halfway down is another
  room. Go inside.

- Place the Decorated Arrow on the dragon pedestal behind the Bishamon Statue
  while you take the Great Arrow. This will also unlock the chest in this room,
  which contains the Green Key.

- Go back to the hall with the pots and go down the left passage. Open the door
  at the end with the Green Key.

- Go down the ladder to the docks and get in the boat.

- You'll now have the fight the sixth boss, Hecubus. Use Wind Magic, the
  Matchlock, and Arrows to defeat her. If you don't have any of those, you'll
  have to rely on the overhead swing of the Enryuu.

- Exit the safe haven and go back to the room with the Demon Gate. Shoot the
  wind-maker with the Great Bow to enter the Dark Realm.


            =============== AREA 8: DARK REALM ===============

- When you enter the Dark Realm, you'll have to fight another boss. Marcellus
  has returned and is harder than ever. Use magic at first, as his attacks
  cannot be blocked with his large sword. When he switches to dual blades, you
  can block and then follow up with normal sword swings (or any magic you have
  left over). A vial of Medicine rests near the entrance,

- In the next room, you'll find a Magic Mirror, a Magic Fountain, the Dark
  Realm Map, and the door to where you can pick up the Bishamon Sword (if
  gotten the Bishamon Ocarina).

- Go into the next area and head all the way down the curving walkway.

- At the end, kill the Cloaked Demon and pick up the two Medicines for the
  upcoming battle.

- Here he is, Fortinbras, the Demon King. You want to attack him in between his
  attacks. Inflict enough damage, and he will fall down to a position that you
  can strike his vulnerable head. Thunder Magic and the Bishamon Sword work the
  best, then Fire and Wind magic, then normal sword hits. Try to pick up blue
  and yellow souls whenever you safely can. Below are Fortinbras' attacks and
  how to avoid them.

     *Laser Beam: Sidestep
     *Flame Breath: Stand in either far corner
     *Lightning Orbs: Dodge the areas with pink shadows on the ground
     *Swipe: Stay far back in the room
     *Smash: Stay far back or really close
     *Fire Grab: Stay away from Fortinbras' arms

  Be sure to avoid the Fire Grab, as it will kill you instantly. The Lightning
  Orbs are powerful, too. Be sure to enter with as many healing agents as you
  can get. It is very helpful to have a Talisman or two. Using the Bishamon
  Sword is by far the easiest method of defeating Fortinbras. Keep at it; it
  takes a while to beat him.


For details, elaborations, and guides to everything in the game, consult

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