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        Resident Evil 2 Spoiler-Free Walkthrough     00M       MMMMM0
                  For Sont PlayStation                         MMMMM
                      Version 1.00                            MMMMW 
                     By Adam Copper                          ZMMMM
               E.mail: [email protected]                   ;MMMM0
       This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2005 Adam Copper        ;MMMM.        
                                                         XMMMr      MMS
                  Adam3k3 FAQer Profile                MMMMMMMMMMMMMMi
             Last Revision December 28th, 2005

Table of Contents

1. Introduction..........................................[INT]
2. Version History.......................................[VHS]
3. Game Basics 
 3.1. Controls...........................................[CON] 
 3.2. Health Chart.......................................[HLC]
 3.3. Enemy Chart........................................[EMC]
4. Walkthrough
 5.1. The Streets........................................[STS]
 5.2. Police Station.....................................[POS]
 5.3. The Sewers.........................................[SWR]
 5.4. The Factory........................................[FCT]
 5.5. Laboratory.........................................[LAB]
5. FAQ...................................................[FAQ]
6. Legal Disclaimer......................................[LDR]

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1. Introduction                                                           [INT]
As it says: Spoiler.Free! This Walkthrough is not step by step, or in.depth. 
It's simple walkthrough that will push you a little through the game. If you 
need step by step walkthrough, see other Resident Evil 2 FAQs.

Well It's my first Spoiler-Free FAQ, I may do more but right now this will 
work fine. Many people are wondering why am I doing a FAQ for an old game?
The reasons are:
.Resident Evil 2 is one of the best games.
.Just recently it was remade on GameCube.
.I like writing gaming FAQs.
At the end all I hope is that you enjoy and respect my work.

2. Version History                                                        [VHS]
Version 1.00 December 28th, 2005:
Full remade and finished the FAQ.

3. Game Basics 

       3.1. Controls...........................................[CON]

X Button: Takes Items/Action 
Square Button: Run
Triangle Button: Show Map
Circle Button: States/Items Screen

L1 Button: Nothing
L2 Button: Nothing

R1 Button: Aim Weapon 
R2 Button: Nothing

Start Button: Pause the game
Select Button: Settings 

Note: This is the default set up, you can change it in settings screen. 

       3.2. Health Chart.......................................[HLC]

You have 3 health states, etch time you take damage it reduce little from it, 
if you take to many damages you will die. Note that you also lose speed in 
moving if your stats change. Here are all the stats;

Normal...........Runs at full speed in good health.

Caution..........Runs at little lower than normal speed, your health is about
                 to go to the danger zone.

Danger...........Walks slowly, you may die at any hit now. 

There are 2 types of healing items:


There are 3 types of herbs that can be found, etch one haw different effect.
You can also mix them for better results, here is a chart: 

Herb Colour                 Healing power                                  

Green Herb.................Heals you by 25%
Green + Red Herb...........Heals you by 50%
Green + Green + Green......Heals you by 100%
Green + Red + Green........Heals you by 100%
Blue Herb..................Heals poisons
Blue + any Herb............Heals Poisons and restore health 

Health Spry

This spry will bring you to the perfect health.

       3.3. Enemy Chart........................................[EMC]

Enemy Name: Zombies                   
Damage Size: Normal
Effective Weapon: Every thing

Zombies are every where; they can be easily taken down with every weapon 
except the knife. 

Enemy Name: Lickers 
Damage Size: Normal/big
Effective Weapon: Shotgun, Magnum 

Found in police station and in the lab. Can be hard sometimes so shot from 
a distains. 

Enemy Name: Zombie Dogs
Damage Size: Normal/big
Effective Weapon: Hand Gun, Shotgun, and Magnum. 

Found in the down part of the police station. Easy to kill but stay a way 
from close combat. 

Enemy Name: Crows
Damage Size: Small/Normal
Effective Weapon: Everything 

Found in some places like the down part of police station. If you see them 
from a distance shot them, don’t come close or they will fly making it 
difficult to aim at.  

Enemy Name: Spiders
Damage Size: Normal/Poison
Effective Weapon: Shotgun/Magnum 

Found in sewers; be careful when fighting them or you will get poised. 
Don’t stand to close. 

Enemy Name: Bosses
Damage Size: Hard
Effective Weapon: Shotgun/Magnum and anything higher.

I will not cover bosses so the game won’t get spoiled but the only 
thing I can say is; stay away from close combats, have health items 
and use big guns. 

4. Walkthrough

       5.1. The Streets........................................[STS]

. From the start run passed all zombies and into the shop.

. Pick up every thing, and stand behind the left to the door desk. 

. Get the Shotgun/Bowgun and exit. 

. Run to the end of allay, pick the handgun bullets and exit through the 
  new opened door. 

. Go up the pick the handgun bullets in the trash near the exit door. 

. Kill the zombies, get the handgun bullets and exit.  

. After you enter the police station grab the green herb near the right stares.

. Enter police station. 

       5.2. Police Station.....................................[POS]

. Enter the upper left door.

. Use the card on the computer, get the Map to the right of it, and 
  the handgun bullets. 

. Enter trough the left door, get the memorandum, and trough the other door. 

. Follow the path to the first enemy. Kill him and exit trough north door. 

. Keep going until you come to a door on the right. Enter it. 

. Use the lighter on the picture in the other part of the room, get the red 
  jowl. Get the bullets from the table. 

. Exit and keep going north until you come to another door. 

. Turn to your left and keep going to the stares. Climb up. 

. Do the simple puzzle by pushing the statues to face the opposite wall. 

. Get the read jowl and exit trough the next door.

. Enter the first door on your way.

. Go forward and get the emblem. 

. Make your way back to the main hall and use the emblem on the big woman 
  statue and get the key.

. Return to the room where you fought the licker for the first time and open 
  the door on the left.

. Push the mini ladder to the end, get up, and get the Crank

. Return all the way up the second floor and open the last room. 
. Go to the middle of the walk way and open the ladder. 

. Now got through the left door.

. In this room go up the stares and walk till you come to the wall, the ground 
  will collapse and you will fall down. 

. Go to the portrait on the wall and memorize it good.

. Now go to the corner and press the switch.

. You will be back in the room with walls with switches; you must line them 
  like in the early portrait you saw. 

. If done correct the portrait will fall giving you a Bishop Plug as Leon or
  a stone as Claire.

. Exit trough the double door to the hall, kill the zombies, and enter the 
  last door to the right. 

. Pick up the small key, place the Bishop Plug in the item box and exit 
  through the other door. 

. Go trough the right door.

. Continue walking to the last door. Watch out for the crows. 

. Go to the right of the burning helicopter and get down the stares. 

. Make your way to the warehouse. 

. Get the Valve Handle and exit the way you came. Warning: never open the 
  other door. 

. Get back to the burning helicopter and enter through the passage on the left.

. Use the wheel, get the ammo under the helicopter and exit. 

. Run all the way back to the room just before the corridor.

. Now enter through right door that you couldn’t enter. 

. Get the key to the left on the left statue than use the 2 red jowls on 
  both statues and get the King plug as Leon or peace of stone as Claire. 

. Go back to the corridor with crows and enter the first door you come to. 

. Get the 3 Green Herbs here and exit trough the down door.

. Kill every one and go to the mini room here, enter the locker code found 
  in police memorandum, and get the ammo and map. 

. Exit the room. a group of zombies will attack, kill them and enter the last

. Kill every one and enter the first door you come to.

. Get the Cord off the table and the Rook Plug behind or a stone as Claire. 

. Enter the next room to the right. 

. A licker will be here, kill him, get the small key and exit. 

. Get back to the room with a stairs that brings you to the room where 
  you had to push the statues to get the red jowl. 

As soon as you enter go through the north door.

. A large group of zombies will be here, kill them all. Get the plastic bomb 
  as Claire and exit trough the other door. 

. Get the Green Herb and enter the mini office. Inside a zombie cop will 
  attack, kill him, get the key and detonator as Claire. Exit trough the 
  other door. 

. Make your way up, trough the left door, and into the next room. As soon as 
  you enter use the small key on the drover and get the H. Gun party. Attach 
  it to your handgun. 

. Make your way back to the main hall. Enter the left door to the main door.

. Enter the first door on the left. Go to the north here and enter the left 

. Get the Herbs if you like and continue to the shutter switch, use the Cord 
  on it. Go down the stares. 

. Kill the dogs here and enter the right side power room.

. Get the Green Herb and go to the Control Panel. You have to set the correct 
  power volt. If you haven’t figured it out the solution is: up, up, down, up, 
  down. Get the map to the right and exit. 

             ---The next section is covering Leon’s way--- 

. Enter the last door to the right, the one that says Parking next to it.

. Push the van and enter the enter the door.

. Go to the last door, get the ammo on the table, and enter the door.

. Get the Manhole Opener and exit.

. Enter the door that is in the middle of the corridor.

. Never go to the cages, instead go to the lid and use manhole opener. 
  Get down. 

. Be careful not to get poisoned by the spiders. Get to the stairs and go up.

. Enter the left room, get all 3 plugs that you have, and exit.

. Enter the other room. Here go to the panel near the other door and set all 
  3 plugs you have. Exit the way you came. 

. Go trough the door. Get to the mini elevator, get the shotgun ammo, 
  head back, and enter the other door. 

. Take the map and get down. Push the boxes and line them in one line. 
  Head up again and use the lever to fill the water. Go on the boxes to 
  the other side and get the key.  

. Head all the way back to the first room.  

             ---The next section is covering Claire’s way--- 

. Head to the last double door on the north.

. Continue till you come to hole, get down. 

. Enter trough the door on the left. Put anything you don’t want/save 
  and exit.

. Head to the mini elevator and go up.

. Go to the other door. 

. Take the map and get down. Push the boxes and line them in one line. 
  Head up again and use the lever to fill the water. Go on the boxes to 
  the other side and get the key.  

. Head all the way back to the first room.

                    ---Continue with both character---

. Head to the underground hall. From here go trough the medical double door 

. get the Red Card key and exit as fast as you can.

. Use the card on the panel near the Arms strong room and enter it.

. Get all the ammo and head to the locker. Here you will fined a Machine gun 
  and a Side Pack, you can take them or save any of them for Claire. Exit.

. Exit the hall up the stairs. Enter the room behind.

. Get the shotgun ammo from the locker and a magnum behind, exit.

Exit the corridor trough the other room. Again exit trough the other room.

. Go trough the back door. Run to the last door here and enter it.

. Use your lighter on the thing near the statues, now press the switches on 
  the statues in this order: 12, 13, 11. Get the Cogwheel and exit.

. Make your way to the third floor by going up from the double door room on 
  the second floor. 

. Enter the room that is on the other side of the balcony.  

. Use the Crank on the hole to bring down the staircase, climb up and use the 
  Cogwheel on the machine and the door will open revealing the Knight Plug or 
  the Blue Stone. 

. Now ether go to the door that you had to input the plugs in playing as Leon 
  or go to the room that was on fire, the one you have to input the stones on 
  the door playing as Claire. Input what you have to depending on whom your 
  playing as and get down. Make sure you have good weapons with you like the 
  Shotgun and some ammo. 

       5.3. The Sewers.........................................[SWR]

. Make your way to the big room with mini elevator. Before you get down push 
  the wardrobe, get down trough the stairs and get what ammo lies inside.

. Get down tough the mini elevator. Make sure to grab the Valve Handle.

. If your playing as Leon you will need to follow the woman trough the 
  ventilation hole, after you meet with her run trough the only way. You 
  will be in control with Leon again, keep running forward instead of 
  climbing to the ventilation hole. To the left will be a dead corps with 
  the Emblem. Get it, turn back and make your way trough the only available 
  way. If your Clair do the same as above. 

. You will come to a bridge, use the Valve Handle to bring down the bridge.
  Make sure to move the bridge to its original position by using the Valve 
  Handle again after you pass. Get any ammo available and continue trough the 
  door to the next room.

. As soon as you open the door, run back. Drop the  Metal Canister on the 
  left wall and wait till the alligator grabs it. Simply shot it and it will 
  explode killing him. 

. Run to the end, release the lock of the shutter by using the panel to the 
  right, and enter.

. Continue up the straight. Here run straight on the bridge and turn left. 
  Grab the other emblem. 
Get back to the ventilation hole and use the Valve 
  Handle to stop the fen. Go trough it and into the other side. 

. You will be back at the beginning of the sewers. Make your way to the door 
  that lids to another room but make it fast because many zombies will wake up.

. Run passed the spiders to the panel next to the water fall. Use the two 
  emblems on it and go trough.  

. Run to the other door. Get any Ammo here and enter the wagon.

. Now you will have to shot an arm that comes from the roof. Watch for the 
  falling dust, that means he will try to grab you from this spot. Shot it 
  couple of ties and he will be gone.  

       5.4. The Factory........................................[FCT]

. As soon as you get out run to the door but before you go trough use your 
  Lighter on the machine next to it to reveal a key. Get it and go trough 
  the door. 

. Now run till the way splits to the left and right. Get any Ammo from right 
  than go trough the door on the left.

. Again the way will spilt into right and left, this time tough do the 
  opposite. Get the Spark shot from the left than climb up the stairs 
  from the right.  

. Grab some powerful weapons with you, exit the control room, and enter 
  the train.

. Use the key on the panel near the train.

. Go out and fight the boss with the Spark shot or the Magnum. 
  When done enter the train. 

       5.5. Laboratory.........................................[LAB]

. Save the game, grab every green Herb and exit.

. Run trough the other door. You will end up with tow ways, go trough the 
  left one.

. Enter the last room to the left. Here get the Fuse Case and use it on the 
  arm machine to get the Fuse.

. Run back to the point where you can go ether to the left or right and use 
  the Fuse on the centre machine to restore the power.

. Go trough the right way. In this room use the panel to the right to open the 
  shutter on the left. Kill the moving plants and enter the last door to the 

. Grab the Lab key Card and the Flamethrower. Burn the plant and enter trough 
  the shaft to the next room. Get the Ammo and exit.

. Run to the centre power machine and go trough the left way.

. Use the card key on the panel and enter the door. Get the Mo Disc and exit.

. Return and go trough the right way. Go trough the last door to the left.

. Get down here. Make your way to the big door but you may want to go straight 
  to the item box in the next room first. Get every Health Item and Weapon you 
  can carry and return to the big door.

. Use the  Mo Disc and enter. Enter trough the other door.

. Run to the end of the room and activate the elevator.

. Shot the creator as soon as it falls a couple of times and it will mutant. 
  Try to stay a way from it and shot. As soon as it begin to run toward run a 
  way and repeat.

. Get down trough the elevator and run straight.

5. FAQ                                                                    [FAQ]
Q: On what consoles was this game released?

A: PSX, DC, N64, PC, Game.com, and GCN.  

Q: Haw do I get the special weapons?

A: Finish the game under 2.30 hours without using the Health Spray.

6. Legal Disclaimer                                                       [LDR]
Copyright (c) 2005 Adam Copper
This FAQ is registered with the Copyright Office. It may not be placed
on any public display including and not limited to websites, magazines,
or any other distributed form. Any part of it may not be used anywhere
under any circumstances. No money must be made of it, selling, giving
away with a parches is prohibit. This FAQ was created for private personal
use only, violation any of these terms will result in taking legal action
against you immediately.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:

.(GameFAQs) http://www.gamefaqs.com
.(Cheat Codes) http://www.cheatcodes.com 
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.(FAQ Fan) http://faqfan.com
.(Super Cheats) http://www.supercheats.com

If anyone fined this FAQ on any unlisted site please inform me ASAP.
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Contac information

I may be contacted at any time via my e-mail, ([email protected]).
If you have any questions, contributions, corrections, or anything else
feel free to e-mail, just make sure to put "Game Name" as a subject and
watch how fast I delete your e-mail if you acutely put "Game Name" as a


Types I WILL accept:
. Questions that are NOT answered in the FAQ
. Contributions 
. Corrections 
. Asking if you can put it on your website 

Types I will NOT accept:
. Hate mail 
. Chain letters
. Questions already answered in this FAQ

Credits/Special Thanks
. All listed websites for accepting my FAQs.
. You for reading this FAQ.
. Me for creating this FAQ for all of you out there.

FAQ Created by 
        ___       __               _____ __  _____
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