Stackable Badges - Guide for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

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This list is for all Badges that you can boost its effect (AKA it is "stackable"). 
E-mail me if you know any Badges that belong to this list, & I'll put you on my 
thank you list. Here it is:

Charge P
Damage Dodge
Damage Dodge P
Defend Plus
Defend Plus P
Double Dip
Double Dip P
Fire Drive
Flower Saver
Flower Saver P
FP Plus
Hammer Throw
Head Rattle
HP Plus
HP Plus P
Ice Smash
P-Down, D-Up
P-Down, D-Up P
P-Up, D-Down
P-Up, D-Down P
Power Jump
Power Plus
Power Plus P
Power Smash
Quake Hammer
Shrink Stomp
Sleepy Stomp
Soft Stomp
Super Appeal
Super Appeal P
Tornado Jump

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