Star Ocean: The Second Story

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Star Ocean Storyline/Walkthrough type thing...

This is just a project I worked on and just finished (Saturday, oct. 27, 2001). 
There are some parts missing, the characters and some other parts, but I hope you’ll 
like it any ways.

last edited-sat, oct 27th , 2001

DO NOT COPY THIS!!!!!! Its okay to print out, just don’t say it’s yours 
if there are any spelling errors, its because i acciedently hit "add" on the spell 

Before I give you the actual storyline I have to tell you that when I say PA it 
means ‘Private Action’. It’s when you and you other characters go in a town and 
split up.

The story starts out differently for each of the main-characters. The two stories 
collide shortly afterwards.

Claude is the only human in the game you can actually play. He, of course, lives on 
Earth but it’s more like a Star Trek-type earth

Rena lives on Expel, an ‘undeveloped planet’ as Claude says. She lives in Arlira, a 
village on the tip of the continent of Cross. She has these healing powers that no 
one else has, or can explain.

Before I continue I must tell you about what has been happening on Expel.

Expel is a world of natural beauty, unharmed by pollution. However, 3 months ago a 
meteorite crashed into Elura, the capital of the continent of El. After that strange 
things started to happen, earthquakes, tsusamis and worst of all the demons started 
to get stronger than usual. The meteorite was then dubbed the ‘ Sorcery Globe’. Now 
the only hope for the Expelians is a prophecy telling about a man that suddenly 
appears with a ‘ Sword of Light’.

Now back to the storyline, starting with Claude.

If you take Claude, you start out on a mission to a planet called Micholoncia to 
investigate a strange energy field. On the planet you find a dome, and you have to 
go inside. Once inside Claude finds an unusual object and goes over to see what it 
is. Ignoring his father’s warnings, he goes over and is sucked into it and blown 
away to the Shringo Forest on Expel, at the edge of the universe. When he wakes up 
he finds a girl being attacked by a demon. Claude kills it with his phaser, then the 
girl runs away.

If you start out as Rena, she goes to the Shringo Forest, even thought her mother 
tells her not to because of the demons. When she gets there she is attacked by a 
demon and is saved by a man with a  ‘Sword of Light ‘. When the monster is dead she 
runs off even though the man says to wait.

You might think this is where the stories collide but it isn’t. They don’t really 
collide until a bit later.

When Claude catches up with Rena, they introduce themselves and then Rena takes 
Claude to Arlira. Rena tells Claude to wait a while out side her house. Then she 
shows Claude around and when they come to back to Rena’s house, Rena’s mother, 
Westa, has made a huge meal for Claude. Then Westa tells Rena to go get Mayor Regis. 
When Rena comes back with the mayor, he gives you a lecture on the Sorcery Globe. 
After its over he invites Claude to stay at his place for the night. 

The next day Claude goes to the neighboring town, Salva, to see if he can find any 
clues on how to get back to Earth. Being unsuccessful, he heads back to Arlira.

Meanwhile, Rena decides to go back to the Shringo Forest. When she heads back to 
Arlira, she meets up with Alen, who has gone mad and wants to marry Rena, kidnaps 

When Claude gets back to Arlira and finds out what ahs happened, he goes back to 
Salva to rescue Rena. Claude uses his phaser to get in Alen’s mansion and finds a 
secret pathway into the Salva Drift, some sort of mine, and goes in to rescue Rena.

Rena Finds the secret path and goes to the main entrance only to find out that it 
has been blocked off. After a while on searching for another way out she finds a 
weird alter that Alen made for the wedding. Then he ties Rena down and guess who 
comes to the rescue. Claude! He unties Rena then Alen turns into in to a monster! 
After you beat him he turns back to normal.

Then it’s back to Arlira for another lecture, and after he’s done he asks Claude and 
Rena to go and investigate the Sorcery Globe. Then he invites Claude over for the 
night again.

The next day its off to see the king of Cross. When you get to the castle they are 
told to wait for a while because another audience is taking place. Talk to everyone 
in the castle and then go to the main stairway. The king will give a Passport and 
600 fol, the money they use in Star Ocean. Also there is someone spying on you. 

When you leave the castle you’ll see the person who was spying on you fighting 
another person. After she beats him she’ll introduce herself as Celine and ask you 
to join her on a treasure hunt into Cross Cave.

Once you get the treasure, which are ancient writings, she’ll ask if she can come 
with you to see the Sorcery Globe.  Unless you want Ernest and Opera, you better say 

Once that’s over, go to Clik. When you get there do a PA and you’ll find your other 
characters by the fountain listening to some weirdo named Filia. She says an 
earthquake will happen and then a tidal wave will come and destroy Clik, but no one 
believes her. Remember Filia because she also has another part in the game.

Leave then come back with all your characters and talk to the captain of the ship. 
He’ll tell you they’re not ready to sail yet and you have to wait. Go to the 
fountain and a kid will run by and steal your money. Then talk to the boy and girl 
down by the docks and they will tell you about a boy named Ketil. Then go to the 
warehouse by the tavern and you’ll find Ketil. He gives you back your money and he 
also gives you a tour of Clik. Go see the kids by the docks again and introduce 
Ketil to them. Then go back to the captain and he’ll tell you wait some more. Head 
to the fountain and prepare for the ‘Destruction of Clik’ part 1, an earthquake!

After it’s over, go see the captain and he’ll explain how to get to El and he’ll 
also give you your passport back. Head up the stairs and TIDAL WAVE!!!!!! After it’s 
over go up the stairs and see Ketil.

The next stop is Mars, Celine’s hometown. When you get there you’ll find out that 
all of the children of Mars have been kidnapped by bandits and demand 100,000 fol 
and the Book of Seals in exchange for the safe return of the children! 

You’ll also get to see Dias Flac, a swordsman whose skill is known throughout Expel. 
When he goes to the inn Rena follows him. When she comes back she asks if Dias can 
come with them to rescue the children. Claude says something that makes Rena mad so 
she goes to rescue the children with Dias. Claude and Celine go together, even if 
she isn’t a member of your party.
If you’re Claude you have to beat the leader of the bandits. If you’re Rena you have 
to beat some really tough bandits. 

Then Rena and Claude, and Celine if you took her, reunite and leave Mars. Then you 
go to the port of Herlie to sail to Lacour. When you arrive at Herlie you’ll see two 
sailors talking about a two-headed dragon appearing in the Salva Drift. So if you 
want Ashton, Salva is where you want to go.

If you want Opera and Ernest instead, cross over to the continent of Lacour. Head 
over to Linga if you want Precis. If you don’t want her, go to Lacour Castle so you 
can enter the Lacour Tournament of Arms right away. 

If you go to the Lacour Tournament of Arms go to the castle and register at the 
front desk. Then go find a weapons shop to sponsor you, I usually choose Knockout, 
and remember that you get the weapons you use in the tournament so choose carefully.

If you play Claude, make sure you finish 2nd, you can’t get 1st because Dias whoops 
your butt. So get in 2nd place so you can get the Sharp Edge from Gamgee.

Once your Finished the tournament go to Linga to see the linguist, Keith, so you can 
get the writings found in Cross Cave translated. When ask to see Keith, his 
assistant throws you out. Then go see Bowman and he will take you to see Keith if 
you can find a rare herb in the Sanctuary of Linga.

Once you get one take it to Bowman and he’ll take you to see Keith and then Bowman 
will invite you to stay at his place for the night.

Then go back to Lacour and a soldier will tell you that the demons have started to 
invade Lacour and you are to evacuate to the castle. Once you get in, head to the 
lab in the lower part of the castle and you’ll find Leon, his parents and the king. 
They will be talking about some sort of mineral needed for the Lacour Hope, a 
heraldic weapon. Leon says that the mineral can be found in the Hoffman Ruins but 
there are no soldiers to help him. Then they ask you to go with Leon to find the 

The thing I find weird about the Hoffman Ruins is that it’s very hard to find the 
mineral but it is easy to get out of the ruins.
If you are Claude I suggest that you train Leon because he learns some really good 
attack spells after you train him up a few levels. For example, he learns Shadow 
Flare at lv. 39 and Noah between lv. 45 and 50!

Once you get the mineral and get back to the castle, you are asked to help out at 
the front line while the Lacour Hope is being completed. When you get there, go to 
the general’s office and you’ll see two fighters and Dias. When he leaves Rena tells 
Claude what made Dias leave Arlira 2 years ago. What happened is that his family was 
killed by bandits!

After she tells Claude she runs off to find Dias. If you are playing Rena this is 
when you can get him to join your party. If you’re Claude, wander around until you 
find Rena, but Dias won’t join your party.

Then go buy as many blueberries, blackberries and Resurrection bottles as you can. 
Then go rest at the hospital and when you leave it someone say that some monsters 
have come. Go to the outside wall and you’ll meet Shin, the boss of all the 
monsters. You’ll get into a battle with him but all you have to do is last for a few 

After he leaves, restock on items and rest at the hospital again and a soldier will 
tell that a horde of demons is coming! After a minute of talking to Dias, guess who 
comes to the rescue. Leon with the Lacour Hope!

After the horde is destroyed the king asks you to join them on a military unit with 
the Lacour Hope to go and destroy Elura. On the ship three monsters and Shin attack 
and, of course, the Lacour Hope is fired at them. Unfortunately, Shin repels it and 
sends the three other monsters to attack. Beat them and then Shin will attack! After 
he whoops your but, he kicks everyone off the ship and destroys the Lacour Hope!

If you play Rena, you wash ashore on El with every one except Claude and Leon. If 
you’re Claude you wash ashore a bit later with Leon. It’s really funny if you’re 
Claude because you get to see Leon cry his little head off.

Go to the Elura Colony and you’ll reunite with the others. If you’re Claude Leon 
will join your party. Then see the leader and he will tell you what happened and 
what to do. Go next door and look in all the barrels for weapons and amor. Then talk 
to the guy for the tools. When you leave, he’ll give you an I.D. card.

Head to the Elura tower and you’ll see some glass statues. Read what they say and 
write it down. Keep going up the transporter things until you reach the stone 
priest. Enter the password, I remember it as APOCA, and you’ll get a Card Key! Use 
it to open the doors on another floor and then you’ll battle Shin. This time you get 
to whoop his but!

Go back to the other card key door and go up that path and when you reach the end of 
it Claude gets beamed up to his father’s spaceship, Calnus!
 When he’s up on Calnus he finds out that Expel is on an collision course with 
an ‘high energy body”, later to be known as Energy Nede. Claude asks his father if 
he can go back to Expel to say good-bye to his friends. His father lets him go, but 
for only 5 minutes. When Claude gets back to Expel, he takes off his communicator so 
he doesn’t get beamed back to Calnus.

Go up the transporter behind the place you battled Shin and you’ll find three 
pathways. Go through the middle one then you’ll find two	 more pathways. Go 
through the one on the right and you’ll find the Sorcery Globe! You’ll also meet the 
ultimate bosses. They are:

God’s Ten Wise Men

They’ll explain that the Sorcery Globe is actually a Quadrillatic Sphere, a giant 
ball of heraldic energy, and that Rena’s pendant is a Quadrillatic Key, crystallized 
heraldic energy. They also tell every one that Claude is a human and that Rena is a 
Nedian, like them. After a lot of explaining, one of them, named Berle, battles you. 
But it’s like that first battle with Shin, you just have to survive for a while. 
After the battle they make they’re jump to Nede, taking your characters with them.

Once Expel is destroyed, Disc One is over.

When you start the Disc Two, it starts out with the Ten Wise Men chatting. I can 
name all of them except for one.

Indelacio-He is the leader of the Ten Wise Men. He is easy to recognize because of 
his bright red hair, and I mean red!

Cyril-He keeps the Ten Wise Men organized. But when you meet him he says he is 
plotting to overthrow Indelacio. He is also easy to recognize because his hair looks 
like its blowing in the wind.

Vesper-He can be hard to beat because of his Blood Sucker and Mind Absorber attacks. 
He isn’t very easy to recognize except for his mohawk.

Decus-You battle him and Vesper at the same time. His attacks, Explosion and 
Spicule, can get annoying because they are very strong. He has a very weird voice. 
It goes some thing like this “Don’t You Think I’m Very Strong?!” He also, like 
vesper, has a mohawk.

Jibril-He has no special attacks, but what makes him hard is that he can ‘swallow’ 
your characters, witch counts as being knocked out!  I can’t remember what he looks 
like though.

Nicolus-He is like a zombie that wanders around. His attack doesn’t hit very much 
but if it does, that character get paralyzed, stoned, and poisoned all at once!!

Ruprecht-His only special attack, Thunderstorm, is really weak. The only things 
recognizable about him are these weird green things that glow around his ears. You 
fight him, Nicolus and Jibril at the same time.

Marsillio-Some of his special attacks can hit multiple times in a row, so all you 
have to do is sneak up behind him. He is very easy to recognize because he has 
purple hair and he has no shirt.

Berle-Yes, the first one you get to battle. He looks very similar to some of the 
others except he has a shield.

There is one other but I can’t remember his name.
When you arrive on Nede on of your characters will say, “Is this heaven?” Then Rena 
will tell them that it is called “Nede’s Outer Wall of Paradise”. As the characters 
walk along the path, wondering how everyone on Expel is because only Claude knows it 
collided with Nede, they find a transporter and a voice from it tells them to go in 

When you get teleported to Central City, you’ll meet Mayor Narl and he will tell you 
about the Ten Wise Men and the past history of Nede. The current Nede, or Energy 
Nede, is inside an energy field to prevent anyone to try and take over the universe 
like the Ten Wise Men tried to do, 3.7 billion years ago. When the Ten Wise Men were 
caught, they were sent into Eternal Space, a place where time stands still.

Then he will tell you to go to the four fields of Nede, Intelligence, Power, Courage 
and Love, but first of all you have to go get a Synard, a creature used for 
transportation on Nede.

So it’s off to North City to get a Synard, at a place called the ‘Home’. When you 
get there, they input Claude and Rena’s personal data in to a Synard, but because 
Claude isn’t a Nedian, the Synard goes berserk and you have to kill it.

The director of the lab then sends you through another teleporter to see Noel. When 
you arrive at his house he tells you that what you need is a wild Synard. He takes 
you to the Cave of Red Crystal. When you find the Synard there are two monsters 
attacking it and you have to beat it instead of the Synard. Also Noel will join your 

Fly back to Central City and Narl will tell you to go to the Field of Intelligence.

You go to the fields in this order: Intelligence, on the pentagon-shaped island, 
Power, the mountain near Giveaway, Courage, one of the caves near Armlock and Love, 
the island floating in the air. It’s basically the same procedure for each field, 
find the guardian, beat the guardian, Claude and Rena see a vision or past memory 
and then you acquire the power of that field.

However, Love is a bit different. When you reach the fountain where the guardian 
should be, you find out that the Ten Wise Men’s servant, Lover, has killed it! So 
instead of beating the guardian, you have to beat her.

After you beat the four fields Mayor Narl wants you to meet him at the L’Aqua 
Defense Force. When you get there he tells you that you and some of the defense 
force are going to lay siege on Fienal, a city that the Ten Wise Men have taken 
control of! 

When you get there the Ten Wise Men taunt Claude by killing off his dad with an 
antimatter cannon. Then you have to fight Marsillio but you have to let him whoop 
your but. Then Marianna scarifies herself so you can escape.

Then Narl takes you to the Portal of Sealing in Armlock. Once you get through, he 
tells you you’re at the remains of the Heraldry Weapons Research Institute. He goes 
in side and then you have to follow him. When you find him he shows a record of the 
last 5 minutes of the lab. It shows Dr. Reema, the director of the lab, giving her 
daughter, Rena, a pendant and then sending her through a time-traveling device. 
After it's over, Rena asks how long ago it happened and Narl replies 700 million 
years. Then Rena runs off and Claude follows her. 

I can't really explain what happens, but it’s really sad, mainly because of the 
background music. Then when they come back to where Narl is he takes out a computer 
chip and takes you back to Armlock.

Then you'll meet Dr Mirage. She'll explain that the chip has the blueprints to make 
two antimatter weapons, but you'll need to get some LEA metal first. Then she tells 
you that you have to kill a Barker in order to get the metal.

So it's off to the Minhe Cavern to find and kill a Barker. Don't worry about getting 
the items though, after you beat the Barker the monsters in there will go away.

After you get the metal to Dr Mirage, Narl's messenger gives you a N.F.I.D, a pass 
that can get you in Fun City anytime! Then his other messenger takes you to the 
fighting arena so you can fight the Ten Wise Men in simulation.

On the third day, Dr Mirage comes over with the antimatter weapons, the Sacred Tear 
for Claude and the Fallen Hope For Rena. However, if you have the Eternal Sphere, 
you won't need the Sacred Tear.

Then three of the Ten Wise men decide to drop by. They are Marsillio, Berle and that 
one I couldn't remember... I think his name is Shiego. Beat Marsillio and Shiego and 
then you have to go to Armlock to whoop Berle's but.

After you beat them, you’re sent to L'Aqua to lay siege on Fienal by yourself. Narl 
tells you that they have the Crest of Annihilation, a crest that when attached to a 
Quadrillatic sphere can destroy the entire universe!! And if they use it, you will 
have lost anyways. So he gives you the Crest of Enchantment, so if the Ten Wise men 
do use the Crest of Annihilation, the Crest of Enchantment will screw it up and the 
universe won't get destroyed.    

When you get there, you fight Jibril, Nicolus, and Ruprecht all at once. After that 
you have to go through the massive maze of teleporters to find the others.

This is the order you fight the Ten Wise Men:

1st floor-Jibril, Nicolus, and Ruprecht     
5th floor-Vesper and Decus
9th floor-Cyril
Top floor-Indelacio

For each battle you always want to have a mage that can heal your fighters and the 
best armor and weapons you can get. 

Indelacio is the hardest of course; I only beat him a few weeks ago. But there is an 
alternative to beating him, but I'll explain that later. 

When you first start out, he'll have Divine Wave as a normal attack and Star Flare 
as a special one. When you get him down to a certain amount of HP, he'll use Time of 
Truth. It's not an attack spell, but what happens is an angel comes down and hovers 
over him, and guess who that angel is. That nut from Clik, Filia! And forget Star 
Flare, he also gets a whole whack of new attacks including Divine Comedy, Southern 
Cross, Noah, Angel Feather, Earthquake, Explosion and Fairy Heal!!! The best thing 
to do to beat him is to pin him down a the edge of the battle arena so he can't go 
and use his special attacks, one time he only used one, Noah! 

You'll know when you have beaten him when these weird blue lights start to come out 
of him and he says something like "What?! Are you saying that the Human has beaten 
me?!" and then BOOM!! he's dead!

Then Mayor Narl and Dr Mirage come by and say that the power of the Crest of 
Annihilation will not destroy the universe, instead in will be used to phase-shift 
you out of Nede (no idea what it means but it's what they said), bring back Expel 
from the past and annihilate Nede!  

After Expel is brought back and your characters have gone back to it, you get to see 
your 1 in 86 endings, according to the romance factor of the game.

Now the alternative to beating Indelacio is much harder than beating him. What you 
do is save in front of the stairs leading up to him and go all the way to Fun City 
WITHOUT saving again. Go to the back of the fighting tournament arena and talk to 
the Mysterious Old Man. Answer yes to all his questions and you'll be transported to 
a virtual Expel! You'll land in Arlira and you'll notice a penguin dude behind you 
(if you've seen my doodle book you'll know who he is). His name is Vern Vern and all 
he says is Pigiu, Pigu, Pigyu, and Pigya. If you want to return to Nede, just call 
Vern Vern silly and he kicks you back to Nede but all you have to do to go back to 
Expel is talk to the Mysterious Old Man again.

Once you get out of Arlira, you'll see your synard. Hop on and head to the sandy 
island you couldn't get to before. Land by the pyramid-like-thing and enter it. It 
is the:

Cave Of Trials   

Now, the Cave Of Trials is very hard. I myself have only gotten on the third floor 
and can't get past it. And don't think you just have to go through the floor and 
beat the boss of that floor. For each floor you have to do something different. So I 
have no idea what the other floors are like.

And that’s it for the Storyline.

Okay…its over. Now for a little credits thing.

She noticed all the piddly little spelling errors I made.

He made the best faq ever (star ocean customizing guide). So I wanted to make a 
guide better than his. J

Little wolf-
Even though he doesn’t play Star Ocean any more, his hints still exist.

Auto correct-
If it weren’t for that auto correct, I would not have any punctuation.  


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