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A Pretty Good Strategy Guide

Written by CHAZ5000 
E-Mail Address [email protected]

Legal Information:
It is copyright 2001 Chaz5000
Creator is 
copyright 1998 Simon and Schuster Interactive and Imergy.

Current Version:
Version 0.01-01/23/01:First Edition.  Has lots of nifty stuff in it.

The Game at Easy level:
Playing the game at the Easy difficulty setting is easy but dull.  Yes, almost 
everything is done for you and you don't pay as much for components, but that's well 
over half the fun in playing this game.  Use this for your first ship, but don't 
bother making a fleet on this difficulty setting.

The Game at Medium level:
You get only part of the essential sytems for your ship, leaving you to hunt down 
each part that you need to have to start up your ship.  You only get a skeleton 
crew, and everything costs more.  Not a good choice for a beginner or expert.  Pick 
one side of the fence or the other, don't try to be on both.

The Game at Hard level:
You only get the basic frame of the vessel, so you have to select EACH part of the 
ship to build.  You get no crew at all, so I wound up with Barclay as my captain.  
On the up side, you get LOTS of components you couldn't get at the other two 
difficulty levels, like cloaking devices. Best difficulty setting for building a 
fleet, not a ship.

THE SHIP CLASSES(in order of usefulness):
#1-Intrepid Class:
The best ship that you can pick.  It has up to 20 phaser banks, up to 8 torpedo 
launchers, and even 3 computer cores.  It has bunches of sensors, great transporter 
capability, and is pretty cheap, compared to other ships available.
Cost at Easy-38990
Cost at Medium-26751
Cost at Hard-3515

#2A-Sovereign Class:
Slightly better than the Intrepid line, the downside of this one is its price.  It 
ties the Defiant Class for usefulness. It is VERY expensive for the bare-bones 
version, and by the time you upgrade, you can't afford a crew. Wait for this one, 
make it your second or third.
Cost at Easy-42454(See what I mean)
Cost at Medium-28818
Cost at Hard-5030

#2B-Defiant Class:
Not very good for anything but the FUN stuff.  First, you have Cloaking ability.  
Then you get Quantum Torpedoes.  Add it being one of the fastest ships around, and 
you get the Defiant class-the grooviest class around.  Now the only downside is that 
it has very few science abilities, and that's why it gets second place.  A solid 
choice for a second ship.
Cost at Easy-33199
Cost at Medium-23243
Cost at Hard-1289

#3-Galaxy Class:
Huge.  Doesn't cost as much as any of the previous three selections.  It has great 
sensor, transporter, and cargo capabilities.  However, defense is only mediocre, and 
it hasn't much for modern technologies.  A good choice, but not the best.
Price at Easy-32554
Price at Medium-26914
Price at Hard-4706

#4-Excelsior Class:
A mediocre vessel.  It has the most science labs, and a goodly amount of sensors, 
but just doesn't have enough in the defense department.  On the up side, you can get 
Kirk and Spock as Captain and First Officer.  Oh, and it's kind of cheap.
Price at Easy-28969
Price at Medium-19285
Price at Hard-3916

#5-Constitution Class:
We're really scraping the barrel here.  This one beat the Miranda Class on looks 
alone. This has not much for sensors, isn't even equipped with phasers at default.  
It isn't even all that much less than the Excelsior.  Pick this for fun after you've 
maxed out every other
ship available.
Price at Easy-24529
Price at Medium-16488
Price at Hard-2170(More than Defiant Class)

#6-Miranda Class:
Ouch.  Remember the Star Trek:The Next Generation "Peak Performance"?  Every mission 
is like that episode with this ship.  Do yourself a favor-don't buy it.  There is 
only one good thing about it: You can mix crews from Classic Trek and DS9 or Voyager 
if you have the first edition.
Price at Easy-26557
Price at Medium-14823
Price at Hard-1540

Mission 1:Visit Deneba IV.
Requirements: Long Range Scanners, Planetary Scanners.

Mission 2:Shakedown Cruise.
Requirements: Some of the key systems.  You don't need all of them.

Mission 3:Ride to the Frontiers.
Requirements: Nothing Special

Mission 4:Test Launch a Probe to Collect Data.
Requirements: Probes of various shapes and sizes, Photon Torpedo Launcher

Mission 5:Deep Space Subspace Analysis.
Requirements: Labs, Sensors, Shields

Mission 6:Catch Raider Guys.
Requirements: Shuttles, Probes, Scanners, Tractor Beams, Phasers, Shields

Mission 7:Prevent Collapse of Decton Ecosystem.
Requirements: Transporters, Science Labs

Mission 8:Dismantle Minefield near Cardassian Border.
Requirements: Scanners, Phasers, Shields

Mission 9:Defend Area Against Unknown Invader.
Requirements:Shields, Phasers, Diplomacy

Mission 10:Repair Tecronic Monitors on Drema IV
Requirements: Sensors, Transporters, Engineering Team

Mission 11:Rescue Crew of USS Wellington from Romulan Neutral Zone.
Requirements: Shields, Phasers, Medical Bay, Diplomacy

Mission 12:Medical Emergency on Hoptus Major.
Requirements: Transporters, Medical Crew, Shields

Mission 13:Facilitate Terraforming on Gratemos VIII.
Requirements: Probes, Transporters, Scanners

Mission 14:Retrieve Artifacts from Planet Kurl.
Requirements: Transporters, Planetary Science, Diplomacy

Mission 15:Diplomatic Escort.
Requirements: Transporters, Communications, Phasers, Shields

Mission 16:Deflect Stellar Fragment.
Requirements: Skilled Crew, Photon Torpedos, Shields

--------------MY TOP 3 CREWS EVER-------------
|Captain       |Janeway |Sisko    |Jellico   |
|Engineer      |Torres  |Geordi   |O'Brien   |
|Security      |Odo     |Tuvok    |Worf      |
|Commander     |Kira    |Chakotay |Kira      |
|Communication |Nog     |Stevens  |Harry Kim |  
|Science       |Data    |7 of 9   |Dax       |
|Medical       |Bashir  |Crusher  |EMH       |
|Counselor     |Pulaski |Neelix   |Troi      |

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