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||__// |    ||   ||      ||    ||    ||    ||    ||  //  ||   || |\\  |    ||
||  \\ |____||   ||      ||    ||    ||-|  ||-|  ||-<<   ||   || | \\ |    ||
||   ))|    ||   ||      ||    ||    ||    ||    ||  \\  ||   || |  \\|    ||
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|      01 INTRODUCTION                 ||   07 UNLOCKS                         |
|      02 OVERVIEW                     ||      07a Blasters                    |
|      03 EXPANSIONS                   ||      07b Star Cards                  |
|      04 GAMEPLAY                     ||      07c Appearance                  |
|         04a Display                  ||   08 POWER-UPS                       |
|         04b Controls                 ||      08a Special Weapons             |
|         04c Weapon Mechanics         ||      08b Vehicles                    |
|      05 MULTIPLAYER                  ||      08c Heroes                      |
|         05a Ranks and Unlocks        ||   09 EMPLACEMENTS                    |
|         05b Drop Zone                ||   10 WORLDS AND MAPS                 |
|         05c Walker Assault           ||   11 COLLECTIBLES                    |
|         05d Supremacy                ||      11a Battles Collectibles        |
|         05e Fighter Squadron         ||      11b Hero Battles Collectibles   |
|         05f Blast                    ||      11c Survival Collectibles       |
|         05g Cargo                    ||   12 DIORAMAS                        |
|         05h Droid Run                ||   13 CHALLENGES                      |
|         05i Heroes vs Villains       ||   14 ACCOMPLISHMENTS                 |
|         05j Hero Hunt                ||   15 TROPHIES / ACHIEVEMENTS         |
|      06 MISSIONS                     ||   16 EASTER EGGS                     |
|         06a Training                 ||   17 LINKS                           |
|         06b Battles                  ||   18 CONTACT                         |
|         06c Survival                 ||   19 THANKS                          |
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| Section 01 | INTRODUCTION                                                s01 |

This is a full guide to the 2015 video-game Star Wars: Battlefront (hereafter
"Battlefront"). Although I'm playing on PS4, pretty much everything here should
apply equally to the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game apart from any
references to the PS4's joypad controls and to the splitscreen option for couch
co-op (which I assume is unavailable on PC).

My aims with this guide are to give info and tips about all aspects of the game
and its expansions plus some Star Wars trivia and details of any updates made.

Sections 02 and 03 give a summary of the game and its expansions.

Section 04 covers the main aspects of playing the game.

Section 05 explains the multiplayer rank structure and play modes.

Section 06 has information on the solo/co-op and solo/two-player modes.

Sections 07, 08 and 09 cover all the weapons, equipment and vehicles available.

Sections 10 to 17 are effectively appendices with details of all the featured
worlds and maps, collectible locations for Battles and Survival modes, diorama
model unlocks, requirements for challenges and accomplishments and tips for the
trophies/achievements plus lists of easter eggs and useful internet links.

In addition to covering every trophy/achievement in Section 15 I've also given
requirements for individual trophies throughout the guide in appropriate places,
for example the trophy for Blast mode is included in the section which describes
that mode. The majority of trophies can only be obtained in multiplayer.

Throughout the guide I've included links to the Star Wars Wiki so you can find
out more about the vehicles, weapons, characters and locations in the game. Be
prepared to encounter spoilers for the movies if you start digging though!

References to the films are made using their episode numbers as follows:

                   Episode I - The Phantom Menace [1999]
                  Episode II - Attack of the Clones [2002]
                 Episode III - Revenge of the Sith [2005]
                  Episode IV - Star Wars (A New Hope) [1977]
                   Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back [1980]
                  Episode VI - Return of the Jedi [1983]
                 Episode VII - The Force Awakens [2015]

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| Section 02 | OVERVIEW                                                    s02 |

Battlefront released on 17 November 2015 (US) or 19 November 2015 (EU) but with
five days early access on Xbox One for anyone with an EA Access subscription.

This new title reboots the Battlefront series six years after the last games
were released. The previous titles were Battlefront in 2004 (hereafter "BF1")
and Battlefront II in 2005 ("BF2"), the handheld spin-offs Battlefront: Renegade
Squadron in 2007 ("BFRS") and Battlefront: Elite Squadron in 2009 ("BFES") and
the phone game Battlefront: Mobile Squadrons also in 2009.

The 2015 game was developed by DICE's main Stockholm studio who have extensive
experience of making online, multiplayer, military, combined arms, shooter games
as the lead developers of the Battlefield series since its inception in 2002;
they even have prior experience of making a sci-fi shooter - Battlefield 2142.
However, contrary to widespread concerns that DICE's Star Wars game would simply
be a "reskinned Battlefield", Battlefront was actually built from the ground up
and the way it looks, plays and feels is totally different. It's a simpler game,
clearly designed to be more accessible to a wider audience.

I usually write guides for the Battlefield series (there are six available here
on GameFAQs) - and I've been a lifelong fan of Star Wars - so I just had to
write one for Battlefront too. :) While I'm a veteran of six Battlefield titles,
I'm relatively new to the Battlefront franchise, although I did recently pick up
a pre-owned PSP (mainly to play Japanese imports) and that just happened to come
with BF2, BFRS and BFES so I have some experience of those games.

Battlefront is set during the Galactic Civil War era so it includes authentic
vehicles, locations, characters, music and sound effects from the original movie
trilogy (Episodes IV-VI). The game features two playable factions - the Rebel
Alliance (Rebels) and the Galactic Empire (Imperials) - so most of the time you
will be playing as either standard Rebel or Imperial infantry but in some modes
you can also temporarily take control of a Hero character (see Section 08c) or
a vehicle (see Section 08b).

The free Battle of Jakku expansion (see Section 03) depicts events that occurred
one year after the Battle of Endor (Episode VI) with a major conflict between
the New Republic (a new government formed by the Rebel Alliance) and Imperials.

The base game comes with nine multiplayer modes (see Section 05).

The game lacks a single-player story campaign but it does have playable training
missions (see Section 06a) and Survival missions (see Section 06c) which can all
be played solo or in co-op and also the Battles and Hero Battles missions (see
Section 06b) which can be played against either bots or a friend.

| Section 03 | EXPANSIONS                                                  s03 |

This section will give a summary of the DLC content as it releases.

So far we only know that the game will have five DLC expansions. Battle of Jakku
will be free to all players in December and add two new maps and one new game
mode. The four premium packs will add a total of four new Hero characters, four
new modes, sixteen maps in new locations and twenty new weapons/cards/vehicles.

The Battlefront season pass functions like the Premium subscription in recent
Battlefield games. It includes the four premium DLC packs and it also grants two
weeks early access to each of those packs plus the exclusive Shoot First emote.

The Ultimate Edition of Battlefront includes the season pass and everything from
the Deluxe Edition of the game (i.e. early unlocks for the DL-44 blaster and two
Star Cards, two exclusive emotes and six PS4 themes).

| Section 04 | GAMEPLAY                                                    s04 |

The subsections below explain several general aspects of playing the game in any
mode - the screen display, the controls and the weapon mechanics.

The loadout and cosmetic customisation options in Battlefront are quite similar
to BFRS on the PSP. There are no character classes in multiplayer and instead
you're free to equip any blaster (see Section 07a) and secondary/equipment/perk
Star Cards (see Section 07b) from those you have available.

You can also change the appearance (head) of your Rebel and Imperial soldiers -
including alien race options for the Rebels (see Section 07c) - and equip three
different emotes which can then be triggered from the d-pad (or function keys).

| Section 04a | Display                                                   s04a |

Consistent with the rest of the game's user interface, Battlefront has quite a
simple and minimal HUD at the bottom of the screen during play.

For a more cinematic experience you can disable the HUD, kill feed, score feed
and partner highlight in the gameplay settings.

   trait --> |   O                                      _     |
             |   "                                   _ | | _  |
             |  .-.                                 | ||_|| | | <-- Star Cards
 minimap --> | (   )           ____________         |_| _ |_| |
             |  `-´           (O#######__72)           (_)    | <-- pickup icon
                                health bar

Your circular minimap is shown in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Solid
circles represent soldiers and hollow circles are vehicles or turrets. The blue
markers are friendlies, red marks are known enemies and a yellow mark indicates
your partner. The same colours are used for player name tags and the killfeed.
If you play with a party then your friends will be marked in green.

A permanent solid red circle usually indicates an enemy Hero and fainter red or
blue markers denote players that are above or below you.

When an enemy player sprints or shoots their general position will be indicated
as a red "ping" on your radar. This will either be in the central circle if they
are very close to you, in one of eight angular segments if they're up to around
twenty metres away or in one of eight sectors around the edge of the map if they
are farther away. However a player can negate these effects by equipping the
scout trait Star Card (see Section 07b).

If you've equipped any trait yourself for multiplayer the type of card and its
current buff level will be shown directly above the minimap.

Your health bar will be shown at the bottom of the screen but only when you have
less than full health (and it will be red if you're below 31%). When you use a
vehicle or turret the game will show the vehicle's "health" as a pale grey bar
and if you're playing as an AT-AT gunner in Walker Assault (see Section 05c) you
will get a countdown timer bar showing how much time you have left.

The reticle in the centre of your screen shows your current point of aim. The
white marks turn red when you are aiming at an enemy soldier or vehicle. When
you successfully land a shot this will be indicated by yellow "X" hit-markers.
The semi-circular gauge below the reticle shows your blaster's overheat - if
this fills you can press Square on the yellow marks for an instant cooldown.

Additional information pertaining to the current game mode will be displayed at
the top of your screen. Objectives like pods in Drop Zone and uplinks in Walker
Assault will also be flagged within your display.

Your "hand" of up to three Star Cards (see Section 07b) is shown in the bottom-
right corner of the screen with prompts to indicate which buttons you need to
press/hold to use the weapons/equipment they represent. If you're playing as a
Hero or controlling a vehicle then your available abilities will be shown here
instead. A red icon and grey bar here indicates that a card or ability is on
cooldown - it cannot be used again until the grey bar fills.

If you collect a pickup for a weapon/vehicle/Hero Power-Up (see Section 08) this
will be shown directly below your cards. A small timer here indicates that you
have only 15 seconds to use a vehicle or Hero pickup.

Since your blaster and other weapons have an effectively unlimited supply of
energy there are no ammo/magazine counters. However the number in the bottom-
right corner of your middle Star Card shows the number of charges you have for
it (each time you activate a middle card is uses up one charge).

| Section 04b | Controls                                                  s04b |

Press X to Jason. (sorry, wrong game!)

This section explains how the controls work in the game. Specifically I've given
the controls for the PS4 (because that's what I have) but you can view all the
controls for any platform under Settings / Controls off the game's main menu.

                               Infantry Controls
These are the controls used when playing as a soldier on the ground.

  left stick = move forwards/backwards and strafe left/right

 right stick = look/aim

       Cross = jump

      Square = interact / timed reload (see Section 04c) / enter or exit turret 

      Circle = toggle stance (standing/crouching)

               Crouching does not improve your weapon's accuracy so you'll
               mainly use it to shelter in cover or present a smaller target.

               I'd recommend using the "Alternate" setting for Soldier Buttons
               to swap the functions of R3 and Circle. This allows you to crouch
               without taking your thumb off the right stick and it gives you a
               more positive button input for your melee attack too.

    Triangle = hold to use middle Star Card

          L1 = use left Star Card

          R1 = use right Star Card

               You equip Star Cards (see Section 07b) to add secondary weapons
               and gadgets to your loadout.

       L1+R1 = activate Power-Up weapon/vehicle/Hero (see Section 08)

               Power-Ups can only be activated after collecting a pickup icon.

          L2 = zoom view

               You can zoom to help you see distant enemies more clearly but it
               will reduce your movement speed and it won't confer any bonus to
               your blaster's accuracy. Many weapons in the game have perfect
               accuracy already and those that don't generally have the same
               spread for zoomed and unzoomed (hipfire) shots.

               If you're using a scoped weapon you won't be able to view your
               minimap or Star Cards while zoomed.

          R2 = fire blaster

               The game does not offer the option to use L1 to zoom and R1 to
               fire, however you can swap L1 with L2 and R1 with R2 on your PS4
               config under Settings \ Accessibility \ Button Assignments.

          L3 = sprint

               Sprinting (or shooting) will cause your general position to be
               indicated as a red directional ping on enemy minimaps. You can
               equip the scout trait (see Section 07b) to negate this effect.

          R3 = melee attack

               This is slow, awkward to use (you can't move while you attack)
               and pretty inconsistent. You do not get a special animation or a
               guaranteed kill when you attack from behind.

  d-pad left = emote 1 (voice and gesture)

    d-pad up = emote 2 (voice and gesture)

 d-pad right = emote 3 (voice and gesture)

               You can use your emotes to interact with your team-mates or to
               taunt an enemy you just killed.

               You'll unlock new emotes as you rank up (see Section 05a) and
               then you can buy and equip them on the Appearance menu.

  d-pad down = tap to switch shoulders / hold to toggle 1st/3rd-person view

               You can also set your default view under Settings / Gameplay.

               It'll probably feel pretty weird to veterans of FPS games, but
               the 3rd-person view gives you a wider field of view and allows
               you to see around corners - you can switch shoulders to see
               around either left or right corners.

               However you can use 1st-person if you're more comfortable with
               that or you might switch to it temporarily when you're peeking
               cover or in an enclosed space.

     Options = options menu

               Although obviously you can't pause a multiplayer match, you can
               access this screen during play if you want to quit, check your
               current challenges or change your settings.

    touchpad = hold to view scoreboard / swipe left/up/right to use Star Cards

               The game lacks Battlefield's option to view the full "big map".

               You can enable/disable gesture controls in the settings.

The Hero characters mostly use the same basic controls but there are several
differences. Heroes can't use 1st-person view, interact with objectives or use
turrets and Power-Ups and only the standard blaster users (Han and Leia) can use
crouch, melee, zoom and switch their shoulder view.

See Section 08c for details of the specific controls for each Hero character.

                             Ground Vehicle Controls
These are the controls for the land vehicles: the AT-ST, Speeder Bike and AT-AT.

  left stick = movement (AT-ST only) / speed and strafe (Speeder Bike only)

               The AT-AT in Walker Assault is "on rails" and cannot be steered.

 right stick = look/aim (walkers) / steer/aim (Speeder Bike only)

      Square = hold to exit vehicle

               You cannot re-enter a walker after exiting it.

    Triangle = select orbital strike (AT-AT only)

          L1 = use left ability / select left weapon (AT-AT only)

          R1 = use right ability / select right weapon (AT-AT only)

               Each vehicle has specific weapons/abilities (see Section 08b).

          L2 = zoom view (walkers) / hold to lock-on (Speeder Bike)

          R2 = fire primary weapon / fire selected weapon (AT-AT only)

          L3 = hold to sprint (AT-ST only)

     Options = options menu

    touchpad = hold to view scoreboard (in multiplayer)

                              Air Vehicle Controls
I'm using the general term "air vehicles" because the Airspeeder can't fly in
space and the game doesn't include space battles.

  left stick = "energy distribution" / increase/decrease speed (Airspeeder only)

               All the starfighters plus the Hero ships have a second gauge
               above their health bar - this indicates the relative allocation
               of power between the propulsion and weapon systems.

               When you're flying at top speed the bar will be fully yellow but
               your weapon power will be reduced. Conversely when you fly at
               your minimum velocity the bar will be filled orange and your
               weapon power will be maximised.

               The T-47 Airspeeder doesn't use this system. The left stick is
               used to control speed only and the HUD bar shows only the speed.

               You might find it more comfortable to use the "Southpaw" setting
               for Air Vehicle Sticks to swap the left/right stick functions so
               that you steer your ship using the left stick.

 right stick = move up/down/left/right

               With the simplified air vehicle controls in Battlefront you
               cannot perform a roll manually (you can only pitch and yaw).

      Square = exit vehicle

               You cannot re-enter a vehicle after exiting it.

    Triangle = use middle ability (Hero ships) / deploy tow cable (Airspeeder)

          L1 = use left ability

               This is usually a defensive ability (e.g. speed boost or shield).

          R1 = use right ability

               This is usually a heavy attack (e.g. missiles or rockets).

               Each vehicle has specific weapons/abilities (see Section 08b).

          L2 = hold for soft lock-on to enemy aircraft

               Any enemy starfighter that's close enough for a lock will be
               marked with a white diamond. If you aim near them a white circle
               will appear around them and when you press L2 it will turn red
               and contract (and you'll hear a slow beep) indicating that you
               can use your secondary lock-on missiles.

               If you keep the enemy near the centre of your screen then your
               aiming reticle will move onto the red circle (and you'll hear the
               faster beeping tone) and you can use your primary lasers.

               You can also engage enemy ground targets using your primary and
               secondary weapons without a lock (aiming manually).

          R2 = fire primary weapon

    d-pad up = Immelmann turn* (starfighters) / rapid ascent (Airspeeder)

  d-pad left = barrel roll left (starfighters) / bank left (Airspeeder)

 d-pad right = barrel roll right (starfighters) / bank right (Airspeeder)

               The three scripted evasive manoeuvres mapped to the d-pad can be
               used to lose lock-on missiles and briefly evade incoming fire but
               all three moves are subject to a cooldown (indicated next to the
               minimap) so you can't spam them repeatedly.

               The Immelmann or banking moves can be used to turn 180 degrees
               quickly so you can use these to perform consecutive strafing runs
               on the same column of ground targets.

  d-pad down = toggle interior/exterior view

               The interior 1st-person views may be more immersive but they
               always give a more restrictive view.

     Options = options menu (not recommended while flying low!)

    touchpad = hold to view scoreboard (in multiplayer)

*An Immelmann turn is a half-loop followed by a half-roll.

| Section 04c | Weapon Mechanics                                          s04c |

This section explains all the stats that govern how the guns work in the game. I
also write weapon guides for the Battlefield series so this may all get a little
technical but I'll try to explain everything clearly and concisely.

If it's not quite concise enough for you here's the abridged (tl;dr) version!

- blasters have unlimited energy (ammo) but overheat if fired for too long

- when overheated press Square on the yellow marks for an instant cooldown

- blasters do less damage per shot at longer ranges but more on headshots

- blasters are exceptionally accurate and experience fairly light recoil

- there is usually no penalty to using hipfire or shooting while moving

The game displays four basic stats which allow you to compare different blasters
but each weapon actually has several more stats behind the scenes. For the full
stats for every gun check out the excellent weapon charts on Symthic.


You can also use the following page to compare two different blasters.


I'll explain each of the weapon statistics in turn and make some comparisons to
DICE's previous game, Battlefield 4.

                             Fire-Rate and Velocity
Each weapon has a rate of fire given in RPM (rounds per minute) which shows how
quickly it will fire successive shots when you hold the trigger (automatic guns)
or when you pull the trigger as quickly as possible (semi-auto guns).

Blasters are not lasers so they do not fire beams at the speed of light. They
fire bursts or bolts of "particle beam energy" which travel relatively slowly -
this is why you can see the bolts in the movies. Many of the blasters fire with
a velocity of 500 m/s (metres per second) which is slower than most of the guns
in Battlefield 4. At this speed it will take a fifth of a second for a bolt to
travel 100 metres so you need to lead moving targets at range.

The maximum range of a weapon is defined as the distance a bolt can travel in
three seconds. For a blaster with a 500 m/s velocity this will be 1500 metres
(1640 yards) but of course usually you will operate at much shorter ranges.

 D|____             The damage profile for a blaster shows the damage per bolt
 A|max `.           at different distances - this is defined by four stats.
 M|      `._______
 A|            min  At short ranges the blaster does its maximum damage, then at
 G|                 the drop-off start distance it begins to decrease linearly
 E|_______________  until it reaches the drop-off end distance, finally beyond
   D I S T A N C E  that range each bolt does the minimum damage.

Each player has 100 health - you can think of this as either 100 hit points or
100% of full health. The damage per bolt determines how many hits are required
to kill the target, for example if a weapon does 35 damage at a given distance
it will give a three-hit kill.

We know from using the cycler rifle that the game applies a damage multiplier to
headshots but the exact figure has not yet been confirmed.

The fire-rate and max damage can be combined to give the short-range damage per
second (DPS) of a weapon. For example the E-11 fires at 300 RPM and does 35 max
damage so its DPS is 175 and the A280C fires at 400 RPM and does 25 max damage
so its DPS is 167. This gives a crude indication of a weapon's damage output but
it's more useful to consider the TTK (time to kill) at any specific distance.

The DPS values for the standard E-11 and A280C are approximately 45% less than
those for average assault rifles in Battlefield 4. Battlefront's blasters have
correspondingly longer TTK's so basically you need to shoot people for longer!

Every blaster in the game has an effectively unlimited supply of energy (ammo)
and no need to reload. However during continuous fire they get hotter as shown
on the red semi-circular heat gauge under your crosshairs. When you stop firing
the weapon starts to cool off and you can resume shooting at any time, but if
the heat gauge fills completely then the gun has overheated and you need to wait
for it to completely cooldown before you can use it again.

However you can skip the full cooldown by using the "cooling flush" which is
essentially a "timed reload" mechanic - just press Square when the moving yellow
dots are next to the fixed yellow markers at the 4 and 8 o'clock positions on
the heat gauge. If you time it right then your weapon will be available to use
immediately but if you try and fail then the dots reset to 3 and 9 o'clock and
the full cooldown will take even longer!

    [You can achieve trophy #04 by successfully using cooling flush ten times.]

Each time you use the timed reload the yellow markers get progressively smaller
so it's harder to use next time, but each time you fail they get bigger (up to
the usual size). If you've successfully used the reload a couple of times (and
you think there are no enemies nearby) you can deliberately overheat and fail
the reload to reset the size of the markers ready for your next engagement.

With correct use of the cooling flush you can maintain almost continuous fire
for a long time which is useful when engaging large groups of enemies or heavy
targets such as Heroes, vehicles or turrets.

The stats presented on Symthic show the number of shots at which the weapon will
overheat, the heat per shot, the heat recovery rate and the cooldown time.

     0.2       A gun's recoil is defined by five stats. The first number is the
      ^        amount of vertical recoil experienced on each shot (in degrees).
0.2 <-'-> 0.1
               The next two numbers are the maximum left and right horizontal
  20   0.8x    recoil. Horizontal recoil is determined at random on each shot.

The final two figures are the recoil recovery rate (in degrees per second) and
the recoil multiplier applied to the first shot of a burst. For most blasters
the first-shot recoil multiplier is 1x so it has no effect.

Most of the blasters in Battlefront experience significantly less vertical and
horizontal recoil than the majority of assault rifles in Battlefield 4.

       ADS HIP         The accuracy of each weapon is determined as a randomised
                       "spread" (angular deviation) on each shot.
Static 0.1 0.1 Stand
       0.1 0.1 Crouch  Each weapon has eight accuracy stats depending on whether
                       you are stationary or moving, standing or crouching and
Moving 0.1 0.1 Stand   zooming (ADS) or not zooming (hipfire). For example the
       0.1 0.1 Crouch  top-left number is your stationary standing zoom spread.

The final two stats on the right of the Symthic weapon charts are the spread
increase per shot (SIPS) in orange and the spread recovery rate in green. Each
successive shot in a burst causes increased spread (reduced accuracy). Several
guns have a SIPS of around 0.1 so the spread increases by 0.1 degrees per shot.

Some blasters including the E-11 and A280C have zero spread - this is perfect
accuracy (no deviation) on your first shot. Even the less accurate blasters in
Battlefront are equivalent to the semi-auto sniper rifles in Battlefield 4!

Additionally bolts are unaffected by gravity so there is no "bullet-drop" on any
blaster (but a drop effect was added to the cycler rifle).

In Battlefield you get significant accuracy penalties when moving or when using
hipfire but in Battlefront most guns have the same value for all eight spread
stats. This means that there are no spread penalties and your weapon will be
just as accurate when you strafe and use hipfire. The only benefits of stopping
and zooming are that it makes it easier to see a distant target and you get a
tighter reticle for aiming.

| Section 05 | MULTIPLAYER                                                 s05 |

The base game features nine multiplayer modes:

      o Drop Zone            o Fighter Squadron       o Droid Run
      o Walker Assault       o Blast                  o Heroes vs Villains
      o Supremacy            o Cargo                  o Hero Hunt

   [You can achieve trophy #02 by playing each multiplayer mode at least once.]

   [You can achieve trophy #03 by winning each multiplayer mode at least once.]

Each major expansion to the game adds one new game mode.

The circular yellow icons on the Multiplayer menu indicate the main features of
each game mode, for example Walker Assault mode is played with 40 players (max)
and Hero characters and vehicles are available.

You can select a mode by highlighting it and then press Cross to enter a random
match or Square to select which map you want to play. Only this "quick match"
system is available - you cannot use a server browser.

There is no squad system in the game but in most modes you will be paired with
one "partner" who will be marked in yellow. You can use the "Partner Start" to
spawn on your partner (as long as they're not in a vehicle/turret or dead!) and
you also have the option of using their hand of Star Cards (see Section 07b)
which may give you access to equipment you haven't unlocked/bought yet.

   [You can achieve trophy #05 by using your partner's card loadout ten times.]

If you're playing in a party then you can use the icons at the top of the main
menu to choose a partner.

Battlefront does not include voice chat on any platform. If you're playing with
friends on PS4 you can use the console's party chat function. EA suggested that
PC players use their "favorite third-party software to communicate".

You can view your basic statistics under Stats off the main menu. You can also
check your full stats and buy unlocks on the Battlefront Companion app or in the
Career section of the official website (EA login required).


There is no option to add a clan tag or personal emblem.

| Section 05a | Ranks and Unlocks                                         s05a |

You will earn XP (experience points) for kills and other actions in multiplayer
matches (see below). You also earn bonus XP when you complete a challenge (see
Section 13) and every time you complete an accomplishment (see Section 14).

 _|_|_  At the end of each match you earn an amount of Imperial Credits (money)
  | | / equal to your experience points from that match divided by ten. (You can
     /  also earn a few thousand credits by playing the Base Command card game
    /   on the Battlefront website and from earning the stars in Battles and
   /    Survival modes). The symbol for credits is a crossed number seven.

It was previously announced that you would only receive your XP (and credits) if
you stayed in a match until the end but in fact they save during play and you'll
still get your points if you quit during a match.

You start at rank 1 but as your XP total increases you'll be promoted through
the ranks and thus unlock the option to buy more blasters (see Section 07a), new
Star Cards (see Section 07b) and additional cosmetic options (see Section 07c).

The long table below shows the XP required for each consecutive rank promotion
and all the goodies that unlock at each rank.

 Rank | XP Required | Unlocks
      |             | E-11 (Imperials) and A280C (Rebels) blaster rifles* [free]
   1  |     N/A     | eighteen Human Rebel and two Stormtrooper heads [free]
      |             | eleven Human Rebel and eleven Imperial heads
   2  |   2000 XP   | thermal detonator (Star Card)
      |             | DH-17 blaster pistol
   3  |   5000 XP   | DLT-19 heavy blaster
      |             | scout pistol (Star Card)
   4  |   9000 XP   | ion torpedo (Star Card) + Smell and Droid emotes
   5  |  12000 XP   | RT-97C heavy blaster + pulse cannon (Star Card)
   6  |  15000 XP   | impact grenade (Star Card)
      |             | cooling cell, focus fire and ion shot (charged Star Cards)
   7  |  15000 XP   | nine Human Rebel heads
      |             | nine Imperial heads
      |             | A280C (Imperials) blaster rifle*
   8  |  15000 XP   | E-11 (Rebels) blaster rifle* 
      |             | CA87 shock blaster
   9  |  18000 XP   | ion grenade (Star Card) + Denied and Blame emotes
      |             | T-21 heavy blaster
  10  |  18000 XP   | option to equip a second "hand" (Star Card loadout)
      |             | Stormtrooper diorama figure (see Section 12)
  11  |  18000 XP   | homing shot (Star Card)
  12  |  21000 XP   | 
  13  |  21000 XP   | jump pack (Star Card) + scan pulse (charged Star Card)
  14  |  23000 XP   | SE-14C blaster pistol + No Faith and Thumbs Up emotes
      |             | bodyguard, survivalist and scout (traits)
  15  |  23000 XP   | eighteen Human Rebel heads
      |             | eighteen Imperial heads
  16  |  28000 XP   | smoke grenade (Star Card)
  17  |  29000 XP   | EE-3 blaster rifle + No Try and Shrug emotes
  18  |  29000 XP   | explosive shot (charged Star Card)
  19  |  29000 XP   | 
  20  |  29000 XP   | flash grenade (Star Card) + Boom and No Way emotes
  21  |  35000 XP   | T-21B targeting rifle
  22  |  35000 XP   | personal shield (charged Star Card)
      |             | four Human Rebel heads
  23  |  35000 XP   | four Imperial heads
      |             | Too Easy and Cuffs emotes
  24  |  35000 XP   | barrage (Star Card)
  25  |  41000 XP   | DL-44 blaster pistol + trophy #42 (see Section 15)
 Rank | XP Required | Unlocks
  26  |  41000 XP   | sharpshooter and bounty hunter (traits)
  27  |  41000 XP   | Scream and Clap emotes
  28  |  41000 XP   | cycler rifle (Star Card) 
  29  |  47000 XP   | 
      |             | six Human Rebel
  30  |  47000 XP   | six Imperial heads
      |             | Nooo and Saberfight emotes
  31  |  47000 XP   | 
  32  |  47000 XP   | bowcaster (Star Card)
  33  |  53000 XP   | 
  34  |  53000 XP   | 
  35  |  53000 XP   | Say What and Oh Yeah emotes
  36  |  53000 XP   | 
  37  |  59000 XP   | 
  38  |  59000 XP   | 
  39  |  59000 XP   | 
      |             | Sullustan, Duros and Rodian Rebel heads
  40  |  59000 XP   | Scout Trooper armour
      |             | Tusken and No Good emotes
  41  |  64000 XP   | 
  42  |  64000 XP   | 
  43  |  64000 XP   | 
  44  |  64000 XP   | Flex and Laugh emotes
  45  |  70000 XP   | Zabrak and Ishi Tib Rebel heads
  46  |  70000 XP   | 
  47  |  70000 XP   | Boxer emote
  48  |  70000 XP   | 
  49  |  76000 XP   | 
      |             | Quarren and Twi'lek Rebel heads and Shadow Trooper armour
  50  |  76000 XP   | Princess Leia diorama figure (see Section 12)
      |             | trophy #20 (see Section 15) + Nothing Here emote
 Rank | XP Required | Unlocks

You require a cumulative total of 1,987,000 XP to achieve rank 50 and there is
currently no option to "prestige" when you reach the level cap.

*Initially both the E-11 and A280C blaster rifles are available but these are
faction-locked to the Imperial and Rebel sides respectively. At rank 8 you gain
the option to buy these weapons for the opposite factions.

You can earn XP for kills and kill bonuses in any multiplayer modes.

100 pts - Enemy Defeated (standard points for killing a non-Hero enemy)

 50 pts - Killstreak Bonus (awarded on every kill for a streak of 4+ kills)
 50 pts - Killstreak Stopped (killed an enemy who was on a killstreak
 50 pts - Explosive Bonus* (got a kill with any explosive weapon or grenade)
 50 pts - Melee Bonus (got a kill with the basic melee attack)
 50 pts - Trampled (got a "roadkill" with any vehicle)**
 50 pts - First Kill (got the very first kill of the match)
 50 pts - Headshot Bonus (got a kill with a headshot using any weapon)
 25 pts - Top Player Killed (killed enemy team's current MVP)
 50 pts - Partner Avenged (killed the player that just killed your partner)
 50 pts - Nemesis Bonus (killed the same player several times)
 50 pts - Nemesis Killed (killed the player that got a Nemesis Bonus on you)
 25 pts - Comeback Bonus (finally got a kill after a streak of deaths)

  N pts - Kill Assist (got a kill assist after doing N damage to a player)
100 pts - Critical Kill Assist (got a kill assist for 75+ damage I think)

 50 pts - Turret Destroyed (destroyed enemy's infantry turret)
100 pts - Droid Destroyed (destroyed enemy's R5-D4 or Viper Probe droid)

You can also get these other bonuses in modes with vehicles, turrets and Heroes.

  N pts - Vehicle Damaged (20 or 40 pts for damaging any enemy vehicle)
150 pts -  Destroyed (for destroying any vehicle other than an AT-AT)

  N pts - Stationary Weapon Damaged (20 or 40 pts for damaging enemy turret)
 50 pts - Stationary Weapon Destroyed (for destroying enemy turret)

  N pts - Turbolaser Damaged (20 or 40 pts for damaging an enemy Turbolaser)
100 pts - Turbolaser Destroyed (for destroying an enemy Turbolaser turret)

  N pts - Hero Wounded (50/100/150/200 pts for damaging enemy Hero)
300 pts - Hero Defeated (for reducing enemy Hero's health to zero)
 10 pts - Hero Guard Spawned (you're Leia/Emperor and someone spawned on you)

When you spawn on a support-type Hero character as a bodyguard (see Section 08c)
you earn double XP for the duration of that life.

Most game modes also have their own unique bonuses which are listed below.

*In pre-release builds of the game there was a separate 50 pts Grenade Bonus
but now nade kills count towards the general 50 pts Explosive Bonus instead.

**I got my first roadkill during the public beta in a TIE Fighter. :)

| Section 05b | Drop Zone                                                 s05b |

Drop Zone is played by two teams of eight players (16 total).

An escape-pod will crash-land at one of several locations on the map and both
teams then race to claim it. A pod is "armed" by standing next to it and holding
Square until the indicator fills. It must then be defended to prevent the other
team from claiming it for themselves. If the pod is held continuously by the
same team for 40 seconds that team scores one point. Five seconds later the pod
will open and release three weapon Power-Up pickups (see Section 08a). The next
pod will then land at a new location on the map.

The first team to successfully capture five escape-pods wins the match. Matches
are played with a 10-minute timer and if the time expires then the team with the
most captures wins. There are two exceptions - if both teams captured the same
number of pods then the result will be a draw but if the timer hits zero while
the current pod is armed the match will continue.

The counters at the top of the screen show the match timer and the number of
pods successfully captured by each team.

Tips: You should make good use of your Star Cards (see Section 07b) in Drop Zone
      - the jump pack is very useful for reaching the pod quickly or accessing
      high ground for overwatch and you can use the personal shield to protect
      yourself while arming the pod (but even if you don't have the shield you
      can at least use the pod as cover and also crouch and strafe repeatedly
      left/right to make yourself a slightly harder target).

      If enemy players are using their shields you can use either grenades or
      the cycler rifle to penetrate their defences.

Maps: Swamp Crash Site, Sulfur Fields, Ice Caves, Jawa Refuge, Rebel Depot,
      Dune Sea Exchange

Additional bonuses available in this mode:

150 pts - Pod Claimed (awarded to the player that armed a pod)
100 pts - Pod Captured (awarded to the whole team when a pod opens)
 25 pts - Pod Defended (killed an enemy near a pod held by your team)
 50 pts - Pod Activation Stopped (stopped an enemy from arming a pod)

    [You can achieve trophy #17 by killing ten enemies arming your team's pod.]

| Section 05c | Walker Assault                                            s05c |

Walker Assault is played by two teams of twenty players (40 total).

In this mode either one or two AT-AT walkers (depending on the map) continually
advance along the length of the map to attack the Rebel base at the other side -
this defines the overall match duration so there is no timer. The objective of
the Rebels is to destroy the walker/s and the objective for the Imperials is to
ensure at least one AT-AT reaches the end. Both teams have an infinite number of
respawns available throughout the match.

The AT-AT's are "on rails" and cannot be controlled by players but an Imperial
player can use a vehicle pickup to play briefly as the gunner (see Section 08b).

Each match is played over three phases and in each phase the Rebels will have
two uplinks available (marked with circular satellite-dish icons). A Rebel can
"arm" an uplink by standing next to it and holding Square. The Imperials must
then try to disarm the uplink but if it remains armed long enough for the timer
ring to fill then one (computer-controlled) Y-Wing bomber will be added to the
next bombing run which occurs at the end of the current phase. If the uplink can
be held until the timer fills again then another bomber will be added and the
two uplinks give the Rebels the potential to earn twice as many Y-Wings - the
most I've seen in a single phase of a match so far is thirteen.

At the end of each phase the Y-Wings execute their bombing run on the walker/s
and this disables their shields (denoted by the "sparkly" effect on the AT-AT's)
- they stay down for 10 seconds per Y-Wing so if there are six bombers then the
shields will be down for one minute. This is the only time when the walker/s
can be damaged so it's vitally important for the Rebels to arm and hold their
uplinks for as long as possible.

The display at the top of the screen shows the number of Y-Wing bombers in the
next/current bombing run, the three phases of the match (with circles indicating
the bombing runs) and the two walkers (with red circular health meters).

Tips: You can use any weapons to damage the AT-AT's but the standard blasters
      won't do much damage. You can use Star Cards like the ion grenades, ion
      shot, ion torpedo and cycler rifle to hit it harder. You can also perform
      strafing runs with the A-Wing and X-Wing or use the turret emplacements -
      the P-Tower dish turret does especially good damage against vehicles.

      When using your blaster you can deliberately overheat it and then use the
      cooling flush (timed reload) to resume firing immediately.

      If you get a weapon Power-Up pickup (see Section 08a) which can be used to
      damage vehicles then you should save this until the next bombing run. The
      orbital strike Power-Up's damage versus a vulnerable AT-AT has been nerfed
      considerably since the public beta but it's still very powerful.

      The AT-AT now has a weak spot on its belly (the underside of its body) so
      you can do extra damage by getting close enough to attack this part.

      Pickups for the Snowspeeder (T-47 Airspeeder) become available in the
      final phase and these can be used to give an instant takedown on a walker.
      Fly up to the walker and press Triangle when prompted to attach the tow
      cable to the AT-AT's legs and then use the right stick to keep the speeder
      icon inside the shrinking bar to complete four laps of the walker.

      If you successfully complete this minigame the AT-AT will be entangled and
      fall to the ground. This can only be done during a bombing run but it will
      work regardless of how much damage the AT-AT has taken previously (so if
      both are still operational you should always target whichever walker has
      the most health first).

               [You can achieve trophy #11 by completing a tow cable takedown.]

      You can practise performing takedowns in the 'Invasion' training mission.

      When playing as the Imperials you need to maintain pressure on both the
      uplinks to prevent the Rebels from arming them (and disarm them promptly
      if they do). During the bombing runs you should harry the Rebels to limit
      their potential for damaging the walker/s. You should make good use of the
      AT-ST's, AT-AT's and turrets to hold the Rebels back and utilise the TIE
      Fighters/Interceptors to maintain air superiority. Airspeeders should be
      destroyed as a priority.

      It's also possible to destroy the computer-controlled Y-Wings but I don't
      think this has any significant effect (besides getting you the trophy).

                    [You can achieve trophy #44 by destroying a Y-Wing bomber.]

Maps: Forest Moon of Endor, Outpost Beta, SoroSuub Centroplex, Jundland Wastes

Additional bonuses available in this mode:

200 pts - Uplink Activated (armed an uplink as a Rebel)
200 pts - Uplink Disabled (disarmed an uplink as an Imperial)
 25 pts - Uplink Defended (killed an enemy near an uplink)
 50 pts - Uplink Activation Stopped (killed an enemy who was arming an uplink)
 25 pts - Y-Wing Lock-In (awarded to the whole team for each additional bomber)
 25 pts - AT-AT Defense Bonus (killed a Rebel while the walker was exposed)
 25 pts - Tow Cable Lap (awarded x4 to Airspeeder pilot while wrapping cable)
100 pts - Tow Cable Takedown (awarded to Airspeeder pilot on completion)
  N pts - AT-AT Damaged (5/10/15/20 pts for damaging a walker)
350 pts - AT-AT Destroyed (awarded to the whole team for downing a walker)
150 pts - Y-Wing Destroyed (destroyed one of the Y-Wing bombers)

| Section 05d | Supremacy                                                 s05d |

Supremacy is played by two teams of twenty players (40 total).

It's essentially a Conquest mode with five capture points (flags) that can be
held by either team but there's the added constraint that only two points can be
attacked/defended at any given time - this has the effect of concentrating the
action so you don't get bored defending or get an easy cap on an empty flag.

Let's say the five capture points are numbered 1 to 5. At the start of a match
each team holds two flags (1 and 2 or 4 and 5) and they compete to capture the
middle flag (3). Once the centre point is successfully captured the teams will
then always fight over two adjacent flags, for example if your team caps 3 (you
have 1, 2 and 3 and they have 4 and 5) then you can only attack 4 and they can
only attack 3. Your objective is to keep pushing the enemy back and ultimately
to capture all five points. Matches last for fifteen minutes.

A solid blue circle indicates the friendly flag (to defend) and a red circle is
the enemy flag (to attack). As a point is captured the progress is indicated
with a "pie chart" icon. Flags are captured by the other team having a majority
of players on a capture point - this majority is indicated as x1, x2, x3, etc.

Tips: Losing or gaining a control point makes a big difference to your team's
      overall progress in the match so you should focus your efforts on the
      objectives, although it's also beneficial to push enemies back and prevent
      them from advancing to a control point.

      You'll need to cover long distances to travel between flags so the jump
      pack is a useful card to pick. Also look out for Speeder Bikes.

      Vehicles and Hero characters are both available in this mode so you should
      make good use of both to support attacking and defending actions.

Maps: Forest Moon of Endor, Outpost Beta, SoroSuub Centroplex, Jundland Wastes

Additional bonuses available in this mode:

 10 pts - Capturing (awarded while capturing a control point)
250 pts - Control Point Captured (awarded for completing a capture)
 50 pts - Control Point Kill (got a kill at a control point)

           [You can achieve trophy #12 by getting ten kills at control points.]

| Section 05e | Fighter Squadron                                          s05e |

Fighter Squadron is played by two teams of ten players but there are also ten
bots on each side (40 total). This makes air battles feel more epic and gives
you a few enemies that are easier to kill (like the "grunts" in Titanfall).

It's essentially an airborne dogfighting Team Deathmatch mode with no ground
combat at all - you always spawn directly into a starfighter (see Section 08b),
this will be either a TIE Fighter or TIE Interceptor (Imperials) or an X-Wing or
A-Wing (Rebels) but you can also use a Hero pickup (see below) to play as Slave
I (Imperials) or the Millennium Falcon (Rebels). Fighter Squadron is the only
mode to feature these two "Hero ships".

               [You can achieve trophy #13 by killing 10 enemies in one match.]

The mode has an additional objective - when the enemy transport ship* takes off
you can score extra XP for damaging and destroying it. At any given stage of a
match the text prompt at the top of the screen tells you whether you should be
attacking the enemy transport, defending your team's transport or attacking the
enemy fighters (when neither transport is up).

Killing an enemy starfighter earns 3 team points (for a Human pilot) or 1 team
point (for a bot) and successfully destroying an enemy transport is worth 20
team points. The first side to score 200 team points wins the match or if the
match timer (10 minutes) expires then the bigger score gets the win.

Kills on computer-controlled (AI) starfighters are worth only 50 XP (instead of
the usual 150 XP); they're not shown in the killfeed and are counted separately
on the scoreboard. If you get killed by a bot this is credited to the type of
ship that killed you (X-Wing or TIE Fighter).

There are three types of pickup icons which can always be found floating close
to the ground. The standard eight-pointed star icon repairs your ship by 50%, a
circular "recycling" icon resets your ship's cooldowns and the usual Hero icon
(a circle with a vertical line) allows you to play as your faction's powerful
Hero ship which is either the Millennium Falcon or Slave I (see Section 08b).

The display at the top of the screen shows the match countdown timer and the
current team points for both sides. A temporary timer is shown whenever either
team has a transport ship in the air.

Tips: There are three main things you can do in this mode and all of them will
      help lead your team to a glorious victory (and get you some good XP).

      - Destroying enemy starfighters will earn your team points and reduce
        their potential for scoring. You can stay near your friendly transport
        or Hero ship to help defend them.

      - Attacking the enemy transport will give your team a big chunk of points
        if it's successfully destroyed before it can escape. Flying slowly right
        behind it lets you deliver a ton of damage without having to make lots
        of consecutive strafing runs.

      - The Millennium Falcon and Slave I are very powerful assets in this mode
        so you should try to take them out as quickly as possible. The best way
        to do this is to use the other Hero ship yourself.

      If you're playing on the Imperial side you can use the TIE's speed boost
      ability to get back into the action quicker when you respawn.

      Always use your lock-on (L2) for your primary and secondary weapons. Use
      your evasive manoeuvres (d-pad left/up/right) to break locks and use the
      external view (d-pad down) to give a wider field of view.

      Remember you can play the Beggar's Canyon training mission (see Section
      06a) if you want to practise dogfighting.

Maps: Outpost Beta, SoroSuub Centroplex, Jundland Wastes, Jawa Refuge

Additional bonuses available in this mode:

 50 pts -  Destroyed (for destroying any AI starfighter)
  N pts - Transport Damaged (5/10 pts for damaging enemy transport objective)
150 pts - Transport Destroyed (for destroying enemy transport objective)
  N pts - Slave I Damaged (20/40/60 pts for damaging the Hero ship)
150 pts - Slave I Defeated (for destroying the Hero ship)
  N pts - Millennium Falcon Damaged (20/40/60 pts for damaging the Hero ship)
150 pts - Millennium Falcon Defeated (for destroying the Hero ship)

*The objective ships are Lambda class T-4a shuttles (Imperials) and GR-75 medium
transports (Rebels) both of which featured in the original movie trilogy.



| Section 05f | Blast                                                     s05f |

Blast is played by two teams of ten players (20 total).

This is a standard infantry Team Deathmatch mode played in small arena maps. A
team can win a match either by scoring 100 kills or by having the most kills if
the 10-minute match timer expires.

         [You can achieve trophy #15 by finishing a match with the most kills.]

The display at the top of the screen shows the match countdown timer and the
kill counts for your team (blue) and the enemy team (red).

Tips: Use guns that are well suited to close-quarters combat like the blaster
      pistols or the CA-87 shock blaster (shotgun).

      Practice playing each map to learn the layouts and spawn points.

      Some useful cards would be the impact grenade, the scan pulse or personal
      shield and the scout trait to keep you off enemy minimaps.

Maps: Swamp Crash Site, Ice Caves, Sulfur Fields, Jawa Refuge, Imperial Station,
      Rebel Base, Imperial Hangar, Rebel Depot, Dune Sea Exchange

Additional bonuses available in this mode: N/A

| Section 05g | Cargo                                                     s05g |

Cargo is played by two teams of six players (12 total).

This is essentially a two-flag Capture the Flag mode* but with cargo instead of
flags. The objective for both teams is the same - get into the enemy base, pick
up one of their red cargo packs, deliver it back to your own base and repeat!
However you also need to defend your base from the enemy of course.

At the start of each match the score will be 5-5 but when your team successfully
captures one cargo it will become 6-4 so you have a basic tug-of-war mechanic.
Your team can win by either pushing the score to 10-0 (if the enemy team is not
currently carrying your cargo) or by leading at the end of the match when the
15-minute timer expires. If the score is 5-5 when a match ends it's a draw.

Typically you will switch between attack or defence during the course of each
match. On attack you must Grab a cargo from the enemy base and then Deliver it
to your own base or you can Escort a team-mate with the cargo. On defence you
will either Defend your own base, Hunt Down The Carrier (marked by a flashing
icon) or Return your cargo after the carrier is killed.

    [You can achieve trophy #14 by killing ten enemies who are carrying cargo.]

When a cargo carrier is killed the stolen cargo will remain at their position.
A member of the same team can collect it or a player on the defending team can
recover it which causes it to return to their base.

You are not required to have your own cargo present in your base in order to
score by delivering the enemy cargo. (This game mechanic was previously used in
Battlefield 3 and 4 but could sometimes slow the pace of the game when someone
would deliberately hold onto the enemy flag to prevent them from scoring.)

The display at the top of the screen shows the match countdown timer and the
current score ratio between your team (blue) and the enemy team (red).

Tips: This is a symmetrical mode so you're free to play offence or defence -
      either attacking the enemy base or protecting your own - but it's best to
      switch between the two depending on the situation.

      An enemy player can recover their cargo quickly after killing the carrier
      but if you have the opportunity try to grab it yourself while it's closer
      to your base and away from the enemy base which might be defended. I like
      to think of modes like this as being like [American] football - it's all
      about gaining yards!

      You can use scout (trait) to stay off the minimap when infiltrating the
      enemy base and scan pulse (Star Card) to check for defenders and to find a
      clearer route back to your base when carrying the enemy cargo.

      You can use the E-Web turrets (see Section 09) for base defence. Remember
      to take advantage of any good Power-Up pickups you find too - the infantry
      turret and proximity bomb are good for defending bottlenecks on routes
      into your base and any narrow lanes across the map.

Maps: Rebel Base, Rebel Depot, Imperial Station, Imperial Hangar

Additional bonuses available in this mode:

 50 pts - Cargo Picked Up (collected an enemy cargo)
150 pts - Cargo Delivered (delivered an enemy cargo to your base)
 50 pts - Cargo Delivery Assist (helped the cargo carrier)
 50 pts - Cargo Carrier Killed (killed an enemy that had your cargo)
 50 pts - Cargo Returned (recovered a dropped cargo)

*Versions of CTF mode were previously playable in BF2, BFRS and BFES.

| Section 05h | Droid Run                                                 s05h |

Droid Run is played by two teams of six players (12 total).

This plays like a small version of Conquest/Domination but with mobile capture
points - your objective is to seize control of three computer-controlled GNK
"Gonk" power-droids - designated A, B and C* - as they wander around the map.

You can stand next to a neutral or enemy droid and hold Square for two seconds
to "capture" it (like arming an uplink in Walker Assault). If the opposing team
fails to re-capture the droid in the next twenty seconds then the droid will be
fully "claimed" for your team.

           [You can achieve trophy #18 by capturing three droids in one match.]

If one team successfully claims all three droids at the same time and holds them
uncontested for twenty seconds then they win the round. Otherwise matches last
for ten minutes and the team that holds the most droids at the end wins. If a
droid is in the process of being claimed when the timer hits zero then the match
continues until the droid is either fully claimed or re-captured.

The display at the top of the screen shows the match countdown timer and the
status of the three droids - red (enemy), blue (friendly) or white (neutral). A
flashing icon indicates that a droid is currently being claimed or re-claimed.

Tips: This is another symmetrical mode where you'll switch between offence and
      defence repeatedly during the match. There will usually be a frequent
      turnover rate as you attack droids held by the enemy team and prevent them
      from doing the same to you.

      If you know the location of a nearby enemy you can crouch and use the
      droid itself as cover from blaster fire while you arm it. :)

      Don't stick directly next to a droid when defending it. A red or flashing
      icon will attract enemies pretty soon and you'll be the first thing they
      see when they arrive! Try to anticipate enemy routes from their spawn to
      your team's droids.

      You only have six players to cap and defend three objectives. Perhaps it's
      best to maintain a 2-1 lead with two squads of three each defending an
      objective and try to hold them until the match ends.

      Don't give up! Even if the enemy team has held a 1-2 majority for most of
      the match it only takes one re-claim to win the match with 2-1.

Maps: Swamp Crash Site, Ice Caves, Sulfur Fields, Jawa Refuge, Rebel Base,
      Dune Sea Exchange

Additional bonuses available in this mode:

200 pts - Droid Captured (captured an objective droid)
 50 pts - Droid Claimed (claimed an objective droid)
 50 pts - Droid Defender (got a kill near a droid claimed by your team)
 50 pts - Activation Stopped (killed an enemy who was capturing a droid)

*Fans of the vintage sci-fi movie Silent Running (1972) might prefer to think of
the trio of boxy bipedal robots at Huey, Dewey and Louie. :)

In previous Battlefront games (where soldiers had limited ammunition supplies)
the power-droids appeared as "ammo-droids" that could resupply players.

| Section 05i | Heroes vs Villains                                        s05i |

Heroes vs Villains* is played by two teams of six players (12 total).

On both teams three of the players will spawn as Hero characters (see Section
08c) while the other three spawn as normal troopers. When a Hero player gets
defeated they can then respawn as a soldier. The first team to lose all three
Heroes (or the one with the fewest active Heroes at the end) loses the round.

      [You can achieve trophy #19 by defeating a Hero while playing as a Hero.]

Each match is played over a series of fast-paced three-minute rounds on the same
map and without the factions switching. The first team to defeat all three Hero
characters on the other side wins the round and the overall match is won by the
team that wins five rounds. Therefore each Heroes vs Villains match will usually
last for between five and nine rounds, although neither team scores in a draw so
it's possible to play ten or more. XP/credits earned are shown after a match.

The display at the top of the screen shows which characters have been defeated,
how many rounds each team has won and the time remaining in the current round.

Tips: You should have a good practical knowledge of all the Hero characters'
      abilities (see Section 08c), their general roles (short range, long range
      and support) and their strengths/weaknesses. This will help you use them
      (and defeat them) more effectively.

      You can practise playing as any of the Heroes (or Villains!) in the Hero
      Battles mode (see Section 06b).

      When playing as a Hero you can rush in and use your offensive abilities to
      deal more damage to the enemy Heroes but remember that you're also one of
      the objectives in this mode - if you die the enemy team will be closer to
      winning and you'll come back as a standard (weaker) character.

      If your team has already lost the other two Heroes you'll need to decide
      whether to boldly press the enemy Heroes to snatch a win or to hang back
      and hope that your team-mates can finish them off.

      When not playing as a Hero you should try to do as much damage as possible
      to the enemy Heroes - remember you are expendable! You can take advantage
      of weapon pickups and if your support character (Leia/Emperor) is still
      alive you can use the option to spawn as a bodyguard (see Section 08c) -
      you'll have more health (but no health regen) and two powerful secondary
      weapons instead of your normal Star Cards.

Maps: Swamp Crash Site, Ice Caves, Sulfur Fields, Jawa Refuge, Imperial Station,
      Rebel Base, Imperial Hangar, Rebel Depot, Dune Sea Exchange

Additional bonuses available in this mode: N/A

*A "Heroes vs Villains" mode previously featured in BFES. There was also a mode
called Hero Assault in BF2 but there everyone spawned as a Hero character and
sometimes you would see two copies of one character at the same time and this
seems to be something they've tried to avoid in this new Battlefront game.

| Section 05j | Hero Hunt                                                 s05j |

Hero Hunt is played by eight players (no teams).

There are no fixed teams in this mode. Instead one player spawns as one of the
Hero characters (see Section 08c) and the other seven spawn as standard soldiers
from the other faction. Sometimes it'll be a Rebel Hero against seven Imperials
and sometimes the other way around.

      [You can achieve trophy #16 by getting 10 kills in a match using a Hero.]

Hero Hunt plays like Juggernaut mode in Halo and Call of Duty - essentially a
co-op boss battle with the seven players working together to take out the Hero.

When the Hero is finally "defeated" (reduced to zero on their health bar) the
player that did the final bit of damage to them becomes the new Hero and the
player that was previously the Hero becomes a soldier. The Hero character will
change each time but it will always be an Imperial when the soldiers are Rebel
troops or vice versa.

Hero Hunt is also like a free-for-all mode - the first player to reach the goal
of fifty kills is the individual winner of the match. If the 15-minute timer
ends then the player that got the most kills is declared the winner.

The display at the top of the screen shows the match timer countdown plus your
kill count on the left and the top player's kill count on the right.

Tips: Obviously a good knowledge of all the Hero abilities (see Section 08c)
      will be advantageous whether you're playing as a Hero or not.

      As a Hero you need to maximise your kills but rushing into a large group
      of enemies could get you killed quickly. If you remain mobile and pick off
      one or two enemies at a time you might be able to stay alive longer and
      get more kills overall. Look out for a Hero icon pickup which will give
      you a health boost (or drop your own when playing as Leia/Emperor).

      You need to get the most kills to win the match and you'll get most of
      these playing as a Hero. Being the Hero at the start of the match is a big
      advantage but that's down to luck, however if you can play smart and land
      the killing blow on a Hero you'll get to be the next one.

      Equip a blaster and cards that can be used to do good damage to a Hero. A
      rapid-fire blaster buffed with the explosive shot card is very effective.

Maps: Swamp Crash Site, Ice Caves, Sulfur Fields, Jawa Refuge, Imperial Station,
      Rebel Base, Imperial Hangar, Rebel Depot, Dune Sea Exchange

Additional bonuses available in this mode: N/A

| Section 06 | MISSIONS                                                    s06 |

There are three play modes available under Missions:

o Training - there are five training missions.

  You can play these solo or co-operatively with a friend.

o Battles - there are four Battles missions and four Hero Battles missions.

  You can play these solo or competitively against a friend.

o Survival - there are four Survival missions.

  You can play these solo or co-operatively with a friend.

                        [You can achieve trophy #36 by completing any mission.]

                       [You can achieve trophy #28 by completing all missions.]

There is no matchmaking function for co-op play so you can only play online with
players from your friends list and not with randoms. Splitscreen "couch" co-op
and versus play are also available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

               [You can achieve trophy #27 by completing any mission in co-op.]

You can play on Normal, Hard and Master difficulties in Survival and Battles.

        [You can achieve trophy #29 by completing all missions on Master diff.]

Each mission has five collectibles - see Section 11 for a list of locations.

You can earn a total of 75 stars in Missions by completing requirements in each
one (15 stars in Training, 20 stars in Survival and 40 stars in Battles).

                       [You can achieve trophy #32 by earning your first star.]

For each star earned you also receive credits to spend on multiplayer unlocks.

| Section 06a | Training                                                  s06a |

The game features five training missions which teach you about using ground and
air vehicles (see Section 08b) and the Hero characters (see Section 08c).

In order to make them more engaging and to add replay value each of the training
missions is presented as a playable scenario, with three objectives to unlock
stars, brief cut-scenes, online friends leaderboards and the option to play in
co-op with a buddy.

     [You can achieve trophy #33 by earning one star on each training mission.]

Each star earns you credits to spend on multiplayer unlocks - in total all three
stars from one mission will give you 450 credits.

There are no hidden collectibles in the training missions.

o Beggar's Canyon (training mission)

  You're an X-Wing pilot on patrol in Beggar's Canyon on Tatooine.

  Your objective is to destroy all the enemy starfighters in your sector.

    [You can achieve trophy #35 by destroying ten TIE Fighters in two minutes.]

  You can earn three stars on this mission:

     Job Done (complete the mission)
        6 Min (complete the mission within six minutes)
    No Proton (complete within six minutes without using proton torpedoes)

  Tips: Use the red arrows around the edge of your view to locate an enemy in
        3D space. If they're flying towards you then slow down to increase your
        contact time but otherwise you should pursue at maximum speed.

        Hold L2 and keep aiming at an enemy starfighter to get a weapons lock.
        When the red ring appears you can fire your proton torpedoes with R1 and
        this will give a one-hit kill. If you maintain your lock long enough for
        the X-shaped crosshair to move inside the red ring you can fire your
        laser cannons by holding R2. These do overheat eventually but you can
        fire continuously for up to twenty seconds.

        Use the default external view to increase your field of view.

        If you take heavy damage you can find a health-up (+50%) floating over
        the western end of the citadel in the centre of the canyon.

o Endor Chase (training mission)

  You're an Imperial Biker Scout on patrol in the forests of Endor.

  Your objective is to chase the Rebel troops escaping on stolen Speeder Bikes.

     [You can achieve trophy #34 by completing the mission without any damage.]

  You can earn three stars on this mission:

      Job Done (complete the mission)
       2.5 Min (complete the mission within two and a half minutes)
   Defeat Them (defeat five Rebels and race to the finish)

  Tips: Use the left stick up/down to control your speed and left/right to lean
        and the right stick to steer. Use L2 to lock your blaster cannon and R2
        to shoot (this will overheat after continuous use). You can also press
        L1 to use the bike's speed boost ability.

        You'll need to travel at top speed to complete in under 2'30" so hold up
        on the left stick (you can still use it to lean). You're not required to
        get any kills to complete the mission so you can focus on not crashing
        during your "speed run". You can achieve the target without using the
        speed boost but if you're going for the fastest possible time then use
        it to give a quick start and whenever there's a short straight.

        The level has numerous forks so you'll need to follow the markers that
        indicate enemy targets when you're going for the kills. You can keep L2
        held down if you want and then fire when it locks onto a target.

        If you hit a big tree or a rock then you'll take damage but you can use
        the pale blue pickup icons to repair your bike.

        After playing the mission several times you'll learn the basic layout
        and remember any obstacles that caught you out previously.

o Overpower (training mission)

  You're in control of an AT-ST walker on the planet Sullust.

  Your objective is to reclaim the factory and escort an AT-AT walker.

  You can earn three stars on this mission:

      Job Done (complete the mission)
         6 Min (complete the mission within six minutes)
       A-Wings (complete the mission and destroy eight A-Wing interceptors)

  Tips: L1 fires your grenade launcher which is great for taking out groups of
        infantry at short ranges. When the game indicates enemy infantry with a
        yellow marker keep shooting until the marker disappears.

        R1 fires your missile launcher. You can take out A-Wings and X-Wings by
        aiming towards them, firing the launcher and then holding your aim until
        the white diamond appears around your target. The starfighters will be
        marked red on your minimap and once you turn towards one you'll be able
        to use the incoming laser beams to trace its position.

        The cooldowns on both secondary weapons take only five seconds so take
        advantage of this and use them as much as possible.

        You can hold L3 to sprint in the AT-ST although you won't gain much
        benefit from it - just maintain pace and stay just ahead of the AT-AT.

        At the end of the level focus your fire on the second boarding passage
        in the gantries underneath the big shuttle pad on the right.

o The Dark Side (training mission)

  You're Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine (your choice) on Hoth.

  Your objective is to eradicate enemy forces inside the Rebel base.

  You can earn three stars on this mission:

      Job Done (complete the mission)
         3 Min (complete the mission within three minutes)
     Efficient (complete the mission with at least 75% health remaining)

  Tips: I found Vader to be very effective for a speed run. Hold L2 and aim with
        your hipfire crosshairs to reflect blaster fire back onto the Rebels but
        pick off other targets at medium ranges with your L1 and R1 abilities
        whenever they come off cooldown. If enemies lurk in cover then swoop in
        with Cross and cut them down with the standard R2 attack. (not R2D2!)

        Getting the third star is trivial if you play as the Emperor because he
        can use Imperial Resources (hold Triangle) to drop a health pickup. If
        necessary (i.e. you have less than 75% health) you can keep one enemy
        alive in the final wave while you wait for that ability to cooldown.

o Invasion (training mission)

  You're a Rebel pilot in a Snowspeeder on Hoth.

  Your objective is to defend the Rebel evacuation against an Imperial assault.

  This mission lets you practice takedowns on AT-AT walkers using the tow cable
  which is a handy skill to have when playing Walker Assault mode.

  You can earn three stars on this mission:

      Job Done (complete the mission)
         8 Min (complete the mission within eight minutes)
      Takedown (complete the mission without failing a tow cable takedown)

  Tips: As usual you should check your minimap to find enemy (red) targets.

        When engaging the smaller AT-ST walkers reduce your speed to minimum so
        that you have the maximum time in your strafing run. Aim for the body as
        this gives you a larger target. You can use the right stick to fly/aim
        left/right and up/down but additionally you can hold the left stick to
        veer left/right and you can use this to avoid collisions with walkers
        and to make fine corrections to your aim.

        You can also use both sticks together to "look over your shoulder" as
        you pass a walker in order to land a few extra hits. For example if you
        are flying towards an AT-ST you can jink right at the last second to
        avoid it then aim left to keep shooting it.

        If you don't manage to kill it on your first pass then accelerate to
        maximum speed for a couple of seconds to give yourself some distance
        then use d-pad left or right to perform a quick 180 turn so you can make
        a second run at your target.

        The speeder will always hover over smooth terrain even if you fly down
        towards the ground. However it's still possible to crash into hills so
        keep aware of any rocky areas.

        To perform a tow cable takedown on an AT-AT fly next to it and press
        Triangle when prompted. Then nudge the right stick up/down to keep the
        speeder icon inside the shrinking box. If the speeder is in the top half
        of the box then you usually need to tap down and vice versa.

        During the final wave incoming fire from an AT-ST can throw your balance
        when wrapping the harpoon cable so I'd suggest taking them out first. If
        you make lateral attack runs the width of the battlefield you can take
        out several scout walkers in a single pass before making a big turn.

| Section 06b | Battles                                                   s06b |

In Battles mode you play in various conflicts between Rebel and Imperial forces
on each of the four worlds (see Section 10). You can play solo versus bots or
against a friend, with or without AI allies and - unlike Survival (where you
always play as Rebels) - you can also choose your faction. Hero Battles work the
same way but with the addition of Hero characters (see Section 08c).

The mode uses a similar mechanic to Kill Confirmed mode from the Call of Duty
franchise - whenever a unit is defeated it drops a token which can be collected
by either team. You should collect enemy tokens in order to score but you should
also collect tokens from dead friendlies  - you won't score points for these but
you will prevent the enemy team from scoring which is especially important when
going for the 'Unstoppable' star (see below). The first side to score 100 pts
wins the match. Imperial tokens are square and Rebel tokens are round.

Some tougher enemies are worth more points than others.

   unit type |       Rebel units        |      Imperial units      |  Points
    standard |      Rebel Soldier       |       Stormtrooper       |   2 pts
      sniper |      Rodian Sniper       |       Biker Scout        |   2 pts
    launcher |   Sullustan Demolition   |    Demolition Trooper    |   2 pts
     jetpack | Ishi Tib Jetpack Soldier |       Jumptrooper        |   5 pts
       heavy |   Quarren Heavy Gunner   |      Shock Trooper       |   5 pts
        Hero |      Luke/Han/Leia       |    Vader/Boba/Emperor    |  20 pts

If you're playing with allies in Battles mode then you drop a 5 pts token when
you die but if you're playing without allies or playing Hero Battles then you're
worth 20 pts. (So it's usually "game over" if you die five times, although you
can occasionally recover your own tokens - so remember where you died!)

Every mission has five collectibles to find (see Section 11 for locations).

Five stars are available to earn in each of the eight Battles missions:

       Normal (win on Normal difficulty playing solo versus bots)
         Hard (win on Hard difficulty playing solo versus bots)
       Master (win on Master difficulty playing solo versus bots)
 Collectibles (win on any difficulty playing solo with all collectibles)
  Unstoppable (win on Master diff playing solo and enemy has less than 40 pts)

      [You can achieve trophy #37 by earning a total of five stars in Battles.]

The difficulty stars "stack" so if you beat a mission on Hard diff then you'll
receive both the Normal and Hard stars.

Each star earns you credits to spend on multiplayer unlocks - in total all five
stars from one mission will give you 3100 credits.

Overall there are forty stars to earn in Battles and Hero Battles.

Battles is the standard version of this mode where you play as a normal soldier.

Although you can set the difficulty to Normal, Hard or Master the game will also
apply adaptive difficulty, increasing the number of ally units (up to five) if
the player is struggling.

          [You can achieve trophy #38 by winning a solo Battle on Normal diff.]

You can choose between any of the eleven primary blasters in the base game (so
you can use this mode to try them out before buying them in multiplayer).

The following two hands are available on each mission. After completing any
mission on Hard diff you can use your custom multiplayer loadout/s instead.

o Battle on Tatooine

  Hand 1: Grenadier (bowcaster, explosive shot and impact grenade)

  Hand 2: Escapist (jump pack, personal shield and barrage)

o Battle on Hoth

  Hand 1: Hunter (jump pack, focus fire and cycler rifle)

  Hand 2: Demolitions (thermal detonator, personal shield and barrage)

o Battle on Endor

  Hand 1: Scout (homing shot, scan pulse and barrage)

  Hand 2: Wookiee (bowcaster, personal shield and impact grenade)

o Battle on Sullust

  Hand 1: Elite (jump pack, focus fire and pulse cannon)

  Hand 2: Mercenary (jump pack, cooling cell and impact grenade)

(See Section 07b for details of all the Star Card gadgets listed here.)

Tips: Use your minimap to find enemies (red pings) and tokens (white dots). 

      It's important to gather both enemy and friendly tokens but sometimes it
      will be safer to ignore one.

      Make good use of the Power-Ups available on the maps. You can also pick up
      additional charges to use with your middle Star Card.

      Obviously you should try not to die! This gives the enemy team easy points
      and often denies you the opportunity to collect tokens; also it will hurt
      your time if you're trying to climb the leaderboard. Use cover or either
      of the shields to give yourself time to regenerate health - you can also
      use the jump pack to make a tactical withdrawal (run away!).

      Be wary of the fixed tripod blasters on the levels - if an enemy gets on
      one they can take you out very quickly.

      You can use the d-pad to give basic orders to your allies - press up to
      get them to "search and destroy" or right to make them follow you. If you
      have them following it should be easier to pick up their tokens if (when)
      they get themselves killed!

      At higher difficulties you'll want to find a secure defensive position
      like a dead-end corridor where you can't get flanked. Of course you'll
      still need to emerge to collect tokens but try to wait until all nearby
      enemies are defeated (and/or use your shield for protection).

                                 Hero Battles                                  
Hero Battles work exactly like normal Battles but they add Hero characters. When
you play solo you'll be the only Hero but when you play against a friend one of
you will be a Hero and the other will be a Villain.

Hero Battles missions feature the same maps/scenarios as Battles but they have
different locations for their collectibles (see Section 11b).

o Hero Battle on Tatooine

o Hero Battle on Hoth

o Hero Battle on Endor

o Hero Battle on Sullust

Tips: Learn how to make the best use of each character's abilities and find the
      one you're most comfortable using.

      Hero characters can take a lot of damage but they have no health regen so
      you should try to stay near the yellow Hero health pickup which is always
      marked. If you play as either Leia or the Emperor you can also use your
      ability to drop a health-up.

      If you're playing against a friend you should always take the health-up
      even if you don't really need it since it will deny your opponent!

| Section 06c | Survival                                                  s06c |

Survival can be played as single-player or as two-player co-operative (either
online with a friend or in local splitscreen on consoles).

It's basically a simple survival or horde mode where you (and your partner) need
to defend against a total of fifteen increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

You start with two lives and you need to use one each time you die and respawn.
However you can find heart pickups on the levels and each one adds one life.

The display along the top of your screen during play shows the number of lives
remaining, the round timer (counting up), the number of enemies remaining in the
current wave and the number of the current wave (out of fifteen total).

On certain waves an escape pod will crash-land into the map and you need to arm
it and defend it from the enemies. If it stays armed for 40 seconds then it will
open and release three weapon Power-Ups (see Section 08a) just like in Drop Zone
mode. You should be careful not to waste this resource - save your pickups until
you really need them (e.g. to take out an AT-ST walker more quickly).

(If an enemy soldier disarms the pod then you'll need to arm it again to avoid
losing it. One handy tactic is to leave only the AT-ST or one probe droid alive
in a wave before arming the pod - they're unable to disarm it!)

In addition to hearts and Power-Ups you can also find charge pickups scattered
around the levels which let you use the shield, ion shot, etc, more often.

At the start of each match you need to select the difficulty - Normal, Hard or
Master - but each mission always has fifteen waves.

  [You can achieve trophy #30 by beating a mission on Master in under 35 mins.]

     [You can achieve trophy #40 by beating a mission on Master without dying.]

You also have a choice of solo or co-op, all eleven standard blasters (see
Section 07a) and two different hands of Star Cards (see Section 07b).

There are four missions for this mode - one for each of the four worlds.

The following two hands are available on each mission. After completing any
mission on Hard diff you can use your custom multiplayer loadout/s instead.

(See Section 07b for details of all the Star Card gadgets listed here.)

o Survival on Tatooine

  Hand 1: Raider (jump pack, ion shot and barrage)

  Hand 2: Annihilator (jump pack, personal shield and ion torpedo)

  The jump pack is always a useful gadget to have but it's especially important
  on some levels where it's required to reach collectibles (see Section 11c).

o Survival on Endor

  Hand 1: Stalker (bowcaster, personal shield and ion torpedo)

  Hand 2: Scoundrel (jump pack, ion shot and ion grenade)

o Survival on Hoth

  Hand 1: Survivor (bowcaster, ion shot and impact grenade)

  Hand 2: Rogue (barrage, cooling cell and thermal detonator)

o Survival on Sullust

  Hand 1: Marksman (jump pack, ion shot and cycler rifle)

  Hand 2: Soldier (jump pack, focus fire and ion torpedo)

  I'd recommend that one player selects Soldier on this mission. I went with
  Marksman on my first solo playthrough and the TIE Fighters were a pain.

Each Survival map has five collectibles to find (see Section 11c for locations).

Five stars are available to earn in each of the four Survival missions:

         Normal (complete all waves on Normal difficulty)
           Hard (complete all waves on Hard difficulty)
         Master (complete all waves on Master difficulty)
      No Deaths (complete all waves on Master difficulty without dying)
   Collectibles (complete all waves on any difficulty with all collectibles)

     [You can achieve trophy #39 by earning a total of five stars in Survival.]

Each star earns you credits to spend on multiplayer unlocks - in total all five
stars from one mission will give you 3100 credits.

Overall there are twenty stars to earn in Survival mode.

In Survival mode you always play as Rebel troops against Imperial forces.

You will encounter the following enemies in various combinations:

- Stormtrooper

  These are standard Stormtroopers equipped with blaster rifles.

  They're the most basic enemies in Survival but they can be a problem if they
  surround you or if one jumps on a tripod turret.

- Demolition Trooper

  These guys look like normal Stormtroopers but without a helmet. They carry a
  lock-on launcher but you can use cover to break the lock - or just kill them!

- Shock Trooper

  These are heavy troops identified by red markings on their armour. They use a
  heavy blaster and they can take more damage than standard troops.

- Snipers

  The Scout Troopers (Biker Scouts) have black and white armour. They use sniper
  rifles at long ranges (obviously) and pistols in close quarters.

- Jumptrooper

  These Stormtroopers are equipped with heavy blasters, jet packs and personal
  shields. They assault with shields deployed and then hover up into the air
  (without shields) so if you have trouble finding an enemy try looking up. :)

- Shadow Trooper

  These elites have black Stormtrooper armour and Predator-style cloaking tech
  in addition to their heavy blasters and flash grenades.

  Even when they're not cloaked they can sometimes be hard to see if they're
  camping in a shadow or a bush on Endor.

- Probe Droid

  This is the hovering droid that's also available as a pickup in multiplayer.

  It does attack you but it's less dangerous than it is in multiplayer.


  The scout walker functions as a boss in this mode. It takes a lot of damage to
  destroy it and, while you can use your primary blaster, it's more effective to
  use Star Cards like the ion torpedo or ion shot or to grab a Power-Up weapon
  from one of the pods. Don't get too close or you'll get trampled.

  The heavier version of the AT-ST that tends to appear in later waves has a
  lock-on weapon. When you see the directional indicator try to move behind
  cover to break its line of sight.

- TIE Fighter

  The Imperial starfighters perform consecutive strafing runs on you but they
  shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as you keep moving and you're not
  on low health.

  They can most effectively be taken out using the ion torpedo which locks onto
  the target and gives a one-hit kill. Otherwise if you have a charge available
  you can take them out using the ion shot - watch the aircraft and wait for it
  to fly away, turn and then dive towards you in an attack run. You can use your
  blaster without ion shot too but it'll usually take several runs to kill them.

  I briefly tried using the big Turbolaser turrets but this just seems to make
  you an easy target for the TIE's - they blow up the turret with you inside.

Admiral "It's a Trap!" Ackbar will introduce each new enemy type as they appear.

| Section 07 | UNLOCKS                                                     s07 |

Your unlocks include the equipment that you can equip into your loadout plus the
cosmetic options to make your character look different.

- blasters (primary weapons)

- Star Cards (gadgets, grenades, secondary weapons and perks)

- appearance (heads and emotes)

You can view, buy and equip these under Collect \ Unlocks off the main menu.

You start out with only two blaster rifles - the A280C (faction-locked to the
Rebels) and the E-11 (faction-locked to the Imperials) - plus twenty heads and
three emotes but no Star Cards.

Additional blasters, cards, heads and emotes are unlocked as you rank up (see
Section 05a) and can then be bought using the in-game credits that you get from
scoring XP in multiplayer matches, earning stars in the Missions modes and from
playing the Base Command card game (Battlefront website or Companion app).

| Section 07a | Blasters                                                  s07a |

Your character always carries one blaster gun as their primary weapon and there
is no class system to impose restrictions so you can equip any blaster you own.

By default you don't carry a back-up sidearm although it is possible to equip
the scout pistol as a Star Card (see Section 07b).

You can view the guns available under Collect \ Unlocks \ Blasters.

This table gives a summary of the key stats for each gun. Remember each gun does
its maximum damage out to the drop-off start distance and its minimum damage
after the drop-off end. It takes 100 damage to kill a standard trooper.

   Weapon | Fire-Rate | Max. Damage | Drop-Off Range | Min. Damage | Overheat
   DLT-19 |           |     15      |   15m to 50m   |     13      |
  --------|  600 RPM  |-------------+----------------+-------------| 39 shots
   RT-97C |           |     17      |   10m to 50m   |     14      |
    DH-17 |  450 RPM  |             |   25m to 40m   |      5      | 23 shots
  --------+-----------|     25      |----------------+-------------+----------
    A280C |  400 RPM  |             |                |     12      | 27 shots
  --------+-----------+-------------|   10m to 60m   |-------------+----------
     E-11 |  300 RPM  |     35      |                |     15      | 19 shots
    DL-44 |  250 RPM  |             |   20m to 40m   |     19      |
  --------+-----------|     50      |----------------+-------------| 12 shots
     T-21 |           |             |                |             |
  --------|  180 RPM  |-------------|   10m to 50m   |     34      |----------
    T-21B |           |     45      |                |             | 7 shots
     EE-3 |  120 RPM  |   21 x 3    |   10m to 60m   |   12 x 3    | 8 bursts
   SE-14C |  110 RPM  |   20 x 5    |   25m to 40m   |   10 x 5    | 6 bursts
    CA-87 |   75 RPM  |   15 x 10   |   15m to 40m   |    6 x 10   | 3 shots

The final column shows the number of continuous shots at which the blaster will
overheat. This is loosely analogous to magazine size, although in Battlefront
you can keep firing short bursts without ever having to "reload" (cooldown).

You can view the standard eleven blasters on the official site here:

All of these guns are unlocked by default in the Survival and Battles modes so
you can give them a test drive before you buy them for multiplayer.

Each blaster falls into one of several categories. The blaster rifles are the
equivalent of assault rifles - they're versatile guns which work well at most
ranges. Blaster pistols are like submachineguns - strong in close quarters but
weak at long ranges. The heavy blasters can be compared to either machineguns or
to battle rifles - some fire rapidly and give consistent damage at all ranges
while others fire slowly but do heavy damage. Long-range rifles are obviously
sniper rifles, targeting rifles are like designated marksman rifles (DMR's) and
shock blasters function as shotguns.

Battlefront doesn't include weapon attachments so you can't customise your guns,
although the T-21B targeting rifle is a modified version of the T-21.

o E-11 blaster rifle

  The ubiquitous E-11 is the service rifle of the Stormtrooper Corps so it saw
  action across several theatres such as Hoth and Endor (Episodes V and VI).

  The E-11 props were based on the Sterling L2A3 (British 1944 submachinegun).


  Unlocks: available at start [Imperials] / rank 8 and 1550 credits [Rebels]

  The E-11 does 25 maximum damage for a four-hit kill out to 14 metres and a
  five-hit kill as far as 35 metres. It fires slower than the A280C but it does
  more damage and requires one less shot to get a kill at all ranges.

  It has less vertical recoil but its accuracy decreases twice as fast during
  continuous fire and then recovers slower.

  Using Princess Leia's Trooper Bane ability temporarily gives one-shot kills
  against standard enemies using her E-11 blaster.

o A280C blaster rifle

  Battlefront is the first reference to the "A280C" in the Star Wars canon.

  The A280C is a compact commando variant of the Rebels' standard A280 rifle.

  The props for the standard Rebel rifles in the Battle of Hoth (in Episode V)
  were based on the StG44 Sturmgewehr (German 1944 assault rifle) and these were
  designated as the A295. However for the Battle of Endor (in Episode VI) the
  prop design was recreated instead using the AR15/M16 (US 1958 assault rifle)
  and these blasters were designated as the A280. Confusingly the game model in
  Battlefront is based on the Sturmgewehr version but labelled as the A280C.


  Unlocks: available at start [Rebels] / rank 8 and 1550 credits [Imperials]

  Compared to the E-11 blaster rifle the A280C has a 33% faster rate of fire but
  it also does less damage and the overall effect is that both weapons have very
  similar TTK's (time to kill) at all ranges.

  The higher damage on the E-11 means it takes fewer shots to kill someone but
  the faster fire-rate on the A280C means you can land extra hits more quickly
  if you miss some.

o DH-17 blaster pistol

  The DH-17 was used extensively by Rebel troops, notably in the defence of the
  Tantive IV against the Imperial boarding party (at the start of Episode IV).

  Like the E-11 rifle, the DH-17 props were based on the Sterling SMG.


  Unlocks: rank 3 and 550 credits [both factions]

  The DH-17 has the same maximum damage as the A280C but it fires slightly
  faster so it kills more quickly than the blaster rifles at short ranges.

  It holds that max damage further too but then it plummets to only 5 minimum
  damage so it takes twenty hits to get a kill at 40 metres and beyond!

  The pistol has slightly more recoil than the blaster rifles too so you will
  definitely want to limit yourself to short-range encounters, however it's
  ideal for use indoors and on the smaller maps.

o DLT-19 heavy blaster

  The DLT was used for long-range support in Stormtrooper units including the
  Tatooine landing parties from the Star Destroyer 'Devastator' (in Episode IV).

  The DLT-19 props were based on the MG34 (German 1934 machinegun).


  Unlocks: rank 3 and 550 credits [both factions]

  The DLT has a high rate of fire and very little difference in its max and min
  damage values so it gives exceptionally consistent performance over range.

  Its TTK (time to kill) values are similar to the blaster rifles at short range
  but considerably better at 48 metres and beyond, although it has the worst
  horizontal recoil and accuracy in the base game.

  (The DLT received a few nerfs after the public beta. Its max and min damage
  were both reduced by 2, its spread increase per shot was doubled and its base
  spread was increased from 0.1 to 0.5 which is equivalent to using a pistol or
  PDW in Battlefield 4.)

o RT-97C heavy blaster

  This gun was also used by some Stormtroopers in Mos Eisley (in Episode IV).

  The RT-97C props were based on the MG15 (German 1920's machinegun).


  Unlocks: rank 5 and 1250 credits [both factions]

  The RT-97C* fires at the same rate as the DLT but it does more damage at all
  ranges. It's a small difference but enough to give it a lower BTK (bullets to
  kill) between 0-14 metres and between 28-46 metres.

  It has better initial accuracy and less horizontal recoil too which makes it a
  great weapon to use at longer ranges but it also has more vertical recoil so
  you'll need to compensate for that when firing a sustained burst.

  *The gun was named after the initials of two designers and the year they met!

o CA-87 shock blaster

  Battlefront is the first reference to the "CA-87" in the Star Wars canon.

  The ion blaster is a compact short-range weapon used by Jawas on Tatooine to
  immobilize errant droids by firing a restraining bolt or an ion blast. The
  version in the game has evidently been retro-fitted to kill people instead.

  The prop was based on the Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III (British 1895 rifle).


  Unlocks: rank 8 and 1550 credits [both factions]

  The CA-87 is effectively the "shotgun" of Battlefront. It fires ten separate
  beams which are scattered randomly within a cone like shotgun pellets.

  Each beam does a maximum damage of 15 so you only need seven beams to hit your
  target to kill them but the scattering effect makes that harder at longer
  ranges and the beams have a duration of only 0.1 seconds so - combined with
  the slow 200 m/s velocity - the weapon does zero damage after 20 metres!

  Additionally it has high vertical and horizontal recoil, you can only fire
  three shots before it overheats and it has a very slow fire-rate. The CA-87
  should only be used at short ranges and I would suggest using a "pillaring"
  technique where possible - strafing back into cover after each shot.

o T-21 heavy blaster

  This gun was also used by some Stormtroopers in Mos Eisley (in Episode IV).

  The T-21 props were based on the Lewis Gun (US/British 1911 machinegun).


  Unlocks: rank 10 and 2500 credits [both factions]

  The T-21 is quite different to the other heavy blasters - it fires much slower
  but does a lot more damage. It has a max damage of 50 so it's capable of a
  two-hit kill out to ten metres although the slower rate of fire makes it less
  effective in close quarters. At all other ranges it gives a three-hit kill
  so it's good for picking off enemies at medium range.

  It has perfect aimed accuracy on its first shot (like several of the other
  blasters) but it also has quite heavy recoil.

o SE-14C blaster pistol

  This pistol was used by Evazan and Ponda in the cantina (in Episode IV).

  The SE-14C props were based on the Rexim-Favor (Swiss 1953 submachinegun).


  Unlocks: rank 14* and 2500 credits [both factions]

  The SE-14C always fires a five-shot burst with a very high effective rate of
  fire (800 RPM) and it does a max damage of 20 so - if every shot hits your
  target - you can get a kill with a single pull of the trigger out to ranges
  of around 25 metres.

  The negatives are that the damage drops to a minimum of only 10 and it has
  quite heavy vertical and horizontal recoil.

  *Yes, the SE-14C unlocks at rank 14 and the T-21B unlocks at rank 21. Cute!

o EE-3 blaster rifle

  The EE-3 is the preferred blaster of the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett.

  The EE-3 prop was based on the Webley & Scott No.1 Mk.I (British flare-gun).


  Unlocks: rank 17 and 2500 credits [both factions]

  The EE-3 is the only other blaster rifle in the base game after the initial
  E-11 and A280C. It performs very differently to them because it always fires
  a three-shot burst with an effective fire-rate of 800 RPM.

  Its max damage is 21 so one burst is insufficient to give a kill but you can
  get a kill with two bursts out to 34 metres and it has very low recoil which
  makes it easier to land shots at medium ranges.

o T-21B targeting rifle

  Battlefront is the first reference to the "T-21B" in the Star Wars canon.

  It's a modified T-21 (see above) with dual scopes (?!) and a shortened barrel.

  Unlocks: rank 21 and 2500 credits [both factions]

  As you might expect the T-21B has similar stats to the T-21 - it has the same
  minimum damage, fire-rate, muzzle velocity and baseline accuracy.

  It overheats sooner and its maximum damage is 45 instead of 50 so it doesn't
  give the two-hit kill at short ranges, but it also has much less recoil, half
  as much spread increase on successive shots and the scope gives a better level
  of zoom when you aim.

  If it wasn't already clear from the "targeting rifle" label, the T-21B is the
  game's designated marksman rifle (DMR) or semi-auto sniper. You should engage
  enemies mainly at longer ranges and take advantage of the three-hit kill. It
  can be quite handy in long-range engagements in Supremacy and Walker Assault.

o DL-44 blaster pistol

  This is a powerful pistol favoured by outlaws including the smuggler Han Solo.

  The DL-44 prop was based on the C96 "broomhandle" Mauser (German 1896 pistol).


  Unlocks: rank 25 and 2500 credits [both factions]

           (or unlocked by default with Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition)

  The DL-44 is a semi-auto pistol but its theoretical fire-rate is only slightly
  slower than the full-auto E-11 and it does a maximum damage of 50 giving you a
  two-hit kill out to 20 metres (and a three-hit kill to 30 metres).

  However that's balanced by very high vertical recoil, high horizontal recoil,
  relatively poor accuracy and a massive spread increase per shot (SIPS).

| Section 07b | Star Cards                                                s07b |

Instead of having a preset class you're free to configure your loadout with four
Star Cards selected from the ones you've purchased.

You can view the cards available under Collect \ Unlocks \ Star Cards.

There are three different types of Star Card denoted by the following symbols.
    | //|                       /| __                    /||\
    |//_| = standard cards     /_|| / = charged cards    \||/ = trait cards

o The standard white Star Cards equip into the left and right slots of your
  "hand" of cards. These represent gadgets and secondary weapons which can be
  used an infinite number of times but are subject to a cooldown after each use.

  Your left and right cards can be used by pressing L1 or R1 respectively.*

o The special white and gold Charged Star Cards equip into the middle slot of
  your hand. These represent equipment or active buffs that always spend one
  "charge" each time you use them (and they are also subject to cooldowns). The
  counter in the corner of each card shows how many charges you have for it.

  Your middle card can be used by holding the Triangle button.*

o The exclusive black Star Cards equip into your trait slot. These represent
  passive buffs that will be applied continuously while you play.

  (The trait slot won't be displayed until you've bought a trait card.)

Your hand of Star Cards is shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen during
play above the circle used to show a Power-Up if you're carrying one. The status
of your trait card is shown on the left side of the screen above the minimap.

*On the PS4 your three Star Cards can also be activated by swiping the touchpad
left, up or right. If you find yourself using cards by accident you can disable
the "touchpad gestures" option in your settings.

After you've bought a standard or charged card you can then buy one upgrade for
7000 credits which will either reduce the cooldown by a few seconds (standard
card) or increase the duration of its effect by a few seconds (charged card).
Upgraded cards have the same icons but the background is black instead of white.

If you've been paired with a partner in multiplayer (you'll have the "Partner
Start" option to spawn on them) you can use the Hands option on the respawn
screen menu to use the same hand as them (and if this includes a charged Star
Card you get one free charge for it too). Using this option will sometimes give
you access to cards which you haven't unlocked/bought yet.

After reaching rank 10 you receive another hand for multiplayer and you can then
choose between your "Hand" and your "2nd Hand" each time you respawn. Also on
the Star Card menu you can create as many custom hands as you want and rename
them, however during a match you can only ever choose between the two which are
assigned as your Hand and 2nd Hand (or your partner's hand). DICE pls.

You can set up loadouts for different modes/roles, for example you might have
one for close-quarters infantry combat and another for medium-range firefights
and anti-vehicle tactics, ones for Walker Assault attack and defence, etc etc.

                              Standard Star Cards
You can use these weapon/equipment cards as many times as you like but they all
"overheat" instantly after using them once so you need to wait for the cooldown
before you can use them again.

o Thermal Detonator

  Unlocks: rank 2 and 150 credits [both factions]

  The thermal detonator is a basic explosive hand-grenade. It can be used to
  attack one or more enemies behind cover or to do heavy damage to a vehicle or
  turret (although the ion grenade is better for that).


  Since you don't have a dedicated grenade slot in your loadout you can equip
  two different grenade cards simultaneously if you want.

  Cooldown time is 15 seconds (standard) or 10 seconds (upgraded).

  (The grenade cooldown was 9 seconds during the beta but this is still pretty
  generous - most games only give you one or two grenades per life but here in
  Battlefront you could throw up to six per minute, so make the most of them!)

o Scout Pistol

  Unlocks: rank 3 and 650 credits [both factions]

  This is a compact pistol routinely issued to Imperial Scout Troopers.


  It fires a rapid two-shot burst which can give you an instant kill out to 22
  metres if both shots hit the target but it then goes instantly into cooldown.

  You can use the scout pistol for quick short-range kills or as a back-up when
  your primary blaster overheats (and you fail the timed reload).

  Cooldown time is 9 seconds (standard) or 6 seconds (upgraded).

o Ion Torpedo

  Unlocks: rank 4 and 650 credits [both factions]

           (or unlocked by default with Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition)

  This is a lock-on projectile weapon which gives good damage versus ground
  vehicles and turrets - it does 40 pts worth of damage against an AT-ST.

  It can also lock onto low-flying air vehicles for a 60 or 80 pts damage hit,
  but it's more effective when playing on the Rebels side because the Imperial
  TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor lack the shield or jammer of the Rebel craft.

  The aimed view has a white circular reticle which fills and then turns red
  when the lock is complete. It can only be fired when you have a lock on an
  enemy vehicle/turret - you can't "dumb fire" it at infantry.

  Using an ion torpedo is probably the easiest way to earn the trophy for taking
  down a Y-Wing bomber in Walker Assault mode.

  Cooldown time is 15 seconds (standard) or 12 seconds (upgraded).

o Pulse Cannon

  Unlocks: rank 5 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  Battlefront's pulse cannon is a long-range rifle based on the DLT-20A blaster
  that was favoured by the bounty hunter droid IG-88 (Episode V).


  The longer you hold the trigger the more powerful the shot will be (so there
  is no potential for quickscoping). There are four levels of charge which are
  indicated by the four sections of the circular sight reticle and also by the
  four larger green markers outside the scope view. Once fully charged it can
  give a one-hit kill at long distances.

  If you charge up the weapon but then want to cancel the shot you can do so by
  pressing Triangle to switch back to your primary blaster.

  The pulse cannon counts as a "long-range rifle" for challenge completion.

  Cooldown time is 18 seconds (standard) or 15 seconds (upgraded).

o Impact Grenade

  Unlocks: rank 6 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  The impact grenade has a smaller blast radius than the thermal detonator above
  but it's still powerful enough to give a kill and it explodes on impact (hence
  the name!) so the target doesn't have any opportunity to evade the blast.

  Cooldown time is 16 seconds (standard) or 12 seconds (upgraded).

o Ion Grenade

  Unlocks: rank 9 and 2300 credits [both factions]

           (or unlocked by default with Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition)

  The ion grenade delivers an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) which does heavy
  damage to vehicles, turrets and droids (but reduced damage to people).


  It has a slow fuse which takes eight seconds but it will detonate on impact
  if you can get a direct hit on a valid target, so it rewards skilled use but
  its potential is limited by needing to be within throwing range.

  Cooldown time is 16 seconds (standard) or 12 seconds (upgraded).

o Homing Shot

  Unlocks: rank 11 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  This is a rocket that can lock onto infantry instead of vehicles and give a
  one-hit kill (with the explosive XP bonus too).

  The homing shot launcher has the same scope view as the ion torpedo above but
  with a green tint instead of blue.

  Cooldown time is 18 seconds (standard) or 15 seconds (upgraded).

o Jump Pack

  Unlocks: rank 13 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  The jump pack allows you to fly for approximately two seconds. You'll travel
  in the direction you're currently moving and you cannot steer during flight.


  This greatly enhances your manoeuvrability and you can use it to surprise or
  flank enemies, retreat when outnumbered, get to the objective quicker, reach
  higher ground or beat your team-mate to that sweet Power-Up pickup. ;)

  The jump pack cannot be used when carrying the enemy cargo in Cargo mode.

  Cooldown time is 25 seconds (standard) or 20 seconds (upgraded).

o Smoke Grenade

  Unlocks: rank 16 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  The smoke grenade releases a temporary cloud of smoke which can be used to
  conceal your movements. It also functions as a countermeasure blocking enemy
  lock-on weapons including the infantry turret.

  Cooldown time is 20 seconds (standard) or 16 seconds (upgraded).

o Flash Grenade

  Unlocks: rank 20 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  This is a non-lethal "flashbang" grenade which gives a visual effect that can
  be used to disorient enemies in cover/rooms before you assault them.

  Cooldown time is 16 seconds (standard) or 12 seconds (upgraded).

o Barrage

  Unlocks: rank 24 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  The MPL-57 Multi-Purpose Launcher is similar to the M320 3GL variant seen in
  Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC - it fires three small grenades at once and
  can therefore be used to attack a group of enemies in a confined space.


  The micro-grenades have short fuses so they detonate quickly which gives your
  target/s little time to react, however the area of effect is quite small.

  Cooldown time is 18 seconds (standard) or 15 seconds (upgraded).

o Cycler Rifle

  Unlocks: rank 28 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  The cycler rifle is a single-shot sniper rifle used by the Tusken Raiders
  (Sand People) of Tatooine. Unlike all the blaster rifles which fire bolts of
  energy, the cycler rifle is a projectile weapon and can therefore penetrate
  shields. It's fitted with a rudimentary optical scope (approximately 3x).


  It does 90 damage at all ranges (usually enough to kill an injured target) but
  with the headshot damage bonus it's capable of giving a one-shot headshot kill
  at any distance. It also does useful damage versus vehicles and turrets.

             [You can achieve trophy #31 by getting 10 cycler rifle headshots.]

  It has a fairly slow muzzle velocity so you'd need to lead a moving target and
  it now suffers from gravity so you'll notice a "bullet-drop" effect when you
  use it at longer ranges. DICE have applied the standard gravity value from the
  Battlefield series (15 m/s^2) so - assuming zero initial vertical velocity -
  it will drop by 0.83 metres over 100 metres or 1.88 metres over 150 metres.

  Compared to most weapons in the game it has poor hipfire accuracy (when you
  don't "zoom") but it's actually no worse than using a carbine in Battlefield
  with stationary standing hipfire so it should be fine at short ranges.

  The cycler rifle experiences zero horizontal recoil but heavy vertical recoil,
  although that's not relevant since it's not possible to take follow-up shots!

  Cooldown time is 15 seconds (standard) or 10 seconds (upgraded).

  Those cooldowns are equivalent to a fire-rate of either 4 RPM or 6 RPM!

  (Clearly DICE thought that the cycler rifle was too effective in the beta -
  prior to release they doubled its cooldown time, reduced its muzzle velocity
  by two thirds and added the gravity effect described above.)

o Bowcaster

  Unlocks: rank 32 and 3100 credits [both factions]

  The bowcaster is a Wookiee weapon resembling a crossbow that fires either a
  metal bolt wrapped in energy or a bolt of pure energy (like a blaster).


  In Battlefront a quick tap of the trigger fires a single explosive bolt but
  holding the trigger adds two or four additional bolts spread horizontally
  around your point of aim so it can be effective in taking out groups.

  Kills with the bowcaster earn the explosive bonus.

  Cooldown time is 18 seconds (standard) or 15 seconds (upgraded).

  (In some previous titles the bowcaster always fired five bolts and holding the
  trigger reduced the angular scatter until you had one single powerful shot.)

                               Charged Star Cards
In addition to being subject to cooldowns these special middle Star Cards also
all use one "charge" unit each time you activate them. Each card comes with 25
charges and you can purchase a further 25 charges for 1700 credits (just go to
the Unlocks menu and buy the card again).

You can also collect individual charges from fixed locations on each map marked
with "lightning" symbols. After a charge has been collected another one will
respawn at the same location later. If you learn the charge pickup locations and
you're relatively compulsive about farming them you shouldn't need to spend your
credits on buying charges unless you use the cards a lot.

Each charged card has a separate supply of charges. When you buy charges they
are for a specific card and when you take a charge pickup it will be added to
the total for the middle card you currently have equipped.

The maximum number of charges you can have for any card is 99.

o Cooling Cell

  Unlocks: rank 7 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  The cooling cell is a temporary power-up for your primary blaster - it stops
  your gun from overheating (see Section 04c) but only for a short period.

  Active duration is 3 seconds (standard) or 5 seconds (upgraded).

  Cooldown time is 20 seconds.

o Focus Fire

  Unlocks: rank 7 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  This card applies a temporary accuracy bonus to your weapon.

  The guns in Battlefront are already very accurate - some even have perfect
  accuracy (zero spread) - so I assume this reduces either the spread increase
  per shot (the accuracy penalty in sustained fire) or the recoil.

  Active duration is 7 seconds (standard) or 10 seconds (upgraded).

  Cooldown time is 20 seconds.

o Ion Shot

  Unlocks: rank 7 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  This card effectively converts your primary blaster into an ion weapon for
  several seconds. While the card is active your blaster will do superior damage
  to vehicles and turrets (but reduced damage to people).


  This is a handy card for any anti-vehicle loadout - you can equip it alongside
  the ion torpedo and ion grenade when playing as the Rebels on Walker Assault.

  However it's not much use if you don't play Walker Assault or Supremacy.

  Active duration is 7 seconds (standard) or 10 seconds (upgraded).

  Cooldown time is 20 seconds.

o Scan Pulse

  Unlocks: rank 13 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  The scanner detects enemy troops in all directions even if they're behind
  cover (just like a wall-hack cheat!). Scanned enemies are outlined in red.

  This is great for detecting camouflaged Rebels in the forests or Endor, or for
  finding anyone anywhere really - it's a very powerful ability.

  Active duration is 7 seconds (standard) or 10 seconds (upgraded).

  Cooldown time is 8 seconds.

o Explosive Shot

  Unlocks: rank 18 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  Like ion shot (see above) this card adds a temporary effect to your blaster
  but in this case it adds an explosive splash damage component in addition to
  your standard blaster damage.

  This can be used to damage enemies behind cover or groups of enemies and it's
  especially powerful when used with a blaster that has a high rate of fire or
  multiple beams like the CA-87!

  Just remember that any explosive you use can harm you too!

  Active duration is 7 seconds (standard) or 10 seconds (upgraded).

  Cooldown time is 20 seconds.

o Personal Shield

  Unlocks: rank 22 and 1700 credits [both factions]

  The design of the personal shield in Battlefront is based on those used by the
  Trade Federation's Droideka battle-droids (in the prequel trilogy).


  The personal shield gives you a small spherical electro-magnetic deflector
  shield for several seconds. This protects you against energy-based weapons
  (blasters) but not projectile weapons (cycler rifle), grenades, melee attacks
  or Boba Fett's flame-thrower.

  You can't fire your own blaster through the personal shield but you can still
  heal, interact with objectives and perform a melee attack. It's very handy for
  safely arming/disarming objectives such as the pods in Drop Zone, the uplinks
  in Walker Assault and the droids in Droid Run.

  Active duration is 7 seconds (standard) or 9 seconds (upgraded).

  Cooldown time is 20 seconds.

                                   Trait Cards
The special "trait" Star Cards apply various passive buffs/perks during play.

Each one has three tiers of benefits and you will always receive level 1 as a
minimum just for equipping the trait. The game says you can activate the other
two levels by getting "consecutive kills" and it seems like you need to get a
killstreak of three per level. However if you die when you're at level 2 or 3
then the trait will drop back down one level.

               [You can achieve trophy #08 by activating level 3 on any trait.]

Your equipped trait and its current level are indicated above your minimap.

Like the rest of your normal loadout (blaster and standard/charged cards), your
current trait is not applied when playing as a Hero character.

The descriptions of some of these cards are conflicting - for example in the
menus it says bounty hunter level 2 gives a "medium chance" of getting a pickup
on every kill but during play it says "100%".

o Bodyguard

  Unlocks: rank 15 and 7000 credits [both factions]

  Thanks to some sort of training you suffer reduced explosive damage somehow.

  Level 1 - Reduces damage taken from explosions by small amount

  Level 2 - Reduces damage taken from explosions by medium amount

  Level 3 - Reduces damage taken from explosions by large amount
          - Additionally reduces damage taken from blasters by small amount

  This should provide some protection against the excessive explosive spam!

o Survivalist*

  Unlocks: rank 15 and 7000 credits [both factions]

  Your upbringing on the Wookiee homeworld gives you faster recovery times.

  Level 1 - Health regeneration delay decreased by small amount

  Level 2 - Health regeneration delay decreased by medium amount

  Level 3 - Health regeneration delay decreased by large amount
          - Additionally restores 50% health when you get a kill

  *This trait was previously called 'Berserker' in the beta build.

o Scout

  Unlocks: rank 15 and 7000 credits [both factions]

  You learned stealth tactics during service in a special forces unit.

  Level 1 - Sprinting no longer makes you appear on enemy minimaps

  Level 2 - Additionally shooting no longer makes you appear on enemy minimaps

  Level 3 - Additionally each kill resets your blaster's heat gauge

  Even at level 1 this is a very useful perk to have.

o Sharpshooter

  Unlocks: rank 26 and 7000 credits [both factions]

  You received marksman training which means you get shorter cooldowns.

  Level 1 - Headshot kills reduce cooldown durations by small amount

  Level 2 - Headshot kills reduce cooldown durations by medium amount

  Level 3 - Headshot kills reduce cooldown durations by large amount

  Despite its name, this trait works with normal blasters too, not just snipers.

o Bounty Hunter

  Unlocks: rank 26 and 7000 credits [both factions]

  As an experienced veteran your faction rewards you with special equipment.

  Level 1 - Low chance you'll receive a weapon Power-Up when you get a kill

  Level 2 - Medium chance you'll receive a weapon Power-Up when you get a kill

  Level 3 - High chance you'll receive a weapon Power-Up when you get a kill
          - Additionally resets your cooldowns when you get a kill

  You get the Power-Up automatically - you don't need to pick it up, so other
  players can't use (steal!) it.

| Section 07c | Appearance                                                s07c |

The game has 125 cosmetic options (123 heads and two alternate armours). You can
view all of them in the game under Collect \ Unlocks \ Appearance or in the
Appearance section of the Companion app and the official website stats section.

(That sounds like a lot but the twelve Human faces get recycled several times,
with either helmets or long/short/no hair and with/without beards.)

By default at rank 1 you will have twenty options available, all with helmets -
that's eighteen Rebel heads and two Stormtroopers (male and female voices).

Additional options unlock as you rank up (see Section 05a) and need to be bought
using in-game money in the same way as blasters and Star Cards. You might want
to focus initially on investing in additional weapons and equipment before you
start blowing all your credits on purely cosmetic options!

Most of the unlocks just give you alternate Human faces (male and female) for
both factions but the following special options* are available as later unlocks.
Since player levels aren't displayed on the scoreboard you can use these to show
off your high rank in multiplayer matches!

o Duros Rebel (male)                                       [unlocks at rank 40]

  The Duros or Durosians are native to the planet Duro. They have green skin and
  tall bald heads with large red eyes but no nose or lips.

  Duros had background roles in the original trilogy. Ohwun De Maal and Chachi
  De Maal were in the Mos Eisley cantina (Episode IV) and Leslomy Tacema was in
  Jabba's palace (Episode VI).


o Sullustan Rebel (male)                                   [unlocks at rank 40]

  The Sullustan are a short humanoid species from the planet Sullust. They have
  large black eyes, prominent double jowls, big ears and usually bald heads.

  The most prominent Sullustan in the original trilogy was Nien Nunb who served
  as Lando's co-pilot when he borrowed back the Millennium Falcon in Episode VI.


o Rodian Rebel (male)                                      [unlocks at rank 40]

  Originating from the jungle world Rodia, the Rodian race is reptilian. They
  have tough skin (usually green), short snouts, segmented eyes, two antennae,
  pointed ears and long fingers with sucker tips.

  Famously Han Solo was waylaid by the Rodian bounty hunter Greedo at the Mos
  Eisley cantina in Episode IV - but who shot first...?


o Scout Trooper (male)                                     [unlocks at rank 40]

  Imperial Scout Troopers are specialists intended primarily for reconnaissance
  and marksman operations. They're also known as Biker Scouts because they often
  use Speeder Bikes (see Section 08b). They wear lightweight white and black
  armour and would typically carry a compact blaster pistol (see Section 07b).

  The Empire made extensive use of Scout Troopers to maintain sentry patrols
  during operations in the forests of Endor (in Episode VI).


o Zabrak Rebel (female)                                    [unlocks at rank 45]

  The Zabrak are quite similar to Humans but they have several short cranial
  horns and adults have traditional facial tattoos. Their homeworld is Iridonia.

  Examples from Episode I are the Sith Lord, Darth Maul (actually a Zabrak/Human
  halfbreed) and Jedi High Council member, Eeth Koth.


o Ishi Tib Rebel (male)                                    [unlocks at rank 45]

  The Ishi Tib are an amphibious species from the planet Tibrin. They have green
  skin, protruding eye-stalks, short beaks and large cheek pouches.

  The Ishi Tib race's representative in the Galactic Senate during Palpatine's
  chancellorship was Gume Saam who appeared in Episodes II and III.


o Quarren Rebel (male)                                     [unlocks at rank 50]

  The aquatic Quarren have triangular heads with two short tusks surrounded by
  several prehensile tentacles. They share their homeworld with Admiral Ackbar's
  race, the Mon Calamari (really).

  The Quarren senator Tikkes featured in Episodes I, II and III.


o Twi'lek Rebel (female)                                   [unlocks at rank 50]

  The Twi'lek from the planet Ryloth have two long tentacles or "brain-tails" on
  the top of their heads. They have various skin colours but blue is common.

  Famous examples are Jabba's steward Bib Fortuna and Jabba's dancing slave Oola
  (both in Episode VI) and the female Jedi, Aayla Secura (Episodes II and III).


o Shadow Trooper (male)                                    [unlocks at rank 50]

  The sinister Shadow Troopers wear totally black Stormtrooper armour.

  Shadow Troopers previously appeared in the Jedi Knight video-games. They used
  lightsabers, basic Force abilities and stealth technology but I'm going to
  assume none of those are available with this cosmetic option in Battlefront!


With the exception of the Scout Trooper and Shadow Trooper armour, your outfit
will be selected to match the map. Rebel troops wear camouflaged fatigues that
are designed to fit the local terrain, for example green on Endor or brown on
Sullust. Evidently Imperial troops care little for camo and always come equipped
with standard white armour, although the design varies to fit the world, for
example with Snowtroopers on Hoth or Magma Troopers on Sullust.

*The ability to change your race (head) follows the cosmetic options from BFRS
and BFES but sadly Battlefront lacks their option to play as Wookiee warriors.

On the Appearance menu you can also view, purchase and equip emotes. You always
have three emotes loaded and you can activate them with the d-pad (or function
keys F1, F2 and F3 on PC) - hold the button for the full emote including a long
animation or tap the button to just get the audio dialogue.

You start with three standard emotes equipped - Bad Feeling (e.g. "I've got a
bad feeling about this..."), Fist Bump ("...boom!") and Come On ("over here,
this way!") - but you'll unlock many more as you rank up (see Section 05a).

Hero characters (see Section 08c) have three preset emotes with famous lines
such as "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?", "You scruffy-looking
Nerf herder!" and "Sorry about the mess." :)

The season pass includes the exclusive Shoot First emote.

If you bought the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game then you'll
also have the exclusive Victory and Ion Shock emotes.

| Section 08 | POWER-UPS                                                   s08 |

Special weapons, vehicles and Hero characters are all included in Battlefront as
"Power-Ups". In order to use a Power-Up you need to collect a pale blue pickup
icon and then activate it by pressing L1 and R1 at the same time.

Pickups are collected automatically by walking over them unless you already have
one in which case you can press Square to take the new one (and lose the other).

A screen pop-up will show what sort of Power-Up you collected and then it will
be shown in the bottom-right corner of your display underneath your Star Cards
hand (see Section 04a). You can carry a weapon Power-Up for as long as you like
(it will even persist after you die and respawn) but a vehicle and Hero pickup
must be used within fifteen seconds otherwise you'll lose it.

With a weapon Power-Up pressing L1+R1 will equip, throw or deploy the weapon as
appropriate. With a vehicle or Hero pickup pressing L1+R1 together will cause
your soldier to kneel on the ground and use their communicator.* During this
time you are not invulnerable so find a safe spot first; if there is no cover
available you could use your personal shield instead. After entering the vehicle
or Hero character your soldier disappears and cannot be harmed, then when the
vehicle is destroyed or the Hero is "defeated" you respawn as your soldier.

(In addition to weapons, vehicles and Heroes you will also see "lightning" icon
pickups for charges. If you have a middle Star Card equipped then you can use
these pickups to collect individual charges specifically for the gadget you have
equipped. These pickups always respawn at the same locations on each map.)

*Stormtrooper's Tebow pose FTW!

| Section 08a | Special Weapons                                           s08a |

Battlefront includes a range of special weapons (and equipment) which are too
powerful to be included in your basic soldier loadout and instead are available
as Power-Ups. (This is very similar in concept to the "Battle Pickups" system
introduced by DICE in Battlefield 4.)

Weapon pickups always have the same generic icon with an eight-pointed star so
you don't know which type you're going to get until you collect the pickup.

Pickups can be found scattered around the battlefield in various modes. Weapon
pickups can also be obtained from support Hero characters and from opened pods
(in Drop Zone mode and in the solo/co-op Survival missions).

Power-Up weapons and equipment can only be used once so they have no cooldowns.

o Proximity Bomb

  The proxy bomb is an explosive mine which can be planted by pressing L1+R1.


  It will be triggered if an enemy ignores the warning sound and gets too close
  but watch out because it will also detonate if you return to it! :P

  Bombs work well when planted in narrow bottlenecks, hidden around corners or
  close to objectives (for example the cargo in Cargo mode). It can also be
  attached to walls and other vertical surfaces which makes it harder to spot.

  Be sure to shout "It's a trap!" whenever you see one. :)

o Smart Rocket

  The rocket can be equipped by pressing L1+R1 and you can then press L2 to aim
  and R2 to fire as you would with a blaster. (If you decide not to fire it you
  can switch back to your blaster by pressing Triangle.)

  Although it can home in on enemy ground and air vehicles (and give an 80 XP
  hit on an AT-ST) you can also "dumb fire" it at enemy infantry without a lock-
  on to get a one-hit kill at long ranges. However if you're playing in one of
  the larger game modes you should really save it for a vehicle.

o Infantry Turret

  This small autonomous turret can be planted by pressing L1+R1 - it will be
  pointing in the same direction you were facing.

  Once deployed the turret will automatically target and engage enemy infantry
  within a limited arc until it gets destroyed. These are great for protecting
  objectives and very effective when placed in long corridors.

o Vehicle Turret

  This works exactly the same way as the infantry turret except it automatically
  targets enemy vehicles (and stationary weapons) instead of troops.

o Blaster Cannon

  The cannon will be deployed on a tripod when you press L1+R1. It can then be
  mounted and operated by yourself or another player.


  It's a powerful weapon that can fire continuously for five seconds before it
  overheats but you're limited to an arc of approximately seventy degrees. Also,
  although it now has a small energy shield to the front side, it does leave you
  stationary and exposed which makes you an easy target.

o Thermal Imploder

  This is a powerful hand-grenade which functions by compressing and heating air
  to generate a vacuum. It can be thrown by pressing L1+R1 and it will kill any
  enemies (and destroy enemy equipment) within a large radius.

  Thanks to its distinctive detonation sound it's been nicknamed the "dubstep
  grenade" since the start of the public beta in October. :)

o Squad Shield

  This is essentially a larger hemispherical* version of the personal shield
  (see Section 07b) that's big enough to provide protection to several people at
  the same time. It can be deployed by pressing L1+R1.

  Like the smaller version it completely blocks blaster fire - both in and out!
  However, in contrast to the personal shield (which runs on a short timer), the
  squad shield persists until it's destroyed. Anyone inside the shield will see
  a blue outline on their health bar which indicates the shield's "health".

  It's worth noting that you can still use a blaster inside the squad shield if
  your target is inside the bubble too... ;)

  *The shield appears hemispherical on flat ground but it's actually spherical -
  as you'll see if you ever happen to find one deployed on the edge of a cliff
  or especially on an Ewok treehouse platform - so it fits around any terrain.

o Orbital Strike

  After pressing L1+R1 to equip your macrobinoculars you can press L2 to aim and
  then R2 to designate your chosen target area for the orbital strike.

  Anyone currently in or near the targeted area will receive a warning and the
  area of effect will be marked on their minimaps. Five seconds later a heavy
  airstrike will rain down, presumably from an orbiting capital ship.

  In the October beta the orbital strike pickup could do massive damage against
  an unshielded AT-AT in Walker Assault mode. This was reduced for release but
  it's still powerful and worth retaining until the next Y-Wing bombing run.

o Card Refresh

  These final three Power-Ups were previously unavailable in the public beta.

  Activating this one by pressing L1+R1 resets all your Star Card cooldowns.

  This would be very effective when engaging an AT-AT with an anti-vehicle hand
  in Walker Assault mode - you could use your ion torpedo and ion grenade, pop
  card refresh and then use both cards again instantly.

o R5-D4 Droid

  R5-D4 was the droid that lacked motivation at Luke's farm! (Episode IV)


  After deploying the sensor droid by pressing L1+R1 it autonomously patrols the
  local area, scans for enemy troops and reveals their positions to everyone on
  your team. It also attacks any enemies it encounters.

o Viper Probe

  This is a deep-space recon probe - the same type that discovered the location
  of the Rebel base on Hoth (in Episode V). It's armed with a blaster cannon.


  The probe droid functions like R5-D4 (see above) except it hovers above the
  ground and looks a lot more menacing.

| Section 08b | Vehicles                                                  s08b |

Most vehicles are also accessed via pickup icons. These are different to the
weapon pickups because the icon will always show which vehicle you're going to
get. After activating the weapon pickup (and an authentic Star Wars screen wipe)
you will transition directly into the cockpit.

(The exceptions are the starfighters in Fighter Squadron mode which you enter
directly from the respawn screen and the Speeder Bike where you find the actual
vehicle waiting in the level instead of a pickup icon.)

Most vehicles have two special abilities. These work in the same way as your
left and right Star Cards - you need to press L1 or R1 to activate one and then
wait for the cooldown before you can use it again.

Applying similar gameplay balance to Battlefield Hardline, all vehicles can be
damaged by soldiers' primary blasters. However weapon Power-Ups, turrets, other
vehicles, grenades and lightsabers are all far more effective. Vehicles do not
regenerate their "health" and cannot be repaired by players in this game, but
you can find repair pickup icons in Fighter Squadron mode.

Although some of the vehicles would authentically have a crew of two or more
people, in Battlefront each vehicle can only be used by one person at a time.

                                  Air Vehicles
The air vehicles are available via pickup icons in Walker Assault and Supremacy.

In Fighter Squadron mode (see Section 05e) you can spawn directly into the ship
of your choice and if you can find a Hero pickup you can use the Hero ships -
either Millennium Falcon and Slave I (depending on your faction).

You can hold L2 to lock onto an enemy target and use R2 to fire your primary
weapon (usually laser cannons). Generally R1 gives a "heavy attack" which can
either be used in air-to-air combat when you have a lock on an enemy aircraft or
"dumb fired" (no lock) against ground vehicles and infantry. In Fighter Squadron
mode you'll usually be able to take out the AI starfighters with your R2 attack
so you can save your R1 ability for human opponents.

(I hope to add more info here if proper vehicle stats become available)

o TIE Fighter (Imperials)

  The TIE Fighter is the standard starfighter of the Imperial fleet, named after
  its primary propulsion system (twin ion engines). It's crewed by one pilot and
  armed with a pair of laser cannons.

  It can be recognised by its large flat hexagonal solar panels.


  Press L1 to boost speed. This can be used for pursuit or evasion but it's also
  pretty handy for simply getting back into the action quicker after respawning
  in Fighter Squadron mode!

  Press R1 to fire ion cannon.

o TIE Interceptor (Imperials)

  One of several major variants of the TIE design, the TIE Interceptor was made
  specifically to counter the Rebel's X-Wing (see below). It has a one-man crew
  and the original model is armed with two pairs of laser cannons.

  It can be recognised by its curved "wings" with four long triangular panels.


  Press L1 to boost speed.

  Press R1 to fire ion cannon.

o A-Wing (Rebels)

  The A-Wing is a fast and agile one-man interceptor armed with dual laser
  cannons and two missile launchers. It's also fitted with a deflector shield
  and a hyperdrive system which allows interstellar travel without the need to
  use an external hyperdrive ring.


  Press L1 to activate shield. In addition to protecting you against weapon
  attacks and rams from enemy pilots you can also use this to defend against
  small-arms fire when making a strafing run on ground troops or an AT-ST.

  Press R1 to fire concussion warhead (anti-vehicle missile).

o X-Wing (Rebels)

  The iconic X-Wing is a variable-geometry multi-role ship with four wings that
  can be deployed into an "X"-shaped formation for combat. It's armed with laser
  cannons at the end of each wing and two proton torpedo tubes in the hull and
  (like the A-Wing) it's also equipped with deflector shields and a hyperdrive.

  Its one-man crew is supplemented by an astromech droid which provides back-up
  for the ship's navigation computer and can make basic repairs during flight.


  Press L1 to activate shield. (see A-Wing above)

  Press R1 to fire proton torpedo.

o T-47 Airspeeder (Rebels)

  The Airspeeder is a small two-man aircraft, limited to atmospheric flight. It
  was designed for civilian cargo duties but it was adopted by the Rebels for
  reconnaissance applications and subsequently updated to support operations on
  Hoth, with the addition of dual laser cannons and armour plus modifications to
  overcome the freezing conditions there.

  The Hoth variant was commonly known as the "Snowspeeder".


  The Airspeeder has no secondary weapons to supplement its basic lasers. Its
  main strength is its ability to kill AT-AT's with its tow cable (see below).

  It uses repulsorlift to hover so it cannot crash into flat/smooth terrain.

  Press L1 for speed boost.

  Press R1 for sensor jammer. While the jammer device is active your vehicle
  won't appear on enemy radar but it's best to save it until an enemy pilot gets
  a missile lock on you because it also functions as countermeasures and will
  break their lock-on. You should use this when deploying the tow cable.

  Press Triangle to launch tow cable (when prompted). During the third phase of
  Walker Assault mode you can attach your tow cable to the legs of an AT-AT when
  its shields are down. You then need to complete a minigame where you use the
  right stick (or mouse) to keep the speeder icon within the bar as it gradually
  gets shorter. If you successfully complete four laps of the AT-AT then it will
  be entangled and then faceplant into the ground. This powerful technique can
  bring down a walker regardless of its current health.

               [You can achieve trophy #11 by completing a tow cable takedown.]

o Millennium Falcon (Rebels)

  This aging YT-1300 freighter has received extensive modifications including
  enhanced hyperdrive, laser cannons and shields plus secret compartments for
  smuggling. She is crewed by Han Solo and Chewbacca. Han won the ship from
  Lando Calrissian during a Sabacc tournament at Bespin.


  The Millennium Falcon and Slave I are only available via Hero pickups in the
  Fighter Squadron mode (see Section 05e). Like the Hero characters in certain
  other modes they can take a lot more damage and they have more abilities.

  Both ships have weapons or functions mapped to three buttons instead of the
  usual two so don't forget to make use of all of them.

  Press Triangle for speed boost.

  Press L1 for shield.

  Press R1 to fire concussion warhead.

o Slave I (Imperials)

  Slave I was built as a prototype patrol ship for the asteroid prison Oovo IV.
  She's armed with blaster cannons, proton torpedo launchers and an ion cannon.
  The ship is now owned by the bounty hunter Boba Fett but she was previously
  used by his clone "father" Jango Fett.


  Boba's ship is slower but has two secondary abilities instead of one.

  Press Triangle for sensor jammer. (see Airspeeder above)

  Press L1 to fire proton torpedoes.

  Press R1 to fire ion cannon.

                                Ground Vehicles
The ground vehicles are available in the Walker Assault and Supremacy modes.

o Speeder Bike

  The Speeder Bike is a lightweight vehicle that you ride like a motorcycle,
  except that it uses repulsorlift technology which enables it to hover above
  the ground. This makes it very effective in traversing rough terrain which is
  beneficial in its primary role on recon and scouting missions. It was used by
  Imperial Biker Scouts during operations on Endor (in Episode VI).

  It has a seat for a pillion passenger and is armed with a blaster cannon.


  True to its name the Speeder Bike is handy for getting around the battlefield
  quickly - for example flanking the enemy team or getting to their flag in
  Supremacy mode - but it leaves you very exposed. It has a speed gauge like the
  Airspeeder so you need to use the left stick to control its velocity.

  I imagine you could have an exciting chase if you ever happened to find an
  enemy using one as well but that's not very likely.

  Press L1 for speed boost.

  The Speeder Bike lacks any secondary weapons.

o AT-ST (Imperials)

  The AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) is a relatively lightweight bipedal
  walker designed for reconnaissance duties. It's armed with twin blaster guns,
  a grenade-launcher and a missile-launcher. It would be crewed by a driver and
  a gunner (but in the game it's operated by a single player).

  In the 80's Star Wars figures range this was called the "Scout Walker".


  The AT-ST can deal a lot of damage when operating in cover but otherwise its
  height and slow movement speed make it an easy target for ion torpedoes.

  The walker has a weak spot on the rear where it takes extra damage so try to
  avoid allowing enemies to get behind you.

  Hold L3 to sprint.

  Press L1 to fire grenade launcher. This gives a good area of effect against
  exposed infantry but the grenades are launched in a high arc so it can be
  difficult to fire them into a bunker for example.

  Press R1 to fire anti-vehicle missile. This can lock onto either ground or air
  vehicles (although the Rebels rarely use ground vehicles of course) but it can
  also be fired at infantry without a lock-on.

           [You can achieve trophy #10 by getting 25 roadkills with the AT-ST.]

o AT-AT (Imperials)

  The mighty AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) is a giant quadruped walker
  designed to transport troops/equipment and to deliver heavy fire-support for
  infantry operations. It's over 20 metres tall and can carry a full complement
  of forty soldiers in addition to its five-man crew (but not in the game).


  It's only available in Walker Assault mode and it works quite differently to
  the other vehicles. Firstly it runs "on rails" so you enter the vehicle as a
  gunner rather than a driver. Secondly instead of a health bar the AT-AT has a
  countdown timer at the bottom of the screen - when the bar reaches zero you'll
  return to your infantry role but you can refill the bar by scoring XP/kills.
  Thirdly you use L1, R1 and Triangle to switch between its three main weapon
  systems and then use R2 to fire whichever one you selected (with L2 to zoom).

  Press L1 to select light blasters. (shorter cooldown but less damage)

  Press R1 to select heavy laser cannons. (more damage but longer cooldown)

  Press Triangle to select orbital strike. This works like the orbital strike
  Power-Up (see Section 08a) - you select your target area, press R2 to confirm
  and then wait for the fireworks. Troops in the target area receive a warning.
  The orbital strike is a very powerful tool so you should use it immediately
  when you enter the walker so that it has time to recharge and be used again.

  The AT-AT can only be damaged during a Y-Wing bombing run when its shields are
  temporarily disabled. At all other times it is impervious to any attacks.

| Section 08c | Heroes                                                    s08c |

Hero characters have been playable in every Battlefront title since BF2 and the
2015 Battlefront game is no exception.

           [You can achieve trophy #26 by playing as each Hero character once.]

In previous titles you had to earn the right to use a Hero character based on
your performance in the match but now they're freely available as Power-Ups in
Walker Assault and Supremacy modes. In order to play as a Hero you'll need to
find a Hero pickup which has an icon with a circle bisected by a vertical line.
When you activate it you'll be given the choice of which character to use.

In Heroes & Villains mode (see Section 05i) three players on each team will be
automatically chosen at the start of each round to play as Hero characters.

In Hero Hunt mode (see Section 05j) one player is selected to be the Hero and
they'll be replaced by the player that successfully defeats them. The character
changes automatically each time a new Hero spawns.

       [You can achieve trophy #09 by getting 100 kills using Hero characters.]

When playing as a Hero character you'll always have a yellow health bar shown at
the bottom of the screen - Heroes have much more health than normal soldiers but
no health regen. Since it would violate the Star Wars canon, Heroes can't die in
the battles depicted in the game. Instead they are "defeated" when the health
bar reaches zero - they kneel on the ground and fade away. (but no blue ghosts!)

(In the October beta you could play as Luke and Vader in Walker Assault mode. In
this build of the game the health bar for a Hero would gradually tick down every
second but you could replenish it by a small amount by getting a kill - these
features were both removed prior to release.)

Instead of having a loadout with three Star Cards each Hero has their own set of
special abilities (see below) - these can be activated with the same buttons as
the cards and they are similarly subject to cooldown timers.

It's very helpful to have a sound working knowledge of every character's powers.
Not only does this allow you to use them more effectively when you're playing as
them but it also helps you counter them when you're playing against them. For
example you might lure Boba Fett into a corridor where he can't use his jetpack
but you would avoid doing that with Vader because of his Saber Throw move.

(NB I'll only give a minimal biog for each character in order to avoid spoilers
but as usual I'll provide Star Wars Wiki links if you want to learn more.)

o Luke Skywalker (Rebels)

  This plucky Tatooine moisture-farmer embarked on a classical Hero's Journey*
  and went on to become a Jedi Knight and a hero of the Rebellion.

  Info: (spoilers)

  Luke is seen wearing his plain black outfit from Episode VI and wielding the
  green lightsaber which he made himself.

  He's very much a short-range character - his two ranged attacks are both
  limited to short distances - but he's also fast and has a long jump move so he
  can get into (and out of) combat quite quickly.

  Hold L2 to parry blasters. Although this greatly reduces your movement speed
  it will protect you from blaster damage and you can deflect the bolts onto
  enemies by aiming with your hipfire reticle. However you cannot block fire
  from the sides or rear so try to avoid getting flanked. Also it can now only
  be used continuously for a limited time.

  Press R2 for standard saber attack (no overheat). This gives a one-hit kill on
  standard Stormtroopers or 10% damage against an enemy Hero but only if they're
  directly in front of you.

  Press R3 to lock your focus on one enemy (for saber duels).

  Press Triangle for heavy attack. This 360 sweep attack with the lightsaber can
  damage groups of enemies but it's slow to perform. If you encounter Vader and
  both players simultaneously perform a heavy attack the two characters will
  lock swords and then you need to spam your fire button to win the clash.

  Press d-pad down to turn lightsaber on/off.

  Press L1 to Force Push. This is a short-range telekinetic blast effective over
  distances of a few metres. Unlike the previous games where it did no damage,
  the Force Push can now kill an enemy.

  Press R1 to Saber Rush. With this move Luke lunges forwards several metres and
  then sweeps his lightsaber. It's handy for closing ground on enemies - which
  is vital since they have guns and you have a sword! You'll need to be facing
  directly at an enemy to hit them with the saber attack.

  Press Cross for heroic heap. Instead of a basic jump Luke uses Force-enhanced
  agility to leap forwards - you can use this to enter combat quickly or to get
  up to higher ground.

  *Read more about the "Hero's Journey":

o Darth Vader (Imperials)

  This powerful Jedi turned to the Dark Side of the Force and entered the Order
  of the Sith Lords, taking the new name Darth Vader. He serves the Empire as
  the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet.

  Info: (spoilers)

  Vader is another short-range character. He's a bit slower than Luke but his
  Saber Throw technique lets him engage enemies at longer ranges.

  Hold L2 to parry blasters. (see Luke above)

  Press R2 for standard saber attack (no overheat).

  Press R3 to lock your focus on one enemy.

  Press Triangle for heavy attack. (see Luke above)

  Press d-pad down to turn lightsaber on/off.

  Press L1 to Force Choke. Vader retained both of his abilities from previous
  games. This first one is a short-range attack which allows him to choke an
  enemy at a distance using the Force and then lift them off the ground. Once
  your victim is in this state they'll die after around three seconds - you do
  not need to finish them with your sword.

  Press R1 to Saber Throw. With this move Vader throws his lightsaber in a flat
  spin. It needs to be aimed before use and it can kill enemies out to at least
  15 metres. However you will briefly be unable to perform melee attacks or use
  your saber to block blaster fire.

  Press Cross for jump glide. Vader floats majestically through the air with his
  cape billowing behind him. His normal movement speed feels quite slow compared
  to Luke (a venerable Sith Lord can't be seen sprinting around the battlefield
  like the impudent young Jedi) so, in addition to looking cool, this move is
  really important for getting into range to use your lightsaber attacks.

o Han Solo (Rebels)

  Han is an interstellar smuggler from the planet Corellia and the captain of
  the Millennium Falcon (see Section 08b) which he operates with his Wookiee
  partner, co-pilot and mechanic - Chewbacca. Both became Rebel heroes.

  Info: (spoilers)

  Han is wearing his Bespin outfit - with a short dark blue jacket over a white
  double-breasted shirt - and carrying his trusty DL-44 blaster pistol.

  He's a long-range character. Not only is his primary weapon a blaster but two
  of his Hero abilities involve using his pistol too.

  Press L2 to zoom.

  Press R2 for standard blaster attack (with overheat).

  Hold Triangle for Rapid Fire. This allows you to fire continuously as fast as
  you can keep squeezing the trigger and without any overheat on your blaster.
  This ability can be used to deal with a group of enemies or to deliver heavy
  damage when facing an enemy Hero.

  Press L1 to Shoulder Charge. Han dashes forward a few metres and manages to
  kill any enemy he barges into - watch out for him in the Black Friday sales!
  This ability can be used to give quick kills on several enemies grouped close
  together (e.g. in a corridor) but you could also use it to break out and evade
  if you get surrounded.

  Hold R1 for Lucky Shot. With this ability you charge your blaster to give a
  single powerful shot which can do heavy damage to vehicles (it can kill a TIE
  Fighter) and it can even penetrate Vader's blaster parry ability.

  Press Cross for basic jump.

  Move left/right and hold Circle to Combat Roll.

o Boba Fett (Imperials)

  The most renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett wears the distinctive
  Mandalorian armour with a computerised helmet, a jetpack and grappling hook on
  his back and a range of compact weapons built into his gauntlets. He pilots a
  modified Firespray starship named Slave I (see Section 08b).

  Info: (spoilers)

  Boba has a similar loadout to previous games, with his favoured EE-3 blaster,
  jetpack, incinerator and rockets. The blaster primary and rocket-launcher make
  him primarily a ranged character like Han but with the added manoeuvrability
  of being able to use the jetpack.

  Watch xFactor get a 62 killstreak using Boba Fett on Walker Assault mode...


  ...and here's a 66 killstreak from Stodeh using him in Supremacy mode!


  Press L2 to use Jetpack. This is a superior version of the standard jump pack
  (see Section 07b) - you can fly for up to ten seconds so you can cover longer
  distances very quickly or reach very high ground, plus you can steer during
  flight. The white fuel gauge above your health bar gradually empties while
  flying but after you land it starts refilling after just a couple of seconds.

  Press R2 for standard blaster attack (with overheat).

  Press R3 to toggle zoom. Since the jetpack is on the L2 button this can't be
  used to aim so instead you can toggle zoom on/off with R3. (If you have your
  Soldier Buttons setting on Alternate this will be on Circle instead of R3.)

  (Playing as Boba in Hero Battles can change your Zoom Mode setting to Toggle!)

  Press L1 to use Flame-Thrower. Boba's flamer can be used to roast Rebels out
  to two or three metres. It only lasts a couple of seconds before entering the
  cooldown but it's capable of penetrating shields.

  Press R1 to fire Wrist Rocket. This is a single powerful rocket but it can't
  be locked or guided. It's easier to get a one-hit kill during flight with this
  than trying to hold your aim with the blaster.

  Press Cross for basic jump.

o Princess Leia (Rebels)

  Leia is a princess of the royal house of Organa from the planet Alderaan. She
  was elected into the Imperial Senate at a young age but became disillusioned
  with mainstream politics and took an active role in the Rebel Alliance.

  Info: (spoilers)

  Leia wears her pale quilted Hoth outfit (pretty toasty for Tatooine!) and is
  armed with an E-11 blaster, perhaps liberated from a fallen Stormtrooper.

  Although her Trooper Bane ability gives a one-hit kill, Leia is primarily a
  support character. She should normally stay close to team-mates so they can
  benefit from her super-shield and resource drops.

  Press L2 to zoom.

  Press R2 for standard blaster attack (with overheat).

  Hold Triangle for Enhanced Squad Shield. This is a superior version of the
  squad shield (see Section 07b) which provides a large hemispherical deflector
  shield that can be used by several team-mates at the same time.

  Press L1 for Trooper Bane. While this ability is active Leia's blaster gives a
  one-hit kill against standard Stormtroopers so it allows you to deal with a
  group of enemies very quickly. Against a Hero target it does heavy damage and
  stuns them temporarily. Exceptionally Leia can also fire through her shield
  when using Trooper Bane. The muzzle of her blaster glows red and she fires her
  gun one-handed when she's in her "badass mode"!

  Press R1 for Supply Drop. This is another of Leia's support abilities - she
  can drop a weapon Power-Up pickup (see Section 08a) for team-mates or a red
  Hero health-up (+20%) in Heroes vs Villains and Hero Hunt modes. You should
  use this ability as often as possible when team-mates are nearby.

  Press Cross for basic jump.

  Move left/right and hold Circle to Combat Roll.

  Additionally Leia has a passive ability. When you play as her two (?) of your
  team-mates can respawn on her position as an Alderaan Honour Guard* using the
  "Become Hero Bodyguard" option on the spawn screen - every time a player does
  this you get a 10 pts Hero Guard Spawned bonus too.

  *Guards have increased health (it takes three standard saber attacks to kill
  one), they're equipped with a more powerful blaster together with the smart
  rocket and homing shot instead of your current Star Cards and they wear unique
  grey outfits. Additionally they earn double XP until they die!

  A guard is like mini-Hero - they have the same yellow health bar, no health
  regeneration and they can't use pickup weapons or 1st-person view.


o Emperor Palpatine (Imperials)

  Palpatine is the ruler of the Galactic Empire. A follower of the Dark Side of
  the Force, he is the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith.

  Info: (spoilers)

  The Emperor has two of the same support abilities as Leia but, contrary to his
  frail elderly appearance, he also has some strong Force powers.

  Hold L2 to parry blasters. The Emperor can block damage from blasters using
  the Force but since he doesn't have a lightsaber (like Luke/Vader) he cannot
  reflect blaster fire back onto enemies.

  Hold R2 for standard Force lightning attack. The Emperor had a lightsaber in
  BF2 and BFES but now he uses his famous ranged electrical attack which gives a
  one-hit kill on enemies at short ranges. Extended use of this basic attack is
  limited by the white "fuel gauge" above his health bar.

  Hold Triangle for Imperial Resources. This is effectively the same as Leia's
  Supply Drop ability - you can drop weapon pickups or Hero health-ups.

  Press L1 to Chain Lightning. This ability is more powerful than the standard
  lightning attack - it has longer range and a bigger area of effect.

  Press R1 to Force Dash. The Emperor dives forward in a spectacular barrel-roll
  which is great for getting into range to use Force lightning.

  Press Cross for jump glide. (see Vader above)

  Palpatine also has the same passive ability as Leia - team-mates can spawn on
  his position as Shock Troopers using the "Become Hero Bodyguard" option on
  the respawn screen. Shock Troopers wear Stormtrooper armour with red flashes.


| Section 09 | EMPLACEMENTS                                                s09 |

The game has several different static weapons (turrets) on certain maps/modes.

Emplacements can be destroyed but they respawn (or they "grow back" as I like to
say) just like the AA gun emplacements in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

o E-Web

  The E-Web system consists of a heavy blaster mounted on a portable tripod and
  connected to an external power generator via a thick hose.

  In the 80's Star Wars figures range this was the "Tri-Pod Laser Cannon".


  While this gun is capable of sustained firepower - it can fire continuously
  for five seconds - it also leaves the operator very exposed.

o DF-9

  This circular permanent turret installation is armed with a single large laser
  cannon. Several such turrets were used in defence of Echo Base on Hoth.

  In the 80's Star Wars figures range this was in the "Turret & Probot Playset".


  This turret is intended to be used mainly in an anti-personnel role - it kills
  infantry in two or three shots.

  It overheats on the tenth consecutive shot (and has no cooling flush) so try
  to remember you should only fire nine shots with the DF-9.

  It has a full 360-degree turning circle so Imperials can use these turrets as
  they push forwards through the Outpost Beta map on Hoth.

o 1.4 FD P-Tower

  The P-Tower is a fixed anti-vehicle emplacement with a single laser cannon
  surrounded by a large "dish" mounted with power routers.

  In the 80's Star Wars figures range this was the "Radar Laser Cannon".


  The dish turret functions as a single-shot artillery cannon which fires after
  a brief delay - after pressing R2 it takes about one second to overheat and
  then it fires. It can then be operated again after the cooldown.

  It's intended primarily for use against vehicles and gives 35 and 40 XP hits
  on alternate shots against an unshielded AT-AT in Walker Assault mode.

  It does also give a one-hit kill against infantry at long range but the firing
  delay makes it hard to hit moving targets and it cannot be aimed upwards.

  Its design leaves the operator exposed to fire from the sides and rear.

o Turbolaser

  The Turbolaser is a large boxy turret found outside the Sullust factories.

  It's very similar to the XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser but with a single laser instead
  of two. (The standard XX-9 can be seen on top of the tall anti-air turrets on
  Sullust and during the Death Star trench sequences in Episode IV.)


  Like the DF-9, the Turbolaser can fire nine shots before it overheats and the
  operator is enclosed but will be killed when the turret is destroyed.

| Section 10 | WORLDS AND MAPS                                             s10 |

As in previous games in the series, the action in Battlefront takes place over
several worlds from the Star Wars movie franchise.

The base game features thirteen maps across four worlds - Tatooine, Hoth, Endor
and Sullust - each designed to be used for different multiplayer modes.

See Section 05 for details of which of the maps listed below are used in the
server rotations for each of the multiplayer game modes.

Orbiting a binary pair of suns, the planet Tatooine has a harsh dry climate and
desert terrain with some rocky canyons well suited to dramatic pod races.

It's home to two native sentient species - the Tusken Raiders (or Sand People)
whose hobbies include jump-scares, taking potshots at anyone within range and
riding in single file and the short cowled Jawas who strive to prosper from a
business plan that relies mainly on finding lost droids in the desert. :)

Native creatures include the large Dewbacks and Banthas - both used as mounts -
and Womp Rats (which, famously, aren't much bigger than two metres).

Tatooine was also colonised by humans who built numerous cities and outposts
including that popular "wretched hive of scum and villainy" Mos Eisley. The
world was a major location in Episodes I, II, IV and VI - Luke Skywalker was
raised there on a steady diet of blue milk by his adoptive aunt and uncle and
the planet was also home to other major characters including Anakin Skywalker,
retired Jedi master Ben Kenobi and the gangster Jabba the Hutt.


o Jundland Wastes

  The Jundland Wastes are a remote and rocky region of Tatooine that was home to
  Ben Kenobi (and some angry Tusken Raiders) in Episode IV.


  This is a large outdoor map with a giant Jawa Sandcrawler in the centre and a
  big semi-circular docking bay at the north end. Past that to the north-west
  you can see Jabba's palace in the background.

  There are also several indoor sections linked by narrow passages and a small
  Tusken Raider campsite decorated with Bantha skulls.

o Rebel Depot

  This is a smaller map centred around a circular docking station where the
  Millennium Falcon is parked and with hangars around the circumference holding
  Airspeeders and X-Wings.

  There are lanes on either side of the map. One is indoors with a medical bay,
  control room and other facilities while the other opens into an outdoor area
  with assorted cargo/junk and views across the wide desert expanses with the
  twin suns blazing to the north.

o Jawa Refuge

  This map is set in part of Beggar's Canyon, a popular location for pod-races.

  In Episode IV Luke likens the Death Star's trench to this familiar canyon.


  This can be used as a large map for Fighter Squadron but it also provides a
  much smaller arena for several of the other multiplayer modes.

  The full map has a massive rocky canyon with a central mountain-top citadel.

  The smaller version is based around a Jawa encampment on the north side of
  the canyon with their Sandcrawler parked in the middle. A column of AT-AT's
  can be seen advancing in valley floor.

o Dune Sea Exchange

  The Dune Sea is a massive region of open desert on Tatooine.


  The main feature of this outdoor map is the large Rebel transport ship parked
  in the centre and surrounded by cargo containers, gantries and wagons.

  There's a small cargo skiff hovering to the north, a Krayt Dragon skeleton to
  the north-west and a Sarlacc pit over on the far east side.

The planet Hoth is situated in a remote sector of the outer rim. It has low
surface temperatures and terrain consisting primarily of a frozen ocean with a
few outcrops of rocky terrain which are covered permanently in snow and ice.

Although it was home to native species such as the rideable pungent Tauntauns
and the dangerous Wampas, Hoth had no human residents until the Rebel Alliance
decided to take advantage of the planet's remote location, choosing it as the
site of their secret Echo Base.

Following discovery of the Rebel headquarters by a probe droid, the world was
invaded by Imperial forces resulting in the infamous Battle of Hoth (which
featured in Episode V and is recreated in the game's Walker Assault mode).


o Outpost Beta*

  Outpost Beta was a guard station for the Rebel's Echo Base on Hoth - a scout
  stationed there was the first to detect the advancing Imperial walkers. The
  outpost was mentioned in the radio version of Episode V.


  This is a long outdoor map which forms the battleground in Walker Assault and
  Supremacy modes. The south-east side has more rocky terrain while the north-
  west end is wide open with trenches and numerous turrets.

  The outpost itself is set inside the mountains to the south-west side, with a
  hangar crowded with X-Wings, Snowspeeders and cargo and many corridors. Above
  this you can see the "giant boob nipple gun" (Planet Defender ion cannon).

  *Although it was labelled there simply as "Hoth", Outpost "Beta" is actually
  the map that was used for Walker Assault mode in the public beta. :)

o Rebel Base

  Not the most imaginative name for a map! Yes, it's a Rebel base, cut into the
  compacted snow of Hoth. There's a central hangar area with more Snowspeeders,
  X-Wings, cargo and the Millennium Falcon parked at the back. Side passages
  and corridors connect to medical bays, a control room in a snow cave and a
  metal gantry over a deep cave.

  To the north-west side there's a minor passage which overlooks a much bigger
  hangar that holds large transporter ships. That area is inaccessible but it's
  a cool detail to add to the map.

o Ice Caves

  This small arena map has a network of natural snow caves (littered with bones
  from Wampa snacks) connected to an eerie set of blue ice caves. Outdoors near
  the centre you'll find an X-Wing covered in an orange protective sheet.*

  Over to the east side of the map you can see the smoking remains of a crashed
  Star Destroyer in distance.

  *As Admiral Ackbar would say: it's a tarp! ;)

Although often known by this name, "Endor" is actually a moon that orbits around
a gas-giant planet of the same name. The moon has a temperate climate and its
primary terrain is forest.

It's home to a species of short, furry, sentient creatures called Ewoks who have
a tribal society and live in villages comprised of interconnected treehouses.

The Empire constructed the second Death Star space-station in orbit around the
moon and also built a shield generator on the surface. During the Battle of
Endor (in Episode VI) the native Ewoks fought alongside Rebel ground troops to
disable the orbital station's shields.

The Endor scenes in Episode VI were shot in the redwood forests of Muir Woods in
in California. DICE took a field-trip there to collect source material.


o Forest Moon of Endor

  This is the large Endor map, heavily forested with tall trees and some very
  impressive foliage effects on the undergrowth.

  To the east end is an Imperial base with a bunker system and to the north is
  a shuttle landing platform which overlooks a large expanse of water. From here
  you can see a distant village and overhead two massive Star Destroyers and the
  second Death Star in orbit over the moon.

  There's a large treetop Ewok village in the centre of the map with several
  sets of spiral stairways and walkways. You'll often hear the inhabitants but
  only occasionally will you see one disappearing into a hut. You might also
  spot an Ewok flying around in a hang-glider.

                 [You can achieve trophy #43 if the pilot drops a rock on you.]

  Further to the west is a small Rebel encampment with tents, containers, crates
  and an X-Wing covered in camo netting.

o Swamp Crash Site

  This is another forest map, bound by mossy cliffs on three sides and a flooded
  area to the north. There's also an Ewok village towards the west.

  In the middle of the map one of the Rebellion's GR-75 medium transport ships
  has crashed into the forest and scattered cargo containers around the site.

o Imperial Station

  In the middle of this map is a landing pad with a pair of Imperial shuttles.

  This is surrounded on three sides by a multi-level Imperial complex with long
  corridors and automatic doors. To the east side is a dark generator room which
  is perhaps part of the Death Star's deflector shield system.

Sullust is a rocky volcanic planet with a surface riddled with lava channels and
billowing smoke stacks (therefore similar to Mustafar in Episode III). Sullust
is the home of the humanoid Sullustan race. They have an underground clan-based
society with industry focussed on mining the planet and its moons.

Those crawling worm creatures you occasionally see disappearing underground are
Drutash Grubs - apparently quite the delicacy!

The planet has featured as a location in several Star Wars video-games but was
only mentioned briefly in the movies (by Darth Vader in Episode VI).


o SoroSuub Centroplex

  This is a large and bleak map featuring an industrial facility operated by the
  massive SoroSuub Corporation which employs half the population of Sullust.


  It has dark rocky terrain punctuated by a fiery stream of lava down the centre
  of the map. Outside the large hangar space are various containers, gas tanks
  and Turbolaser turrets.

o Sulfur Fields

  This outdoors map is covered with large outcrops of rock which can be used to
  give a view of a wider area but that can leave you exposed. There are numerous
  steaming pits which can cause damage to anyone careless enough to fall in.

  The main landmark in the centre of the map is an Imperial shuttle which can
  also be used as higher ground if accessed with a jump pack.

  Over to the north-east are the smoking remains of a crashed TIE Fighter.

o Imperial Hangar

  This is a mainly indoors map based around a large main hangar with several TIE
  Fighters suspended bat-like from the ceiling and various gantries. This space
  opens onto a long landing platform outdoors with a shuttle at the end.

  There are chambers and corridors around both sides of the map which are only
  connected via the main hangar and the outdoor space.

| Section 11 | COLLECTIBLES                                                s11 |

The game might lack a conventional single-player campaign but there is still no
escape from the plight of hidden collectibles!

There are four Battle missions and four Hero Battle missions (see Section 06b)
and four Survival missions (see Section 06c). Each one has five collectibles to
find - these take the form of pale blue diamond-shaped pickup icons.

Several collectibles are hovering above the ground so you'll need to use the
jump pack (or Boba Fett's jetpack in Hero Battles) to reach them.

Every Battles, Hero Battles and Survival mission has one "Collectibles" star
which requires you to find all five collectibles within that mission.

                 [You can achieve trophy #32 by earning one Collectibles star.]

Finding all sixty collectibles also unlocks the Luke Skywalker diorama figure.

This section of my guide contains descriptions of every collectible location.

I'm pleased to say that DICE have added a basic compass to the minimap since the
beta (I assume the longer mark is meant to be north). Not only can this be used
to give callouts to your friends in multiplayer (if you're using party chat) but
it also makes it a bit easier for me to describe locations in text!

However I appreciate that a video guide is often more helpful for collectible
locations (especially on large outdoor maps like these) so here's a link to an
excellent video from PowerPyx (thanks!) which illustrates all sixty locations.


(I've added timed shortcut links below to each world/mode within that video.)

| Section 11a | Battles Collectibles                                      s11a |

In order to earn the Collectibles star for each map you need to play a mission
solo (not two-player) on any difficulty, gather all the collectibles and win.

If you have to engage enemies while picking up the collectibles take care not to
win (by scoring 100) before you've got all five!

When you're doing a collectibles run I think it's probably best to play without
AI soldiers (computer-controlled allies) because they'll only end up getting
killed and giving the enemy team points while you're still busying hunting.

                                    Tatooine               [jump pack required]
1. From the starting location next to the transport ship go north-east onto the
   barge and grab the first collectible on the deck to your left.

2. Now go north-west and follow the long Krayt Dragon skeleton where you'll find
   the second collectible on the east side near the tail.

3. Head back to the transport, take the stairs onto the loading gantry and use
   your jump pack to get on top of the ship. The collectible's at the east end.

4. Jump down to the south-west onto the big green tarps and then down again to
   the south-east corner of the tarps where you'll find the fourth collectible.

5. Lastly go underneath the transport and into the little facilities bay there.
   The last collectible is sandwiched between the tall blue boxes and the big
   brown flat octagonal cargo containers to the north-east.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

1. From your spawn point head south-east and climb the snowy ridge next to the
   camouflage netting then continue south to find the clifftop collectible.

2. From there head south to the tripod gun then follow the footprints south-west
   and jump up onto the higher ground where you'll find the next collectible
   overlooking the centre of the map.

3. Drop down and continue a short distance south-west and hopefully you should
   spot the third collectible between two rocky sections.

4. Head over to the west side of the map and visit the tall gas tank (?). The
   fourth collectible is to the east, just past a bright blue "charge" pickup.

5. Finally drop down and enter the cave to the east. You'll find the last one
   on the left side of the tunnel behind the second light you pass.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

1. The first collectible is barely ten metres from your spawn point. It's behind
   the big workstation desk to the south-east.

2. Now follow the passage south, take the left stairs down, take a right at the
   junction and head outside through the big doors. Follow the dirt track south-
   -east and then south-west. You should spot the next collectible behind a
   large fern after the third three on the left.

3. Next you need to go east, under the shuttle landing pad and follow the path
   south-east to a large hollow tree trunk. As you walk through the trunk you'll
   see a large tree ahead of you and the third collectible can be found in the
   undergrowth at the base of the tree on the far side.

4. After that follow the trail north-west and enter the doorway on the right. Go
   left, then right and up two sets of stairs.

5. For the final collectible on this map follow the corridor west then exit via
   the door to your right. Follow the trail north until you reach another big
   door but go west inside of entering. You'll come to a big fuel tank and the
   collectible is hidden behind it on the left.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

                                     Sullust               [jump pack required]
1. Starting in the north-west corner of the AT-AT hangar, take the metal stairs
   up onto the gantry, go right three times, climb a set of stairs, turn right,
   go up two more sets of stairs and then boost up on top of the west AT-AT (it
   is easier to do the jump from the tail end). The collectible is on top of the
   main part of the walker's body.

2. Now drop back down to ground level and take the south door in the south-west
   corner of the hangar. You'll find a control room there with the collectible
   on the right side behind some consoles.

3. Return to the main hangar and drop down into the pit where the AT-AT's are
   standing. Go over to the north-east and you'll see the third collectible on
   the left next to some blue boxes.

4. Now go back up to the main floor and you'll find the next collectible in the
   north-west corner of the hangar behind a big grey thing.

5. Lastly head outside and go east where you'll find two more of those grey
   things in a stack. Boost on top of them, turn due south and look up - you'll
   see the final collectible on top of a buttress support.

   (You can boost over to collect it after your jump pack is off cooldown.)

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

| Section 11b | Hero Battles Collectibles                                 s11b |

In order to earn the Collectibles star for each map you need to play a mission
solo (not two-player) on any difficulty, gather all the collectibles and win.

Hero Battles use the same maps as Battles mode but the collectibles are placed
in different locations.

Remember that Hero characters lack health regeneration so if you take too much
damage you might want to seek out a Hero health-up icon (marked in yellow) to
fully heal before you continue looking for the collectibles. It's okay to die
but you'll be giving the enemy team an easy 20 pts.

                                    Tatooine               [Boba Fett required]
1. From the starting location go north-east to the floating barge again but this
   time the collectible can be found underneath it on the sandy slope.

2. Then return south-west and continue to the back end of the transport ship.
   Look underneath the ship's engines for a container with several metal plates
   on it - you'll need to drop down into the box to get the collectible.

3. Now use Boba's jetpack to get on top of the ship. The third collectible is at
   the rear of the transport, right at the far end.

4. Stay on top of the ship, head to the other end and look down to the north-
   east - you should see the next collectible inside one of the grey containers.

5. Finally Boba needs to confront his nemesis... Go south-east where you'll find
   the last collectible hovering over the Sarlacc pit. :) Careful Boba!

   (Basically you need to use a short burst of jetpack to get over the pit, let
   yourself fall down onto the collectible and then boost back to safety.)

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

1. Keep moving south-west until you hit the cliff at the edge of the map then
   head north onto the higher ground where you'll see the first collectible.

2. From there go east and you'll find the next collectible on a snowy slope to
   the west of the smoking wreckage. (This location's kinda hard to describe.)

3. Go east along the little valley until you reach the cliffs on the opposite
   side of the map then head south-west up onto the snowy high ground.

   (This is almost exactly the same location as the second one in Battles mode.)

4. Continue south-west and you'll find the fourth collectible to the north of
   the tripod gun.

5. From there you can drop down to the south-west and enter the snow cave to the
   south-east where you'll find the final collectible on the right side of the
   tunnel after passing another tripod gun.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

                                      Endor                [Boba Fett required]
1. Go east from your starting point, up the stairs and exit through the doors to
   your left onto the little balcony. From there you need to fly due north to
   where the collectible is on the brown ledge next to a dark rocky cliff.

2. Drop down and follow the dirt trail south to the end of the building and stop
   when the track forks. Look up to the north-west and the collectible can be
   found there behind some trees on some big boulders.

3. Now go east under the landing pad (which makes good cover!) and south-east
   to the big fallen tree trunk - the third collectible is on top of the trunk.

4. Return to the landing pad and boost up on top of the first (south) shuttle.
   The collectible is hidden behind one of the folding wings.

5. Finally enter the eastern building, take either passage east, up one set of
   of stairs and stay on that level to enter the generator chamber in the middle
   of that floor. Go to the centre of the room and face east and you'll see the
   last collectible at the far end.

   (It's a long flight to get there and you'll probably fall to your death but
   at least the other team won't be able to collect your tokens!)

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

                                     Sullust               [Boba Fett required]
1. At the start of the mission turn around (to face west) and you'll find the
   first collectible to the left of the giant black "Lego brick" containers.

2. Next head towards the south-east corner of the hangar and boost up on top of
   the stack of two big grey things where you'll find the next collectible.

3. Drop down to the east, enter the big doorway on your right and follow the
   short passageway to the end.

4. Return to the main hangar floor and boost up to the second level of gantries
   on the east side. Continue up to the third level and then boost over onto the
   east AT-AT. The fourth collectible can be found on its head.

5. Lastly go outside and head west. Boost on top of the double stack of grey
   thingies and then over to the buttress under the factory wall to the south.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

| Section 11c | Survival Collectibles                                     s11c |

You need to complete all fifteen waves on a map with all five collectibles (in
the same run) in order to earn the Collectibles star for that map. You can do
this on any difficulty and as usual there is no time-limit so you can search the
map at your leisure or use a guide to the collectible locations if you prefer.

I'd recommend doing this on the first wave of Normal diff - you can leave one or
two enemies alive and then simply avoid them while you get all the pickups.

If you're playing co-op you are not in competition with your partner - it does
not matter if the collectibles are found by you or by them (or both).

                                    Tatooine               [jump pack required]
1. The first collectible is pretty much directly overhead when you spawn. You'll
   want to head up onto the higher ground to the south-west then hang a left and
   follow the ridge to the north-east. If you then look to the north you should
   see it floating high in the air so you'll need to use the jump pack.

2. After getting that one go south-west back into the map again then continue up
   to the higher ground to the south. Turn around there and you'll see the next
   collectible hovering to the north-east in the centre of the map.

3. Next you need to go back up to the high ground and go south-east to the rock
   piles then continue over the natural bridge to the north-west. You'll see the
   third collectible at the point where the three sets of ropes and rags meet.

   (It looks like it's laundry day for the Sand People or something!)

4. Now go back up to the stone bridge and this time go west towards the little
   Tusken village. Turn south to face the sun(s) just before you get there and
   you might just be able to make out the collectible hovering.

   (You need to make a leap of faith with the jump pack to reach it but you can
   get it safely without going out of bounds.)

5. The last one is inside a cave full of big Bantha skeletons which you'll find
   in the far west corner of the map under an Imperial shuttle. Go into the cave
   and the collectible is on the right-hand side.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

1. At the back of the Rebel base enter the narrow passage to the south-west (the
   one with the big overhead floodlight) then take the corridor to the left and
   follow it to the room at the end.

2. Now go back down the corridor and head left at the T-junction back into the
   main chamber. Take the slope to the north behind the big stalagmites, use the
   door on the right then enter the medical bay on the right.

3. Next you need to go back down the slope to the main room, go north and then
   into the side-chamber to the west where you'll find the collectible well
   hidden behind some containers in the south-east corner.

4. Head east across the main room and into another side-chamber where the next
   collectible is similarly hidden behind some barrels in the south-west corner.

5. From there take the first door east and follow the floor decking east then
   south into a cave to your final collectible for this map.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

1. From the burning bunker head north-west into the forest, past the big fuel
   tanks on your right. The collectible is behind a big tree there but fairly
   easy to spot in the undergrowth.

2. Now go north-east behind the tanks and then north down a long slope. When you
   get to the stream follow that west to the little waterfall and then head over
   to the cliff to the north.

3. Now you have a long trek south-east (about 45-50 seconds) until you finally
   reach a dead AT-AT. From there you need to continue south-east (another 15
   seconds) until you see the collectible in the middle of a little clearing.

4. From there backtrack north-west for a few seconds and then go west (past more
   waterfalls) for around 15 seconds. Then take the fork to your left and head
   west again for another 10 seconds until you find the collectible.

5. Next go north then north-west, continue through the hollow tree trunk, then
   north-east past two flaming torches and finally south-west for about 10 secs
   and left of the big tree until you reach the final collectible in a clearing.

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

                                     Sullust               [jump pack required]
1. Starting in the big hangar, boost up on top of the shuttle. The collectible
   is next to the folded wing on its right (your left).

2. Head outside and go north-east behind the Turbolaser turret. You'll find the
   next collectible behind a boulder at the base of the rock wall on your right
   about 5 seconds after passing the bunker entrance.

3. Now head south-west past both Turbolasers and the big fuel tank. The third
   collectible is on your left immediately after the last buttress there.

4. Next go north into the centre of the map and down two sets of stairs. The
   fourth collectible will be just in front of the metal bridge on your left,
   on the higher ground near the north-east side of the bridge.

5. For the last collectible head north-east from the bridge for about 5 seconds
   and you'll see it floating over the big lava pool.

   (I'd suggest flying from east to west to avoid getting roasted!)

         PowerPyx video bookmark:

| Section 12 | DIORAMAS                                                    s12 |

There are twenty figures and vehicle models to unlock in the game - these are
displayed as part of a set of dioramas (model scenes).

Each is unlocked by completing one specific objective. Some of these relate to
Missions mode but most can be earned in multiplayer. Many of these are designed
to provide a long-term challenge and will take a long time to complete.

            [You can achieve trophy #21 by unlocking your first diorama model.]

You can view your diorama collection and check your current progress towards
each model under Collect \ Diorama off the main menu, in the Companion app or in
the Career section of the official Battlefront website.


Here's a list of all twenty diorama models and their unlock requirements:


  "Play 30 matches of Walker Assault" (see Section 05c)

o T-47 Airspeeder

  "Win 10 matches of each multiplayer game mode" (9 modes)

  You only need to get wins in the nine modes that come with the base game.

  You can track the number of times you've won each individual MP mode in the
  Companion app under Stats & Progression \ Detailed Stats \ Game Mode Wins.

o Shadow Trooper

  "Reach level 3 at least once on every trait" (5 traits)

  You'll need to grind through the ranks to unlock all the trait buffs.

  There are five traits in the base game. (see Section 07b)

  The final unlocks are sharpshooter and bounty hunter, both at rank 26.

o Princess Leia

  "Achieve rank 50"

  This requires a total of almost two million XP from multiplayer.

o Sullustan Rebel

  "Complete all Battle missions on Master difficulty playing solo" (8 missions)

  You're required to complete all four Battles and all four Hero Battles.

o Luke Skywalker [doesn't count for trophy?]

  "Find all collectibles" (12 missions)

  You need to find all five collectibles in the four Battles, four Hero Battles
  and four Survival missions (sixty collectibles in total).

  You'll unlock Luke after getting all twelve 'Collectibles' stars by finishing
  each mission after gathering all five collectibles.

  See Section 11 above for details of all collectible locations in each mode.

o Darth Vader

  "Kill 250 soldiers while playing as a Hero in multiplayer"

  See Section 08c for details of the Hero characters.

o Scout Trooper

  "Perform 250 headshot kills in multiplayer"

  You get a headshot bonus each time you kill someone with a headshot. It does
  not need to be a one-hit kill but the final shot should be a headshot.


  "Complete all Survival missions on Master difficulty" (4 missions)

  You can track your stars awarded for Survival completion on Master diff in the
  Companion app under Stats & Progression \ Missions \ Survival.

o Emperor Palpatine

  "Collect every star on every mission" (75 total)

  Fifteen stars are available from the training missions, twenty stars from the
  Survival missions and forty stars from the Battles.

o Magma Trooper

  "Earn a total of 1500 kills playing as an Imperial soldier in multiplayer"

  You can do this in any multiplayer mode/s.

o Boba Fett

  "Use all Star Cards and get a kill with every weapon in multiplayer" (19+11)

  You unlock the rights to buy the blasters (see Section 07a) and Star Cards
  (see Section 07b) by grinding ranks but don't forget you have the option of
  using your partner's Star Card loadout - this can give you a handy shortcut to
  use cards you haven't unlocked/purchased yet.

  - There are eleven blasters in the base game.

    The final unlock is the DL-44 blaster pistol at rank 25.

  - There are thirteen standard Star Cards.

    The final unlock is the bowcaster at rank 32.

  - There are six charged Star Cards.

    The final unlock is the personal shield at rank 22.

  You can track your kills with blasters in the Companion app under Stats &
  Progression \ Detailed Stats \ Blaster Kills.

  The same page shows your kills obtained using offensive Star Cards which will
  give you some information about which ones you have (or haven't) used.

o TIE Fighter

  "Destroy a total of 150 vehicles in multiplayer"

  It would be quickest to do this in Fighter Squadron mode.

o Slave I

  "Ride in vehicles for a total of 10 hours in multiplayer"

  Your progress towards this total is counted in seconds on the Companion app.

o Twi'Lek Rebel [doesn't count for trophy?]

  "In Base Command achieve 3-star rating on first siege in Rebel campaign"

  Base Command is the Star Wars themed card game which you can play within the
  Battlefront Companion app or on the official Battlefront website.


  It has a total of eight "campaigns" each of which is comprised of a number of
  levels known as "sieges" but you only need to play the first siege for this.

  In each siege you need to play cards representing Rebel infantry, vehicles and
  special abilities in order to defend your base against an attack. If you can
  successfully destroy all the enemy units then you win the siege and you earn
  points based on your combat, on your base's remaining shield and health and on
  any units that ranked-up during the battle by winning fights.

  Your final score determines your star rating for that siege. In the first
  siege you need to score around 4000 pts to get the maximum three-star rating.

  Getting stars also earns a small amount of credits which you can then spend on
  unlocks in multiplayer. For one star you get 60 credits, for two stars you get
  another 100 credits and for three stars you receive a further 250 credits -
  however you can't farm credits by replaying the same siege repeatedly!

  If you want to play or replay the first siege for this diorama unlock you can
  access it directly on the Battlefront website via this shortcut link.


  The first siege is the tutorial level so it's not too challenging. Just keep
  in mind the attack ranges for each unit - Rebel troopers can attack ring 1,
  Airspeeders can attack rings 2 and 3, X-Wings can attack rings 3 and 4 and
  A-Wings can attack any unit in one specific quadrant. Also don't forget that
  you can also use the base cannon which charges up each turn.

o Stormtrooper

  "Achieve rank 10"

  You need to earn a total of 109,000 XP in multiplayer to reach rank 10.

o Han Solo

  "Earn 1,000,000 pts in multiplayer"

  It doesn't need to be in a single match. :9

  In theory you should get this one a couple of matches before you reach rank 35
  but you'll probably get it a lot later. When I had 1,006,817 XP the total for
  this diorama unlock said only 841,267 so I guess maybe bonuses don't count?

o Tatooine Rebel

  "Earn a total of 1500 kills playing as a Rebel soldier in multiplayer"

  You can do this in any multiplayer mode/s.

o X-Wing

  "Pick up and use 200 Power-Ups in multiplayer modes"

  Power-Up pickups (see Section 08a) spawn on the ground in most modes but they
  also appear from captured pods in Drop Zone and can be dropped by the Hero
  "support" characters (Leia/Emperor) in Walker Assault and Supremacy modes.

o Millennium Falcon

  "Score 100 kills with either the Millennium Falcon and/or Slave I"

  The Millennium Falcon and Slave I ships are available as Hero pickups in the
  Fighter Squadron mode (see Section 05e) when playing as either the Rebels or
  Imperials respectively. Look out for the Hero pickup icon near the ground.

| Section 13 | CHALLENGES                                                  s13 |

The game features a total of sixty challenges which you can work on while you
play multiplayer matches. Only three challenges will be active at any given time
- you can view these on the respawn screen or by pressing Options during play.

After completing a challenge it'll be replaced by another one when the current
match ends and after a while you'll notice you start getting repeats.

             [You can achieve trophy #24 by completing twenty-five challenges.]

If you want to complete them quicker then you'll want to pay attention to the
current three as you may need to change your weapons, tactics or mode to suit
them, for example you might have to switch to Supremacy mode to capture fifteen
control points or start using a shock blaster to get 25 kills with it.

You can also view your challenges in the Stats screen off the main menu. If
there's a challenge that you don't like you can pay 500 credits to replace it.

I think challenges are a good addition to the game - they encourage players to
try new things and (more importantly) to push for objectives and wins.

                              Tutorial Challenges
The game gives you four simple challenges to get you started.

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
         Complete a Match | Play a match of any game mode      | 2000 |   200
           Get 1000 Score | Reach a score of 1000 in any mode  | 1000 |   100
           Use a Power-Up | Pick up and use a Power-Up         |  600 |    60
              Get 5 Kills | Defeat 5 enemies in any mode       | 1000 |   100

                               General Challenges
Most of these generic challenges can be completed in any mode.

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
  Play as a Hero 3 Times* | Play as a Hero 3 times in any mode | 2500 |   250
         Use 15 Power-Ups | Pick up and use 15 Power-Ups       | 1500 |   150
           Use 15 Charges | Use 15 Star Card charges           | 1000 |   100
           Use 30 Charges | Use 30 Star Card charges           | 2000 |   200
             Use 25 Cards | Activate and use 25 Star Cards     | 1500 |   150
             Use 50 Cards | Activate and use 50 Star Cards     | 3500 |   350
   Get 25 Explosive Kills | Defeat 25 enemies using explosives | 2500 |   250
           Get 5000 Score | Reach a score of 5000              | 1000 |   100
           Get 7500 Score | Reach a score of 7500              | 7500 |   750

*The Hero pickups in Fighter Squadron mode don't count towards this one.

                               Combat Challenges
These challenges require you to use the six categories of guns.

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
  25 Blaster Pistol Kills | Get 25 kills with blaster pistols  | 2500 |   250
   25 Blaster Rifle Kills | Get 25 kills with blaster rifles   | 2500 |   250
   25 Heavy Blaster Kills | Get 25 kills with heavy blasters   | 2500 |   250
  75 Blaster Pistol Kills | Get 75 kills with blaster pistols  | 8500 |   850
   75 Blaster Rifle Kills | Get 75 kills with blaster rifles   | 8500 |   850
   75 Heavy Blaster Kills | Get 75 kills with heavy blasters   | 8500 |   850
             Get 50 Kills | Defeat 50 enemies in any mode      | 5500 |   550
             Get 75 Kills | Defeat 75 enemies in any mode      | 8500 |   850
25 Blas. Pistol Headshots | 25 headshots with blaster pistols  | 5500 |   550
 25 Blas. Rifle Headshots | 25 headshots with blaster rifles   | 5500 |   550
 25 Heavy Blas. Headshots | 25 headshots with heavy blasters   | 5500 |   550
       Get 20 Killstreaks | Earn 20 killstreak bonuses         | 5500 |   550
           25 Melee Kills | Get 25 kills with melee attacks    | 2500 |   250
25 Long-Range Rifle Kills | Get 25 kills with long-range rifle | 2500 |    25
  10 Long-Range Headshots | Get 10 headshots with LR rifles    | 2500 |    25
   25 Shock Blaster Kills | Get 25 kills with shock blasters   | 2500 |    25
   75 Shock Blaster Kills | Get 75 kills with shock blasters   | 8500 |    85
 25 Targeting Rifle Kills | Get 25 kills with targeting rifles | 2500 |    25
 75 Targeting Rifle Kills | Get 75 kills with targeting rifles | 8500 |    85

You'll need to unlock and buy new weapons in order to complete some of these.

o The E-11 and A280C blaster rifles are available by default (faction locked)

o The DH-17 blaster pistol unlocks at rank 3

o The DLT-19 heavy blaster also unlocks at rank 3

o The Pulse Cannon long-range rifle unlocks at rank 5

o The CA-87 shock blaster unlocks at rank 8

o The T-21B targeting rifle unlocks at rank 21

                               Vehicle Challenges
These all relate to getting kills with vehicles or destroying enemy vehicles.

Most vehicles are available in Walker Assault and Supremacy modes and obviously
the starfighters also feature in Fighter Squadron mode.

The AT-AT is only available on the Imperial side in Walker Assault mode.

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
      Destroy 25 Vehicles | Destroy 25 enemy vehicles          | 2500 |   250
      Destroy 50 Vehicles | Destroy 50 enemy vehicles          | 5500 |   550
     Get 25 Vehicle Kills | Get 25 kills using any vehicle     | 2500 |   250
     Get 50 Vehicle Kills | Get 50 kills using any vehicle     | 5500 |   550
 15 T-47 Airspeeder Kills | Get 15 kills with T-47 Airspeeders | 1500 |   150
          15 X-Wing Kills | Get 15 kills with X-Wings          | 1500 |   150
     15 TIE Fighter Kills | Get 15 kills with TIE Fighters     | 1500 |   150
           15 AT-ST Kills | Get 15 kills with AT-STs           | 1500 |   150
           15 AT-AT Kills | Get 15 kills with AT-ATs           | 1500 |   150
        Destroy 10 AT-STs | Destroy 10 enemy AT-STs            | 1000 |   100
  Destroy 10 TIE Fighters | Destroy 10 enemy TIE Fighters      | 1000 |   100
       Destroy 10 X-Wings | Destroy 10 enemy X-Wings           | 1000 |   100
   Destroy 10 Airspeeders | Destroy 10 enemy T-47 Airspeeders  | 1000 |   100

                              Game Mode Challenges
These challenges are all specific to certain multiplayer game modes.

                      Walker Assault mode (see Section 05c)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
         Win 3 WA Matches | Win 3 matches of Walker Assault    | 2500 |   250

                        Supremacy mode (see Section 05d)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
  Win 3 Supremacy Matches | Win 3 matches of Supremacy         | 2500 |   250
Capture 15 Control Points | Capture 15 objectives in Supremacy | 2500 |   250

                     Fighter Squadron mode (see Section 05e)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
         Win 3 FS Matches | Win 3 matches of Fighter Squadron  | 2500 |   250
          Get 40 FS Kills | Destroy 40 enemies in FS           | 2000 |   200

                          Cargo mode (see Section 05g)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
      Win 3 Cargo Matches | Win 3 matches of Cargo             | 2500 |   250
         Deliver 15 Cargo | Deliver 15 objectives in Cargo     | 2500 |   250

                          Blast mode (see Section 05f)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
      Win 3 Blast Matches | Win 3 matches of Blast             | 2500 |   250

                        Drop Zone mode (see Section 05b)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
  Win 3 Drop Zone Matches | Win 3 matches of Drop Zone         | 2500 |   250
            Claim 20 Pods | Claim 20 objectives in Drop Zone   | 2000 |   200

                        Droid Run mode (see Section 05h)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
  Win 3 Droid Run Matches | Win 3 matches of Droid Run         | 2500 |   250
          Claim 15 Droids | Claim 15 objectives in Drop Zone   | 2500 |   250

                   Heroes vs Villains mode (see Section 05i)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
        Win 3 HvV Matches | Win 3 matches of Heroes v Villains | 2500 |   250

                        Hero Hunt mode (see Section 05j)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
   Get 20 Hero Hunt Kills | Defeat 40 enemies in Hero Hunt     | 2000 |   200

Hero Hunt is harder to win than the other modes (because it's always you against
seven other players) so there is no challenge for winning this mode.

Since there are specific trophies/achievements (see Section 15) for each of the
multiplayer modes you might like to save time by leaving those until challenges
for the appropriate modes become active.

| Section 14 | ACCOMPLISHMENTS                                             s14 |

You can complete accomplishments to earn bonus XP (and therefore credits) by
performing special actions a certain number of times within a single match, for
example getting five kills with grenades. Progress does not carry over between
matches (just like the coins, ribbons or pins in recent Battlefield games).

     [You can achieve trophy #23 by earning accomplishments one hundred times.]

Unlike the one-off challenges in the previous section, accomplishments can be
earned multiple times each time you meet their criteria.

Any accomplishment with "Streak" in its name is not a true streak - it doesn't
matter if you die and if the accomplishment requires a certain number of kills
with a specific weapon it's okay to get kills with other weapons/vehicles too.

                             Combat Accomplishments
                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
            Combat Master | Get 25 kills                       |  200 |    20
          Headshot Streak | Score 5 headshots                  |  150 |    15
             Melee Streak | Get 5 melee kills                  |  150 |    15
     Blaster Rifle Streak | Get 10 kills with blaster rifles   |  150 |    15
     Heavy Blaster Streak | Get 10 kills with heavy blasters   |  150 |    15
    Blaster Pistol Streak | Get 10 kills with blaster pistols  |  150 |    15
          AT-ST Destroyer | Destroy 2 AT-STs                   |   90 |     9
       2 T-47 Airspeeders | Destroy 2 T-47 Airspeeders         |   90 |     9
         X-Wing Destroyer | Destroy 10 X-Wings*                |  100 |    10
    TIE Fighter Destroyer | Destroy 10 TIE Fighters*           |  100 |    10
    Vehicle Combat Master | Get 15 kills with any vehicle      |   75 |     7
   Top Player Kill Streak | Kill the enemy top player 5 times  |  100 |    10
     Shock Blaster Streak | Get 10 kills with shock blasters   |  150 |    15
   Targeting Rifle Streak | Get 10 kills with targeting rifles |  150 |    15

*Unlike the trophy for that mode, getting kills on the AI pilots in Fighter
Squadron mode does count towards your X-Wing / TIE Fighter destroys.

                            Star Card Accomplishments
These specifically relate to using sniper rifles and things that go boom.

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
            Sniper Streak | Get 10 kills with long-range rifle |  100 |    10
        Explosive Streak* | Get 5 kills with explosive weapons |   75 |     7

*In the beta there were separate bonuses and accomplishments for getting kills
with grenades or explosives but grenade kills are counted towards the explosive
total now so you're more likely to get those extra points.

                              Hero Accomplishments
                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
       Hero Combat Master | Get 20 kills as a Hero             |  150 |    15 

                            Game Mode Accomplishments
The following accomplishments are all specific to certain multiplayer modes

There are no accomplishments specific to Hero Hunt or Heroes vs Villains modes
but of course you can potentially get Hero Combat Master (see above).

                      Walker Assault mode (see Section 05c)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
   Uplink Defender Streak | Kill 10 enemies defending uplink   |   75 |     7
      AT-AT Damage Streak | Deal heavy damage to an AT-AT      |  150 |    15

                        Supremacy mode (see Section 05d)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
     Base Defender Streak | Kill 10 enemies at a control point |   75 |     7
      Base Capture Streak | Capture 2 control points           |   60 |     6
         Supremacy Master | Capture all control pts in a row   |  500 |    50

                     Fighter Squadron mode (see Section 05e)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
           Fighter Master | Win by at least 75 points          |  500 |    50
         A-Wing Destroyer | Destroy 10 A-Wings                 |  100 |    10
TIE Interceptor Destroyer | Destroy 10 TIE Interceptors        |  100 |    10

                          Cargo mode (see Section 05g)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
     Cargo Carrier Streak | Pick up 3 cargo                    |   90 |     9
    Cargo Defender Streak | Kill 5 enemies carrying cargo      |   75 |     7
             Cargo Master | Win by 10-0 in Cargo               |  500 |    50

                          Blast mode (see Section 05f)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
             Blast Master | Win by 100 kills to 25 or less     |  500 |    50

                        Drop Zone mode (see Section 05b)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
    Pod Activation Streak | Claim 2 pods                       |   60 |     6
      Pod Defender Streak | Kill 10 enemies defending a pod    |  150 |    15
         Drop Zone Master | Team captured 5 drop pods in a row |  500 |    50

                        Droid Run mode (see Section 05h)

                    Title | Description                        |  XP  | Credits
     Droid Capture Streak | Claim 3 droids                     |   90 |     9
    Droid Defender Streak | Kill 10 enemies to defend droids   |  150 |    15
         Droid Run Master | Capture and win with all 3 droids  |  300 |    30

These lists saw several changes following the public beta. New accomplishments
were added for the six other multiplayer modes. Targeting Rifle Streak and Shock
Blaster Streak were also added, while Double Kill (get 2 kills within 3 seconds)
and Break-Up (kill 2 partners within 5 seconds) were removed. Additionally some
criteria were changed, for example X-Wing Destroyer and TIE Fighter Destroyer
previously required 6 vehicle destroys instead of 10.

| Section 15 | TROPHIES / ACHIEVEMENTS                                     s15 |

The base game (without DLC) has a total of forty-three achievements on Xbox One
and Origin or forty-four trophies on PS4 including the Platinum.

Most of the trophies can be obtained playing solo in the Missions modes or alone
in multiplayer but one (trophy #27) requires you to play co-op with a friend,
although on consoles you could also play split-screen co-op mode by yourself if
you have a second controller.

No "online pass" is required to play but on the PS4 you will need a Playstation
Plus (PS+) subscription to play online. This also grants the benefits of cloud
back-up for save files and "free" PS3/PS4/Vita games every month.

Several of the standard trophies are named after lines from the original movie
trilogy - see how many you can spot. By my reckoning there's about a dozen from
Episode IV, seven from Episode V and a couple from Episode VI.

                                   Base Game
01 Platinum Trophy [Platinum]

   "Collect all other Star Wars Battlefront trophies"

   You get this automatically after meeting the requirements of all forty-three
   other trophies in the standard set (trophies #02 to #44 below) - there are
   twenty-nine from multiplayer and fourteen from Missions modes.

   As usual, trophies from expansion packs are not required for the platinum.

02 A New Hope* [Silver / 40G]

   "Play every Multiplayer game mode"

   The base game features the following nine playable game modes in multiplayer
   and you just need to play each of them once for this trophy.

   o Drop Zone            o Fighter Squadron       o Droid Run
   o Walker Assault       o Blast                  o Heroes vs Villains
   o Supremacy            o Cargo                  o Hero Hunt

   (Any additional modes from DLC expansions are not required.)

   This trophy will come naturally as you work on the other multiplayer trophies
   because each of the nine game modes has at least one trophy that can't be
   earned in any of the others.

   I think you need to play each match until the end because the trophy popped
   for me immediately after my first match in the ninth mode I played. Remember
   that each match in Heroes vs Villains mode consists of multiple rounds - the
   match doesn't finish until one team wins five rounds.

   *The original movie was released in 1977 simply titled 'Star Wars' but it was
   renamed Star Wars: Episode IV 'A New Hope' for the 1981 re-release.

03 In a galaxy far, far away... [Silver / 40G]

   "Win one match in each Multiplayer game mode"

   For this trophy you need to achieve a win in each of those nine multiplayer
   modes listed above.

   In the smaller 6v6 game modes (Cargo, Droid Run and Heroes vs Villains) the
   smaller team sizes make it more important to pull your weight! This is most
   true in Heroes vs Villains if you spawn as a Hero character - you'll need to
   make good use of your abilities but also try not to get killed.

   Remember that Heroes vs Villains is played over a series of three-minute
   "rounds" and your team needs to win five rounds to win the overall "match".

   The hardest mode to win will be Hero Hunt because there are no teams - it's
   just you against seven other players competing for the most kills. Always try
   to get the "finishing blow" that defeats the Hero so you get to play as the
   Hero next. Familiarise yourself with all the Hero character abilities (see
   Section 08c) so you can use them more effectively.

04 Never tell me the odds! [Bronze / 15G]

   "Successfully perform Cooling Flush 10 times (Multiplayer)"

   The cooling flush is the "skill reload" mechanic which you can use to skip
   the long cooldown time after fully overheating your primary blaster.

   Fire the gun until the red heat gauge fills and then press Square when the
   moving yellow dots are next to the fixed yellow markers.

05 I suggest a new strategy [Bronze / 15G]

   "Use a partner's Star Card hand 10 times (Multiplayer)"

   In several multiplayer modes you'll often be paired with one other player who
   is designated as your partner. You'll know when you have a partner because
   you'll get the Partner Start option on the respawn screen and you'll see
   someone running around with a yellow tag in the game.

   On the respawn screen you can select Hands to choose which "hand" (loadout)
   of Star Cards you want to use. When you have a partner you can choose to use
   their primary hand via this menu.

   I only had to select my partner's hand twice to get this trophy so it must
   count every time you respawn with their hand still equipped.

   Hopefully you'll get partnered with a good player who has some useful gadgets
   which are well suited to the mode you're playing...!

06 Shoot first* [Silver / 40G]

   "Be the first in a match to earn a kill (Multiplayer)"

   In any multiplayer mode you get a 50 pts "First Kill" bonus for getting the
   first kill of the match. The first time it happens you get this trophy too.

   You should get this eventually just from playing the game, especially if you
   play the smaller modes (with fewer players) and you make a point of spawning
   into each match as soon as it starts (you should skip the intro screen).

   *Perhaps the most famous of the many changes that George Lucas has applied
   retrospectively to the original movie trilogy was in Han's encounter with the
   Rodian bounty hunter Greedo at the Mos Eisley cantina in Episode IV.


07 Great shot, kid! [Bronze / 15G]

   "Kill an enemy who is using a jump pack (Multiplayer)"

   The jump pack is a useful and popular Star Card so it should only be a matter
   of time before you get this trophy. Players will often use it to escape when
   you start shooting at them but sometimes this will be unsuccessful. :)

   You'll be more likely to get this trophy on outdoor maps where players can
   make better use of the jump pack. I got it by accident with a random grenade
   throw while playing Drop Zone on Tatooine.

08 A cunning warrior [Silver / 40G]

   "Reach level 3 once with any trait (Multiplayer)"

   The traits are unlockable passive perks that can be equipped in your loadout
   in addition to your "hand" of three Star Cards (see Section 07b).

   The first traits to unlock are bodyguard, survivalist and scout at rank 15
   (and scout is massively useful so that should be the first one you buy).

   Each trait always gives you level 1 as a minimum, you need to get three kills
   without dying to activate level 2 then another three kills for level 3 but if
   you die at level 2 or 3 you drop down one level so you'll need to get a six
   killstreak to trigger level 3 for this trophy.

09 Don't underestimate the Force [Silver / 40G]

   "Earn a total of 100 kills while playing as a Hero (Multiplayer)"

   You can play as Hero characters in four modes in the base game but each one
   has its advantages and disadvantages for farming kills.

   In Walker Assault and Supremacy you can play as a Hero by collecting a pickup
   icon but you only find these rarely. However when you do finally get to play
   as a Hero you can usually get a lot of kills off the enemy players.

   In Heroes vs Villains mode half of the players in each round spawn as a Hero
   but you're competing against other Heroes and a few stronger "guard" troops.

   In Hero Hunt the Hero character faces up to seven standard soldiers but you
   only get to play as the Hero if you're selected at the start of the match or
   if you defeat (kill) the current Hero.

10 Crush them with one swift stroke... [Bronze / 15G]

   "Trample 25 soldiers with an AT-ST (Multiplayer)"

   The bipedal AT-ST walker (see Section 08b) is available as a vehicle Power-Up
   when playing on the Imperials side in Walker Assault or Supremacy mode - look
   out for the pickup icon that has a picture of it. I think it would be better
   to do this in Supremacy mode as more Rebel players will be equipped with the
   ion torpedo and other anti-vehicle gear in Walker Assault.

   The description of the trophy is fairly clear: you just need to get a total
   of twenty-five "roadkills" using the AT-ST in multiplayer matches - simply
   drive over enemies to kill them. You'll get the Trampled bonus each time.

   So don't lurk at the back of the map... get up to the "battlefront" and start
   squishing those Rebel scum! Hold L3 to sprint so you can get up to the enemy
   lines more quickly. Make use of any cover available when advancing.

   mutation10101 recommends doing this in Supremacy mode on Endor and advancing
   down the side of the map to flank the enemy.

11 That got him! [Silver / 40G]

   "Use a tow cable to destroy an enemy AT-AT in Walker Assault"

   In Walker Assault mode (see Section 05c) your objective when playing as the
   Rebels is to destroy the AT-AT walkers. One way to achieve this is by using
   the Airspeeder's tow cable to tangle their legs (just like in Episode V).

   Pickup icons for the speeder appear during the third phase of the match but
   as usual the AT-AT's can only be successfully attacked during a bombing run
   (when the game tells you to "attack the walker"). If you want to get this
   trophy you should grab the speeder as soon as you see the pickup but you'll
   need to spawn into the vehicle quickly otherwise you'll lose it so you might
   have to fly slow and low at the back of the map to avoid getting taken out by
   enemy ships or troops before the final Y-Wing bombing run commences. You may
   feel a bit useless/selfish/daft flying loops around Jabba's palace but if you
   can successfully take down a walker that'll really help your team.

   Once a walker's shields are down (you'll see a sparkly effect on the AT-AT
   for some reason!) you need to fly close to its legs and press Triangle when
   you see the prompt. Once the cable is attached you have to complete a little
   minigame to successfully complete four laps of the walker - use your right
   stick to keep the speeder icon inside the shrinking box. I recommend popping
   your jammer ability (R1) in order to avoid enemy lock-ons.

   Completing this manoeuvre gives an instant kill on the walker regardless of
   how much damage it had taken previously. The first time you do it you'll also
   receive this trophy.

   This needs to be done in multiplayer (Walker Assault) to count for the trophy
   but you can practise doing takedowns in the 'Invasion' training mission.

12 Hold the line! [Bronze / 15G]

   "Kill 10 enemies while attacking or defending a control point in Supremacy"

   In Supremacy mode (see Section 05d) you should be spending most of your time
   either attacking or defending the two adjacent control points that are marked
   as your current objectives. Just stay in those areas and kill those enemies!

   You need to get the Control Point Kill bonus ten times for this trophy but it
   doesn't need to be in a single match (the trophy popped for me on my first
   kill of a match).

   The maps in Supremacy are pretty big and you can't spawn at a flag so use the
   partner spawn and jump pack to get back into the action quicker.

13 Stay on target [Bronze / 15G]

   "Kill 10 enemies in a match of Fighter Squadron"

   In Fighter Squadron mode (see Section 05e) each team has up to ten players
   and a further ten computer-controlled "AI" pilots. To get this trophy you
   need to kill ten human players (look for the nametags) in a single match.

   I'm a competent pilot and I can get twenty kills overall in one match (if I
   focus on the starfighters instead of the enemy's transporter or Hero ship)
   but usually the majority of those would be AI kills.

   So you may need to give yourself an unfair advantage... remember you're not
   limited to only using fighters in Fighter Squadron mode! If you can find the
   Hero pickup close to the ground and reach it before your team-mates you'll be
   able to play as either the Millennium Falcon (Rebels) or Slave I (Imperials).

   Both the Hero ships can take a ton of damage and they have three abilities
   instead of the usual two so keep using your weapons and the countermeasures
   (shield/jammer) when they come off their cooldown. The extra firepower makes
   it much easier to get those ten kills and (as long as you don't crash!) you
   won't be wasting valuable time respawning and getting back into the action
   every couple of minutes either.

14 What's the cargo? [Bronze / 15G]

   "Kill 10 enemies carrying the cargo in Cargo"

   In Cargo mode (see Section 05g) your objectives are to capture cargo from the
   enemy base and to prevent enemies from taking your own, so the description of
   the trophy is kinda ambiguous - is it supposed to be me carrying the enemy
   cargo or an enemy player carrying mine?

   The answer is that you need to kill enemies that are carrying your team's
   cargo (you'll get the Cargo Carrier Killed bonus each time). You can work
   towards the total over several matches - it doesn't need to be all in one.

   When an enemy picks up your cargo you'll hear a "honk" siren and the game
   will tell you to "hunt down the carrier". Their location will be marked with
   a flashing "attack" icon. They'll be moving at the same speed as you so it
   often won't be possible to catch them from behind and instead you should
   wait near the centre of the map and move to cut them off once you determine
   which lanes they're taking. The scan pulse gadget can be very useful for
   seeing their exact location so you can pre-fire at a corner/doorway or time
   your impact grenade precisely.

   You could also try hiding in your base and taking out the enemy as soon as
   they pick up the cargo and putting infantry turrets and proximity bombs on
   the narrower routes out of your base.

15 Playing the objective* [Bronze / 15G]

   "Have the most kills in a match of Blast"

   Blast mode (see Section 05f) is essentially Team Deathmatch so your only
   objective is to kill the enemy but to get this trophy you need to get more
   kills than any other player and - since it's a 10v10 game mode - you could
   be competing against up to nineteen other people!

   This could be a tough one, especially since the game lacks a server browser
   which could otherwise be used to find a half-full server that would improve
   your chances of being the top player. If you keep selecting this mode you
   might eventually be able to find a lobby with fewer people in it, especially
   if you try playing very late at night.

   Play with a blaster that suits the scale of the map and pick one that you're
   comfortable using. Select Star Cards that will be useful in a close-quarters
   deathmatch, upgrade them if you can afford it and don't forget to use them.
   Keep practising to learn the map layouts and pickup spawn locations. Try not
   to die because that gives you less time for getting kills!

   The scan pulse (wall hack) Star Card can give you a massive advantage in any
   game mode and Blast is no exception. You could save up your charges (I seem
   to always farm a load of them in Cargo mode) or just buy lots of them and
   then spend a whole match with x-ray vision. 8)

   | There are numerous reports that this trophy is glitched and yet several  |
   | players have been able to achieve it. The current theory is that you can |
   | only get it if the match runs for the full ten minutes duration - so try |
   | to find a server that has fewer people (to avoid the 100 kills limit).   |

   *Any good Battlefield player knows, it's important to always "PTFO". :)

16 The Force is strong with this one [Bronze / 15G]

   "Earn 10 kills in a match as any Hero on Hero Hunt"

   In Hero Hunt mode (see Section 05j) the current Hero always competes against
   the seven other players. When playing as a normal soldier the only person you
   can kill is the Hero character (who is very tough and has six other people
   trying to kill them) so you really need to play as the Hero for this trophy.

   There are several variables that affect your trophy attempt. You'll get a
   good head-start if you get selected as the initial Hero (1 in 8 chance) or
   otherwise you need to be the player that defeats the Hero. Also you'll need
   some luck with the random Hero character selection.

   As usual a good knowledge of their abilities (see Section 08c) will help you
   use (and fight against) each Hero character more effectively.

17 I've been waiting for you [Bronze / 15G]

   "Kill 10 enemies trying to claim your team's pod in Drop Zone"

   In Drop Zone mode (see Section 05b) enemy players will try to re-capture a
   pod that your team is already claiming (blue) - you need to kill them while
   they're actually in the process of interacting with the pod to steal it.

   You would get this eventually just from playing this mode but it would take
   quite a long time. Often if your team is good enough to arm the pod they're
   also good enough to defend it! The timing is tight too - you need to catch
   each enemy during the two seconds when they're re-arming the pod.

   This will require a very defensive (campy) style of play. You need to find a
   position where you're well hidden but still capable of seeing the pod (the
   3rd-person view will help) and engaging an enemy there. If they're using a
   shield you can counter that with a grenade or launcher.

18 "Gonk? Gonk!"* [Bronze / 15G]

   "Capture three droids in a match of Droid Run"

   In Droid Run mode (see Section 05h) you can "capture" any neutral (blue) or
   enemy (red) droid by standing facing it and holding Square. Do that three
   times during a single match and you'll receive this trophy.

   You just need to be proactive about capturing droids at the start of the
   match and when they get re-captured by the enemy but always remember to look
   out for camping enemies instead of blindly rushing for the objective.

   *Power-droids appeared in all of the original trilogy movies. Originally they
   were known simply as "power-droids" but a post on the rec.arts.sf.starwars
   newsgroup in 1993 noted that they always make a "gonk!" sound, the name was
   adopted by the community and they were later officially named GNK droids.

19 The power of the Force [Bronze / 15G]

   "Defeat another Hero while playing as any Hero on Heroes vs Villains"

   In Heroes vs Villains mode (see Section 05i) three of the six players on each
   team will spawn as Hero characters and each match lasts for at least five
   rounds so you should usually get at least a couple of turns as a Hero.

   This is one of those trophies that will come in time if you keep playing the
   mode long enough, however when you play as a Hero you could make a point of
   looking for any enemy Hero that's low on health. In fact - just for the sake
   of this trophy - you could spend one round lurking away from the action to
   preserve your health and then swoop in for the kill later after the enemies
   have taken some damage.

   You can also use Hero health pickups to top-up your health bar so you're more
   likely to prevail in a one-on-one encounter. Remember that support characters
   (Leia/Emperor) can drop their own Hero health-ups.

20 When 900 years old you reach...* [Gold / 55G]

   "Reach Rank 50"

   To get this gold trophy you'll need to keep playing multiplayer until you
   reach rank 50** which appears to be the level cap in the base game.

   Exactly how long this will take you will depend on your personal "score per
   minute" (SPM) - the average rate at which you earn XP during play. I'll add a
   note of how many hours/matches it took me to reach rank 50 once I get there! 

   See Section 05 for details of all the activities that will earn you XP. You
   should also review the accomplishments (see Section 14) and challenges (see
   Section 13) which can both earn you extra points.

   You should score well in any mode where you can get a lot of kills and play
   the objectives so pick modes that fit your preferred play-style, e.g. short
   range, long range, vehicle combat, etc. If you're good at dogfighting then
   Fighter Squadron is a good choice, doubly so if you can grab the Hero ship!

   (I got a 5,000+ pts scorestreak attacking one Hero ship with the other.)

   Your final score from each match will also depend on the average skill level
   of each side - if your team is good you're more likely to get the bonus for
   winning and you might be able to win matches quicker too so you can get the
   completion and win bonuses more often.

   *Hopefully this will take you less than 900 years. :P

   **In addition to getting this trophy at rank 50 you'll also unlock the final
   three cosmetic options (Quarren and Twi'lek heads for Rebels and the black
   Shadow Trooper armour), the Princess Leia diorama figure and the last emote.

21 Collector [Bronze / 15G]

   "Earn any* diorama figurine in the game"

   There are twenty diorama models available to unlock (see Section 12).

   You can earn each one by completing its specified requirement and generally
   these will take a lot longer to complete than the basic challenges.

   Luckily you only need to get one diorama model for this trophy and you'll be
   able to earn the Stormtrooper figurine simply by playing multiplayer modes
   long enough to reach rank 10. This shouldn't take too long - some players got
   to rank 16 during the ten hours of pre-release early access on Xbox.

   *I got the Twi'Lek Rebel figure when I first loaded the game because I had
   previously got a three-star rating on the first siege in the Base Command
   card game, but this didn't earn me the trophy. The second figure I unlocked
   was Luke after I completed every mission with all the collectibles and that
   didn't give me the trophy either... So it's not "any" figurine! :6

   (I finally got it when I received the figure for reaching rank 10.)

22 Tell Jabba that I've got his money [Silver / 40G]

   "Earn a total of 25,000 credits (Multiplayer)"

   At the end of every multiplayer match the game awards your experience points
   (XP) and you also receive a number of Imperial Credits (money) equal to your
   experience points divided by ten, so to earn a total of 25,000 credits you
   need to get 250,000 XP in multiplayer.

   You do not need to save your credits and have 25k "in the bank" for this -
   you can spend as much as you want and the trophy will pop mid-match as soon
   as you pass the 250,000 pts threshold (around rank 16).

23 Distinguished [Silver / 40G]

   "Earn 100 Accomplishments"

   Accomplishments award you bonus XP for achieving set goals in a single match,
   for example getting 25 kills or getting 10 kills using blaster rifles. There
   are also accomplishments that are unique to each multiplayer game mode, for
   example capturing two flags in Supremacy or claiming two pods in Drop Zone.

   See Section 14 for a full list of available accomplishments.

   You can complete each accomplishment as many times as you want and this is
   essential as there are only 35 different ones in the base game and you need
   to get 100 for this trophy!

   The trophy should come eventually from simply playing multiplayer although
   you might like to make a focussed effort on farming specific ones.

   You can check how many accomplishments you've earned in the in-game stats.

   For reference I got this trophy at rank 26.

24 Determined [Silver / 40G]

   "Complete 25 Challenges"

   Multiplayer features a wide range of basic challenges, for example get five
   kills, score 1,000 pts, use one Power-Up, etc. Each one will earn you bonus
   XP so completing challenges will help you level-up through the multiplayer
   ranks (to unlock equipment) and earn more money (to buy that equipment).

   See Section 13 for a full list of available challenges.

   Your progress on the three current challenges will be shown on the respawn
   screen after you die and you can also view them on the "pause menu" when you
   press Options during play. When you pass one challenge it will be replaced by
   a new one and you need to complete a total of twenty-five for this trophy.

   You will get through those a lot quicker if you keep checking your active
   challenges and switch things up to fit them, for example using one of the
   blaster pistols if you need 75 pistol kills or playing Droid Run if you need
   three wins in that mode (and of course you can do those two together).

   Since you always have three challenges available you can still make progress
   even if one comes up that you want to avoid because you can still focus on
   the other two. However you also have the option of going to the in-game Stats
   screen and paying 500 credits to skip/replace a challenge if you want. The
   same screen also shows how many challenges you've completed so far.

   For reference I got this trophy at rank 23, although I was quite proactive
   about working on my challenges (and I did pay to skip a few).

25 Don't get cocky [Bronze / 15G]

   "Defeat both the Millennium Falcon and Slave I"

   Han Solo and Boba Fett's ships are both available as Hero pickups in Fighter
   Squadron mode (see Section 05e). When playing as Imperials look out for the
   notification in the killfeed that says " has become Millennium
   Falcon" (and vice versa for the Rebels and Slave I).

   Often several team-mates will be engaging the powerful Hero ship at the same
   time so look out for the Millennium Falcon Defeated or Slave I Defeated bonus
   which shows that the game credited the kill to you.

   Slave I is heavily armed but pretty slow and she doesn't have a shield so you
   can fly slowly behind her, mirror the pilot's turns and maintain constant
   fire with your primary and secondary weapons, manually aiming your lasers
   when the jammer is active. Although this is a great source of points, it'd
   probably take several minutes to destroy the ship, you'll get killed several
   times during the process and then someone will probably steal your kill or
   more likely the match will end before you can finish them off!

   If possible you should "fight fire with fire" - use the other Hero ship to
   take out the enemy's Hero. You'll be able to stay alive a lot longer and use
   the extra abilities. (Alternatively I believe it's also possible to get an
   instant kill by ramming the enemy ship when using a Hero ship.)

26 A tremor in the Force [Bronze / 15G]

   "Play once as all of the different Heroes (Multiplayer)"

   The base game features six playable Hero characters (see Section 08c). The
   three "goodies" are Luke, Han and Leia and the three "baddies" are Vader,
   Boba Fett and the Emperor. You need to play as each of these for the trophy.

   (Any additional Hero characters from DLC expansions are not required.)

   Probably the best way to get this quickly is to keep playing the Heroes vs
   Villains mode (see Section 05i) since half the players get to be a Hero in
   every round and each round lasts three minutes (or less).

   Whenever playing as a Hero try to defeat an enemy Hero for trophy #19.

27 Together we can rule the galaxy [Bronze / 15G]

   "Complete any mission with a friend"

   In Missions mode you can play either local splitscreen "couch" co-op with a
   buddy (on consoles) or online co-op with anyone from your friends list. You
   need to finish any mission while playing with a friend for this trophy.

28 Your journey has only started [Bronze / 15G]

   "Complete all missions"

   You get this trophy for completing all four Battles, four Hero Battles, four
   Survival missions and five training missions (see Section 06).

   You can pick any difficulty for Battles, Hero Battles and Survival.

29 Master [Gold / 55G]

   "Earn all mission stars on Master difficulty"

   This trophy requires you to beat the missions on Master difficulty but you
   don't need to get the 'Unstoppable' star (enemy score less than 40).

   (I haven't spent much time playing on the higher difficulties yet so if you
   have some effective strategies for Master diff please let me know...) 

30 On the ball [Bronze / 15G]

   "Complete any Survival mission on Master difficulty within 35 minutes"

   The added constraint of the time-limit would limit your potential to use "hit
   and run" tactics too much here. At least you only need to do one mission.

   This would probably be easier to do in co-op mode.

31 Precision shot [Bronze / 15G]

   "Get 10 headshots with the Cycler Rifle (Multiplayer)"

   The cycler is the Tusken marksman rifle which can be equipped as a secondary
   weapon via its Star Card. It unlocks at rank 28 and costs 3100 credits.

   It still gives a one-hit headshot kill but it's been nerfed quite heavily
   since the beta - the cooldown time is now twice as long, the projectile speed
   is much slower and a bullet-drop (gravity) effect has been applied so you'll
   need to aim above your target's head at most ranges.

   It's tricky to use at long range and at medium range you will find yourself
   outgunned by most blasters. I think it would be less frustrating to just keep
   it equipped and wait until you catch a stationary enemy unawares at short
   range, for example someone using a turret or a Rebel focused on attacking the
   AT-AT in Walker Assault mode.

   You can reduce the cooldown time by a third if you upgrade the card but you
   will probably prefer not to spend 7000 credits on something that you'll never
   use again after getting the trophy!

32 Scrap collector [Silver / 40G]

   "Earn any collectible star"

   Really that should say "Collectibles" star - that's the name of the star you
   get for completing any Battles / Hero Battles (not co-op) or Survival mission
   with all five collectibles (see Section 11). You can choose any difficulty.

33 All right, I'll give it a try [Bronze / 15G]

   "Earn a star on all training missions"

   Since the first star for each training mission is awarded for finishing the
   mission you'll get this by simply completing all five missions once.

34 Safety ain't the point of a joyride [Bronze / 15G]

   "Take no damage in the Endor Chase mission"

   Endor Chase is one of the five training missions (see Section 06a).

   Your speeder bike's "health" bar is shown at the bottom of the screen - if
   it drops below 100 then you need to restart. You can handle little bumps on
   branches and walkers without taking damage but any heavy hits against a big
   tree or a boulder will almost always invalidate your run.

   You don't actually need to kill any of the Rebel targets to pass the mission
   so you can focus on following the route and not hitting anything.

   You don't need to fly at top speed either but if you go too slow you'll get a
   warning that the Rebels are getting away. I tried doing the mission at around
   half speed and it was easy to avoid taking any damage and I only got a couple
   of brief warnings. My slow run took around four minutes.

35 Best star pilot in the galaxy [Bronze / 15G]

   "Destroy 10 TIE Fighters within 2 minutes on the Beggar's Canyon mission"

   Beggar's Canyon is another of the five training missions (see Section 06a).

   This flight tutorial has you dogfighting in an X-Wing against Imperial TIE
   Fighters and TIE Interceptors. You need to kill ten of them within the first
   two minutes after the combat phase of the mission starts.

   Use the red arrows in your main view and the red circles on your minimap to
   acquire each enemy as quickly as possible. Hold L2 for automatic lock-on, aim
   near an enemy so that a red circle appears around them and then move your
   crosshairs over it until you get the yellow X to get a quick kill with your
   laser cannons (R2).

   Your proton torpedoes (R1) give a one-hit kill when you have a lock so you
   should use them as often as possible. However they have a slow cooldown (20
   seconds) so you'll definitely need to use your ship's lasers too.

   Keep your speed at maximum when pursuing an enemy ship or brake to minimum
   when one is flying directly towards you at the start of a wave.

36 New Recruit [Bronze / 15G]

   "Complete any mission"

   You can complete any of the training missions, Survival missions, Battles or
   Hero Battles for this trophy. I got it on my first training mission.

37 Impressive. Most impressive. [Bronze / 15G]

   "Earn a total of 5 stars from Battle missions"

   You'll get four stars just for completing each of the four missions on Normal
   difficulty and without a partner. You can get another four from completing
   the missions with all the collectibles (see Section 11).

   Hero Battles don't count towards this trophy, only standard Battles missions.

38 Off to a good start [Bronze / 15G]

   "Win any Battle mission on Normal difficulty against the AI"

   Completing your first solo Battles mission earns you this trophy.

   If you play on a higher difficulty you'll still get the trophy.

39 Survivor [Bronze / 15G]

   "Earn a total of 5 stars from Survival missions"

   Just like trophy #37 you can get this by completing all four missions once on
   Normal diff and completing one with all five collectibles (see Section 11).

40 Ackbar's Elite [Silver / 40G]

   "Complete any Survival mission on Master difficulty without dying"

   The Power-Ups available from the drop pods can make a big difference here so
   be sure to claim each pod but remember you don't need to do it immediately.
   Since there's no time-limit for this trophy you can leave one enemy alive and
   just avoid them while you take care of the pod.

   The tripod blaster is very effective if you can find a strong defensive
   position with long lines of sight. The infantry and vehicle turrets are also
   very handy Power-Ups to get.

   Don't bother chasing after heart pickups as you won't be using extra lives!

41 Do... or do not. There is no try [Bronze / 15G]

   "Complete the Tutorial"

   You'll be prompted to play the tutorial mission 'Probe Droids' the first time
   you load the game but you can also play/replay it at any time by pressing
   Square on the main menu.

   A simple scenario on Hoth teaches you the basics of movement and using the
   blasters, Star Cards and Power-Ups. If you skip the little intro cut-scene it
   only takes about three minutes to complete.

   If you can't see the current objective check your minimap.

42 Judge me by my size, do you? [Bronze / 15G]

   "Reach Rank 25"

   See trophy #20 above.

   I reached rank 25 after 105 matches (just under seventeen hours).

43 Not bad for a little furball [Bronze / 15G]

   "Get hit in the head by a rock from an Ewok on Endor"

   You can get this playing on the Imperials side* on the Forest Moon of Endor
   map which is available in the Walker Assault and Supremacy multiplayer modes.
   If you select the mode using the Square button you can choose which map to
   play and then check your team on the roster before you commit to join.

   You simply need to hang around at the centre of the Ewok treetop village
   which is near the middle of the map (south-west of the waterside shuttle
   landing pad). It's safest to do this during the third phase of Walker Assault
   or when your team has pushed the Rebels back in Supremacy. You should notice
   an Ewok cruising around overhead on a glider (which looks like a butterfly in
   silhouette). He comes around roughly every 30 seconds so you shouldn't have
   to wait there too long before he drops a little rock on you.

   *I was planning to test whether it's possible to get this on the Rebel team
   but I happened to join a game of Walker Assault that was already in progress
   (playing as an Imperial) and the trophy popped seconds later! I later tried
   it with a different account and couldn't get it as a Rebel but when I went
   there as an Imperial in another match again it popped almost instantly. I'd
   say it'd actually be pretty difficult to not get the trophy there!

44 Walker defender [Bronze / 15G]

   "Destroy a Y-Wing in Walker Assault"

   Even though the bombing runs in Walker Assault mode (see Section 05c) are
   scripted and the Y-Wings are computer-controlled it is still possible for a
   player to damage or even destroy one. If you successfully destroy one you get
   the Y-Wing Destroyed bonus and the first time you get this trophy too.

   Obviously you'll need to be playing as Imperials to do this - when you pick
   the mode you'll see which side you've been assigned to and you can exit and
   re-try if necessary. It's probably best to avoid the Endor map too (because
   trees) so select the mode by pressing Square to get a choice of map.

   Each match has up to three bombing runs and it'll be to your benefit if your
   team is bad at defending because the longer the uplinks stay armed the more
   Y-Wings will be added to the next run! The bombers always come from the same
   direction in each run so watch the skies as the attack run begins. The gap
   between each bomber is ten seconds so after seeing one attack the walker the
   next Y-Wing should appear in the distance about eight seconds later.

   The simplest way to take one down is probably to use the ion torpedo which
   is a Star Card that unlocks at rank 4 and only costs 650 credits. This can
   lock onto a bomber and give a one-hit kill. The only problems are that you
   need to be quick and sometimes your homing missile hits the walker!

   I've also been able to do it with a TIE Fighter or you could probably use the
   AT-ST (plus I saw a video of someone doing it with the cycler rifle in the
   public beta) but really the ion torpedo works quite well.

| Section 16 | EASTER EGGS                                                 s16 |

DICE usually like to add easter eggs to Battlefield games so I'm hoping for some
"egg-cellent" additions to this little section. ;)

o In the south-west corner of the Rebel Base map there's a closed door marked
  with a yellow sign with a red symbol.

  This is the same sign that featured in a silly deleted scene from Episode V.
  The sign is basically a warning that the room contains Wampas (big dangerous
  animals) so C-3PO removes the sign and shortly afterwards a Snowtrooper opens
  the door and his comrade is grabbed by a Wampa!

o During the introductory cut-scene for the Overpower training mission you'll
  see a Stormtrooper walk under a gantry staircase and bang his head.

  This is a reference to my favourite gaff in Episode IV when a Stormtrooper
  hits his head while walking through a doorway on the Death Star. :)

o On the far eastern side of the Dune Sea Exchange map there's a pit containing
  a Sarlacc (as seen in Episode VI). If you fall or jump inside you'll be slowly
  digested over a thousand years.

  Not really, but you don't die instantly. You see the inside of its stomach and
  it takes about five seconds then you get the message "Killed by Sarlacc".

  On the same map you can also see C-3PO and R2D2's escape pod from Episode IV
  if you look off towards the south.

o If you stay out of bounds on a map for ten seconds you will die but you'll
  also get the message "You got lost far, far away" based on the standard Star
  Wars intro text "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

  (In the public beta the messages were "Killed by Wampa" on Hoth, "Killed by
  Tusken Raider" on Tatooine and "Killed by oxygen" on Sullust.)

o Often when a player dies you will hear the famous "Wilhelm Scream". :)


o During the Beggar's Canyon training mission (if you fly slowly enough) you can
  see a small group of animated Tusken Raiders camped high on the right side at
  the end of the narrow canyon section at the start of the mission.

  You can also see small groups shaking their cycler rifles on top of two of the
  high cliffs on the Tatooine map in Survival mode.

o On any map with an Ewok village you'll sometimes see an Ewok but it will run
  into a hut if you get too close - or shoot it!

  Similarly you might spot a couple of Jawas near the Sandcrawlers on Tatooine.

o Many of the maps feature alien wildlife. The Swamp Crash Site map includes
  animals that pop out from the undergrowth with very long tongues - these are
  Temptors from the Star Wars spin-off TV movie 'Caravan of Courage'.

  On the tutorial level you can see herds of Tauntauns and a lone Wampa off in
  the distance and on Dune Sea Exchange there's a distant herd of Banthas.

I know some of these are really just authentic background details rather than
true easter eggs but they're still nice additions to the game.

| Section 17 | LINKS                                                       s17 |

This section gives a random list of interesting/useful/fun online resources.


  Official Battlefront stats site for checking your progress, unlocks and kills.


  Download the game's free companion app (requires iOS 7.0 or higher).


  Download the game's free companion app (requires Android 4.0 or higher).


  The definitive source for Battlefront weapon stats.



  Official Battlefront links.


o (DooM49)


  Some of my favourite channels for Battlefront (and Battlefield) content.


  Live Battlefront streams.


  The Star Wars Wiki a.k.a. Wookieepedia. (best website name ever!)


  The Star Wars Battlefront Wiki covering the whole Battlefront game series.


  Battlefront developers, DICE.


  Support site from Battlefront publishers, Electronic Arts.


  Compilation of my personal favourite Robot Chicken Star Wars clips. :)

| Section 18 | CONTACT                                                     s18 |

I welcome feedback, corrections and contributions on this guide. Contributions
will usually be reworded but will always be fully credited to the submitter so
be sure to tell me the name you want me to use.

You can email me at barticle at - obviously changing the "at" to an
@ and removing the spaces. It would be helpful if you include "Battlefront"
somewhere in the subject line to get my attention.

I prefer contact by email but if you have trouble with your emails (inbox full,
webmail blocked, overzealous spam filter, etc) and/or you don't hear back from
me within a few days then feel free to message me via GameFAQs.

| Section 19 | THANKS                                                      s19 |

I would like to thank the following:-

o DICE for bringing the world(s) of Star Wars to life so authentically

o JackFrags for the training missions preview video

o PowerPyx for the collectibles locations video

o for the blaster stats

o Matimi0 for sharing the easter eggs (door sign, head bump and escape pod)

o Mon_Dieu_Mel, Praise_the_Sun_, SectionX2, Adoom92, Takuru, _M1K3_, DBZpunk21,
  d100Productions, DrYoshiyahu, Homie_202, Symbolz42, OhGood, Zormau, Azlaar,
  mutation10101, Sizzurp, Wronator and kenobi749 for helpful forum posts

o the Star Wars Wiki (and its many contributors) for background info

o Traveller's Tales for Lego Star Wars II

o Robot Chicken and Family Guy for their superb Star Wars specials

o John Williams and ILM for super sounds

I will be happy to give credit and thanks to anyone who makes a contribution.
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