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The Star Fox 64 Tip Guide - Version 1.0
By Roland "Star Wars" Carlos :)

Version Updates
1.0 - December 22, 1998: First release of guide

1. What is StarFox 64?
2. What about StarFox 1?
3. What ever happened to Star Fox 2?
4. Story Line
5. How To Play
6. Star Fox Characters
7. Easy Planets Guide
8. Medium Planets Guide
9. Hard Planets Guide
10. Venom.....
11. Hints and Special Stuff
12. Vs. Mode
13. Legal Stuff

1. What is StarFox 64?

Star Fox 64 is excellent game from Nintendo.  Also the Rumble Pak (comes with
game) will make you feel like you're in the game!  The graphics are superb,
and the real-time voice overs are great!  Also there are new additions to the
game.  All-range mode where you can fly all around (you can't be a coward and
leave the field!) Locking on enemies is also a welcome addtion (no cockpit 
views for me!)  My one (small) problem with this game is it is too easy, but
trying to get the medals.. thats like playing Star Fox 1 on Level 3.  This 
game has secrets but no cheats (so cheaters, you can stop reading here.)  
Anyway if you get this game, you made a good choice.  Have Fun!

2.  What about StarFox 1?

StarFox is a game for the almost dead SNES.  It had basically the same story 
line and characters as with StarFox 64.  It had less planets though.  And it 
was much harder than StarFox 64 (you tell me, I have the game.)  Here are 
some differences between this and StarFox 64.

Not in StarFox 1

StarWolf?  Whos StarWolf?
Locking On?  Even Charge Shots?  Nah..
Medals, you don't need them.
Vs. Mode, why there's a whole army out there!
Rumble Pak, good idea, we'll wait on that.
All-Range mode?, you might fly away.
His father disappeared, he wasn't killed.
Who are...
Bill Grey, Katt Monroe, ROB 64?
What is...
Aquas, Zoness, Solar, Katina, Area 6, Bolse
No tanks, or subs.
No backup calls.
No real-time sounds (just squabbles).
Free Wing Repair (after winning level)

Not in StarFox 64
Black Hole, Space Armada, Meteor, Power Shield 
Shooting Teammates Doesn't Hurt Them  

3. What ever happened to Star Fox 2?

Star Fox 2, was a great idea.  Give people 2 player mode, all-range mode, and
even a guy named Star Wolf.  Add some new characters too.  But they scrapped 
it.  It never came out on the SNES.  (Oh yea, StarFox 64 is part Star Fox 2).

4. Story Line

Five years after exiling Andross to the ravaged planet of Venom for his 
crimes against Corneria, General Pepper receives disturbing reports of new 
biotechnology experiments coming from Venom.  A team of three agents 
penetrates the defenses of the planet, but Pigma Dengar betrays his 
colleagues, James McCloud and Peppy Hare.  Only Peepy escapes the trap to 
return to Corneria where he warns General Pepper of the treachery of Pigma 
and the growing danger from the exiled mad ape.  As the evil hand of Andross
stretches from Venom across the Lylat Solar System toward Corneria, it seems 
that all may be lost.  The forces of Corneria are no match for the hatred of
Andross and his vile creations.  World after world falls to the forces of
Venom until only Corneria stands free.  At last, General Pepper makes the 
decision to contact James McCloud, who now leads the Star Fox team.  It is 
the last chance and the final hope for Corneria.

Without hesitation, Fox and his colleagues sign on with the Cornerian Air 
Force commanded by General Pepper.  (Besides, they need plenty of cash to pay
off the loan on the Great Fox mothership.)  Thesse mercenary warriors 
represent the finest pilots and fighters in the Lylat System: Fox, the leader
 Peppy Hare, the grizzled campaigner, Falco Lombardi, the brash but 
courageous lieutenant, and Slippy Toad, the mechanical wizard.

Only the Star Wolf team, which is controlled by Andross, has comparable
skills.  Now that Andross's siege of Corneria has begun, only the Star Fox 
team remains free to counterattack from its base aboard Great Fox.  But this 
will be just the beginning of that battle.  They must find a way to reach 
Venom itself and end the madness at the source.  Along the way they will 
encounter the horrific creations of Andross on fifteen worlds, and they will 
emply every high-tech weapon and secret tactic that they possess.  Above all,
they must fight as a team if they hope to reache the end of their mission. 

Andross must be defeated at any cost, and the cost may be very high.

5. How To Play

Control Stick
Up: Go Down
Down: Go Up
Left: Go Left
Right: Go Right
Start: Pause Game, Check Teammates
A: Shoot Lazer
B: Bomb
Top C: Change View
Bottom C: Brake
Right C: Respond To ROB64
Left C: Boost
R: Tilt Right
Z: Tilt Left
R or Z Twice (quickly): Barrel Roll

How to Loop:
Press Down and Left C to perform a loop.

How to U-TURN:
Press Down and Bottom C to perform a U-TURN, ONLY IN ALL-RANGE MODE.

6. Star Fox Characters

Fox McCloud

This young leader of the Star Fox team lost his father to the evil 
machinations of Andross of Andross and Pigam Dengar.  He has vowed to destroy
Andross with the help of his friends.  Fox has proven his skill as a pilot in
space and on the ground, but this will be his greatest test.

Peppy Hare

Peppy's Career in the Star Fox team began long ago when Fox's Father, James, 
led the fearless fliers.  Although he's a bit crusty, Peppy is a steady 
companion who is loyal to the core and fierce in battle.  He is a source of 
wisdom, so pay attention when he makes a suggestion.

Slippy Toad

Slippy Toad brings enthusiasm and mechanical know-how to the team.  As a 
flyer, thought he leaves something to be desired.  In fact, he seems to get 
in trouble whenever you let him out of your sight.  But it's better to have 
him along, in spite of his failings.

Falco Lombardi

Falco specializes in flying rings around his foes, but he takes more chances 
than most pilots and, sometimes, he pays dearly for his brashness.  Falco 
never quits, but he complains constantly.  He has a lot to gripe about now.

James McCloud

Once the leader of the Star Fox team, James was betrayed by Pigma Dengaron 
Venom.  His son, Fox, can't believe that his father is truly gone.

Bill Grey

Bill, Fox's best friend from the Academy, is a squardon commander in the 
Cornerian Air Force.  You'll meet up with him in Katina.

General Pepper

The commander in chief of the Cornerian Air Force, General Pepper still feels
guilty that he sent James McCloud to his doom.  Now that he has hired Fox, he
feels responsible for the young flyer's future.

ROB 64

ROB 64, the robotic navigator aboard Great Fox, considers Slippy its best 
friend, probably because Slippy regularly recharges ROB's proton packs.

Katt Monroe

Katt Monroe has a crush on Falco, but he doesn't even know she's alive.  She 
intends to make certain that he does take notice-and soon.

Wolf O' Donnell

Wolf, the leader of the mercenary Star Wolf team, would like nothing more 
than to see Fox McCloud fail.

Pigma Dengar

Pigma Dengar used to fly with the Star Fox team, but he sold out his comrades
for money and turned to evil.

Leon Powalski

Leon the chameleon is a master of diguise and cunning tactics.  No one knows 
where he comes from, but one thin g is for sure.  Leon loves to inflict pain 
and mayhem wherever he goes.  He is second only to Wolf as a flyer.

Andrew Oikonny

Andrew, nephew of Andross, is not much of a flyer or a fighter.  His favorite
book is The Apes of Wrath.

Dr. Andross

Andross's genius is matched only by his evil intentions.  He dreams of the 
day when all beings in the Lylat System do his bidding.

7. Easy Planets Guide

Medal Points: 150 
To Meteo: Challenge 1 of 5
To Sector Y: Challenge 1 of 5

As you enter Corneria, charge shot the enemies that come in range.  After the
big enemy formation, Slippy will get in trouble.  Help Slippy by destroying
the enemy thats following him.

In the Canyon, charge shot the fighters.

When you enter the city, go for the golden ring below the arch.  Then press Z
and turn sharply to the left and shoot the door. If you're sucessful you'll 
get a bomb.  Continue on your way, shooting enemies.

You'll see a garuda (big robots) pushing down a building.  If you stop him 
before he does it, fly under the bridge and get that lazer upgrade.  Also 
below the bridge is a golden ring.  

As soon as you pass that, Peppy will say there is a enemy on your tail.  
Brake to let them pass, then blow them and the Garuda away.  Hit the enemy 
guarding the door and the Garuda on your left.  When you open the door you'll 
get a golden ring, and if you got 3 rings here, a shield upgrade.  Use a bomb 
to kill the 3 road walkers and the Garuda past the door.


You can through the gate here, to open up more enemies (which can be killed
easily by a charged shot).  And also through the gap in the destroyed 
building.  But you may not have time for that cause Falco gets in trouble
here.  Shoot the enemies on the first pass, and charge shot them on the 
second.  If you didnt kill them now, you'll have to boost and shoot them 

You'll now leave the city and go to a choice.  If you got the lazer upgrade
before pass it up and go for the bomb (you'll get more chances later).

You'll see Gaurdas holding beams.  Shoot them in the head to make them drop 
them.  Kill the ground enemies after the Garudas.  

Here's your choice, if you saved Falco you can go through the arches and go 
to Sector Y (2), or miss just one and continue to Meteo (1).  (Be sure to 
kill the Ski Bots!)

Route 1:  Nothing much, shoot the birds to get items, and a Lazer Upgrade 
will be on the left.  

Route 2:  Charge Shot, or shoot the Firebirds and shoot the mole missles 
after.  Charge shot the passing enemies after the moles. 

Granga (Route 1 Boss):

Shoot the head and the guns on the first pass (gotta be quick).  Then turn 
around and go for the legs.  He'll be down and can't move.  Then go for the 
green backpack on his back.  He'll be dead quick.

Attack Carrier (Route 2 Boss):

This is the First Star Fox boss :).  Shoot the open spaces when they open. 
Once you destroyed all the Launch Bays, go for the body.  If he comes back 
on the second pass, he'll be shooting, just barrel roll and shoot too.

Medal Points: 200
To Fortuna: Challenge 2 of 5
To Katina: Challenge 5 of 5

When you enter, shoot as many asteroids as you can, or you can always use a 
bomb.  If you go through the three rings of asteroids and get the golden 
ring, you will get a lazer upgrade in the ring above.  

Turn on your charge shot here, and keep it charged until you get a lock.  The
enemy will ambush you.  When you taken care of them.  Kill the jumping bot
and the snakes.

After you get out of the tunnel, you get a gift loop.  You have to loop up 
and around to collect all.  You can also go through the small ring to get 
another lazer upgrade.

Giant asteroids a comin!  Avoid them and when you see the bomb boost toward 
it before the asteroids collide.  You'll then see flip bots and you can only 
kill them when they are facing you.  You'll get a bomb if you kill them all.
When the ROB 64 package comes (if you responded) a trio of enemies will 
come from behind.  Brake, kill, and collect.

Then Peppy will be in trouble.  Shoot the enemies tailing him, or charge shot
them.  Now a lot of formation flying will come.  Charge shot the center 
enemy to get +4 points.

Now the web ships will try to get you.  Shoot them and the guns inside the 
tunnel.  Then shoot the web ships outside the tunnel to make escape easier. 
And the guns too.

A killer bee will come, one of the most annoying enemies in the game.  Shoot
him to get a golden ring and +3 points.  


Then after the checkpoint, shoot the flip bots following Slippy.

If you saved Falco, he will open a asteroid for you that has a golden ring. 
You can find it if you keep shooting asteroids too.

Choice again.  You can go through the warp rings, or avoid them and shoot the
enemies (Charge Shot the Enemies before the fly away for +7 points).  

Route 1: Avoid the rings, and charge shot the enemies when they're in tight 
formation so you can get big points.  

Route 2: Warp through all of them avoiding enemies.  You'll be transported to
a weird zone.  Shoot everything you can because you can get big points here,
(this is the best place to get that medal)  And there is no boss.

Meteo Crusher:

Shoot the yellow arrow, until it dissappears.  Then when the shield flies 
away, shoot the core.  He'll then turn around.  Shoot the yellow spot but 
avoid the rings.  

Medal Points: 50
To Sector X: Challenge 1 of 5
To Solar: Challenge 3 of 5

Shoot the ships before Star Wolf comes.  If you want that medal, you kill at
least 6 enemies before they come, and you have to kill all Star Wolf 
members.  If you are ever low on health you can shoot the radar sites for 
supply rings.  

How to Beat Star Wolf.  You have to shoot all the ships that are following 
your teammates first.  If any ships bother you, loop around, and shoot them.
If anyone needs help, help them, cause if they go down than you'll have to 
fight with them too.  

If you didn't save the base you'll go to Sector X.
If you did you'll go to to Solar.

Sector X:
Medal Points: 150
To Titania: Challenge 3 of 5
To Macbeth: Challenge 4 of 5
To Sector Y: Challenge 5 of 5

As you enter, lots of enemies will come by.  Shoot them all, or as many as 
you can for big points.  After that, you'll see a pattern made by 3 groups to
Borzoi fighters.  Use a bomb, and get a Gold Ring for your troubles.

When you get to the mines, you can either shoot them, or avoid them.  Then 
shoot the guns and all the spy eyes for a lazer upgrade.  After that there 
will be a killer bee, shoot it down for a golden ring.


After the checkpoint, you'll see a wall.  Then part of the wall will blow up
as a big arm will go through it.  After that, Peppy will be in trouble, 
shoot down his pursuers.  One of the Spy Eyes in this area has a Golden Ring.  

After another fist, there will be three spy eyes, and a route choice.  

Route 1: If you go left, there isnt much in the way of fighters.  If you 
helped Bill on Katina, he'll shot the gates to make them easier to open. 
Watch out for the opening, closing gates and shoot the gates.  If you miss 
just one you'll fight Spyborg. 

Route 2:  Here is the way to get a medal.  Lots of enemies here.  After ROB's
call, Peppy will need help.  Just shoot the ships following him.


Shoot the eyes when they are yellow and avoid his shots.  After he dies once,
shoot the little head until he dies.  If you didn't kill him (second time) 
before Slippy comes along, he'll hit Slippy, and you'll have to go to 
Titania.  Otherwise, you'll go to Macbeth.

Medal Points: 150 
To Bolse: Challenge 3 of 5

Welcome to Titania, the only easy tank stage.   To get the bomb near the 
falling pillar, drive toward where you want the it to fall, than get the 
item.  This works with all the other pillars.  Then you'll be "attacked" 
(they don't really attack you) by Desert Crawlers.  Shoot them in their 
bellies for +3 points.

After the Desert Crawlers, you'll come to a arch-way.  You'll notice mines 
along the way.  The only way to destroy them without damging your ship is to
charge shot them.  Go through the middle arches and the left arches to make 
a bomb appear when you exit.  

For a easier ride through the next area, go on the bridges.  After a few 
bridges there will be 2 golden rings. Go for the first on the bridge then 
quickly barell roll to the right to the other one.  Then there will be lazers 
shooting at you.  On the mountain where the second lazer is, you can run up 
it and get a bomb, but at your own risk.


Soon after that, you're view will go up.  Charge shot the enemies above.  
After the smart bomb, there will be a wall of six pillars.  The first four 
poles will go toward you.  The fifth will go away from you.  And the sixth 
will stay put.  You can get the ring and the bomb if you are quick.  

Near the skeleton head, Falco will be in trouble.  Just shoot the enemy 
following him, and the enemy squads.  On the mountains robots will throw 
rocks at you.  Use a bomb at the first one, and the rest will fall over.  


Shoot all the arms except the one that is holding Slippy to free him.  Then 
shoot the arm that was holding Slippy.  After that, the Chest of Goras will 
open, opening it's weak spot, the heart.   Shoot the heart, but avoid any 
shots.  If you're slow Goras will re-attach his arms, and you'll have to do 
it again.

Medal Points: 150 
To Venom (Bottom): Challenge 4 of 5

To begin, shoot the shield reactors, to open up the shield.  Watch out for 
the guns though.  You can u-turn and go slower if the shield is still 
working.  Now Bolse fighters will come and attack you from the core.  If you 
didn't kill any Star Wolf member before, they will come here to attack you. 
If you ever get low on health, shoot the Lazer Cannons for supply rings.  If
you feel like attacking the core, shoot the yellow spots on the core.  
Warning, once a yellow spot is gone, that spot will fire lazers.  And if you
take too long to shoot the yellow spots, you wont get a big bonus, (highest
+10, lowest +1).

8. Medium Planets Guide

Medal Points: 150 hits
To Sector X: Challenge 2 of 5
To Solar: Challenge 3 of 5

This is the only all-range mode planet in the Medium planets.  You'll meet up 
with Bill Grey here.  You will see a lot of ships to shoot down, watch out 
though because some of them are friendly ships.  The enemy ships are the 
smaller ones.  You also can use Charge Shots to find out who's who.  After a 
few kills, the enemy saucer will come out.  It will release a lot of enemy 
ships.  When Bill tells you the hatches are open, shoot the hatches to avoid 
more enemies.  After you shoot down 2 hatches, ROB will try to contact you. 
After you shoot all four hatches, or played for a long time, the core will 
appear.  Shoot down the core to destroy the Ship.

If you destroyed the Ship, you'll go to Solar.
If you didn't, you have to go to Sector X.

Medal Points: 100 hits
To Macbeth: Challenge 3 of 5

Hot, hot, hot is the only way to describe this planet.  Watch out for the 
lava waves as they will damage you're ship.  And avoid flying low as the 
extreme heat will damage the ship too.  If you helped Bill Grey on Katina 
destroy the Ship, he'll give you numerous items to help you.  Shoot the lava 
rocks, to get points and items.  To destroy big groups of Firebirds, use a 
bomb.  After about a minute of play, a Solar Swell will rise. If you're close
to a swell, it will damage you like staying on the surface.


After the checkpoint, Falco will be attacked by FireBirds.  Shoot them down 
quick, as Falco is on the surface and will take damage.  Then Slippy will be 
in trouble.  Shoot the FireBird following him.  Continue on to Vulcan.


Shoot Vulcan's arms first than after that go for the mouth.  Avoid his shots 
and also avoid staying on the surface.

Medal Points: 150 hits
To Bolse: Challenge 3 of 5
To Area 6: Challenge 4 of 5

Macbeth is home of Andross's weapons base, and if you can destroy this place,
you can put a majot thorn in Andross's plans.  It is also (to me) the best 
tank stage.

When you begin, you will be next to a train.  See if you can destroy the 
cannon car (last car) before you go on to the towers.  Brake if you have to. 
Then destroy the ore cars, and the towers.  It will be hard to shoot down all
the ore cars (I haven't yet) so good lcuk on that.  And every time you 
destroy a tower, you may get a bomb.  Hover to get it.  

After the the ore cars you didn't kill dump rocks, shoot the rocks, and then 
the train will run away.  Your view will go upward, but there are also 
targets on the ground.  Shoot those targets when they come in sight, than 
keep charge shooting the ships above.  After that, keep your charge shot 
ready because enemy ships will come from the left.  Charge shot them. 

After that, the train will re-appear, trade shots with the train to get 
points, but also watch out for the rocks.  You can shoot them or avoid them.
Then you'll go to a bridge.  You can't go on the bridge, but you can trade 
shots with the cannon car, although there will be plenty of things to shoot 
down on the ground.  

Near the hill, Falco will be in trouble.  Just charge shot the enemy 
following him.  If you can get on the bridge before you go too far, you can 
get a golden ring.  Hover right to get it.  In the tunnel you can shoot the 
train, but avoid the beams (hover).


Now you'll be near the end.  You can go through the doors to find supply 
rings, or you can go to your right and go on the bridge.  Now this is the 
only way to get the medal.  You must send MechBeth into the factory.

Switch 1 is after the fuel bunker to the left.  
Switch 2 is in front of the fuel bunker.
Switch 3 is on the right side of the track.
Switch 4 is on the left side of the track, you must be quick though, because 
they are at the same length.
(ex.  3 |-|-| 4)
Switch 5 is on the right side of the track after switch 3.
Switch 6 is behind a door on the right.
Switch 7 is on the left.
And Switch 8 is on the right, but I think Falco will switch it for you if 
he's still there.

After that shoot the switcher handle.

If you didn't get the switches....

Shoot the tail of MechBeth first because if he picks you up, you lots of 
health.  After the tail is gone, go for the head.  Watch out for spears, just
shoot them away.  After the head and tail are gone, MechBeth will use his 
wings to use a wing blast.  Just stay in the clear space by easing left and 
right as needed.  Watch the train, as when its back is open, shoot it and 
MechBeth will go out of control.  Shoot the yellow panels while MechBeth is 
out of control.

If you destroyed the Factory you'll go to Area 6.
If you didn't you'll go to Bolse.

9. Hard Planets Guide

Sector Y:
Medal Points: 150
To Katina: Challenge 3 of 5
To Aquas: Challenge 4 of 5

As you enter there is a big attack.  Just charge shot the robots, and shoot 
down the ships for now.  Get the Golden Ring on the ship though.  Watch out 
for an attack from above, just shoot the ships, and watch out for the big 
ship.  When you see the first ships come out of the hatches, use a bomb.  
That will kill them all.  You can either go above or below the bridge, it 
doesn't matter because they will both give you a squad of ships.  Shoot them 
all down for a golden ring.

Then you will be attacked by ships with turrets mounted on their tops.  Shoot
them and the engines (on the sides) for points.  After that Peppy will warn 
you of an attack from behind, brake to let the enemies pass, and charge shot 
the groups, and shoot down the lone ship.  There is a golden ring right 
before the 


Now there will be two green robot fighters and a choice of up (1) or down 

Route 1: This is the route to go if you want a medal.   You'll go through a 
graveyard of broken ships.
Defeat the trios of ships with a charge shot.  Slippy will lure some enemies 
away, where you can charge shot them away.  When Slippy envokes a whole 
squadron of fighters, lock on to one and use a bomb.  Then continue 
destroying the the guns and engines on the ships.

Route 2: Just keep shooting the robot soldiers here.  And watch out for the 
red robot as he is quick.  

When they connect:  Shoot the turrets on the ships.  When your wingmen are in
formation follow them.  If you have full lazers now, you'll get a extra ship.
After that ROB will contact you.  Use a bomb to kill all the ships on the top
for big points.

Mini Bosses: 

These guys are easy, just keep shooting them.  U-TURN if they are on your 
other side.  Once they are gone, the main boss will come.

Main Boss:

This guy has a agile movement making him hard to shot.  Use your radar to 
your advantage.  If you can destroy the shield, you can kill him quicker.  
But kill him quick or your wingmen will take damage.

If you killed 100+ enemies you'll go to Aquas.
If you killed 99- enemies you'll go to Katina.

Medal Points: 150 
To Zoness: Challenge 3 of 5

The only Blue Marine stage in the whole game sadly.  The Blue Marine is cool 
to use.  When you begin, take full advantage of your unlimited torp supply.  
Use torps to destroy the starfish.  And also use them to kill most anything. 
Use torps on the clams and the squids for points.  The first clam holds a 
golden ring, use a torp to open it up.  To destroy the shelled up fish, use a
torp to open them up than blast away with lazers and torps.  Watch out for 
the big fish, as they can damage the sub.  Just blast away at it until it 
dies for +3 points.  

When you get to the ruins, use torps to break the damaged columns.  If you 
can break all of them, you will get a golden ring.  Then kill the angler fish
(the one with the light on its head) for another golden ring.  Then there are
jellies on the ground.  Use a torp to make them rise than use a lazer on 
them while they are orange.

Before the checkpoint you will be attacked by numerous squids.  Use the torps
and lazers, and barrel roll to avoid getting hit.


A angler fish will come from behind after the checkpoint, blast it away.   At
the entrance to the tunnel, look for a golden ring in a clam.  Avoid the 
lighting jellies as they are impossible to kill.  Use torps to kill the 
starfish.  At the end, brake, and wait for the rocks to fall.  Then blast the 
rocks away.  Destroy the remaining enemies (clams and shelled fish.)


Shoot the pods on the top first so you can get points.  Then when they are 
gone, weaken the muscles, than when they are neon, use a torp to destroy 
them.  When both muscles are gone, blast at the eye cover, then when you see 
the eye use a torp to weaken the boss.  The balls will try to block the torps
though.  Just keep shooting the eye cover and you'll be fine.

Medal Points: 250
To Macbeth: Challenge 4 of 5
To Sector Z: Challenge 5 of 5

Welcome to Zoness.  As the story explains this was once a beautiful planet, 
but Andross turned it into a toxic waste dump and Zoness is now full of toxic
waste.  The once beautiful creatures are on transformed into horrible beings.

As you enter destroy the Z-Fish and the Z-Birds which don't attack you but 
are in your way, you'll need these for points.  To destroy the Butterfly 
fish, use a bomb, if you destroy it you will get one back in return.  After 
awhile you get near a crane holding a box.  Destroy the box a get a golden 

After that, you'll come to your first search light, (near a spider, shoot the
spider with a charge shot), which you should always shoot down for points and
if you want to get to Sector Z.  Right before you meet Katt, and before you 
reach the gift loop. Slippy will get a trio of Z-Birds to follow him.  Just 
charge shot them or shoot them down.

When you meet Katt she will shoot down some search lights for you.  Let her 
shoot what she can, and shoot the ones she doesnt.  After that the sea and 
air will be filled by Todora.  Just avoid them as you cannot hurt them.


If Peppy is alive, he will tell you about the gates.  Shoot the rudders to 
make them go up or down.  One will make them go up and the other down.  Find
the one that makes the gate go up and brake to give yourself extra time.  
Items and searchlights are behind some gates.  

When you reach the cargo conyoy, shoot all the boxes on the ships for items 
and points.  After that Slippy will say "Here I go!".  If you follow him, you 
might reveal a random item.  Continue on your way, and shoot the enemies for 


To begin, this boss is the hardest, and if you don't kill him quickly you'll 
lose bonus points.  You have to use bombs until the end, so shoot the cannon
blass for bombs.  Target the smoking pipes at the top and shoot bombs.  When 
the pipes are destroyed go for a side of a ship.  Target the hole where the 
exploding barrels are coming out.  Use a bomb and it will blow up.  Then 
shoot the crane until it falls.  If you didn't kill the crane, another side 
of the ship will come back and you'll have to do it again.  If you killed the
crane, destroy both sides and when they are gone, the Sarumarine will go 
crazy.  Avoid the ball, and barrel roll the shots and fire back until it 

Sector Y:
Medal Points: 100 
To Bolse: Challenge 1 of 5
To Area 6: Challenge 5 of 5

Just in case, if you get damaged heavily, or you lose a wing, head for Great
Fox.  In the back there is a docking bay, if you can go in it without 
touching anything you can get fully repaired and all wings are restored.

The major problem in this area with getting points is this.  The only way you
can get the medal is to shoot the missiles, but your wingmen will shoot them 
if possible.  And if your wingmen shoot them you won't get enough points.  
But to get a medal you need all your wingmen alive.  Problem???  Yes, but I 
found a way to counterattack this.  You can either be really quick in 
destroying the missiles, or if your wingmen are busy with enemies on their 
tails, they won't go for the missile.  But if you went through Zoness, Katt 
will come and shoot the missiles.  So go through Sector X instead.

There is nothing much in here except that there are some shootable space 
debris which can be destroyed for a supply ring.  But they are scattered all
around the field.

To kill the missiles repeatly shoot them.  If you can't kill them on the 
first pass, you have to loop around, but that is hard and if you are not 
quick enough a missile will hit Great Fox.

If Great Fox is OK, you'll go to Area 6.
If Great Fox is damaged, you'll go to Bolse.

Area 6:
Medal Points: 300
To Venom: Challenge 5 of 5

OK, almost to Venom, if you can pass this place alive, you'll be heading 
stright for Andross' palace, but this the bulk of Andross' war fleet, so 

When you enter, if you can destroy the whole first squad, you will get a 
lazer upgrade.  Also to the right is an umbra.  If you can shoot them down 
you'll get +3 points.  Try to shoot as many as you can, but let other 
important things be finished first.  

After the 5 butterfly ships attack, Falco will be in trouble.  Help him out 
by destroying his pursers.  After that there will be a Umbra with a lazer 
upgrade on the top, and a golden ring on the bottom.  I suggest you only get
one or the other because hitting the umbra can cause major damage.  

After you pass the first squad of capital ships, missiles will fire at you.
If you have hyper lazer you may be able to shoot all of them down.  If your
are in bad condition, you may get supply rings from shot down missiles.

After the missiles, Peppy will be under attack by heat sekkers.  You can help
him, or destroy the umbras, but if you don't help Peppy, he just might have 
to go Great Fox for repairs.  As you're fighting ships after helping Peppy, 
you'll get a hail.  It's from Andross, so if you don't need talk, just avoid 
pressing C>.


A golden ring is in front of the first umbra after the checkpoint.  Then, 
some ships will link to together.  You can charge shot them twice for extra 
points, do so!   Then more capital ships will be in your way, you can shoot 
the guns and the ship (to destroy the ship shoot the wedge part at the top) 
or both but it is hard to shoot both.  You can shoot the guns when the ship 
is going down though.  After a few capital ships, Slippy be under heavy 
attack by a butterfly fighter, quickly shoot it down or he'll be gone soon. 


Shoot the 3 energy balls while the shell is open.  When you destroy the 
balls, shoot the tentacles.  When all the tentacles are gone, the shell will 
open up again.  Shoot the the 3 energy balls again, and shoot down the 
tentacles again.  Then the Gorgon will fire a big lazer blast (Death Star 
level blast!!!!).  Move around the screen quickly to avoid big damage.  Then
it will open up again, shoot the balls, then when they are gone, shoot the 
core quickly.  If you don't destroy the first time, you'll have to shoot the 
tentacles again to open it.

10. Venom.....

Medal Points: 200

I cannot fully explain the whole map for easy mode, but I'll help you with 
some of it.  Most of the pathways have fighters, some have things to block 
your way.   I don't think it is possible to get the medal in this mode, so if 
you want the landmaster and animals in Vs. Mode you'll have to go to hard 
Venom to get the medal.  If you can pass the canyons you'll go to the temple,
if all your wingmen are alive they will shoot you a path through the rotating



Shoot all the stone parts except the head.  Try to avoid hitting the pillars 
and the moving statues.  When all the stone parts except the head are gone,
the head will turn red.  Shoot the head until its gone.  Then you'll see a 
robot head, shoot that until Golemech is destroyed.  Andross' tunnel is full 
of items, so you'll be well prepared for the battle.

For the hard mode...

You have to fight Star Wolf, even if you beat them on Fortuna.  If your 
shield drops too low ROB 64 will contact you.  But only if it gets too low, 
and only once.  To start, shoot the Wolf members following your wingmen.  If
anyone bothers you just loop and continue.  If you want the medal you'll need
all wingmen alive, and these Star Wolf members are HARD!  But to get the 
maximum amount of points (+50) you'll need  to kill the Star Wolf members 
quickly so hyper lazers really help!  But Star Wolf members can barrel roll 
and loop better.  If they barrel roll there is nothing you can do about it, 
but if they loop, just break then shoot them when they come down.  When 
you're done you'll go through a maze of items (or nothing.)

First Andross (both modes):
Shoot the eyes until he is stunned.  (I recommend the left eye, your right.)
When he is stunned shoot the right hand, your left, because that is the one 
that shoots bolts at you.  Then shoot the other hand, and then shoot the eyes
until it goes on to its next form.  Here is the pattern of the hand moves if 
you don't destroy them.

Low Left Punch, Middle Left Punch, Low Right Punch, Clap Hands, Inhale

If he tries to inhale you, just use a bomb, he'll get a bad case of 
indigestion :).

Robot Andross (easy mode):
Really easy.  Just shoot it between the eyes, use everything you have, bombs,
lazers, because it will charge at you and you can't avoid that.  Beat him and
you win the easy venom.

Brain (hard mode):
To start, avoid hitting the brain!  If you do you might be sucked into the 
tentacles of the brain, and you'll probably lose a wing, or two, but YOU WILL
LOSE A LOT OF HEALTH!  When Andross releases the eyes, shoot them until they 
are both gone.  Then go to the brain (avoid touching it) and shoot the weak 
spot at the back of the brain.  Use bombs to weaken it quickly, and use a 
constant flow of lazers.  If you hit the brain itself, Andross will transport
away  (not too far, but far enough).  Beat him and you win the...


Seems that Andross will kill you too.  But wait!  Here comes...  Fox's 
father??  Just follow him around the maze.  If he gets out of sight quickly 
boost, but dont boost so much that you will hit the wall.  If you go the 
wrong way, you'll blow and have to follow James again (at least you don't 
have to fight Andross again!)  When you make it out, you'll get a slightly 
different ending.  But congratulate yourself on beating the hard Venom.  (Now
try the expert mode! :)

11. Hints and Special Stuff

If you need Star Wolf help read the Fortuna and Venom (hard) walkthroughs.

Get a medal in all missions and you can access an extra mode.

In extra mode, Fox wears shades, the missions are harder, and you can access 
a new sound mode.
If you get a medal on the advanced Venom you can use the landmaster in Vs. 
If you get a medal on the extra advanced Venom you can use the animals in Vs.
There is more art work in the credits in extra mode.
The title screen trick is cool, let the title screen run for awhile then use
the control stick to move it around as the team watches it around.
In the expert sound mode you can switch the sound bars around using the C> 
button (my bro found this out :).

Extra Mode is hard I'll tell you.  It might be easier to get the medals, but 
only because there are more enemies to kill.  And if you crash into enemies, 
you'll lose a wing quickly.  And some enemies are agressive.  Remember the 
ships that make a formation at the beginning of Corneria?  They shoot at you
now but that's just the beginning.

Vs. Mode:

If someone locks on to you in Vs. Mode, you'll hear a beep, and you're ship 
will followed by a red cursor.  Loop of U-Turn to break the lock.  The battle
field is one continous loop so you can loop around to the other side to 
suprise other players.  

Landmasters, and characters are near the ground most of the time and rarely
show up on radar.  You can only see players on the ground if you are close to

13. Vs. Mode

There are 3 modes, and 3 planets to play on (sadly).  The three modes are 
Point Match, Battle Royal, and Time Trial.  The three planets you can play on
are Corneria, Sector Z, and Katina.  The only mode you can play with one 
controller (why?) is Time Trial.  

Point match is easy to play.  The players agree on a number from 1 to 5.  The
first player to defeat that number of vehicles is the winner.  If you are 
defeated you come back with a new vehicle.  

Battle Royal is also easy to play.  You have to fight against the other 
players.  When you lose you leave the game.  The last standing player is the 

Time Trial is the only place where you can play on Katina. You have to shoot 
as many fighters as you can before the time limit runs out. If you are shot 
down, your tally goes back to zero.

13. Legal Stuff

This guide can and should be given out as long as it is not altered in any 
way. The guide's purpose is to help people play Starfox 64 and that is its 
only purpose. This guide cannot be used in any commerically such as, but not 
limited to, Magazines, Books, Guides, without first contacting the author for
his consent. Credit must given if you take information from this guide.

Starfox 64 is a 
trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc., copyright 1998.  
All other trademarks copyright their respective owners.

Good luck to you in Star Fox!
-Roland Carlos

Copyright 1998 Roland Carlos

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