Starter Pokemon - Guide for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

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This is the starter pokemon you can get when you take the interview. Note: Some 
starters are missing here from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue 

Docile: Male: Charmander, Female: Bulbasaur

Lonely: Male: Bulbasaur, Female: Mudkip

Quirky: Male: Squirtle, Female: Piplup

Brave: Male: Pikachu, Female: Charmander

Sassy: Male: Meowth, Female: Totodile

Calm: Male: Chikorita, Female: Cyndaquil

Timid: Male: Cyndaquil, Female: Turtwig

Jolly: Male: Totodile, Female: Munchlax

Quiet: Male: Treeko, Female: Chikorita

Hardy: Male: Torchic, Female: Treeko

Rash: Male: Mudkip, Female: Torchic

Hasty: Male: Skitty, Female: Pikachu

Bold: Male: Turtwig, Female: Squirtle

Naive: Male: Chimchar, Female: Skitty

Impish: Male: Piplup, Female: Chimchar

Relaxed: Male: Munchlax, Female: Meowth

Note: If you look carefully, you would know that there is no male that has no 
female counterpart. In other words, if you look, there is a male and female for 
every Starter Pokemon. Choose wisely, because you won't be able to evolve your 
starter or your partner.

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