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King of Fighters 99                  ||
By: Lorenzo Ochoa                    ||
Questions Comments E-mail me at:     ||
[email protected]                 ||
TABLE OF CONTENTS                    ||                    
1. Introduction                      ||
2. Meet the characters               ||
3. Controls                          ||
4. History                           ||
1. Introduction
Hello I’m Lorenzo and this is my first FAQ, you can’t copy this fact 
unless you e-mail me for permission and then you could, you can also e-mail me
for questions or comments if you would like and if you see any errors 
I would appreciate if you tell me about it. 
2. Meet the Characters

Heroes Team
K’ (a clone of Krizalid)
Shingo Yabuki (wants to defeat Kyo)
Benimaru Nikaido 

Fatal Fury Team
Terry Bogard (Andy’s bro & mais husband)
Joe Higashi 
Mai Shiranui (Terry’s wife)
Andy Bogard (Terry’s bro)

Art of Fighting Team
Kio Sakazaki 
Robert Garcia 
Yuri Sakazaki 
Takuma Sakazaki 

Ikari Team
Ralf Jones 
Clark Steel 

Psycho Soldier Team
Athena Asamiya (Sailor moons character)
Sie Kensou 
Chin Genstai (Baos Teacher)
Bao (a student)

Women Fighters Team
Blue Mary 
Kasumi Todo 
Li Xiangfei 

Korea Team
Kim Kaphwan (Jhuns bro, teaching Kung Fu to Choi & Chang) 
Chang Koehan (a criminal)
Choi Bounge (a criminal)
Jhun Hoon (Kims bro, also teaching Kung Fu to Choi & Chang)

Team Edit Characters
Kyo Kusanagi 
Kyo 1 (the clone of Kyo)
Kyo 2 (other clone of Kyo)
Iori Yagami 

The Boss
3. Controls

              L2                                    R2
              L1                                    R1

          ub |u | uf                                T
          ___|  |___
         |b__    __f|      star   select       S         C
             |  |
        none |_d| none                              X

u         =up (jump)        
d         =down (crouch)
b         =back
f         =forward (walk) (run)
ub        =up back (back flip) (backward jump)
uf        =up front (front flip) (forward jump)
star      =star (pause)
select    =select (taunt)   
R1        =Right 1(dodge)
R2        =Right 2(dodge back and fort)
L1        =Left 1(striker)
L2        =Left 2(attack)
T         =Triangle (hard kick)
S         =Square (hard punch)
C         =Circle (Weak kick)
X         =Ex (Weak punch)
4. History
1/1/06     =started FAQ
1/19/06    =ended FAQ

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