Stats Hack - Guide for Wild Ones

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What you need:

• WPE Pro (Winsock Packet Editor)

• How to use WPE Pro (It will help you understand this)

Step 1]  Open WPE Pro 

Step 2]  Target your browser

Step 3]  Click the little triangle at the top (the Play button)

Step 4]  Click your friend or neighbor at the bottom and then click "play with 
neighbor's pet"

Step 5]  Click the Stop button on WPE Pro 

Step 6]  Click search (the magnifying glass) for "neighbor"

Step 7]  A code will be highlighted, right-click it, then click Send

Step 8]  You must change the "id" each time you click the Send button

Step 9]  One send is equal to one Stat point


* WPE Pro doesn't install when your Anti-Virus is open. Just disable your Anti-Virus 
for a while. 
** WPE Pro sometimes is a trojan virus, but it's not. 
*** Changing the "id" is like this:   "id=dsw8e7ew89w" (change any of those letters 
or numbers) "id=1sw8e7ew89w"
**** If WPE Pro doesn't work at all, then you can do the hack in some near by 
Internet Cafe. Never forget to disable the Anti-Virus System! .

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