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                      *WWF No Mercy FAQ*
                     ***Steve Blackman FAQ Version 1.2***
                     Game Created by: THQ
                     FAQ Created by: Brakker-Z Ryan Rider

Table Of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Updates
3. Info on him
4. Moves
5. Did You Know?
6. Credits
7. Conclusion
8. Copyright Info

1. Introduction
Well, it`s me again, writting you another FAQ. But this time, it`s for my
favorite wrestler, in my favorite game, Steve Blackman in WWF No Mercy!
When I have time I will add Steve Blackman`s history in the WWF and I will
make FAQs for a couple of other wrestlers....

Let`s get Ready To Rumble....

2. Updates
Version 1.0- 01-20-01: Just starting it; Made his info, moves and started
the Did you Know? section.

Version 1.2- 02-27-01: Added the flying moves to the moves section.

3. Info on him
Height: 6`2"
Weight: 245 lbs.
From: Annville, Pennsylvania
Finishing Move: The Guillotine™
Favorite Quote: "It`s Party Time!"
Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion

If silence were a weapon, Steve Blackman™ would be lethal. Hey wait a
minute... he is the "Lethal Weapon™!"

Blackman™ may go down in history as the only WWF superstar who had his
character and personality developed around the fact that he doesn`t possess  
either. A man who is about as exciting as a convent on a friday night,
Blackman™ is interested in only one thing, kicking ass(sorry about the fowl  

After an alliance with Al Snow™ din`t quite work out, although it did earn
Blackman one hot date, Blackman™ decided to go to the place where he
probably should have been all along, the hardcore division. Although
watching Steve™ in a hardcore match may not be as funny as watching Head
Cheese™ beat up a midget dressed up in a wedge of Swiss, it certainly is as

With the precision of a Rolex watch, Blackman™ dismantles his opponents
with anything he can get his hands on. Kendo sticks, garbage can lids, his
fists, it doesn`t matter. With the quickness he possesses thanks to years
of martial arts training, Blackman™ usually puts his opponents away before
they even have a chance to get on the offence.

4. Moves
= Left and Right
CP= Control Pad
AS= Analog stick
Front Grapple-Weak:
Club to neck                    A
Chop                            A     
Elbow to Back Of Head           A^ 
Scoop Slam                      A¡
Knee Strikes                    B
Double Underhook Suplex         B 
Snap Suplex                     B^
Rib Breaker                     B¡
Front Grapple-Strong:
Headlock                        A
Belly-to-Belly                  A     
Back Body Flip                  A^ 
Small Package                   A¡
Manhattan Drop                  B
Arm Wrench with Hook Kick       B
Stall Suplex                    B^
Guillotine Choke                B¡ 
Back Grapple-Weak:               
Back Drop                       A
Pendulum                        B     
Back Grapple-Strong:
Sideslam                        A
German Suplex Pin               B
Irish Whip Grapple-Weak:
Scissor Sweep                   A
Monkey Toss                     A+CP
Irish Whip Grapple-Strong:
Powerslam                       A    
Spinebuster                     A+CP
Dash Grapple-Opponent Facing Toward:
Neckbreaker                     A
Dash Grapple-Opponent Facing Away:
Front Turnbuckle Grapple-Weak
Shoulder Thrusts                A     
High Kick                       B
Front Turnbuckle Grapple-Strong:
Foot Choke                      A
Multiple Clothesline            B
Back Turnbuckle Grapple-Weak:
Forearm Smash                   A
Back Turnbuckle Grapple-Strong:
Super Backdrop                  A
Flying Moves:
Standing Opp. To Inside: Double Axe Handle 
Standing Opp. To Inside Special: Missile Dropkick 
Standing Opp. To Outside: Double Axe Handle 

Laying Opp. To Inside: Knee Drop 
Laying Opp. To Inside Special: None (He'll do his normal move instead) 
Laying Opp. To Outside: Knee Drop 
Opponent To Apron-Weak:
Club To Chest                   A or B
Opponent To Apron-Strong:
Suplex To Inside                A or B
Blackman On Apron-Weak:
Arm Breaker                     A or B
Blackman On Apron-Strong:
Guillotine                      A or B
Running Attacks-Weak:
Shoulder Block                  C¡,B
Jumping Back Elbow Attack       C¡,A+B
Running Attacks-Strong:
Diving Shoulder Block:          C¡,B
Jumping Karate Kick:            C¡,A+B
Running Attacks-Turnbuckle:
Clothesline                     C¡,B
Jumping Karate Kick             C¡,A+B
Opponent On Mat-Facing Up:
Clutching Punch                 A(near head)
Side Leg Lock                   A(near feet)
Jumping Punch                   B
Elbow Drop                      Dashing B
Opponent On Mat-Facing Down:
Sitting Reverse Armbar          A(near head)
Bow And Arrow Lock              A(near feet)
Falling Headbutt                B
Stomp                           Dashing B
Signature/Special Moves:
Butterfly Lock                  Front Grapple+AS

Abdominal Strech Pin            Back Grapple+AS

Hard Knee Strikes               Turnbuckle Grapple+AS

5. Did You Know....
- Steve Blackman™ made his WWF debut at the 1997 Survivor Series as part of
the "American Team".

- Steve Blackman™ once ran over Ken Shamrock™!

If you know any more Did You Knows for Steve Blackman, please e-mail me at
[email protected]

6. Credits
Thanks to Prima`s Official Strategy guide for WWF No Mercy for the move
list and bio.

Thanks to you for reading my FAQ.

7. Conclusion
I hope this FAQ came in handy and you liked it! If you have any questions
or comments or any ideas please feel free to e-mail me at
[email protected]

8. Copyright Info
This FAQ is Copyright (c)2001 Ryan Rider, this faq may not be used without 

Thanks Everyone!!

-Ryan Rider

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