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   New C section has begun!  Includes stuff on how to get your collection of 
furniture completed!  Codes, stratigies, and other stuff.  PLUS CREDITS!  Finally, 
you can get your name in this FAQ after all this mumbo jumbo!  I will begin work 
and be completed by MAY 1st. 
   Yes!  Is it true? Yes!  I will be making a ANIMAL CROSSING CLUB on this faq!  E-
mail me to ask, tell, or comment on something.  I ALSO GIVE CREDIT!  This wonderful 
section will be on my new D section!  Wonderful huh?

 SEARCHING IDEAS:Press Ctrl+ F for search!       
A. section includes walkthrough through the game and
a complete map of the town


B.section includes ways to get money.





C.1Shopping Ideas



D.1Animal Crossing club!

D.2Legal stuff


D.4THANK YOU! (Not real subject)





          Ok, are you ready?  I hope you are, this is my first gamecube FAQZ Zo it 
is much better than my original ones on nintendo.  Well, lets start walk across the 
street.  Anotherwords, press start or turn on your game cube if you haven't, and if 
your moderatly normal, you should be able to get through the start menu and other 
stuff.  Well, pretend your already started your game.  First thing that happen is 
your sitting on a seat in a train and all the sudden a stupid cat comes along and 
saz,"Hi, may I have a fucken seat?"(I added the last part#`%!)or something like 
and you can either say "NO!" or of course "Go ahead!" then all the sudden the bitch 
saz "Whats your name?" and of course you just enter any name you like and then the 
cat saz "HA! HA!" then zoom through the next part and all the sudden the cat 
saz,"Well..where are you going to?" so then you enter the town name you like and 
then he'll ask if you have any cash and say anything you want.  I really dont know 
why they ask this question but I do know that the next thing is the dumm-dum cat 
goes to the back and calls a person named Tom Nook(the sails person)and comes back 
to sit down and then thats it except for his stupid conversation.  Then you get off 
the train and off to your life in whatever you named your town and all the sudden 
somebody comes along and askes you if your whatever name you dicided and you of 
course have to say yes.  Then all he does is talk a bit and the majority is he 
you down a cement path and to the place your house will be.  Choose the house you 
like best.  There not really different except for the flooring and the walls, but 
this can be a bit nice or should I say important, in the future.  Then go out of 
house you were in and either say yes or no to Tom Nook, and then he'll ask for 
to 17'000 bells.  Did I mention bells are money in this game.  Oh yeah, dont worry 
about cash, just go to section B.2 for my best cash tactic, the turnip trick.  Now 
Tom will ask for the money.  Press start for the item screen and now you give him 
the only 1000 bells you have.  Next, he'll do some talking and the summary is you 
have to work for Tom.  Now, lets move on shall we.......

     |A.2 JOGGING|

            Now this part is dumb, but at least if you print this out the map could 
be very useful on this section and the hole game infact!  Now, your halfway across 
the street, so lets go faster, anotherwords, go to the train station and go left, 
this is a simple way to remember where Tom Nook's is.  Okay, once you find the 
shop, go in and talk to tom nook.  The first thing you have is put on your working 
suit.  Press the start button.  Find a shirt that saz "WORK UNIFORM" and click on 
it and select grab.  Now you bring the suit to the picture of you in the top left 
corner.  press A and now he'll do a stupid dance of magic and your uniform will be 
on you when you click start again. Now talk to Tom.  You have to plant flowers 
outside the shop.  Well dont, Go TO YOUR HOUSE and plant the around your house.  
Remember toms not watching!  Well go back to the shop and talk to him and next 
he'll ask for you to take a break so he can get the next job ready for you.   Now 
i've made a map for you right below here:

                        1            2               3            4           5

                  B                              Train station W
                  B                                            W          Postoffice
                  B  Dump        Toms shop                   WWW
       A          B                                          W
                  B                                          W
                  B                                          W
                  B                                          B
                  B                                          B
       B          B                             Your house   W
                  B                                          W
                  B                                     WWWWWW
                  B                                    W
                  B                                   W
                  B                                  W
       C          B                                  W
                  B______________|   |______         W         __________| 
                  B                         |        W         |
                  B                         |        W        |
                  B                         |        W        |
       D          B                         |        W        |
                  B                         |        W        |
                  B                         |_______ W _______|           Police
                  B                                  W                    station
                  B                              WWWWW
       E          B       Fountain               WWWWWWW
                  B                              WWWWW
                  B                               WW
                  B                               B
       F          B       Able Sisters            B
B                                                 W
                  B                              W                            Dock


          Now you have a better way of finding things.  Well look at the town map 
at the station and put the house locations on the printed map as you go.  Go to 
those places and talk to the animals and then go to the foutain and talk to the 
mayor.  Then quickly go back to tom nooks.  Go in and talk to him.  Your next job 
is to deliver an order to whoever.  Give that person the mail by talking to the 
animal and selecting dilivery.  He or she will say thanks and next go back to the 
shop and talk to Tom.  Your next job is to deliver an order to someone again.  Go 
there, deliver, get out of there.  But for the last 2 deliverys, you should of 
gotten a leaf.  This leaf is furniture.  If you want to see what I mean, go to your 
house and drop the leaf by going to the item screen and selecting the leaf.  Drop 
it and it will turn into a peace of furniture.  Not much, but it will.  Now go back 
to the shop and now you must mail a letter to whoever he wants you to mail it to.  
To write the letter click on it and write a sentence or even a letter and Tom Nook 
will like it.  Now go to the post office and talk to the lady.  Choose mail letter 
and choose whoever nook told you to mail the letter to.  That is over.  Now go 
backto the shop and now you 
must deliver another order to someone.  You should be a pro at this now.  When your 
done with that, go back the shop as usaul and now you must post and add on that 
bill board you saw right in the middle of the lot where you live.  Go there and 
just put a letter on the board.  You may also put anthing else at any time other 
than this.  Now you should go back and talk to Tom.  All he will say is that your 
retired.  Dont worry about money now.  Go outside and ejoy life.  Your retired!   


    Okay, now that you have finished work, there is alot to do.  Lets start hopping 
across cars.  Anotherwords, now you have to pay off your debt.  This may be longest 
yet shortest section in the A section.  Go to section B.2 for my best working money 
gainer.  Now, you can catch bugs, go shop and design your house.  You can make 
clotheing patterns at the Able sisters or just do nothing but work for neibors.  
Yet you still have to pay for your debt to Tom.  Once you do, your house can become 
bigger.  But before you do anything, go to the shop.  Tom will say "Do you want to 
represent our town for the HRA?".  Say sure or else you just go through a stupid 
conversation.  Once you have done that, you just go home and do nothing.  Now about 
your house.  Its small so you need to make room.  Read my section B.2 for this.  
Now you have enough money for finishing your debt.  Go to the post office and pay 
the debt selecting deposit  and putting as much money as possible into it.  Now 
when you exit you should do a dance and then go to Tom nooks.  He will ask if you 
want to expand your house.  Its your decison but I would do yes becuase even if you 
dont pay Nook wont care, he wont even bother to ask.  After you have done that, do 
that same code again and you will get enough money for the next epansion.  Go do 
the same thing at the post office and go back to Nooks place.  Now this one will 
take 2 times.  Do the first one and then to do it again, go to the statue that 
dances and ask to save.  Do it and on once you're past the part where the animal 
saz,"all done" then reset the game and go to Tom nook and do the code again.  You 
should be a pro at the rest by now.  Now you go back to the shop and you should 
have a house expansion again.  Now keep doing this pattern until you have paid off 
every single bell to ol' Tom.  Just enjoy life from then on.  


Section B includes codes and secrets.



1.Rock stock

    This teqnique is okay, but I would prefer the turnip trick.  In this tecnique 
you simply hit a rock with a shovel.  If it turns red, put a V shape right below 
it.  Hear is a picture that can help you positioning.   

           R           0          TIP:Dig the holes from the middle
        0     0    R      0
           0           0
2.Help wanted

     This is the slowest I can think of, but oh well, I listed it.  Go to an animal 
and ask him if he has work for you.  If yes, you ussually get furniture or other 
prizes and sotimes some small amount of bells.  These little chores are often 
easy deliverys.  But do it once you get the job.  You may get a NES game, but it is 
very rare.

3.Sell your *#@

      Once you get junk, go to Tom Nook and sell the item that you want to sell.  
Also get the stuff from the police office for lost items.  Go to the sea shore for 
shell and collect fish and bugs for money too.  You may recieve a fair amount of 
money but you wont be rich.

4.Money from mom

      This is a good one.  Just change your calender to new years day and check the 
mail and check if you have a letter for you from MOM or HOME and their should be a 
presant.  Open and...there is 10000$!  Do this again by changeing the year ahead by 

 |TURNIP TRICK |        |

     This is my main idea so I listed it as its own section.  Ok, set the date to 
friday and go to Tom nooks and got to other things and pick "Turnip prices".  If it 
is a fairly high number, enter the code below, enter capitals AND EXACTLY 
it tells you to.  

     Turnip code:
  Enter the code above and then open your preasant.  You should get a 100 turnips.  
Then sell them.  BOOMMMMMM... if done correctly, you should be a rich rab-a'teet if 
you got a high number.


      Having trouble just like these guys?  There my friends and they have the SAME 
game.  I have posted these questions and awnsers for everybody to see.  There as 
good as me at the game BECUASE of this FAQ.  Have any additional questions?  E-mail 
your question to [email protected] and i'll respond by posting your question and 
a complete awnser right below us.  I showed there nicknames so you know whos 
questions are who's.  NOTE: When emailing please state nickname if not useing 
member contact!

From Game guy64$.  3/5 importance.
      Q:Now how do you get turnips NORMALLY?  A:You can buy turnips if wanted at a 
shop somewhere.

Dark Devil787.  4/5 importance.
      Q:Now what the heck do I do with this stupid E-reader?  I,ve connected the 
dumb and stupid other stuff, and gotten it to work, but what do I do? P.S:This sure 
is F*&#y.   A:Truly, I have the e-reader, but not the hookup or game.  But I do 
have some feedback on this.  When you get it working, you should have some animal 
crossing cards, slide them through for bonus stuff you can't get with or without 
cheats.  For now, that is all I know.  (Do you? Email me the awnser and get YOUR 

No more questions available.

Sorry, but the rest is under construction.

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